6.2 billion years ago.

The universe is a great and splendid thing, a marvel of balanced energy and matter. Far beyond the understanding of all who live in it's vast depths. Though many have tried through countless ages to understand all of it's vast mysteries, none have ever learned all of them. There are wonders to drive even the coldest of hearts to tears. And terrors to break the strongest of wills. And sometimes the universe is just... Odd things that should by the universe's very own laws and nature, not be possible.

The universe in question was still fairly young as universes are accounted by such things and was still finding it's way. In a galaxy that had yet to see the rise of any sentient life yet, but would one day be called the milky way galaxy by a biped life form that is the cause of great deal of chaos through out the Omniverse.

On one of the spiral arms of this young galaxy, there was a super blue giant sun such suns should not be possible but this was one of those quirks of nature that pop up from time to time. And if this was all. This and many other story's would not have happened. And the multiverse would be an allot less interesting place today. This blue giant sun crossed paths with a rogue black hole while at the same time a young extra-dimensional entity with only one letter for a name thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if the black hole became a white hole, while it was consuming the sun. the results were far more than he expected. The resulting explosion would have blinded anyone any closer than 10 galaxies. while also blowing of the whole spiral arm of and giving the matter in that section a negative charge, as it flew of into the void.

The young entity looked on at the results of his experiment with great worry as the explosion also sent cracks through out the multiverse, while at the same time reaching forward and backwards in time. His parents found him trying and failing to fix his mistake. Unfortunately, the young entity's attempts to fix his mistake before his parents noticed the mess he had made only, had only made matters worse and fanned the flames that were threatening to consume the young galaxy.

When his parents showed up, half the galaxy was in danger of being destroyed by the exotic energy's that their son had unintentionally released which had no place in this very fragile level of reality.

This led to him being grounded for 10 million years. And a great deal of work for his parents as they tried to fix all the damage that their son had caused. This unfortunately was beyond even their power to fix completely, though they patched it has best they could. The explosion had caused a spider's web of, cracks to form through out the multiverse. The young entity's parents had repaired the damage as best they could and patched up what they couldn't. Which is mostly the reason how people and objects end up in random times and places when ever younger races mess however unknowingly with Reality.

This is one of those stories.

Prologue- Outer Planes

In a room with many doors, sat a man with two faces. The man who was not a man but a god, sat in a large comfortable chair looking into the flames of the roaring fire in front of him. The light from the fire provided the room with warmth and deepening the flickering shadows in what he thought was a beautiful display of change as the shadows flickered across the walls and infinite doors spread about the room. Leaning back into his leather chair he sipped a fine wine, fermented from the prayers of the faithful savouring the rich taste.

A rare thing for Gods to be able to partake of in this day and age, but he felt like treating himself on this special night. Samhain was coming around again and he always loved this time of year. Everyone pretending to be someone else for the night and where the realms of the gods and the divine were closest to the realms of mortals.

Looking into the flames he watched as one of the last of his true priests in the mortal realm of earth, set up what looked to be a good opportunity for change, looking deeper at what his priest was doing and how his plans could affect the world going forward. He could see the Powers That Be's hand in the night, guiding three young warriors to certain costumes to ensure their grand plan for the world came to pass. Frowning he looked closer at the young male and hummed gently to himself. The young man had a touch of both Chaos/fate to him, it was very strange for a mortal to be marked by either force but was unheard of for a mortal to be marked with both.

Looking closer at the young man he tried to figure out how this came to be. The more he looked the stranger the young man seemed.

Everything about him was ordinary, parents – nothing special there no power in his bloodline, magic – never seen such a small amount in a living person...

Becoming more curious he looked closer at the seemingly ordinary young man.

Running the young mortal's life backwards in time he froze in surprise at what he saw. The young man had brought the slayer back to life via CPR. Breaking a true prophecy through sheer strength of will. This was something he had never seen before, nor even heard of being done by anyone. One does not defy fate lightly, even the gods wouldn't dare defy fate. And yet this young man it seemed had managed something even gods would fear to do. The fact that a mere mortal had managed to defy fate, and break a true prophecy was incredible. The powers that be must be pulling their hair out trying to fix this and get there, grand plan back on track. Watching the moment as he brought the young slayer back from the dead he could see the web of fate around the young woman break as he brought the young woman back to life. And so small that even he almost missed it, one of those strands broke free and rather than returning to the source as it should, he watched it settle into the young man's left eye. This was an unprecedented opportunity he thought to himself as he tried to see how things would play out from now into the future, this action should throw everything into chaos.

Looking forward in time he could see an incredible opportunity for change as the young man was gradually pushed back to a straight and narrow path, along with everyone else as The Powers That Be, fought to push him back onto their predefined path for him doing everything they could to limit him as much as they could.

Shaking his head at the PTBs foolishness. The world had been without any real change in the status quo for centuries. Since all the gods and Greater demon lords were banned from interfering directly with earth anymore.

Looking into the flames he mused on what he had found out. A few minutes later his mind made up. He wasn't going to let this opportunity pass without taking advantage of it. Thinking for a minute on how he could help the young man. Keep him off the beaten path as it were.

Without taking his eyes off the flames, he reached out to a small table beside him and picked up what looked to be a set of normal six sided dice, if one were too look closer at them one would note that they seemed to have every number in existence on them, while somehow only having six sides to them.

Pausing a moment to contemplate, what might be about to happen. He smiled and threw the dice across the table. They bounced across the table clattering on the hard wooden surface, as they slowly rolled to a stop. Looking away from the flames to see what he had rolled, he laughed so hard he almost fell out of his chair. Oh this was going to be good Those ass hats. The Asses that be, definitely wouldn't see this coming.

Reaching into the fire he sent his thoughts out to his priest on what he wanted him to do.


As the Chaos mage completed the ritual a burst of energy spread over Sunny Dale as a gentle wave altering the destiny of three young men and a young woman in ways no one in the higher or lower planes saw coming.

In an alleyway a young man in a black skin tight leotard with suns and moons glued all over his body. Suddenly his eyes glowed like the sun as he looked up into the night sky and wept at the beauty he saw there. A question was asked that no one but he could hear. The young man replied with a simple 'yes'.

The young man disappeared never to be seen again.

On the other side of town, another young man wearing a blue skin tight outfit with a strange helmet looked about and grinned as he realised he had somehow escaped death's cold embrace. And he had no plans to go back. Looking about at the chaos that seemed to have been unleashed he couldn't help but rub his hands together in glee, at all the new things there were to learn.

He couldn't wait to bring his children here.

Else where a young woman in a red dress with several toy guns strapped around her body, was looking at her haul of sweets with a giant grin on her face, wondering if she could get Xander to come and share some with her. The wave passed over her.

Dropping the bag she screamed loud enough to shatter the near by windows as her body was overwhelmed by an alien virus.