"Tch... that smarts..."

Yamato groaned as she sat in her room, rubbing salves and ointments into her many, many bruises. She had gone at her father again, to defeat him as Kozuki Oden would have. But as before, as so many times before, she had failed. She had ended up faced-down in the dirt, her body battered to near-ruin, while her father stood tall; without so much as a bruise on his gigantic frame.

She winced as her bruises objected. There had been nothing do to but drag herself back to her room, the eyes of her father's subordinates upon her all the while; pitying and confused in equal measure.

She hated those looks of pity. It made her want to take up her kanabo Takeru and smash their heads in. But as she was, in her condition, she could not bring herself to care. There was nothing to do but mend her damaged body, with the ointments and salves that had been left for her use, left to her by her father.

She glared down at the shackles on her wrists. They were proof of her reality, just like the boxes of medical supplies, and the room itself. She was as she had always been. Trapped in her room, on the skull-shaped island of Onigashima, the legendary and dreaded island of ogres. Trapped by a father who would not accept the demands of her heart, and whom she had never been able to defeat.

A father who, at some level, still cared for her. A father whose pitying care ate at her already wounded pride.

"As long as you claim to be Kozuki Oden, you will forever be chained to this island. Renounce your childish vision, accept your position as my heir, and you will be free."

"As if!"

The words came out as a snarl. Yamato stood up, stretching her tired arms and taking a deep breath. The salves would work in time. Her father's Beast Pirates were warriors beyond compare, but they knew the flora and fauna of Wano well. Medicines were only one of many uses they had found for such things. Soon she would be well again.

And what then?

Her room was quite large, having been made to accommodate both royalty and those whose height was greater than normal. She stepped past her wide bed, ignoring the creaks of the long-neglected floorboards, and stopped at the window. She stood there, gazing out at the horizon, the wind ruffling her long, white hair.

Ironic, to see the sea like this. So near, yet so far. A dream that would not die, yet never able to be born.

In her mind's eye, she saw Oden. Oden, whose death agony she had witnessed; boiled alive in a pot of oil. Oden, whose logbook she had found amid the ruins of his castle. Oden, whose words had inspired her to be something more than the daughter of a pirate and a warlord.

Oden, whom she wanted to be, more than anything else in all the world.

Oden, whom her father would never let her be.

She stretched her arms again, then turned and limped out of her room. The floors creaked under her feet, a reminder of the neglect this part of the fortress had suffered. She strode along regardless, ignoring the scuttling flunkies as they worked to mend the floors, even as they bowed her heads and called her Young Master.

Wretches. Fur-caped sycophants. Servile curs without a scrap of honour or dignity. She had no time for them, any more than Oden would have.

She stepped out of the fortress, and jumped along the bridge that led to the western end. The wind whipped at her, chilling her to the bone. There would be another blizzard tonight.

She reached the sea shore, and hunkered down, hands on her knees, gazing out over the billowing waves.

This was her life now. Fighting Kaido, and losing. Healing, eating, sleeping. Reading Oden's logbook, and training her weary body.

Again, and again, and again.

She looked down at her cuffs. If they had been what they appeared to be, mere pinions of iron or steel, she would have freed herself long ago. But they were explosive cuffs, born of the cruel genius of Wano; the genius that made the Beast Pirates mighty. If she moved more than one hundred metres from the shore, they would explode. At the very least they would destroy her arms. Quite likely they would destroy her whole body, and whatever ship she was on, and whoever else was on it.

While she bore those chains, there was no escape.

She had been getting stronger. She knew she was getting stronger, a little at a time. But how much longer could she keep this up? How much more could she…?


The words echoed over the waves. She could not give up! Oden would never have given up! He didn't give up, even as he boiled alive in oil!
She hugged her knees, as she tried to think. What was she doing wrong? Why couldn't she defeat him? What was it going to take?

Above her, the seagulls circled, cawing and cawing, as the had always done, and always would do.

"I wish I was like you guys," she whispered, gazing up at them. "Going so far away, seeing so many things…not like me."

She lay down, the sand soft and cool under her back.

"I'm just doing my best," she said, to no one in particular. "Trying to beat my father, and free Wano."

She closed her eyes, and listened to the sounds. The caw of the seagulls, the whoosh of the waves, the whistle of the wind between the rocks.

The sounds of the sea.

Her stomach growled, and Yamato winced, opening her eyes.

"Can't defeat him on an empty stomach." She sat up. Time to head over to the mess, and get something to eat.

And then she saw something.

It was there on the beach. A dark shape, that had not been there a moment ago. She blinked, and there it was again. That shape.

A human shape. In green.


Yamato got up, and trotted up to the shape, hardly believing what she was seeing. But what she thought she saw was what it was. A person, lying face down on the wet sand, the waves washing around its feet.

She crouched down, and rolled the figure over. It was a boy, in his teens or thereabouts. He wore a green suit of a kind Yamato had never seen before, its sides emblazoned with white stripes. On his hands were heavy gauntlets, on his legs were metal greaves, and around his neck a tattered yellow scarf.

As the water washed around his legs, it came away red. As Yamato looked closer, she saw the rents and slashes in the strange green cloth, and the blood that stained it.

Her heart clenched. He looked so young, so innocent; yet his body was so smashed and bloody. He must have endured some terrible battle.

But what battle? No battle had been heard or seen, or else the island would be in uproar. And how he come to be there? She saw no ship, nor even the wreckage of one. No ship, no navigator, had ever defeated Onigashima's whirlpools; nor had anything or anyone escaped their grasp.

So how could he be there?

Was he still alive?

She bent over, and pressed her ear to his chest; praying to any nearby god or spirit that his heart was still beating. It was, though only faintly.

"Hang in there, little one," she whispered, carefully sliding her arms through the wet sand underneath him. He was small and light, so much so that her heart ached. How could one so small, so gentle-looking, have endured such violence as he clearly had?

She had to save him. Oden would have moved mountains to save him. She had to get him back to her room, where her salves and bandages awaited.

She stood up, lifting him from the water, wet sand falling off him. As he rose, something fell from his pocket. Shifting his weight to one arm, Yamato stooped down and picked it up. It was a card of some kind.

"Midoriya... Izuku... Hero name: Deku..."


There you have it, the prologue of sorts. Yamato meets our boy in green. Which part of canon did Izuku come from? How will he fare in this new world?

This is also a new exercise for me as well. One thing I want to help separate this from my other works is the format. In this case, short chapters. Doing the massive long-man chapters can be nice, but it can drain you. Juubi-K can attest to this as well. So in this case, we are going to try for shorter chapters that go anywhere from 1-3k in words, with the PoV focusing on one character per chapter. This story was also inspired by reading MasterDuplicator 's Crusader, a crossover between RWBY and Worm. Highly recommend and if you read that, you may have an idea of where we will go.

And I also aiming for more a say... less rigid story structure as I do most stories as I like to go into OUTLINES OUTLINES PLANNING PLANNING. That's still there, but not as prevalent because in discussions with Juubi and test screeners IKnowNothing and Paperman the story will change as we go along. We have some few events that are critical down the road we will build towards(Izuku being in Wano, on Kaido's Home island alone should give you a clue of what we aim to build towards. Along with the very title of the fic, 'Hero of the New World') but everything else is fluid. Including pairing stuff.

Now then, one other issue I want to state is the gender of Yamato. For simplicity's sake we will be idenitifying her as female. Members of Kaido's inner circle ala the All-Stars and the Flying Six will still call her Kaido's son and with male pronouns, as they seem to do in series. I imagine Oda will be thinking of utilizing her identity as a way to go on an arc of sorts later on too.

Also we will be going by Japanese naming conventions(Midoriya Izuku as opposed to Izuku Midoriya) as it seems thats prevalent even in canon One Piece(otherwise it's Luffy D. Monkey instead of Monkey D. Luffy). We will however, have Japanese naming for attacks as well(Rankyaku/Shigan vs. Storm Leg/Finger Gun). We will give translations to attack names in the Authors Notes at the bottom of the chapter.

Let me know what you think. We have two more chapters already completed, with 2 more along the way in short order.