Summary: Four Straw hats are introduced, Luffy needed clothes too. And there was a welcome party for the new first years, they needed a suit.

btw, Rafael the Butler is MY OC. SSSHHH the maids are mine too if I give them names lmao. AND THE BODYGUARDS

'Kimi he no omoi ga takanatte' The song 'Hope' played as an alarm went off, this song reminded the white-haired teen of his falling-out with his cook in Whole Cake Island. He groggily rolls over from his king-sized bed to where his phone was, it was charging overnight and was close to the edge.

'Kagiri naki chikara umareru' His thumb swiped up to stop the loud alarm, it was a bit past 6 in the morning. With his eyes still closed and body still floating-

"Good morning, young master." A sudden voice was heard out of nowhere and Luffy slowly raised his hand, "Yo, mornin' Mr. Rafel..." He had noticed the man with his observation haki. He had entered when his alarm went off, pulling out the charger's head out of the charging station.

"You're quite the early bird, young master." The young teen stretched his arms and legs for a bit, fully awake thanks to the booming morning greeting from Rafael. Right, he was in Lisbon, going to school aka reuniting with his nakama!

"I always wake up early, shishishi! But sometimes I oversleep." He grabs a hair brush to tame his white mane, when it wasn't tied or brushed thoroughly. It's like a bush, a lion mane, those were Dragon's words not mine. He sat down on the stool, Infront of the drawer that came with a mirror.

"This is so weird, I used to have black hair like Dad... It's so funny! Shishishi!" He continues to run the brush through his strands while Rafael and two of the maids to choose formal wardrobe for the young teen.

"It is normal for a baby's hair to change shades during their growth." Most of the white locks were moved to his shoulder, easing his brushing. Luffy turned to the black woman, he grinned at her. She returned it with a smile.

The people here were so nice! Well, these were his dad's friends and of course they'd try to be nice to him. He'd atleast be nice to them too, "So... We're gonna go shopping?" He kicked his legs excitedly, the Butler chuckled at the childish teen. The boy was almost 18 yet he was still a child, yet he hears from Dragon that Luffy could be serious when he wants to be.

"Yes, young master. We're going to buy you the necessery requirements for your first school life. I heard from your father that you were mostly homeschooled in Japan." The reminder that he had been forced to stay in that place saddened the white-haired teen, a somber smile made its way to lift the corners of his mouth. Yes, he was there for his own safety. Yes, he understands.

However, the loneliness he felt was all too familiar and scary but Dragon made it all easier to bear. Is this what it felt like to have a dad? That question keeps repeating in his mind.

"Uh-huh! But now he signed me up for Grandline University!" He stood up from his stool abruptly and the poor wooden furniture he was previously sitting on fell to the ground. "Ah. I'm sorry."

The two maids and butler sweatdropped, "You don't sound sorry at all, young master." They said in unison.

Luffy wore a simple white short-sleeve shirt, a silver chain necklace hanged from his neck, a matching silver bracelet around his right wrist, his shirt tucked in his red denim shorts. He wore a pair of black Zori this time, not to mention he had a small shoulder bag that could fit a wallet, two phones, and a face towel. He sat at the back seat of the car; he was alright as long as his window was open. The air felt nice to feel.

The scenery was different than Japan, instead of machines that have food stored in them, or plain rule-following citizens, there was shouting, laughter, different smells (probably because they were in a wide shopping district to get to the mall), and well. It felt like a normal market area, nostalgia hits him like a truck.

Whenever his crew stops on an island to restock, the younger ones and himself always run around the busy market area and point at mysterious and random things. While the older ones try their best to keep them out of trouble, he misses them.

Just a few more days, 4 days. He can do this. He just needs to wait, maybe he'll run into some of his other nakama outside school. Yeah, he hopes for that. The window slowly slides up, the dark red van (His dad apparently keeps most of his vehicles in Portugal) enters the parking lot of the giant mall.

Rafael was in the front seat while one of the bodyguards that had been late to arrive at his welcoming banquet was in the driver's seat, driving them as punishment. They received parking tickets and it saud with each hour they were in the mall they pay for 2 Euro. Kind of cheap.

(Since most of the money goes to buying items, furniture, clothing, and appliances in the mall)

Just when he was about to open the sliding door, it opened by itself. Or was opened by Rafael from the outside, "Young master." He acknoledged, Luffy straightened himself and waved his hand.

"H- how? I thought you were still in the front?" Luffy inquired, curious as to how Rafael was so fast for an old guy. I mean there was some exceptions with Gramps and Rayleigh but they had reasons!

"Well, Young master. I ate the Yusō-Yusō no mi." The man with darkening brown hair clapped his hands once and his wallet appeared infront of him. Luffy greatfully and excitedly took the bright leather item and placed it in his bag.

"Although it is a bit harder to transport or I may say, teleport living beings. I can easily teleport objects." The Butler was taken back at the awe radiating from the young teen.

"Sir, the vehicle is secured. We can let the young master go in the mall now."


In a book store, there was a young boy that appeared to be a junior highschooler, he was in his senior year in junior high. He had black hair that faded to pastel blue. Knowledge-filled eyes that he had inherited from his mother, tan skin from his father. A pink hat with reindeer antlers on his head.

He was picking out the necessery books he needed for his last year in junior high and maybe once he's done with that. He could finally hang-out with his crew more.

He was Tony Tony Chopper, the former doctor of the notorious Pirate crew; The Straw Hats. They all remembered and caught up with each other but they all felt awkward, like something was missing, everything was out of place but at the same time it wasn't. It's not that hard to understand.

He imagined the Straw hats as one living being, the wise and older ones make the brains, the fighters make up the brawn but who makes the heart? The center of their function? The one that had given them the chance to live in the circumstances they want?

And something had clicked in Chopper's head when he had remembered it all.

Their captain was their missing piece, their center, their beacon. Their heart. And it was nothing but common knowledge that nothing can function properly without a heart.

His mother and father were Nico Robin and Cyborg Franky, crazy enough to think that both of his older nakama were his parents now. Not to mention that his younger sister was Sunny's klaubertmann, who was still oblivious to the memories she had before.

So, there was 4 of them in total. Living under the same roof, both Robin and Franky work at Grandline University. It was impossible for a school system to have all grade levels but the Director made it possible. From elementary to college.

He already had most of the books, he just needed one more. And sadly, they were at the top of the tall shelf. "I should've let Robin and Franky help..." The now human sulked infront of the shelf, his shopping basket beside him. He hears footsteps coming his way.

Chopper looked up since the person casted a shadow over him, and boy was he terrified. An old (well, not so old) man with monecule that had a grave expression, a super tall bodyguard that had a gun hoisted behind him, and this guy with white hair was blowing strawberry flavored bubblegum and wore sunglasses.

The balloon-gum popped, he chewed it again. Before lifting his sunglasses up, "Aren't you gonna get the last two books you need?" He asked, the white-haired teen started to pick up the necessery books for the University and placed it in the shopping basket that he was holding up with his other hand.

"Can... Can't reach..." Chopper mumbled as he stood back up on his two feet, he was still closing in on himself in embarassment. "I- I'll find a way-"


"Right away, Young Master." The Butler clapped his hands and 2 pairs of the needed books appeared infront of the stranger and Chopper. The student of Grandline University's eyes went wide comically.

"EH?! How?!"

"Akuma no mi." The stranger motioned for the guard to show the list again, obviously. He was a tad bit confused with the books, he appeared to never had done this before. More so that he was doing this for him? Her? Their hair was such a long pure white. It was hard to tell.

"Uhm, you would need those two for history... Since we have the World Government's rule and the Void Century to cover." The young teen pointed to the two books on the left of the stranger, the hesitant hand had grabbed the 2 books and placed it in his basket.

"Then those three are for the geography and legends of All Blue."

"Why do we need a shit ton of books?" Chopper fell to the ground, the guard and butler never losing their roles but the stranger laughed rather loudly. "Hey! Don't laugh at me, this is necessary!" The shorter teen wiggled his arms up in the air in a comedic effect.

"Duh, I know. Just saying these are expensive and there's also a lot to buy." The taller white-haired teen picked out the last of the books thanks to Chopper's guidance.

Meanwhile, the adults that accompanied the white-haired teen couldn't help but watch fondly at the way he attracts others. Like a moth to a flame but he welcomes the ones he deems kind with warmth and the ones he deemed bad were ignited with wrathful flames.

'Master, your son is quite the character.'

"Thanks again!" They were outside the store now; the guard was carrying two paper bags. Bot that it was heavy but he technically wasn't allowed to 'exhaust' himself before school. Seriously, his dad spoils him too much.

"Not a problem, see you at Grandline?" Chopper looked back since he did start to walk away to the large grocery section of the mall. That's where his parents agreed to meet up at, and Sunny wasn't the most patient person out there.

"Shishishi! Of course, Chopper!" Suddenly, oh so suddenly. His world slowed; his body was in slow motion yet he knew he literally spinned his entire body right back to the direction where he was previously leaving. That laugh, the way he knew his name despite not introducing himself, his voice, that smile!

A crowd of people blocked his way, there was apparently a sale in a clothes shop that was beside the book store. Then... When he made his way through the crowd as fast and as reckless as he could.

Luffy... His captain was nowhere to be found.

"L-Luffy..." Chopper sank to the ground, his knees going down first. It felt weird, knees, hands, fingers, less hair... However, he endured and adapted it.

It was like he disappeared. How did he do that? He was training so well in his Observation Haki; he should've known where he went! It was like his Haki signature was there a second ago but now it just vanished!

With Luffy and the two adults.

"Young master! You mustn't reveal yourself yet!" Rafael reprimanded the young teen who looked comically teary eyed, his index fingers touching. After he had bid 'see you again' to the once-reindeer now-human Tony Tony Chopper, Rafael immediately grabbed the boy by his shoulders with one hand and the other on the guards. With one blink of an eye, they were on the third floor of the mall.


"No 'buts' young master, you could've put yourself in danger. Your father would be most displeased and upset that you had been ambushed by a former enemy." Luffy looked away pouting angrily, 'Shame on you, Dad! I trained on my own! I still remember the haki lessons Rayleigh gave me!'

The old butler sighed at the stubbornness, yes, he has to deal with this rather than a spoiled brat. Although this was much better, it was still difficult to do. "Young master, you will see your crew again. But you must wait." Rafael was a bit oblivious to the fact that Luffy actually training himself whenever Dragon was a bit busy and the maids were preoccupied with something back in Japan. The old guy thought that since this was a new life and a new body, Luffy was currently strengthless.

"'Kay... So, what's next on the list?"

A young girl wearing a blue jumper and pale pink shirt underneath tried to reach for her favorite drink that was in the drinks corner of the grocery section, she had wild blond hair tied into pigtails that matched her excitable head-strong personality.

She was still significantly short since she was only 9 years old but she knows she can reach the bottle of sweet liquid if she just tip toed hard enough. Just when she was about to finally reach it, her toes gave out. She groaned in dismay; her name was Nico Sunny. The daughter of one the Professors in Grandline University, her older brother; Tony Tony Chopper was a junior highschool student and was in his last year there.

Sunny looked just about to give up when a tan hand reached for the bottle she was aiming for, before she could whine even more. The one that had grabbed her favorite drink had gestured it to her. "You were reaching for this?" The little girl beamed as she snatched it from the teen.

"Yes! Thank you so much!" She had a rather vast vocabulary for someone her age, but that due to her mother; Nico Robin.

"Hey, I like that too! Hold on, I'm gonna grab my own." Now that Sunny had a better view of the person that was kind enough to help her, she was mesmerized by snow white hair he had. His shoes looked funny, maybe he was a foreigner? Or maybe he had a different sense of fashion?

All in all, Sunny could care less. This guy gave handed her favorite drink when she was struggling so much! Maybe she could hang around with him for a while? She was smart enough to know her way around, she saw the map of the entire mall at the entrance and had memorized it in 5 minutes. Another bonus is that her mom and dad trust her a lot.

"Here we are! I can't wait to go home and taste these, we ran out of it since I kept drinking it. They don't have a lot in stock since they thought I wouldn't like it since it was 'cheap'. Anyway, where are your parents?" Sunny's eyes spiraled in confusion; this guy was speaking too fast!

"Um, mom said I shouldn't speak to strangers..." Sunny mumbled wearily, even if this stranger seemed like an energetic guy. She still needs to be careful.

"Really? Anyway, I guess I got to tell you, my name. I'm Luffy by the way, who're you?" Luffy glanced at the little girl who perked up, "I'm Sunny!"

Luffy was shocked but, he only smiled widely at the girl; "Nice to meet you, Sunny."

Fast forward, Sunny watched at the retreating back of her new friend. She doesn't know why but... Watching him walk away, away from her. Made her feel sick, like something bad was going to happen to him if she didn't keep him close.

What the former-klaubertmann was currently feeling was some phobia she developed after Luffy had passed away. The overuse of his gears and Ivankov's treatment taken a toll on him. However, that wasn't the case now.

She had absent-mindedly headed toward the center of the mall to meet up with the rest of her family. They had greeted her with warm smiles and playful jabs. They chatted for a bit, Franky, her father, talked about how boring and unoriginal the appliances were. Robin, her mother, voiced her thoughts on how the large building was made. It had withstood countless of terrorist attacks from former low-life pirates who wanted to challenge the notorious straw hats.

"Hey um, Mom? Dad? Can I say something weird?" The blond girl raised her head to meet her parents gaze, the light-hearted atmosphere instantly became serious after the couple and highschooler picked up on the nervous tone and random question.

"We all say weird things, Sunny. Of course, you can." Robin, ever the cryptid deity of knowledge, patted her daughter's hair; messing it up a bit. Sunny giggled; it wasn't exactly a falsehood.

The men in the family comically scoot away from them, the two girls sweatdropped. They can be so easily scared...

"I... I met someone named Luffy. We talked for a bit and I felt like I knew him before but I didn't have memories of him at all. When it was time for goodbye, when he started to walk away... I felt like I was really sick, my chest was really heavy and my tummy was all weird... It's like I didn't want him to go away or else he might get hurt..."

Sunny had slowly glanced to the ground as she told her tale, unbeknownst to her. Her parents and her brother stared at her wide eyed.




Sunny met Luffy!

As I said, it was a bit of mayhem. Luffy being stubborn and Sunny being chaotically cryptid.

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