Luffy lifted his red suit case from the conveyor belt and back to the ground, pulling it through the pristine floors of the Terminal. From Japan, all the way to Portugal. The capital of Portugal; Lisbon, is where a certain University held up by stilts and was practically above sea water was located.

The students, faculty members, and even the Professors and the Director himself are reincarnates. Reincarnates of notorious pirates and honorable marines. Most were douche bags while some are genuinely decent. Some have their memories intact from the moment they were born or woken up to reality, some had to remember like they were some amnesiac (which they were not!)

Taking a ride down the escalator. Luffy pulled his hair up into the base of a ponytail in a swift movement, taking the white hair tie that his mouth was holding and wrapped it around the root of the ponytail.

He breathed out; he was finally going to see them again. After an almost 2 decades of this current life, he was going to be reunited with his crew, his brothers, his friends, his caretakers. He's going to see everyone again! All thanks to his dad for getting word of Grandline University and its Director. He couldn't hold back the snort as he stepped off the moving stair case and walked toward the food gallery the Lisbon Airport had.

'Finders Keepers! Loosers weepers!' He suddenly jumped when his phone vibrated as his favorite song played, signaling him that someone was trying to contact him. "Shhh, Dad! Are you serious right now?" Luffy hurriedly turned his phone on that had a black custom-made case with his jolly roger's skull on it. Sliding the green circle up to pick up the call; the young teen presses the phone against his ear.

"Has your plane landed?"

"Yep, I'm on my way to get some food!"Luffy heard the chuckle from Dragon on the other side of the line, his brown eyes shining in delight as he saw the food court. He grew up in Japan and mainly ate traditional and common food made in the country, how he would kneel to eat on their short, flat table. The natto rice bowls and yakitori were his favorite dishes in japan. Although he misses Sanji's cooking through and through.

Just the thought of causing chaos, pranking them, getting scolded, and overall, just having fun with them made his heart flutter.

"You already know where our home in Lisbon is, right?"

"Technically, I don't but the driver does when I give him the address, right?" The former pirate suggested with honesty, the older man at the other side of the line groaned in disarray. He loves his son, don't get him wrong but he still needs work in geography.

"Shishishi! See you soon, Dad! Thanks for letting me attend a public school this time! Oh, and thanks for actually teaching me stuff. Gramps never did any of the things you taught me! Aishiteruze!" Luffy hang up, a big ol' grin plastered on his face.

And somewhere in Japan, in an underground base...

"Dragon-san?!" The Revolutionary Leader was crying a waterfall. His son really knows how to make the water work.

Luffy isn't joking when their new home in Portugal, Lisbon was huge. IT WAS MASSIVE, IT WASN'T SOME HUMBLE ESTATE, IT WAS A MANSION IN AN ESTATE. "Where does he get the money for this?! Nami would love to live in here!" Luffy had sparkles in his eyes at the thought of letting Nami visit his home.

The gates opened after the taxi had hurriedly left, probably felt awkward since the person they were apparently transporting was an important figure. A red carpet had rolled down in front of him, a butler and at least a few dozen maids (both women and men) although the maids were wearing their own clothing (Luffy sighed in relief). The Butler was dedicated and wore the fancy suit.

"Welcome, Young master. I hope your trip has been pleasant?"

"Better than that! I'm so excited for school! Wow, I never thought I would say that, hey does this place have a pool? A track where I can run in?" To the shock of most of helpers, the young master was quite the average excitable teen... If you exclude the pure white strands with golden tips. Their boss wasn't joking when his kid was a ray of sunshine.

"Uh- ehem. We are glad to hear your enthusiasm, young master. If you follow me, please?" The kind old man gestured to the large doors of his new home; Dragon did say he'd catch up with him once he finishes work in Japan. The young teen perked up.

"Okay! Let me get my suit cas-" 'Welcome to the end of eras, ice has melted back to life' "GAH!" His phone ringed. Again. Luffy's eye twitched, it was the same person who called him while he was packing, when he was on his way to the airport, when he had ordered breakfast, when he boarded the plane, during the flight, after he got off the first plane, so on and so forth.

Sliding the green circle upward was now practically on reflex now, he gave a grumble before placing it near his ear again.

"How's the pla-"

"DAD, THE PLACE IS HUGE. ALRIGHT?! WHEN AND HOW YOU GOT THIS CONCERNS ME. ALSO WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING ME ALL THE TIME?!" Luffy did nothing but put the phone on speaker and screamed at it with all his might, it was getting late but he is going to get to the bottom of it.


"Well? I'm waiting for an answer-"


"Don't pull the bullshit on me, Dad." The young teen glared at the phone as if it was his greatest enemy. Staring at it intently, the man at the other side of the line could feel his son's eyes boring into his soul through the device.

"Ehem, It is getting late, young master. We must get inside before you catch a cold, we can't have that now, can we?" Luffy thought about it, old butler-guy was right. University courses start in less than a week, he has to purchase the necessery books, some notepads, pens, you name it.

Not to mention the uniform, for some others; it says that the uniform must be the same as what you ar currently wearing when you had remembered your past. While the ones who were born with their memories and just thought they were normal could pick whatever they like.

Most reincarnates that had to remember wore something that was connected to their past. Luffy didn't need to worry about that. He was born with his memories and he said aloud, 'What the hell is this? I didn't think my dream would... DAD? IS THIS NORMAL?!'

When they entered the man- ehem, rather large house. Luffy doesn't know whether he should be upset or happy about being an inheritor of a damn fortune. The One Piece was accompanied with dozes and mountains of gold, Nami had surprisingly given it to him. And now it was considered a fortune, the entire world population barely knows that the Monky D. family were one of the richest people out there.

Well, technically it was only Luffy and Dragon. The Revolutionary Leader makes his own money and a lot of drug dealers (they only sell the safest ones) get along with him. The society today was way different from before. You had more choices; you can have more friends since all the races are united. Giants, fishmen, humans, etc.

It was only a question of morality, if it followed the Second Pirate King's beliefs or not. It was weird for people to follow his ways since he had only ever been shoved or misunderstood by many.

"As I said before, welcome. Young master, I am Rafael. An indebted man to your father, I will take care of your needs and aid you through-out your school life." The butler bowed down and so did the maids, if the young teen in front of them wasn't a spoiled brat they all thought they had to endure, then maybe this won't be as horrible as they thought.

Luffy hung up due to the awe.

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