One morning at the Sooga Police Station, Bruce was busy doing some police work, when Abyo entered the building by busting down the doors, causing the police chief to let out an annoyed sigh.

"Hello Abyo, over", Bruce said.

"Dad", Abyo said, "you'll never guess what's happening today."

"Are you finally going to fix those doors yourself instead of leaving me to do it this time, over", Bruce asked.

"No", Abyo said, "Uncle Jackie's coming to town!"

The revelation of those news made Bruce do a spit-take as he was taking a sip of coffee.

"Did you say Jackie's coming, over", Bruce asked.

"That's right", Abyo said, "I got a letter from him saying he's coming by to spend a day or two with us."

Bruce was unhappy to hear that his brother was coming to visit.

"I'm going to the village entrance to see if I can greet him", Abyo said.

Abyo left the station, and Bruce laid his head down on his desk.

"A day or two", Bruce asked, "more like a day or two too many, over."

Abyo was at the entrance to Sooga Village waiting eagerly for his uncle to arrive.

"Come on", Abyo said, "any minute now."

He then saw a man with black hair like his tied in a ponytail and a mustache walking towards the village and ran out to greet him.

"Uncle Jackie", Abyo said.

Abyo gave the man, who was revealed to be his Uncle Jackie, a big hug, and he proceeded to hug him back.

"It's so good to see you", Abyo said.

"Hey there, Abyo", Jackie said, "how's my favorite nephew doing?"

"I'm doing great", Abyo said.

Jackie then noticed Bruce walking over to them.

"Hey", Jackie said, "there's my big brother!"

He walked over to Bruce and hugged him very tightly, making his face turn red, and also lifted him up off the ground.

"Can't breathe", Bruce said, "over."

"How have you been, Brucey", Jackie asked.

He set Bruce down and let go of him, allowing the latter to catch his breath.

"Fine, just fine", Bruce said, "I've been hard at work keeping the peace here in Sooga Village, over."

"That sounds like hard work", Jackie said, "glad I don't have a job like that."

"You don't have a job period, over", Bruce said.

"Not right now", Jackie said, "but I'll get one some time."

"Sure you will", Bruce said, "meanwhile, I work hard to make sure this village stays safe, keeping a careful watch over it 24/7, over."

Behind Bruce, the Vagabond Ninja Clan were running away pulling a cart of food they had stolen.

"Help, police", a store owner said, "I've been robbed!"

Bruce turned around and saw the Vagabonds making off with their stolen goods.

"Sorry, gotta run", Bruce said, "duty calls, over."

He took off running after the Vagabonds, blowing his whistle as he chased them.

"Stop", Bruce shouted, "get back here and face justice for your crimes, over!"

"Well, looks like we're alone", Jackie said, "wanna go have some fun, Abyo?"

"You bet I do", Abyo said, "let's go!"

Later that day, after Bruce caught and arrested the Vagabonds, he returned to the Police Station.

"Finally", Bruce said, "that sure was one long chase, over."

He went to the kitchen to get himself a snack, and found Abyo and Jackie sitting at the table together having a conversation.

"It's so simple", Jackie said, "just use that little trick, and you'll be rich in no time."

"Wow, Uncle Jackie", Abyo said, "that's so cool!"

"You two seem to be having an interesting conversation", Bruce said, "mind if I cut in, over?"

"Uncle Jackie was just telling me how to get the jackpot on a slot machine", Abyo said.

"But you're too young to play slot machines, over", Bruce said.

"That doesn't mean I can't start learning how to win now", Abyo said, "Uncle Jackie says to wait and listen for the machine to click, and that's when you pull the lever."

"That's cheating, over", Bruce said.

"Only if you get caught", Jackie said, "and even then, there's nothing casinos can do to stop you from doing it."

"Enough", Bruce said, "Jackie, you're being a bad influence on Abyo, and I won't stand for it, over."

"Come on bro, lighten up a little", Jackie said.

"Yeah", Abyo said, "can't you at least try to have a little fun?"

"What are you talking about", Bruce asked, "I have fun all the time, over."

"Doing what", Jackie asked, "chasing petty thief ninjas and doing paperwork?"

"No", Bruce said, "I..."

Bruce tried to come up with an example of something he does that's fun and exciting, but nothing came to mind, and as Jackie looked at him with a smug look on his face, he went red in the face with embarrassment.

"I'm going out for a while", Bruce said, "I'll be back later, over."

"Okay, bye-bye", Jackie said.

Bruce left the station, and Abyo and Jackie were once again on their own.

"Want to go make some prank phone calls", Jackie asked.

"Heck yeah", Abyo said.

At the Goh-Rong Restaurant, Bruce was sitting at a table with Chang eating a bowl of JaJang Noodles and telling his best friend about what was going on back home.

"It's the same thing every time Jackie comes over to visit", Bruce said, "Abyo always looks up to him like he's some kind of hero, over."

"It sounds like like he thinks your brother's pretty cool", Chang said.

"I don't see why", Bruce said, "he's reckless and irresponsible, over."

"I think I know what the problem is", Chang said, "you're jealous."

"What, me, jealous", Bruce asked, "what gave you that idea, over?"

"Think about it", Chang said, "Abyo thinks Jackie's cool, but he doesn't think the same about you."

Bruce considered what Chang was saying, and he saw that he might be on to something.

"I guess you're right", Bruce said, "maybe I am a little jealous, over."

"That's what I thought", Chang said.

"But what could I do to make Abyo think I'm just as cool as Jackie, over", Bruce asked.

"Just do fun stuff with him", Chang said, "if you show him that you know how to have a good time, he'll see that you're as fun to be with as your brother."

"You really think something like that will work, over", Bruce asked.

"Of course", Chang said, "just give it a try."

"Well, okay", Bruce said, "I guess it wouldn't hurt, over."

"Great", Chang said, "tomorrow, do some fun activities with Abyo, and he'll see that you're one cool dad."

"Alright", Bruce said, "I'll do it, over."

"That's it, Bruce", Chang said, "you go, man!"

Bruce got up from the table and began making his way out of the restaurant to return home, but first stopped to say something to Chang.

"Thanks, Chang", Bruce said, "you're a true friend, over."

"Anytime", Chang said.

The next day, Abyo was eating some cereal for breakfast, when Bruce walked over to him.

"Hey there, son", Bruce said, "how's it hanging, over?"

"Oh, hey, Dad", Abyo said, "just having some cereal for breakfast."

"Cereal", Bruce said, "that's cool, because cereal is a cool food, over."

Abyo couldn't help but feel like there was something up with his father.

"I hope Dad's alright", Abyo thought, "maybe there was something weird in those noodles he ate last night."

"So", Bruce said, "you ready to have some fun today, over?"

"Fun", Abyo asked.

"That's right", Bruce said, "I was thinking maybe you and me could spend some quality time together as father and son, over."

"Really", Abyo asked, "why?"

"Is it wrong for a father to want to spend time with his only son, over", Bruce asked.

"I guess not", Abyo said.

"Come on, it'll be fun", Bruce said, "I'll show you what a good time really is, over."

"Well, alright", Abyo said, "I guess I can't see any harm in it."

"Great", Bruce said, "you and I are gonna have a great time together, over."

Bruce decided that a good idea for an activity for him and Abyo would be sparring, given his son's affinity for martial arts, so the two of them went outside the station and got ready to fight.

"You ready, Pops", Abyo asked.

"I was born ready, over", Bruce said.

"Okay, then", Abyo said, "let's do it!"

Abyo tore his shirt off and performed a few kicks, and Bruce tried to show off his fighting moves, but only succeeded in hurting his back.

"Oh, my back", Bruce said, "officer down, over."

"Already", Abyo asked, "but we were just getting started."

Bruce got back up on his feet and stretched himself to fix his back.

"Maybe we should try a different kind of fighting, over", Bruce said.

So, Bruce and Abyo went inside and played a fighting game on Abyo's video game console, with the former playing as a yoga master from India and the latter playing as a martial artist from Japan, and although Bruce tried to fight back, he couldn't figure out the game's controls, and finally, Abyo dealt the finishing move and defeated Bruce's character.

"You win", the video game said.

"Alright", Abyo said, "I win again!"

Abyo did a victory dance, and Bruce sighed in frustration.

"I just don't understand these new-fangled video game gadgets, over", Bruce said.

Just then, Jackie walked in on the two.

"Hey, guys", Jackie said, "hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"It's nothing", Abyo said, "Dad and I were just playing a video game together."

"A video game, huh", Jackie said, "finally decided to get with the times, Bruce?"

Bruce simply looked away from his brother.

"Anyway, I got some toilet paper from the store", Jackie said, "how'd you like to come TP some houses with me?"

"I'd love to", Abyo said, "I hope you don't mind Dad, because I've beat you at this game for the past five rounds and, well, it's kind of starting to get boring."

"No, it's fine, go ahead", Bruce said, "go vandalize people's houses with your cool uncle, over."

"Great", Abyo said, "I knew you'd understand."

"Come on", Jackie said, "I know a great place for us to start."

Abyo went off with Jackie, and Bruce was all by himself once again.

"No matter how hard I try, Abyo still thinks Jackie's cooler than me", Bruce said, "how will I prove that I'm cool too, over?"

Then, he got an idea.

"I know, I'll just try and do stuff that Jackie would do", Bruce said, "then, when Abyo sees me, he'll see that I can be just as cool as my younger brother, over."

Bruce got up and went to figure out what he would try to do to impress Abyo.

"Jackie comes off as cool without even trying", Bruce said, "I'm sure it can't be that hard, over."

Out in the village streets, Abyo and Jackie were walking together after having spent their time toilet papering people's houses.

"Wow", Abyo said, "that was fun."

"I know", Jackie said, "it was hilarious seeing peoples' reactions to finding their houses covered in toilet paper."

Then, Bruce went past them both quickly.

"Hey there, dudes", Bruce said, "what's shaking, over?"

"Um, hey, Dad", Abyo said, "we were just walking along."

"Walking", Bruce asked, "don't you know that walking's not cool, over?"

"Oh, yeah", Jackie asked, "then what is?"

"Rolling, over", Bruce said.

He lifted up his foot to reveal that he was wearing shoes that had wheels on them.

"Watch this", Bruce said, "I'll show you how I roll, over."

Bruce zoomed away rolling on the wheels in his shoes, but he soon lost control and ended up crashing into a lamp post.

"Ooh, that had to hurt", Jackie said.

Bruce slid down from the pole and landed on the ground in pain.

"I think I'll just stick to my police car, over", Bruce said.

He then passed out.

"Come on, Abyo", Jackie said, "let's go see what else there is for us to do."

"Okay", Abyo said.

A little later, Abyo and Jackie were sitting at a table in the Goh-Rong Restaurant, where the latter was eating some spicy peppers, much to Abyo's amazement.

"Wow, Uncle Jackie", Abyo said, "it's incredible how you can eat so many peppers without falling victim to their spicy taste."

"It's a gift", Jackie said.

Bruce was also there with them, and decided to try looking as cool as Jackie again.

"Please, anyone can eat these peppers and not feel a thing", Bruce said, "watch this, over."

Bruce took a pepper from the plate and took a bite of it, but immediately after, he began to feel its spiciness, until finally, his mouth burst into flames.

"Hot, hot", Bruce shouted, "water, someone get me water, over!"

Jackie chuckled at his brother's misfortune.

"Can't even handle the heat of one little bite of a pepper", Jackie said, "weak."

Abyo was surprised by his uncle's comment, and as he watched Bruce run around the restaurant, he couldn't help but feel bad for him.

"Come on", Jackie said, "let's blow this joint and find some other place that's cool."

"Uh, yeah", Abyo said, "right behind you."

The two of them went to a club in town, where Jackie performed some cool break dancing dance moves, including one where he spun around while standing on his hands, which Abyo and some ladies in the club thought were amazing, but Bruce eyed him jealously.

"I can dance too, you know", Bruce said, "check out my sweet moves, over."

Bruce tried to break dance like his brother, but when he tried to spin around on his hands like Jackie did, he ended up falling on a table, causing the drinks on it to fly into the air, but Jackie managed to jump up and grab them before they could fall to the ground, and he walked over to the girls who had been sitting at the table.

"Here you go, ladies", Jackie said.

Bruce got up, and after looking at Jackie, he let out a sigh of defeat.

"I give up", Bruce said, "I'll never be as cool as Jackie, over."

Bruce sadly left the club, and Abyo watched him leave, now more worried about him.

"Dad looks really upset", Abyo said, "I wonder what's been bothering him."

At the police station, Bruce was sitting on the steps to the building feeling sad over his failed attempts to make Abyo think he's cool, when Abyo walked up to him.

"Hey, Dad", Abyo said.

"Oh, hey son, over", Bruce said.

"Are you okay", Abyo asked, "you've been acting weird lately."

"I'm fine", Bruce said, "nothing worth worrying about, over."

"You left that club in an awful hurry", Abyo said, "are you sure everything's okay?"

After a moment of thinking, Bruce decided that maybe it was time for him to tell Abyo what had been troubling him all this time, so he told his son how he was jealous of Jackie and wanted to prove that he could be cool too.

"You did all that just so I'd think you were cool", Abyo asked.

"Yes", Bruce said, "but no matter what I did, I just couldn't measure up to Jackie and make myself look as cool as him, over."

"Aww, Dad", Abyo said.

He then gave Bruce a big hug.

"You don't have to be like Uncle Jackie to be cool", Abyo said.

"I-I don't, over", Bruce asked.

"Of course not", Abyo said, "I mean, sure, Uncle Jackie's a pretty cool guy, but you're the best Dad in the world, and you can't get any cooler than that."

Bruce felt happy hearing his son's words, and he happily returned his hug.

"Thanks, Abyo", Bruce said, "I'm so happy to have a son like you, over and out."

Jackie was standing near the police station and watched the scene unfold between the father and son.

"Looks like there is someone who thinks my brother's cool", Jackie said, "well, I guess it's time for me to hit the road."

Jackie put on a leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses and walked over to a motorcycle, and after getting on and revving the engine, rode away on it out of Sooga Village until the next time he decided to pay his brother and nephew a visit.