Another sneak peek into the years past Hogwarts in which Luke learns what it means to be prey.

"Thalia, Please, we can go back to the old days, when it was just you, me, and Annabeth," Luke says holding one hand out to his old friend while holding his Sword in the other, his tone was filled with soft pleading and his blue eyes were filled with longing.

Thalia readjusts her shield, angling it at the Cyclopsis, Empousas, and Chimera back from her, Percy, and Bianca as she looks at her old friend with sad eyes, "Those days are long past, Luke, you betrayed the camp, you betrayed us, you betrayed the gods-" Thalia says, but before she could say anymore Luke cuts her off with a roar.

"THE GODS BETRAYED US!" He yells, the hate and pain he felt making themselves known in his voice, "They let us, their own child, die before they even ever make it to camp, they refused to help them when they are in trouble, they see us as soldiers and expandable assist to further themselves," Luke tells her, "The gods betrayed us," he says with finality.

Thalia shakes her head, her heel pressed against the glass window of the penthouse that overlooked the city of sin, "No Luke, the gods didn't change or betrayed us, but you did," she tells him as Thalia centers herself and prepares to fight her old friend, her heartbreaking in two for him.

"Are you two done yet?" Asks Tyche, who had been lounging on one of the white couches and eating grapes as she watched the two groups bicker and tell like it was an afternoon soap opera, "Because as entertaining as all this is, this room is reserved for high rollers and the Chimera is ruining the carpet," she says dismissively.

Luke, never looking away from Thalia, lets out a sigh, "Take the Daughter of Zeus, the other two aren't needed, kill and eat them, and we'll send what's left of them to their parents," Luke orders grimly as he brings his sword up, preparing to strike as Percy does the same and Bianca readies her bow with a look of uncertainty.

"Finally, try not to mak-" Tyche begins to say before she is interrupted by a thunderous sound.


It echoes through the sweet as everyone turns to the sealed and shut door that leads to the hallway.


Everyone jumps at the second one, watching as the door rattles as something slams against it, "What is that?" Tyche asks as she stands, just before she gets her answer.


The heavy door leads into sweet splinters and is ripped from its hinges as the massive bulk of an armored Cyclops sails across the room and slams into the opposite wall from the door, a gleaming red spear buried in its heart, spectral thrones emanate from the haft before they bury into the monsters, then the Cyclops begins to scream in pain as the ghostly throne become very real silver ones before in a spray of blood and gore, rips the Cyclops apart into blossoming flowers before it dissolved into golden dust. Both Percy and Thaila raise their shields and duck beneath them to not get splattered in the blood and guts of the destroyed body as most of the monsters freeze, their eyes widening in fear as the atmosphere of the room thickens with hunger so old Percy, Thaila and Bianca can feel it in their cores as the rattling of broken chains could be heard, and every head slowly turns to the now destroyed door.

He walks in slowly, his clothes a smeared mess of black tar-like grease and blood, his eye wide and wild with a sharpness to them that came from years of breaking down opponents and the best ways how to kill them, his slittled emerald eyes sweep over the room taking in every person and creature with a cold detachment before the monsters close to him step away in fear as he raises his hand and calls back the slivery-red barbed spear from across the room. Like his clothes, his face was smeared in blood and grease, he sniffs a bit before letting his arm drops, "Okay kids," Harry says, "Funs over, grab your bags, and let's go, we've got a schedule to keep and I'm not wasting any more time in this city then we already have," he says, looking over to the three gathered Demigods and in a tone that brokered no argument.

"How the hell are you alive?" Tyche asks her tone a mixture of shock and amazement like she had just witnessed the longest odds on a horse race be beaten by a three-legged pony.

Harry's eyes travel over to the goddess a look of discontentment crossing over his face, "Fuck you, that's how," he tells her before turning back to the Demigods he was straddled with, "Come on you three, we need to go, if you behave for the first time ever on this trip, we'll stop and get ice cream on the way," he says in what one could also describe as a dad voice.

"I took all your good luck," Tyche says before standing up, "How the hell are you alive, you should have died!?" she says in almost a scream.

Harry pauses for a moment before looking back at the goddess, his face painted with disbelief, "I have good luck?" he asks, sounding confused.

"We don't have time for this Lady Tyche, Take-" Luke begins to say before Harry cuts him off.

"No, no, no, no," Harry says shaking his head and waving his spear, "Time out, YOU-" Harry says pointing his spear at the goddess in the room, "-Just said I have good luck? Me? Good luck?" he asks, honestly sounding lost for the first time that the other three demigods from camp had met him.

"Everyone has good luck!"


"Harry!" Percy yells, "Is now really a good time for this!" he says to the older Demigod, causing Luke's head to snap to Harry, and his eyes narrow at him.

"Yes, Percy, this is a life-altering revelation!" Harry yells back at the teen, Harry looks to be on the edge of some kind of mad rant but stops when Luke speaks.

"So you're him," the son of Hermes says, "The Boy Who Lived," he says with a scoff as Percy, Thalia, and Bianca all look at Harry with wide shocked eyes having heard the title before, but never attached to the older Demigod. Harry, however, goes still, his face goes flat and his eyes turn cold as he looks back at Luke.

"And where did you learn that name from?" Harry asks, in an oddly serious tone of voice, low and almost a whisper.

"Lord Kronos," Luke says with a smirk, "He told me all about you," he says stepping forward, leveling his sword at Harry, "The spoiled Demigod, the one born to a godless land with no monsters to hunt him, no gods to make his life hell, raised by the Hunters of Artemis and protected by them all his life," Luke says, his face twisting in fury, "You got the life a Demigod could only dream of, devoid of loss and betrayal, of trails that no one should face, of bloody quests where you lost friends," Luke says, spitting in disgust.

"Ah," is all Harry says as his spear twirls in his hand before he stabs it into the floor, "Question," Harry says, not looking away from Luke, "Who the fuck are you?" he asks as he steps away from his spear, "Because you apparently know my life story, but I don't even know who you are," he says.

"My name is Luke Castellan," Luke introduces himself as he doubles the grip on his blade, "The man burdened with a glorious destiny," he says with a growl.

"Riggggght," Harry says slowly, drawing out the word, "Well, since you know so much about me, Luke," Harry says sharply, "Did Kronos tell you I hate that nickname?" he asks, but seeing a bit of confusion on Luke's face he continues as he steps forward, "It was a nickname given to me when I was just a baby for something I didn't do, and I really fucking hate it, did Kronos tell you any of my other nicknames by chance, because I've got a few," Harry continues as he rolls his shoulders and pops his neck, "Wand-Breaker, Star-Hunter, F√°fnir's Bane, Shadow Dancer, Death-touched, Master of Death, and the Heir to the Hunt, are some of my favorites, but the one I go by the most is the one I earned," Harry says, and as he speaks his green eyes begin to shift from the shining Emeralds they are, to the Yellow-Gold of the Hunt that flowed through him, "They call me The Man Who Conqured," Harry then moved in a flash of silver, crossing the room before most people could blink, wrapping one hand around the helt of Luke's sword before twisting it away from him, "Now let me show you why they do!" Harry yells before smashing his fist into Luke's face.

And then, the room dissolved into chaos.

Luke, Tyche, and all the monsters in that room are about to learn that Harry's hands are rated E, for everybody.

Harry is gonna run Luke's pockets.

Luke is gonna catch so much smoke, that it's gonna be a fucking miracle if he doesn't get lung cancer.

Luke pressed a button, a big red button, and triggered the best boi and he's gonna learn what happens when you piss off Harry.

I can not wait.

Anyway, The Tower part one is coming along nicely and I just wanted to ask y'all if you guys care if I skip the maze part and just jump right into Voldemort's Resurrection, tell me in the comments.