When it comes to loneliness, Salem was a master at it. Stuck in her tower for all of her lives since she was small, she barely remembers on where or what the outside world is like. Sure the window view shows her plenty but when it's come to how many times she saw it, she came to bore it.

As she sigh inwardly. There wasn't much she can do. One might suggest that she hated it, she would agreed to it. With her father tossed her away and only let certain people, like teachers and maids, enter her lonely tower, she never had anyone to speak to. Oh now she wonder, what have she done in her past life that she deserves this treatment. (A/n: maybe not now but... ...)

She prayed to the Brothers in hope someone to come and save her from this tower. At least one of her prayers were answer, the Creature of Darkness seems to be away from her living quarters and not damaging the garden. Even if she wasn't able to enter and attain it.

Three months or moons ago, if you asked anyone about that mysterious door appearing out of nowhere, that would said you are going crazy. Even more so if that door took you to a shop. That was three moons ago. But now, in a small trading village named Selfur Village had this interesting place to go to. Parelle, the store to another world. Many seek this mysterious store as of late. But many unable to track it properly. It was every simple to understand about the store.

General goods and items of uncommon origin are sold in the store as they accept coins but it's also trade for many things. Be it metal, precious stones, tomes and books. Even old swords were traded. It has a restaurant that sold delicious food. Even the local nobles seek it.

It got an inn for adventurers and the like to rest. It's all depend on what you got or how many coins you had. The keeper however were even weirder. He knew so much and yet so little. Many would thing he was sheltered but he says he lived far from the kingdom itself and came where bartering was more common than coins. Some noble paid education onto the keeper as a way to gain his favor. While he gave them a discount it only worked once. Apparently you can only gain his interest by books and maybe location of some things, relics and the like.

A collector, this strange man is.

As of now, there were rare day where the shopkeeper exit the shop with a sacthel and two weapons around his waist. A sword and dagger. While magic exist it would took time to charge. So he carried weapons. Big deal. But the question was on where he went.

Many suggested collecting herbs. Some says he was just went to the location that adventurers and traveling liking nobles mark on the map but that is all folklore to them.

Astaroh however did no such things... maybe. Right now, he was busy taking down a pack Beowolves and black wolves. The two are very different. One is a beast created by the Brother Darkness and the other is a magic animal exist during creation and both are trying to kill him!

Barely dodging a black wolf bite, a beowolf swiped it's paw on him. He block the attack with his sword. With quick overhead swing, the Beowolf died and quick cast of fire balls on the reminder of the Beowolves and black wolves. It wasn't easy and it took a long time but he managed it.

*You gained 76 exp

*You gained 89 exp

*You gained 77 exp

*You gained 45 exp

*You gained 57 exp

*You gained 67 exp


Both the Black wolves and Beowolves packs had at least ten each. And some of them were higher in levels than his. It wasn't impossible to killed higher level monsters, no, it does however took more time to gained them. The Beowolves should at least had eight level 8s and two levels 12. Meanwhile the Black Wolves had seven levels 7 and three levels 10. Not difficult but took more time. Especially the alphas.

*You level up!

If the Brother Gods heard his prayers he would thought that they will look, so he restraint it. He have check his stats to see if there were any changes that needed to be made. Seeing the long list Status menu open were a hassle but thanks to the System, it was able to be made a shorter version.

He open the menu with ease on his mind as he look.


*Name: Astaroh Dust

*Age: 23

*Lv: 14

*Exp: 100/15000

*Status Points: 10


Looking at it, he saw that he had raise four levels. He did make the right call on fighting against high level monster. Seeing that they grant larger amount of *Exp, he was happy with it. That and the loot. From what he learn and remember, defeated opponents and monster dropped loots that he can take. Like for example, he went to the Black Wolves to loot it and gain eight Black Wolves claws, 15 fangs and 8 black furs.

While the items itself wasn't that impressive, its usage made up for it. The fangs can be use as jewellery, the claws can be sharpen daggers or a toy knife and the fur can be sold as it is or by making it into a cloak or blanket.

The Grimms however were different. They disappeared as it existed but that doesn't mean it didn't drop loots. For instance, grabbing whatever is left of the Beowolves pack, he gain 2 Grimm masks, 10 Grimm claws and a bottle of Dark essence. It wasn't much, but Grimms disintegrate after awhile but they do linger. If he had to compare the Black Wolves and the Grimm, he will take the Grimms due to their rarer items.

Now why is it that a merchant, combating monster and left his store unintended? Merely that he heard a couple of rumors in his tavern side of the shop. A maiden trap in a tall tower as if she was forced there. He remembered the tale of the girl in the tower. It was a backstory of Salem and Ozma meeting. Sure, it was a nice tower, deprived from Rapunzel and if he remembers correctly, Sigurd and Brynhild. He continue to listen many of the occupants stating that the king who placed her there because she was a dark sorceress who follows the God of Darkness.

They were close but not enough. It wasn't until a status board appeared in front of him after listening for awhile.


* The girl in the Tower

Objectives: Rescue the maiden from a fate worse than death.

Reward: ?

Failure: Total extinction

Time limit: - indefinitely -

Recommendations: 5 active skills, 4 offensive spells, Over the level 10 (for the first half)


That was a month ago. Barely three months in and he had his first major quest! If he was an addict gamer, he would complete earlier and continue on with his life. But he wasn't and he was taking his time. As of now, he was busy making plans on how to get to the tower. He knew where it was, which is ironic when the tower were only three kilometers, or 1.864 miles for the Americans, away from the village. How convenient...

He would go and stalked, seeing is the oldish days, it was completely normal. What he discover was the truth on the rumor. But what he didn't expect was to see the maiden in name was a child.

He was 23 years old. A college student age. And he was spying on, what seems to be a twelve years old girl! He learnt a lot about histories and their prefer spouse. While it was completely acceptable when it was the past, (don't lie that you didn't know! The youngest of brides were twelve for heaven sake!), that doesn't mean it was right.

Who on Earth or Remnant- Wait! Is it Remnant or was it some other name?- would placed a child on top of the tower and kept her imprisoned!? And called her a beauty!? That's just... wrong!

And than he remember Rapunzel and how Salem story match with the fairytale back on Earth. Maybe as well the tale of Sigurd too. Sighing, he keep checking if he need to placed any skill points to a skill.


Skill points: 10

Skills: Passive type

Charismatic leader -(small) [lv 2]

note: You are now able to command a small team of ten men to fight or gain a better deal and discount in business and deals.

Devil's luck [lv 3]

note: As luck is unpredictable, so are you! Beware though! As you began being more lucky, karma strike where is was least expected.

Merchant [lv 4]

note: Business is booming! You are gaining more money than anyone in the land. Perhaps trying your luck in the capital would increase it more.

Warning: As you grow wealthy, more enemies you made in the business and nobles.

Chef [lv 2]

note: The dish you made are scrumptious! Many will come and eat you dish for the sake of tasting it.


Skill: Active type

Blacksmith [lv 2]

note: By gaining this skill you are able to create your own weapon as well the outcomes that came with it.

Speciality: As the weapon gain fame, so those you! Increase in production limit increase ones exp point.

Sword art- Sword Dance [lv 2]

note: The art of the sword is a dance of its own. Ones skill improved as the user used it often.

Speciality: Increase in speed and agility by 5%. Upgrade will increase said percentage.

Dual wield [lv -]

note: As it implies, the said skill will increase ones over all use of skill and magic in two! Quicker and better use, be careful to Not hurt yourself.

Type: active


Seeing the changes he gain, it wasn't much. While (Chef) and (Blacksmith) are useful skills, they both are not the usual type of skill you would see in... anywhere really. Although, he did remember a manga he once or multiple of time read. The (Chef) skill will bring the prefer outcome of the user.

It was the most useful skill he knew. Apart from (Merchant), the other have it's own uses. As of now, he still need look for one more spell. Within his magic skill slot was Time magic, Space manipulation and healing, but now he have added two new ones such as, firebolt, seismic wave and Wind manipulation. Three of the spells were strong but it took a lot out of him sometime.

But what can he do? It is what it is. Is what he would said when he didn't look back again at his status. While all of his stats were great but it was the last part made him surprised.

One the end of the second month of this world, he would check his status box on what was happening and how got to the point it was, but that's when he saw.


Congratulations! You have earn a mystery Box! Would you like to open it?

Mystery Box: expired:- null-


Sure it was nice and all but what did he do to gain them?! And now, he have to think if he should open it or not. That is a story for another day. Right now, Salem. He went back to the tower and saw that little Salem was staring out the window. While it didn't come to his general direction, it does gave him a good vantage point on how far the said window and ground is, which is tall. How did Ozpin or Ozma even get up there? Was it magic and if so which one.

But right now he get to her. He look down and saw two guards Infront of the tower. Looking at their levels it seems that they are rookies as both are mostly level 3. How did they get into the kingdom Army he have no idea. But right now, using wind magic for both speed up and sneak, he quickly attack the guards with his weapons.

"Hey, you thing the captain would da- Aack!"

"What in the name of- Aack!"

As if they were met magic, the two guards didn't have the time to see who was attacking them. With quick precision he slash both their throats with ease. He thought that the two would at least have some sort of protection to protect except their armour but seeing they didn't have any, it was bummer. He look back at the two and wonder how they last this long protecting her.

So now, he need to enter the tower. That would be easy. Rummaging through the bow deceased corpse, he search for the key and found it.

Taking the key and place on the door, unlocking it, he was in. That and the fact he didn't need to worry about the Mortality curse that was place in the tower would be in place on him.


He need to search for a dispell spell or skill soon. As he enter and went up the stairs, he had realized something. Why was he doing this? He could just don't do the quest and lived happily traveling one place to another. He could have all the freedom in the world seeing as he wasn't chained or shackle to a place or religion. It was then he realizes, he can just leaved. He can just left the girl and when away.

Sure the world will be dead but who cares!

He is..!

What was he thinking?! Why would he left the girl alone?! She's innocent! She doesn't have to rot in this hellhole or wait for Ozma. Hell! She didn't have to suffer being immortal! So why would he thought of...

The tower entrance! It must have charm of some sort. To dull the sense of those who want to take the girl to believing that she isn't worth it. Well guess what! He doesn't fucking care!

Because he is Astaroh Dust! And he would not let some charm work on him. So he reach to the top of the tower. There it was... The door to Salem. Sure it sounds creepy but all he have to do is simple. Open the door...

And so, he did.

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