RWBY: Magnum Opus

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[Special Moves/Attacks]




With that out of the way, Let's get it started.


Name: Lux Ferrum


Age: 17 (Cannon Vol 1-2)

Birthday: July 8th.

Hair Color: Dark Red

Eye Color: [REDACTED]

Height: 5'4

Weight: 144

Race/Species: Human

Attire: Up-armored Salvaged Atlesian Helmet, Up-armored Salvaged Atlesian Armor, (painted dark grey with silver accents)


M6D Magnum

Hand Cannon (SEMBLANCE); 210 RPM

Magazine: 12

Recoil Direction: Up

SAPHE Rounds, Weapon can take out most targets with 3-5 rounds

Flavor text: "It truly is a Big Iron" ~Lux Ferrum after 'accidentally' shredding a bandit with his new semblance.

Semblance: Big Iron.

Lux Ferrum's semblance has given him access to one of the most powerful handguns throughout existence, the Halo CE Magnum.

{Mt. Glenn Ruins, 8 months after Volume 1}

I ducked back behind the ruined car as another White Fang Patrol passed my hideout. This is the 9th time I've seen these fools out here, they're up to something. I peeked at the patrol through the wrecked car and counted four hostiles, time seemed to slow down around me as I sprung up from behind the wrecked car and opened fire on the Patrol, the first 3 rounds buried themselves into the head of an unsuspecting grunt who didn't even have their aura up, he died instantly. Two more rounds shattered the aura of the next grunt, but I was forced back into cover when the patrol returned fire. I quickly consumed some of my aura to reload my gun and flinched to the side when a round pierced through the engine block of the car I was hiding behind, my cover wasn't going to last. I infused myself with my aura as time slowed down around me and a silver light began to lazily shine from my eyes. I jumped from behind my failing cover and opened fire on the patrol, 5 rounds buried themselves into what seemed to be the patrol leader and took her out. my sixth bullet removed the aura-less Grunt's hand and weapon, he went down screaming. The last grunt tried to run, but another five rounds buried themselves into her back before she could warn her superiors. I looked over to where the runner fell, then looked over to the downed White Fang Grunt that was trying to stop the bleeding from his stump of a hand and fired a round into his knee. I walked up to him and let him grab his gun. He tried to shoot at me only for no sound to come from the broken gun. I began my questioning.

"Now that that affair has been taken care of, I want to know what you folk are doing all the way out here, and you better tell me the truth or..." I gesture at his other knee with my gun, "You other knee's gonna be gone, and you'll be left as Grimm food. Heard they get hungry this time of year." Even I could smell the fear coming from the now crippled Fang Grunt. "So, are you going to talk, or are you going to meet with a terrible fate?" The grunt decided to talk.

"I-I don't know anything I swear! We just received orders from Torchwick and Commander Taurus to start repositioning the Grimm above the Subway Tunnels okay! We didn't ask questions cause we saw what their boss can do! Please that's all I know!" I remained silent as this new information took root in my mind. The White Fang and Roman Torchwick were working together? Whoever is bossing the two around has to be extremely powerful... I looked down to the crippled Grunt and moved the barrel of my gun up and away from his remaining knee. Why do things have to be so complicated these days? The Grunt began yelling, "Wait! I thought you said you'd spare me! Wait! Wait! Wai-!" He fell back with a hole in his head...

"Never said anything about keeping you alive... Now then, lets see what you guys were carrying..." I began to loot the now deceased White Fang Patrol for anything I could use and got a backup weapon with plenty of ammo, enough Atlas MRE's to last me a week if I used them sparingly, a replacement combat knife for the one I broke stabbing a Beowulf, a pair of hi-tech Atlas Binoculars and a short range radio that I did not know how to use. Satisfied with my findings, I began to head back to my hideout in order to safely store my 'legally' acquired loot.

{Mt. Glenn Ruins, The next day}

I just stared at the ceiling as I lied on my bed, and asked myself, 'Why do I live like this? I could easily sneak into Vale and get something forged.' I closed my eyes and thought back to my home... The village wasn't that bad a place, it had decent defenses against both Grimm and bandits, it even had the farmland inside of the wall so it could better withstand any sort of siege. If he were still around, I'd be thanking Pa for that innovation, and-and Ma would...

I shook away the memories of the past... They were gone, burnt away into nothing more than ash... But I would live on and through me, so would they. I began to equip my scavenged gear, called forth my Big Iron with my semblance, and set out on yet another scavenge/patrol I walked through the hallowed halls and pulled open the rusted doors that kept my den hidden. I secured the entrance to my 'home' and set out into the ruined city... I had to see what the Fang were up to...

{Three Hours Later...}

From atop one of the few structurally sound skyscrapers, I watched a White Fang Convoy slowly make their way through the ruins into an underground entrance. Their vehicles were carrying an extremely uncomfortable amount of Dust, and some new Atlesian Mechs, not good at all... I saw the sun reach the apex of its height, and grabbed my lunch, one of the MRE's was chicken pot pie, and I loved Ma's Chicken Pot Pie...

{One Lunch Later...}

The Chicken Pot Pie was nowhere near what Ma made... But it'll have to do, and maybe one day when I find a good place, just maybe I'll remember the rest of the recipe... But for now, it's back to work. I looked through the Binoculars and found one final shipment entering the Fang's underground base. I watched as the Grunts and their Lieutenant got to work moving crates of various Dust Crystals into their facility, whatever they're planning, they're going to do it soon. I thought about using a flare to try and alert the city but decided that it would only bring the Fang's attention towards me. I let my binoculars hang from my neck as I began to clean my scouting area, didn't want anyone discovering it for themselves...

As I finished up and prepared to head back home, I heard the roar of a Bullhead's engines and quickly scrambled back up to try and track it. It took me a moment, but I managed to locate the Bullhead and watched it unload its cargo; 1 Huntsman and a team on Huntresses in Training. Quickly grabbing and mounting my Binoculars onto my Atlas Sniper Rifle, I prepared to give limited fire support to the ground team. The binoculars' display changed to display target distance, windspeed/direction, and even had a moving red dot showing where I should aim. I deployed the Bipod and got ready to open fire on the lone Beowulf that was now staring at the group. I breathed in as I charged the bolt on my sniper, centered my reticle on the lone Grimm, and pulled the trigger, sending a round that would soon find its mark in the Beowulf's skull.

The H.i.T. in Red must've noticed me cause she yelled something to her teammates and got into cover, the Beowulf's head snapped back and began to disintegrate as my bullet found my mark, and the rest of its pack began to charge at the group. I started to send more rounds down-range as the team recognized the Grimm I was shooting at and began their own fights, I did manage to keep my fire away from them though... The fight didn't last long, the power of 5 hunters/huntresses and me were overkill to the pack of Beowolves, and soon I looked down my scope to see the Huntress in red looking back at me with a sniper of her own... I gave a peace sign with left hand and began to disarm my sniper, I removed the Binoculars/Sniper Scope and looked back at the group, Little Red was looking at the Skyscraper I was in with the rest of the group, and I noticed something about her eyes...

They were Silver... Like mine...

I used the lens glare of the binoculars to try and send a signal, but it seems the group was already on their way to my tower...

I knew I should've brought more MRE's...