RWBY: Magnum Opus

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[Special Moves/Attacks]




With that out of the way, Let's get it started.


Name: Lux Ferrum

Alias: Gunslinger

Age: 17 (Cannon Vol 1-2)

Birthday: July 8th.

Hair Color: Dark Red

Eye Color: [REDACTED]

Height: 5'4

Weight: 144

Race/Species: Human

Attire: Up-armored Salvaged Atlesian Helmet, Up-armored Salvaged Atlesian Armor, (painted dark grey with silver accents)


Various Salvaged Weapons

M6D Magnum

Hand Cannon (SEMBLANCE); 210 RPM

Magazine: 12

Recoil Direction: Up

SAPHE Rounds, Weapon can take out most targets with 3-5 rounds

Flavor text: "It truly is a Big Iron" ~Lux Ferrum after 'accidentally' shredding a bandit with his new semblance.

Inherited Weapons:

Ripper Machete: Old and Rusted now that Pa's gone, yet still impossibly sharp. It seems to be missing a component. (aged HF Machete)

Red War Service Pistol: Its original name was lost to Grandpa; he only remembered the name of the Red War it came from. One of a kind.

Semblance: Big Iron?

Lux Ferrum's semblance has given him access to one of the most powerful handguns throughout existence, the Halo CE Magnum. Recent events have added to his arsenal.

M6D Magnum; See weapons.

Grapple Shot; High-Tech grappling hook. Extended Range + effects based on Aura.


{Vale, The Breach}

The rest of my comrades rose from unconsciousness and readied themselves for combat. We let out war cries as we charged against the Grimm, any White Fang that survived were either hiding, shooting Grimm, or trying to shoot civilians. Ruby looked around at the chaos and looked back to us.

I rose from where Ruby's Team was and began firing on the Grimm with my grandfather's damaged pistol. As old and broken as the thing was, it still managed to punch through the Grimm's armor with ease... Though Red's team were already beginning to thin the herd.

Enemy fire came my way as I ducked behind what was left of the ice barrier that Weiss used to protect us. My aura monitor showed was in the red before I rose to return fire. I sent at least 5 rounds White Fang before a few bullets managed to shatter my aura and knock my helmet off. I growled as the ringing in my ear slowly faded and began to return fire.

My grandpa's gun had fired its last bullets taking down a Fang Grunt before it shattered in my hand, the aged metal finally giving way and failing to direct the propellant burn off. I dropped behind cover with a scream and stared at the broken gun in shock, surprisingly my hand was mostly unharmed. I knew that his gun was reaching its end... I should've never brought it to bear. I looked to the old machete my dad once used, thankfully melee weapons usually don't have this problem... I looked over at the bastard Fang Grunts only to see them running away and looked to the sky when the beautiful sound of a BRRRT signified the death of many of the Grimm around us.

How the hell did I not notice the entire gods damned Atlesian Air Fleet hanging over Vale?

As the Atlesian Knights started to deal with the Grimm, I jumped back when the armored fist of a Paladin broke through the concrete by me, I readied myself only to relax a bit when it was Zwei and the Doctor who got out.

I looked over to see what's left of the White Fang retreating. "Guess they fucked around and found out..."

I watched as the atlesian and valean forces moved up, watched as the Glynda Goodwitch used her miracle semblance to repair the damage to the seal.

I saw a familiar face help a silver haired kid escort Torchwick to a bullhead, I'd probably go catch up with her later.

I picked up my helmet and assessed the damage and shook my head. I'd have to replace it entirely. A damn shame too, I put all that hard work only for it to be destroyed just like that. Still, better it than me.

I was watching the trainees and team RWBY celebrate their victory when I heard a voice from behind me, "You know kid, I have a feeling that you'll fit right in at Beacon." The good doctor approached me as the Bullhead Roman was on lifted off, he was followed by two others, the headmasters of both Beacon, and Atlas Academy, Headmaster Ozpin and General James Ironwood.

"Thanks doctor, though I'd wager that the Grimm might make collecting my belongings a bit more difficult for the moment." I made my way to the good General and began to dig through my armor's pouch, "General, they died a warrior's death. Their sacrifices are remembered." I handed him the old dog tags I had been holding on to.

As he began to read off the names on the dog tags I had returned to him and the trainees began to go their separate ways, Ozpin spoke to me, "It's not often that a team heads out to Mountain Glynn and comes back with a tag along. You... Have silver eyes." I raised my brow at that statement, but he continued, "Tell me, do you know a Jack Ferrum or a Lily Izanagi?"

I frowned, "Yeah, pa died a while ago. Ma joined him a few days later..." I sighed, "Still have his machete, Ma's weapon faded out shortly after she did... Been wandering ever since."

Ozpin frowned and put a hand to his chin in thought. "Tell me, Lux, would you like to join us at Beacon? I'm certain that the dormitories there would be better than your current arrangements."

I began to weigh the options of Ozpins "Well sir, I'd probably need an allowance to replace the stuff from my old hideout, and to fund my future projects as well. I'd gladly join your students at Beacon if such a thing were provided."

Ozpin nodded his head in agreement, "Yes, and since you did play a part in helping prevent this disaster from getting worse you would also be receiving compensation for that in addition to the allowance. After all, seeing as how some of our students hail from similar backgrounds as yours, we already have an allowance system in place. Although, you will have to learn how to hold back. Huntsmen are supposed to portray a more heroic image after all."

I smirked, "Well headmaster you're talking a good deal, but I'd rather stick to matching the foe in intent, I'd rather be judged by others than be buried. Now lemme see the contract so I can read the fine print."

Ironwood placed the dog tags in a box and handed them off to what seemed to be a relative of the young Schnee and gave Ozpin a look before returning to his own Bullhead and leaving.

{Beacon, Landing Pad}

"If we don't get extra credit for that, I'm going to be seriously disappointed." I heard Weiss' voice fade in as I approached the Landing pad, Ruby looked over to her as Yellow spoke about the Taijitu that crushed a bakery.

"I mean, we didn't solve everything. Alot of people were hurt and we still don't know why they did this or who that mystery girl was." Ruby looked like she wanted to add something else to her sentence. Schnee looked like she was about to speak, but I beat her to the chase.

"Well, not every story has a happy ending, but at the end of the day we minimized casualties and made it so that a lot of dangerous people are gonna have a hard time doing what they normally do, one way or another. And that's all that matters."

The team turned to me, "Lux? I thought you were staying in the city. Why are you..." Ruby's query trailed off.

"Why am I here?" I shrugged, "Cause the Headmaster saw some potential in me and decided to make a special exception and invite a person who's managed to survive a while in the ruins to the esteemed Beacon Academy as a student. I even have my own allowance and access to the forges here!" I made a little show of it, then my face turned somber, "And kid, I do apologize for that little er... outburst... earlier. Fang were hunting me for a while. Ozpin said that I'd have to tone it down on the use of force if I wanted to stay here, something bout how the 'huntsman must maintain an image of heroism' and whatnot..."

"Er... Apology accepted?" Ruby seemed confused for a second before Yang spoke up.

"Wait, aren't all the teams full though? How's that going to work?" Blake's eyes widened in realization.

I smirked, "Well, seeing as how you guys are the ones who got me out of Mount Glen, the Headmaster decided to add me to your team for the time being. Actually, I think he'll be calling you up to tell you that sometime soon..."

Beacon's intercom rang out, "Team RWBY, you are needed at the Headmaster's Office. I repeat, Team RWBY is needed at the Headmaster's Office."

"Huh, guess that meeting ended early..." As my new team made their way past me, I gave them one last tidbit of intel, "Oh yeah! I nearly forgot to tell yall this, but I'll be staying in the dorm right to your left! So you don't need to worry about making room for a bed!"

They gave their thanks as I watched the sun set, unaware of the plans and pieces being placed in the background.

Till then,

Transmat firing.