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RWBY: Lucent Draconis V2

Shadows of the Past

Beacon Academy, Vale

Ozpin leaned back in his chair, "What is your favorite Fairytale?"

"I'm... sorry?" I was caught off guard by that question.

"Fairy tales, stories from your childhood. Surely you must remember some of them."

I thought back to the past, "Well, there's The Tale of The Two Brothers, The Girl in the Tower, and although this one isn't really known of, The Lightbringer. My Grandmother loved that one, she even gave me something so I could remember it when she... passed."

Ozpin seemed intrigued, "I don't believe I've heard that one before, would you mind telling it?"

"Gladly," I looked away in remembrance as I told the story. The memory took the form of a black and white image, moving and changing as I told the tale, "Long ago, after the Brother Gods had left us, the world fell out of balance. Light clashed against Light, as Darkness fought against itself as both tried to exterminate the other." Images of Warlords, Heros, and Grimm, locked in mortal combat, appeared into my mind.

The image began to shift to that of a chain of islands, "However, the chaos would come to a head on a long-lost island nation when the Darkness sought to consume all Light on the Islands. Warlord, Hero and Grimm all fell to the darkness and were consumed, when a lone traveler ventured to its source, armed with naught but a strange ball, and a bracelet that had a strange dust crystal embedded in it." Waves of darkness began to encroach upon the Island as White Light surrounded the approaching Traveler.

The darkness closed in until the Light was all that remained visible, then the Light exploded outwards "A fierce clash was heard across the island nation followed by a mighty roar that shook the islands as a dragon, wreathed in a brilliant gold, rose to where the darkness had begun to spread. It gathered its might and shined with a Light so great, that it burned away the darkness, it shined with a Light that Burned the Sky." A magnificent dragon, comprised of the Light, cast a sphere of Pure Lucent energy that shattered the formless Grimm before diving down, "The dragon dove into the origin of the darkness and when the people reached the area, all they found was a crater, and at its center was the strange glowing dust crystal the traveler held, and a broken, hollow sphere." The crystal was imbued with the orange light of dawn, while the remaining half of the sphere was shadowed in the gentle blue of dusk.

The image changed once more, "My grandmother said that her grandparents hailed form that now sunken nation, and that the trinket she passed to me is that same dust crystal." It showed parents passing the crystal to their child, before it eventually is passed to the silhouette of Pyrrha, "She told me that if I were ever in mortal peril, to raise the crystal, and imbue it with every sliver of aura I have left." The memory of my grandmother's face faded as I looked back at the headmaster as tears of remembrance clung to the corners of my eyes, "She told me that it was a reminder to never give up hope, even in utter darkness. That, even when the night falls, the light is never truly gone..." I revealed the crystal, empty and dull, to Ozpin. His face shifted to that of confusion for a moment, before it returned to its intrigued state.

"Well Ms. Nikos, I can certainly say that I actually haven't heard of that tale... though I do agree with its message... I presume that you've also heard of the Tale of the Four Maidens then?" I nodded as Ozpin finished.

"I have, though I am not sure as to how it relates to the reason you called me up here." Ozpin nodded, and told me that which would leave my world forever changed.

"What if I told you, that the maidens do exist."