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Beck Oliver's life was boring.

Maybe it was himself but maybe it was also everything around him.

His family was boring, his neighbourhood, his school (Okay maybe not the school. The school he went to was actually pretty cool), his girlfriend, his grades (How could grades be boring? He didn't know either it just felt like they were boring. You know, not the worst but also not the best) and generally his daily life.

Every damn day he waited with his (also boring) car in front of Tori Vega's house until she came out.

He greeted her with a sweet kiss and she told him about her crazy sister Trina and what she had done again. Trina actually wasn't boring. But she was weird and annoying and after a while he got used to her too and this meant that she now was kinda boring too.

Beck always brought one coffee along which he drank while driving what caused Tori to become extremely nervous, because he didn't fully focus on the road while he was taking a sip.

She herself never drank coffee. ("It's bitter and disgusting") Beck couldn't tell why but he hated the fact that Tori didn't like coffee.

At school he held her hand and accompanied her to her class.

Sometimes he wished that he could just slam her against one of those bright lockers and kiss her really hard. But she didn't even want to make out with him in regular public, so school was a no-go and in addition she always liked it soft and gentle.

Tori really wanted everything that way. When they fucked ("Beck stop calling it that! It's so naughty. We are making love" But to make love you have to love one another. And did he even love her? Wait, what?! Of course he loved Tori! Of course.) she always wanted him to be slow and gentle.

To place soft kisses all over her body. She always muttered "not so fast" anf he would slow down although he wanted to get faster and thrust harder but she didn't want that so he didn't do it.

Yeah, "making love" was fine. But boring. It was so damn boring.

He just wanted to make it aggressive once. Tori biting his shoulder ("harder!"), Beck forcing her against the wall of his room (her gasping because of his strength).

Messy and hurried. As if they just couldn't get enough of each other. As if they would die if they didn't fuck right now (Yeah fuck, not making damn boring love).

But it was always the bed. It were always kisses instead of bites. It was never rushed.

So like every other day he and his (boring) girlfriend entered hand in hand the school.

After he accompanied her to her class he went to his own just to sit down in his regular (boring) seat.

But this day there was something unusual. Rather someONE unusual.

A girl with raven-black hair and an icy stare. Her slightly curled, long hair framed her pale face perfectly.

She was dressed entirely in black, her oversized long sleeve top, the skirt with the silver metal ornaments and those boots (oh man he loved them).

With an annoyed expression she was texting someone on her PearPhone.

Beck would always recognize this girl. Always.

Even her name, Jade, was the pure perfection.

When he met her with 14 in Canada he didn't know yet how special the gorgeous pale girl was. Not boring at all.

He had been there to visit his family and she had been there with her family on a roadtrip.

(He could clearly remember her complaining about that. "Canada is the worst! Roadtrips should be forbidden! You won't believe how terrible my brother is, etc...")

Her hair had been still chestnut brown back then and he didn't remember the piercing on her eyebrow.

She was his first kiss, his first everything.

And she was also the reason he couldn't get really satisfied with Tori because Jade had shown him how things like this could also be exciting, rushed and wild.

He remembered clearer kissing Jade underwater in this damn cold lake than his' and Tori's last night together.

Her jaw dropped slightly when she recognized the boy from Canada but then she send him a smirk and immediately Beck wanted to be again and on vacation in Canada.

"Oliver", Jade greeted him right after class, smiling.

"West", he responded grinning.

Jade would bite his neck, give him marks that hurt, so he remembered how much he loved her, instead of the boring tiny hickeys he sometimes got from Tori.

She wouldn't mind if he wanted to FUCK her or if they were making love and she wouldn't ever tell him to slow down.

She would want him so bad that they couldn't make it to the bed sometimes.

Then there would be his wall and she would press him hungrily between her and the wall.

She would never be boring.

But he loved Tori, right? (Something in this sentence seemed incredible wrong).

"I have a girlfriend", Beck told her, remembering once that Tori didn't like it, when he didn't tell the girls that.

Immediately Jade's seductive hand disappeared from his neck.

"Oh. I... I'm sorry. I should have known that a boy looking like you has already got himself a girlfriend. I..."

Her sudden insecurity made him want to protect her. He never felt like this about Tori.

"And what is she like?"

"Boring." The answer was inconsiderately but honest. (Maybe too honest.)

It was Friday and Tori always stayed on Friday.

They watched a movie in his room and after that Tori started to kiss him softly.

"Wanna make love?", she wispered sweetly.

He wanted to say no, tell her that she might wasn't the right one for him.

Since Jade came this morning he realized for the first time that he might not want everything like it was.

He wanted something wild and exciting.

It hit him even more because he had realized all of that so damn fast, just the in the same second he had spotted Jade.

"I... Of course"

Beck tried to smile at her while she kissed his neck softly. (Too softly)

Absentmindedly he started undressing her like while she did the same too him.

Beck felt like he was cheating. (He didn't know though on whom. Tori? Jade?Himself?)

It felt so wrong. He couldn't sleep with Tori right now! He couldn't sleep with her when the only girl he could think about was Jade.

Just when he wanted to tell Tori that he didn't want that right now, Beck realized that they both were already fully undressed.

He couldn't just tell her no and then dress himself again, could he?

Tori would still stay the night. It would be so awkward.

For a second he closed his eyes and imagined that Jade was under him right now instead of Tori.

But this felt so wrong that he immediate opened his eyes again.

The next morning Back drove Tori to her house, this time with an awkward silence in the car.

"Did you meet the new girl at school?", Tori asked after a while.

"She sat in my chair in class. And she was pretty rude, can you believe that?"

"I met her too", Beck said, trying to sound casual.

"Is something wrong?"

"I kinda met her before. When I was 14. In Canada on vacation." Beck really couldn't explain why he told Tori that.

"Oh, okay. And?"

"And what about the radio?", he asked enthusiastically and hit the button so that loud music started to play.

He felt so bad, especially when he saw Tori's confused face.

When they finally arrived at the Vega's house Tori got out of the car but instead of their usual (boring) goodbye kiss she just waved at him and he send her a smile, not sure whether it was real or fake.

Tori was so confused.

Why seemed Beck so... off?

Was it because of this new girl? What was her name again?

Jane? Jade? Jade, it was Jade. Even her name seemed stupid.

Had there happened something between her and Beck when they had met on vacation in Canada?

No, Tori thought immediately. This was impossible. Beck wasn't like this, he was soft, he was caring and sweet.

Jade seemed like the complete opposite. It was impossible.

However, Tori thought, she could ask Jade simply by herself.

Then she would surely tell her, that they hadn't gotten along well when they had met and everything would be alright again.

"Um Jade? Can I ask you something?", she asked Jade after class.

Tori felt nervous but also kind of confident.

"If you really have too. But don't waste my time" Jade's condescending tone made Tori even more unsure than she already was.

"So you know Beck?"

"Does that mean that you are his little girlfriend now?"

"Yes, but-"

"Oh my god!", her voice dripping of sarcasm Jade smiled widely. "Congratulations on that!"

Tori tried to ignore the comment and continued: "Have you two ever been a couple?"

Tori hoped that the question isn't too direct but Jade didn't seem to mind.

"I don't know if you should call it that. It was more of a fling. But it was also kind of a relationship."

"So you two kissed?"

"Yeah, hell we kissed a lot." Jade grinned what made Tori even more uncomfortable.

"But you didn't..." Although the brunette didn't finish the sentence Jade knew immediately what Tori wanted to know.

"You want to know if we fucked?"

A few students turned around to see who just said that.

Tori gulped but Jade just continued speaking.

"We fucked but just a few times. I would say..." Jade frowned for a few seconds. "Under twenty times. I mean we were just 14 years old. And it also took awhile until we came there, maybe about a week or something like that."

"Oh okay."

"You don't seem content. Wasn't that what you wanted to hear?"

Tori just wanted to run away and forget the entire conversation with Jade.

When she didn't answer Jade patted her on her shoulder and whispered: "Don't worry, I won't take him away from you. He must have a reason to be with you."

And with that she turned around, her hair hitting Tori almost.

Jade might be mean but also Tori couldn't deny that she was fascinating.

A few days later Tori forgot her bag in the classroom and when she returned she didn't only find her bag but also Beck and Jade, who were laughing about something Jade drew in her sketchbook.

Apparently she looked pretty hurt because even Jade looked sheepish when they saw Tori.

"I'll better leave now", Jade announced and took her sketchbook to leave the room.

"Tori, I swear... We are just friends, I."

He stood up and picked up his backpack and hers that she had forgotten.

Then he placed a soft kiss on her cheek and looked at her with those big brown eyes.

"I'm sorry. But it wasn't what it might have looked like."



It felt weird that Jade and Beck were friends now.

Tori thought she knew Beck, but the boy she used to know, would never be friends with a girl like that.

The weeks passed and the awkwardness between Beck and Tori grew while the two distanced from eachother.

Beck's new friendship with Jade was not understandable for Tori.

Since the pale girl arrived her boyfriend seemed like a whole new person.

I'll call him now, Tori thought.

"Hey Beck", she greeted him, her voice wavering a little bit.

"Hey Tori..."

"Beck, we need to talk. But not on the phone, in person. Please."

In the background Tori heard someone ask, who was on the phone but Tori recognized Jade's voice quickly.

Of course she was with him.

"Okay", Beck finally answered, "I'll be at yours in fifteen minutes, okay?"

"Yes, that would be perfect" Tori sighed and hung up.

The doorbell rang and Tori stood up from the red couch.

Beck leaned in the doorframe, his hair a little bit messier than usual.

"Hi Tori"

"Hi Beck. My family isn't at home. Wait, that sounded wrong, I meant they aren't home what means that we can tell on the couch and we are still in private!" Tori groaned, "Just come in."

After she gave Beck a glass of lemonade and took one for herself they she sat down too.

"So... I feel like we need to talk. Ever since Jade arrived you are so different. I spoke to Jade and she told me that you two were kind of together when you two met in Canada. Is there still something between you two?"

"Tori, I..." Beck sighed. "Tori, when Jade arrived I suddenly realized how boring my life has gotten. I may have never noticed it if I hadn't met her in Canada, I... . That what my life is right now, may not be the one I want."

"So you cheated on me with her?" Tori's voice cracked. Only now she understood what Beck meant to her.

"No, I didn't. We met but never as a date. We are really just friends."

"So you realized that your whole life is boring when Jade arrived. Am I boring too?"

"You've never been with Jade but she is passionate, wild, exciting, loud, with a strong opinion, she is so special. And you aren't boring, you just aren't right for me. I need someone who is like Jade, you know?"

While Beck was speaking of Jade, his eyes started sparkling in a way, Tori had never seen before.

"Does that mean, that you never loved me?"

Tori swallowed hard and tried not to look in Beck's direction.

"I thought I did. I'm so sorry Tori. If I had known it by myself I wouldn't have stayed with you."

Tori heard his voice crack but she still couldn't look him in the eyes.

"When you're just happy with Jade, then be with her. I don't want to be the reason you can't live the life you want to."

"Tori-" Now she looked up.

"I love you, Beck."

A tear rolled down her face.

Beck stood up, came to her and wiped the tear of her face. Then he pressed a last soft kiss on her forehead.

"Beck?" Tori took his hand, "I know it sounds stupid, but can we stay friends at least?

" 'Course"

Seeing Beck so happy with another girl made Tori sad but at the same time she felt somehow good.

Jade smiled at her and Beck waved. Tori checked her phone for new messages but a voice interrupted her.

It was Andre Harris, a dude from Sikowitz class.

"Whoa, what's going on there!"

She looked up, just to spot Jade and Beck pressed against the lockers, making out.

No, she really couldn't have given him that.

It was better the way it was now and in addition Andre was pretty cute, wasn't he?

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