RWBY: Magnum Opus

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[Special Moves/Attacks]




With that out of the way, Let's get it started.


Name: Lux Ferrum

Alias: Gunslinger

Age: 17 (Cannon Vol 1-2)

Birthday: July 8th.

Hair Color: Dark Red

Eye Color: [REDACTED]

Height: 5'4

Weight: 144

Race/Species: Human

Attire: Up-armored Salvaged Atlesian Helmet, Up-armored Salvaged Atlesian Armor, (painted dark grey with silver accents)

Disguise: Scavenger's Head Wrap, Scavenger's Goggles, Atlesian Knight Torso (modified into armor), Atlesian Knight legs (modified into Armor), (Dirty and worn)


Various Salvaged Weapons

M6D Magnum

Hand Cannon (SEMBLANCE); 210 RPM

Magazine: 12

Recoil Direction: Up

SAPHE Rounds, Weapon can take out most targets with 3-5 rounds

Flavor text: "It truly is a Big Iron" ~Lux Ferrum after 'accidentally' shredding a bandit with his new semblance.

Semblance: Big Iron.

Lux Ferrum's semblance has given him access to one of the most powerful handguns throughout existence, the Halo CE Magnum.

Flashback time

{H0m-, D-34/|\ 5c4Q#}

I ran, my mother lagging behind as I dragged her by the hand through our burning village. I witnessed the unfortunate get caught and gunned down as they ran, others died in a desperate last stand, buying time for their dear ones to try and escape. Dad... dad was one of the first to...

We managed to get into the woods, the sound of the gunfire was now distant... mom seemed off... We still aren't safe yet.

3 days later...

(playing Destiny 2 OST; Journey)

We are being hunted.

The bandits, we saw them execute fellow escapees from a nearby cliff yesterday...

We managed to cover our tracks for now...

Why didn't mom use her sniper then?

5 Days after the attack...

Mom has an infected wound, her meager aura reserves aren't enough to stave it off anymore...

She nearly fell from our perch on the mountain, they hit the other villages.

She gave me her sniper, Izanagi's Burden... I only have four shots with it before it...

She went off to distract them...

Day 6.

(Destiny 2 OST; Journey (vocal Variant))

I watched through the sniper's scope as the bandits drew near her...

she... had a grenade...

I picked off the ones that survived... her rifle faded into the wind...

I am hunted.

I am... alone.

Day 7.

I made my way down the other side of the mountain, almost didn't make it.

I can't sleep, the Grimm are on the hunt...

Don't know how much longer Grandpa's gun will hold out. I only have three magazines left for it now. Dad's Machete is already starting to rust.

I'm running out of supplies...

I have a 8 days' worth in rations, 6 days' worth in water... My current heading will lead me to one of the villages that got hit, maybe I can salvage from there.

Day 14.

(Terraria Calamity Mod OST; The Step Below Hell, by DM Dokuro)

When I found the opportunity to sleep, my dreams were plagued by flashes of a weapon never before seen. Twelve rounds, recoil operated, full auto, 12.7x40mm, 2x scope, capable of killing most anything with three headshots, or five body shots; maybe it was my subconscious, attempting to distract me from previous events...

I walked through the charred ruins of the village, the smell of death and decay filling the air...

I was able to find enough rations and water to last me another few weeks, when a lone bandit tackled me and began choking me...

I fought, I fought to get him off as hard as I could, but my aura, weakened, failed.

My struggle began to weaken, as my vision began to grow dark...

I couldn't die here, not yet...

Within me, my aura shifted, and I felt something begin to manifest in my left hand.

With the last of my strength, I put it to the bandit's head and held the trigger down.

And the darkness was erased by a blinding Silver Light.

{Hideout, Mt Glenn Ruins, 2 weeks before current events}

I jumped from my slumber, semblance in hand as I heard a lone howl pierce the rain. I made sure my armor was secure before I put my helmet on.

I stood by the door of my 'home' weapon at the ready.

And ventured out, into the howling dark once more.


Transmat Firing!