Naruto: Reimagined

By: Ahkiraa

(To The Reader: Hello and welcome! To my very first-ish fanfiction story I made (I actually made a different story named "Meet the Uzumakis," though I wasn't able to continue it due to college coming up, so yeah. But this ties in with that story, one way or another). This story is what I would add to the Naruto canon. Here's the rundown of what I changed:

- Teams

- Chunin Exams

- No Otsutsuki Sutff

- Toned Down Hashirama Cell Stuff (I'll pretty much avoid using this)

- No Crazy Bijuu Beast Bomb Dodgeball

- I tweaked Naruto's attitude a bit from time to time (Slight OOC Warning)

- Will definitely use some obscure filler/movie/novel stuff

- Some Fandom stuff that I find quite interesting

- Etc.

[ALSO! There are chapters/arcs that don't revolve around Naruto and his team, so if you're not interested, I understand if you don't read them though I would still recommend that you read 'em if you got the time!]

SO! If the title has an asterisk, then that's a chapter that doesn't revolve around Naruto.

Anyway, if you don't like what I have mentioned above, this is the point where you can leave and move on. If not, feel free to stay and enjoy the story. Cheers! ^^


Ch.1 - Enter: Uzumaki Naruto

(Picks up after the whole Scroll of Seals fiasco with Mizuki)

On a peaceful day in Konoha, the sun cast a gentle radiance across the village, accompanied by scattered clouds. A mild breeze rustled through the air, bringing a sense of tranquility to the surroundings. However, amidst this calm ambiance, a group of academy students anxiously gathered, their hearts pounding with anticipation. They eagerly awaited their sensei's announcement, which would determine the composition of their teams. Excitement and nervousness intertwined, creating a palpable atmosphere filled with the hopes and dreams of these young shinobi-in-training.

"I sure hope that Sasuke-kun's on my team" a pink-haired girl said.

"Keep dreaming, Forehead! He's gonna be on MY team!" a blonde replied.

"Pretty sure Sasuke-kun would want to switch teams the moment he hears your laugh, Ino-pig..." the pink-haird girl quipped

"What did you say, Forehead?... I didn't quite catch that because of that big forehead of yours..." the blonde retorted

"Why you!..." the pink-haired girl said in anger.

While the two were about to fight, the other students were immersed in their own world.

"Can't wait for my name to be called, pretty sure you're excited too, right boy?" a kid asked his dog to which it yipped in joy.

"*sigh* Mendokuse (what a drag)… I just wanna get this over with and get out of here" a kid with a hairstyle reminiscent of a pineapple whilst the kid beside him was contently munching on some chips.

On the other hand, a girl in a gray and purple jacket, as well as a kid wearing sunglasses remained silent in their seats, patiently waiting for their sensei.

And there, seated at a table with unwavering patience, was a boy who stood out from the crowd with his vibrant attire. Clad in an eye-catching orange jumpsuit, his unruly blond hair and distinctive whisker-like markings on his cheeks marked him as Uzumaki Naruto, a thirteen-year-old with a solitary journey through life. Bereft of a family, he found solace in a select few individuals who held a special place in his heart. The Hokage, whom he affectionately referred to as "old man," stood as a pillar of support. Another figure, Teuchi, the genial proprietor of Ichiraku Ramen, earned Naruto's respect and admiration, and alongside him, Ayame, Teuchi's daughter, offered companionship and warmth.

As Naruto eagerly awaited the much-anticipated revelation from his beloved teacher, Iruka-sensei, he maintained his composure. The knowledge of which of his classmates would be his future teammates hung in the balance. In truth, Naruto held no particular preference regarding the composition of his team. His unwavering determination to become the Hokage, a dream he clung to with unwavering resolve, eclipsed any concern about the individuals who would accompany him on his path.

Nevertheless, beneath his nonchalant facade, Naruto couldn't help but entertain a few hidden inclinations. The prospect of discovering his teammates held a certain curiosity, a spark of interest within him. Though it mattered little to him in the grand scheme of his ambitions, a flicker of anticipation ignited within Naruto's heart, silently wondering who fate had aligned to join him in his quest for greatness.

In Naruto's mind: "Sure hope that I get teamed with Sakura-chan, and I definitely don't want Sasuke-teme to be on my team. Don't know what's his deal with me… It's not like I wronged pissed in his cereal or something, but every time I lock eyes with him, he gives me the stink eye. Plus he has this cocky vibe to him…"

"Talking to yourself again Naruto, that ain't good for your brain dude, you're definitely gonna pop a blood vessel or something," Kiba said to him noticing that he was indeed in deep thought.

"Shut up Kiba… It's not like you're any better than I am when it comes to brains..."

"Whatever, you're lucky I'm in a good mood so I'll let that one slide. I'm just stoked to find out who's going to be in my team, what about you?..."

"Me too, one step closer to becoming the Hokage (fire shadow), dattebayo!" Naruto remarked.

"Ha! I'll be the Hokage (fire shadow) dude, watch and learn..." Kiba said confidently.

"Let's see about that then!"

A hush fell upon the room as the door swung open, announcing the arrival of their sensei. A wave of anticipation washed over the academy students, their chatter tapering off into an expectant silence. All eyes turned towards their revered instructor as he stepped forward, clutching a solitary scroll in his hand. The weight of their hopes and dreams seemed to rest upon that single piece of parchment, which held within its confines the answers they had been yearning for.

Iruka-sensei, a figure of authority and guidance, emanated an aura of significance as he made his way to the center of the room. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation, as each student held their breath, their gazes locked on the coveted scroll. The mere sight of it symbolized the culmination of their training, the threshold to a new chapter in their shinobi lives.

"Good morning, everyone, I am pleased to see each and every one of you for the last time. And I would like to congratulate all of you for making it this far. This marks the very first step in your careers as shinobi and I wish you all the very best! Let us now begin with the announcement of teams" Iruka announced.

- Minutes Later -

As moments slipped away, the atmosphere grew charged with anticipation, signaling the imminent announcement of the last three teams.

"Team 7 would consist of Nara Shikamaru, Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuga Hinata, your Jounin-sensei would be Hatake Kakashi."

"AWWWWW…" Both Ino and Sakura said in unison for not ending up in the same team as Sasuke.

"At least you don't get to be on his team Ino-pig!"

"I could say the same to you, Forehead!"

Tension filled the air as the two girls locked eyes, their gazes piercing and filled with animosity. A palpable standoff ensued, an unspoken clash of wills. However, their silent duel was abruptly interrupted by the clearing of Iruka's throat, his signal serving as a stern warning to the two kunoichis, urging them to restrain their brewing conflict.

"Anyway, where was I?... Oh, Team 8 would consist of Akimichi Choji, Inuzuka Kiba and Haruno Sakura. Your sensei would be Yuhi Kurenai."

"Lastly is Team 10 would comprise of Aburame Shino, Yamanaka Ino and Uzumaki Naruto. Sarutobi Asuma would be your Jounin-sensei."

"I believe that is all, please return to the classroom after lunch to meet up with your respective senseis and by then kindly use the time to get to know your teammates. Once again congrats to all of you and good luck!" Iruka said as he dismissed the class and left the classroom. Other students left as well to group up with their team and grab lunch all except for Naruto, Shino and Ino.

Naruto made his way toward Shino, noticing that his teammate was seated silently at his desk, "Hey Shino, now that we're teammates, do you wanna grab lunch and ask Ino to come as well?... I'm kind off intimidated by her y'know?…" Naruto said as he stood before Shino, his gaze inadvertently caught sight of his own reflection within Shino's glasses.

"I believe that is indeed a wise course of action Uzumaki-san, why? Because it is in our best interest to know one another even more if we are to work as one unit and yes, I get where you are coming from, Yamanaka-san can indeed be a bit intimidating as well judging from her behavior for quite some time..." In response to Naruto's invitation.

Shino rose from his seat with a composed demeanor. He joined Naruto and together they made their way towards their remaining teammate, who sat in quiet contemplation at her desk. The duo approached her, ready to initiate a conversation and forge the bonds of their newfound team.

"Hey Ino, Shino and I are going to grab lunch, would you like to come with us?... I mean... Iruka-sensei told us to use this time to get to know each other before returning here after lunch. So... What do you say?..." Naruto asked.

Ino lifted her gaze from her desk, her eyes scanning Naruto and Shino with a discerning scrutiny. Aware of the reality that these two would be her teammates moving forward, whether she liked it or not, she assessed them carefully, taking in their presence and potential.

In Ino's mind: "Shino huh, hmmm…. is quiet so I suppose that's good I guess?... Though he and I have nothing in common that's for sure... And his bugs creep me out ughhh… Naruto?... The guy's no slouch but he's no Sasuke, plus he's kinda brash and loud too. Well, I'm one to talk about being brash and loud..."

"Fine by me, besides I've got nothing better to do, where do guys wanna eat then?..." Ino asked a question, but Shino had no answer. Naruto quickly jumped in with a suggestion: Ichiraku Ramen.

In Ino's mind: "Ughhh… Seriously that ramen stall?... Can't they think of something else?..."

Reluctantly, she made a decision and agreed to her teammates' suggestion. Joining Naruto and Shino, she followed them to the Ichiraku Ramen stall, albeit with some reservation.

- After Lunch -

"Seriously, what is taking them so long? … We're the only teams left here for Kami's sake" Kiba complained.

"Stop yapping and whining, that won't make them come here any faster. Man... What a drag…" Shikamaru replied.

As the door slid open, a trio of Jounins (high/elite ninja) emerged, capturing their attention. The first man had long, flowing white hair cascading down his back, partially concealed by a mask that covered the majority of his face. The second man sported black hair, complemented by a distinguished beard. And finally, the woman possessed striking crimson red eyes, her attire consisting of a unique dress made of intricate wraps.

Their presence commanded respect and exuded an air of authority, leaving a lasting impression on the three young shinobi. The arrival of these Jounins signaled the beginning of a new chapter in their training and adventures as a team.

"Sorry for the hold-up kids, the Hokage just wanted to clear something up before dismissing us. Hope you understand, regardless... I am Yuhi Kurenai, and I will be the Jounin-sensei of Team 8. If you belong to that group, please follow me outside," she said in a stern tone.

Kiba, Choji, and Sakura, feeling the weight of the moment, stood up from their seats with determination and left the room to follow their sensei.

The white-haired man cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Doumo, I am Hatake Kakashi and for those who belong to Team 7, I would be your Jounin-sensei. Just neet me on the rooftop," he said with an eye smile and shunshined (body flicker) instantly.

Hinata, Shikamaru, and Sasuke rose from their seats, their expressions focused and resolute. They made their way towards the stairs, knowing that their sensei awaited them at the top.

"I guess you three would be my students then, The name's Sarutobi Asuma, and I will be your Jounin-sensei. I look forward to working with the three of you. Head to the Seventh Training Ground and we'll pick things up from there" he said and also disappearing in a shunshin (body flicker).

"Whoa… I've got to learn that; it looks so cool" Naruto said enthusiastically. The three of them then quickly headed to said training grounds to meet their sensei.

- At The Training Grounds -

"Now that you're all here, I've got to level with you all and you guys might uhhh... Y'know?… Flip out, if you know what I mean..." Asuma said removing the cigarette from his mouth.

"What do you mean 'flip out'?..." Naruto asked quizzically.

"Of the 27 graduates, only 9 will be chosen as Genin (low/junior ninja), the rest will be sent back to the academy. This is a difficult exam with a failure rate of over 66%..."

"WHAT?!… 66%?!..." Both blondes said in unison whereas Shino remained silent but deep down he was shocked as well at hearing what their sensei just said.

"B-But… We passed the academy test already! See?…" Ino said while pointing to her forehead protector.

"Yeah, I can see that, but this is just protocol..." Asuma replied.

"This sucks… I honestly thought there were no more exams from here on out, what a bummer…" Naruto stated.

"I knew daddy was keeping something from me, and I was right all along…" Ino complained.

Asuma looked at Ino and remembered something, "You're Inoichi's kid, arent you?..." he asked.

"Yeah, why?..." she replied back.

"Nothing, it's just that the similarity in both of your names is uncanny. Plus, the hair gave it away... Regardless, I get where you are coming from, but your father isn't allowed to tell you that there's another test after the academy exam..." Asuma retorted to which Ino sighed.

"This is quite a rather shocking revelation, why? Because the same thing happened to me and my father..." Shino stated.

In Asuma's mind: "This must be Shibi's son, there's no doubt about it... They're practically identical..."

"Well, whatever that test is bring it on! No test is gonna stop me from being Hokage, dattebayo!" Naruto said proudly.

Asuma, observing the unfolding events, couldn't help but be captivated by Naruto's attitude in the face of the potentially disappointing revelation. He felt a sense of admiration for Naruto's resilience and determination, seeing a spark of unwavering spirit within the young shinobi. Asuma recognized the potential for growth and strength in Naruto's unwavering resolve, and he silently commended him for his optimistic outlook in the midst of their situation.

In Asuma's mind: "I honestly don't know why dad wanted me to train the Yondaime's kid but whatever... These three look quite promising and certainly has potential"

"So, what's this test then?…" Ino asked.

"Listen up, I'll be taking a page from my dad's book... Apparently this test has been done many times in the past and it's called the Bell Test, ever heard of it before?..." Asuma said while digging in his pocket to show two bells.

Naruto was about to speak up but then Asuma continued to speak, "Of course not, I'm just telling you about it right now..." he joked.

"The objective is simple! Just take these bells away from me, it's as simple as that..." he said.

"Uhhh… Asuma-sensei, why are there only two bells then?..." Naruto asked.

In Asuma's mind: "He noticed that, huh?... Not bad kid, you're apparently more intelligent than you seem..."

"Good eye kid, the reason why there are only two bells is because the person who fails to get one will be tied up to a training post as punishment," Asuma said.

"Isn't that a bit harsh Asuma-sensei?..." Ino inquired.

"I know it is, that's the point. The shinobi world is a harsh one, so get used to it. Besides, I shouldn't be even telling you stuff about the test..." he replied.

"So, when will we do this bell test?..." Shino asked.

"We're not going to do the bell test," Asuma replied as he threw away the bells from the palm of his hand.

Ino and Naruto sighed in relief knowing that they won't have to take the Bell Test.

"So, wait... does that mean we pass?!..." Ino asked to which Asuma laughed in response. This left Ino confused due to their sensei's reaction.

"Far from it, just because you guys won't take this test doesn't mean you won't take a test at all. No! I decided to shake things up a bit, we're going to do it the Asuma way. So, prepare for tomorrow, I suggest eating a light breakfast before going here..." Asuma retorted after which he vanished once more in a shunshin (body flicker) thus leaving the three of them alone in the training grounds.

"I guess we'll see each other tomorrow morning then…" Ino said.

"I suppose so," Shino replied.

"Relax... We're gonna pass, dattebayo!" Naruto retorted.

- The Next Day -

"Good morning kids, ready for the test?..." Asuma said to his three soon to be students (IF they pass at all).

"You bet!" Naruto declared.

"That's good enough for me. As I've said yesterday, we are doing things the Asuma way meaning we won't do the Bell Test the traditional way. Instead of taking some bells from me, I want you three to land a hit on me. Just one from any of you and all of you will pass. BUT! If you guys fail, then I'll be sending your asses back to the academy, PRONTO. Am I clear?..." Asuma asked to which they nodded in agreement.

"The main caveat is that I haven't told you what makes this test the '"Asuma Way' per se... See this?..." Asuma said whilst looking at a cigarette.

"Yeah, a cigarette. What's so special about it?..." Ino said.

"This thing right here will serve as your timer," he replied.

"Timer?..." Naruto asked.

"I'll be smoking it whilst fighting the three of you, but once I finish it that means time is up, understood?..."

"So how long does it take to smoke one stick then, Asuma-sensei?..." Shino inquired.

"Good question, hmmm let's see… I can actually finish one in under 3 minutes if I wanted to but since I'm feeling quite generous today, I'll enjoy each puff of it. It takes around 14 puffs to savor each one which roughly amounts to 6-7 minutes give or take, but that won't cut it for you guys to actually pull it off. So! I'll be smoking 8 of these which would total to 56 minutes... HECK! I'll even round it off to an hour cause why not?... Is this clear with the three of you?..." he asked once more.

"Yes, but isn't that bad for your health Asuma-sensei?..." Ino asked.

"I am aware of the risks of smoking but don't worry about me, I can handle myself when it comes to smoking... I'm pretty sure you guys would want me to smoke more sticks in this scenario..." Asuma replied.

"Enough talking, are you guys ready?!" Asuma asked. Naruto, Ino and Shino nodded to which Asuma then lit a stick of cigarette in his mouth thus starting the test.

- 50 minutes later -

Each and every one of them were panting all except for Asuma who has barely broken a sweat.

"Is that all you got?... This is going to be the 8th stick, and you guys only have around 10 minutes left to do this or else it's the academy again for the three of you," Asuma said.

"There's no way I'm going back to academy!" Ino yelled.

"We'll land a hit on you Asuma-sensei, just you wait dattebayo!" Naruto declared.

"Don't just tell me, show me! Make it quick, unfortunately, I can't wait any longer as you guys only have 9 1/2 minutes left... So, enough talking and more doing!" Asuma taunted which made both blondes clench their fists.

For the past 50 minutes, Shino, Ino, and Naruto had been diligently employing their individual approaches in an attempt to strike their opponent, but to no avail. Their techniques, whether rooted in clan abilities or Naruto's shadow clones, had all fallen short. As time slipped away, the urgency to land a single hit grew more pressing.

Realizing the need for a breakthrough, the three teammates took a moment to pause and reflect. It was during this brief intermission that a sudden realization dawned upon Naruto. An idea sparked within him, illuminating a potential strategy that could turn the tide of the battle.

"Come here guys… We've tried our own techniques to hit him, right?... But none of them worked, and Asuma-sensei did say that we'll all pass even if at least one of us lands a hit on him, and we're a team, right?... So how about we use our jutsus in conjunction?..." Naruto suggested to which Shino nodded in agreement for he was onboard with Naruto's plan.

Ino found herself impressed by Naruto's sudden revelation, as she had not expected such a display of cleverness from someone she perceived as a bit of a knucklehead. It was a pleasant surprise that instilled in her a newfound respect for Naruto's abilities. "Alright then… Do you have a plan or something, Naruto?..." curious about Naruto's sudden realization, Ino inquired, her voice laced with intrigue. In response, Naruto placed his finger on his chin, a classic gesture indicating deep contemplation as he delved into his thoughts.

Asuma observed the team huddled together, their heads close in conversation, and deduced that they were likely devising a plan of action. He watched them with a keen eye, recognizing the importance of strategy and coordination in any successful mission. Asuma patiently awaited their decision, trusting in their abilities to come up with a plan that would turn the tide in their favor.

In Asuma's mind: "Took them long enough to realize that this is test for teamwork..."

Undeterred by the team's huddle, Asuma calmly stood his ground, taking a drag from his cigarette. His experienced eyes followed their movements with interest. As the group dispersed, Asuma noticed Naruto swiftly forming the hand seal for the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique), summoning a multitude of shadow clones. In a mesmerizing display, twenty identical Narutos materialized out of thin air, charging towards Asuma in a coordinated attempt to land a decisive blow.

"That again? Didn't you try that already?..." Asuma taunted.

"So what?! I guess I just have to increase the number of clones! Eventually at least one of 'em will hit you, dattebayo!" Naruto replied.

As Asuma observed Naruto's immense chakra reserves on full display, a twinge of envy tugged at his thoughts. While Asuma possessed a respectable chakra reserve himself, he couldn't help but appreciate the idea of never having to concern himself with conserving or wasting chakra. The notion of having an abundance of chakra at one's disposal was undeniably appealing and brought a touch of longing to Asuma's mind. Nonetheless, he remained focused and determined, ready to face Naruto's formidable onslaught with his own skill and experience.

As Asuma skillfully blocked and countered each clone's attack, he realized Naruto's strategy was not simply to wear him down. The relentless onslaught of clones persisted, even as Asuma landed blows of his own. However, one clone stood out from the rest, dispersing into a cloud of insects that clung onto Asuma's hands. He felt a shiver run down his spine at the sensation of numerous tiny legs crawling on his skin.

'Hijutsu: Mushi Bunshin no Jutsu (Hidden Jutsu: Insect Clone Technique)'

To his surprise, the insects swiftly reformed into clones, their purpose being to restrain Asuma. The realization struck him that Naruto's diversionary tactic had allowed Shino to create insect clones disguised as Naruto, further complicating the situation. Asuma attempted to perform the Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique) to escape the restraints but found his hands immobilized by Shino's insects.

Despite the setback, Asuma's determination remained unwavering. He summoned his inner strength to overpower the clones, tossing them aside, and prepared to unleash a powerful fire jutsu to incinerate them. However, before he could complete the jutsu, everything abruptly plunged into darkness, engulfing Asuma in an unknown void.

- Moments Later -

"Huh?… What just happened?…" Asuma asked seeing his three students placing each of their fists on his vest implying that they were able to land a hit on them, not just one but three.

"Ino used her jutsu to take control over your body, I didn't know her body would just fall limp like that, but luckily I caught her body and held it upright so she can place her hand as well, hehehe" Naruto said confidently.

"Yeah, well thanks about that, that's something I dislike about the Hijutsu: Shintenshin no Jutsu (Hidden Jutsu: Mind Body Change Technique). That being said, you're now in charge of watching over my body when I use it, congrats..." Ino teased Naruto, but he didn't mind since he was ecstatic since they all passed.

"Well, a deal is deal, congratulations to the three of you, from now on we are Team 10" Asuma declared to which Naruto and Ino pumped their fists in the air and Shino just remained silent.

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