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RWBY: Lucent Draconis

Unknown Void, ?

How long had I been floating, formless and thoughtless, lost in this timeless prison? How did I get here... I have to remember... but i could only remember the golden dragon...

I don't know how long it was since that memory rooted itself, but I began to feel sensations in my body again, but they were different, off somehow. I could feel two new appendages beneath my arms, but i couldn't feel all of my fingers, and my hands and feet were weird. There was also a new appendage which I could only describe as a tail... Why did I have a tail!? Why does this body feel so weird!? What have I been turned into!?

I opened my eyes, and I saw that I had been transformed into a great and powerful dragon. I had been turned into a... dragon of sorts...? Instead of the brilliant gold I remembered, the armored limbs were a pale blue, while the light that radiated off of me was silver instead of pale-gold. The air around me shimmered for a bit, I guess I'm shiny now?

I stumbled as I tried to take my first steps in this new form. I realized that I had to learn how to use this form I got thrown into some death world by a bored entity... Why did I think that, did I hold knowledge of these occurrences before this? I'll look into it later...

? Later...

I had done it, I had gained moderate control over my new form, learned to manipulate the Light that poured from me... Then I heard it, the boom-whoosh of a portal opening... How did I know it was a portal? Because immediately after that, I heard the sounds of heavy combat, the screams of civilians and the roars of rampant beasts... I turned, and used my flight to reach the portal, and gaze upon the war below...

Unknown Void, Portal, ?

I saw a burning city defended by people with small amounts of Light within them fighting alongside an army in white against hijacked automatons, masked gunners and... Creatures borne of Light's Anathema... I witnessed an anathematic insult to all true dragons approach a tower where a woman who wielded a blighted abomination of Light and Darkness fought a lesser wielder of uncorrupted light, and was winning... I sensed a great source of dormant Light, almost a fraction of my own in strength, approaching the tower where the Anathema-fused and the pure-one fought. But it all felt... familiar... as if I had seen this once before...

I heard a fragment of a memory speak into my mind as a defeated voice asked, "Do you believe in destiny?" No... I shall forge my own fate, and change the fate of the unfortunate. I charged and shaped my Light into a new shape, one of attack, and dove through the portal as my Light flared in response to the present darkness. My roar shattered the song of combat.


I opened my wings and fired the spears of Light towards the Anathemic Wyvern as light swirled around my lucent form. I could not lose here... I would not let fate follow its course.

The Spears of Light collided with the Wyvern, knocking it from the sky as it tried to take off from the tower, but it did not die so easily. It regenerated the holes in its wings with the goop that slid off of it, lesser beasts spawning from the goop that landed on the ground. It let out a roar in challenge, and once again my own roar shattered the song of combat and threw the Wyvern off. It seemed afraid, as did every other creature born of Light's Anathema, as they should be. Meanwhile the defenders, inspired by my radiance, roused themselves from the despair, and began to fight with their spirits renewed.

The Wyvern launched itself at me, bearing claw and fang against my Light Manipulation and Prismatic Armor. As my Spears impacted the Wyvern, i sent spheres of pure Light towards the beasts in the sky, hoping to spare the defenders of any further aerial harassment. The Wyvern grew closer, and so I decided to meet it in kind, sending out a scattering of lasers that rained down upon those who would fight the warriors of Light and their charges. I brought my prism armored claws, (all four of them), to bear against the Wyvern, and tore chunks from its unliving body. Our brawl continued until we were just above the cliff the tower's base resided by.

I was about to rip a wing-limb from the Wyvern's socket when the projectile feathers of giant corvid-like beasts pinged off of my armor, leaving scratch marks against its silver surface. I let the Wyvern fall as I used a Prismatic Laser to wipe out the lesser beasts that tried to swarm me. My wings trembled in the air as I caught my breath from using such an attack, and as the Wyvern regenerated just enough to charge into me. I almost lost my regained breath as I was sent flying backwards into the base of the tower the blighted abomination and her enemy fought it out. But the Wyvern's attempt to keep me pinned was stopped when I pried its jaws open and fired a Beam of Light into its open jaw. The Wyvern struggled against my grip, but weakened as Light began to seep through its neck until its shoulders was freed of its head as light burned through, I held the Wyvern's head in my claws and let out a triumphant roar that caused the Grimm near me to flee back into the forest they came from. But my work was not done yet.

I felt the light of the blighted one's foe flicker and weaken and knew that I had to act now in order to stop another tragedy from happening today... I saw the dormant Light-bearer speed past me up the tower, empowered by her comrade. I shook off the dead Wyvern's grasp on me and rapidly ascended the tower as afterimages of myself swirled around me. Sensing that standard actions would be to slow to stop the tragedy, I turned so that my wings would tear through the tower as I neared the top, and using my ability to sense Light, maneuvered so that my wing would rupture the ground upon which the Blighted-One stood. As my wing tossed the Blighted-One into the air, her arrow loosed from its bow... I felt my jaws close shut upon her, severing her from her lower half and I felt the opposing lightbe-, no the hero's light begin to fade into dying embers... I watched as the dying half of the Blight fell upon the remaining floor of the tower's top, and crushed it beneath my claw as I perched and watched the dormant Light-bearer reach the dying hero. I watched as she begged for the hero, Pyrrha, to stay awake, to stay alive. I felt Pyrrha's Ember fade further, watched as the dormant-one's pleas became more desperate as she looked to me in pleading, when I decided to act as an old memory resurfaced for but a moment. The memory told me all I needed to know as my Light shifted from that of destructive purification, to that of mending. I would give the Hero, Pyrrha, another chance in this unbalanced world, and I closed my eyes as lucent tears began to fall.

The etherical tears fell from me and began to seek towards the wounded hero. When they made contact with her dying form, they absorbed into her wound and faded as the arrow pushed itself out of Pyrrha's nearly still chest. Her breathing stabilized as the lucent tears healed and regenerated all that was scorched by the arrow's touch, and Pyrrha's face lost its pained grimace as she entered a dreamless slumber. The Dormant Light within the caped-girl's eyes began to leak out as she looked at me with tear-filled eyes and mouthed the words, 'thank you.' I nodded to her as I pushed away from the still-standing tower and took flight over the damaged city, my presence causing the dark beasts to flee in terror as the Defenders cheered at my presence. I let out a triumphant roar as the sun rose over the burned, yet surviving, city. And I vanished in a flurry of light as I refracted the sun's rays around me and became invisible. It was time someone tipped the scales in Light's favor.

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Initially, I wanted the main character to be strictly based on Ultra Necrozma, but as I wrote on, I grew the inspiration from just Pokemon, into games like Destiny 2.

I might update this with more chapters...

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