Summary: First Day has been cancelled, the Straw hats gather (temporary members as well) and felt as if they're being watched.

"Students and freshmen of Grandline University, due to recent events that we simply cannot ignore. Your first day has been cancelled." Sanji spat his coffee out. The victim of the hot liquid was a sleepy but now awake and pissed off Zoro, Nami stifled a giggle when the green-haired swordsman's eye brow twitched.

The speakers were now silent, letting them all know that is the only information they're getting for now. They did have an entire week before the semester starts and one more day shouldn't have been available. It must be that serious.

They were all in the cafeteria, wondering why there wasn't much staff around. Buggy was still there mopping the halls. The Headmaster, Edward 'Whitebeard' Newgate, was still doing whatever paperwork that needed to be done in his office. Most professors were at home with their families, it was still quite shocking there were people willing to cooperate with former pirates and marines that were reduced to teenagers.

The staff that were reincarnated too (ex. Akagami no Shanks, Big Mom, The Beast Kaido, Whitebeard, Marco the Phoenix, Buggy the Clown, should I say more?) had all still been present. Some students stayed at the school in their apartment complexes, seriously, this school's campus was humongous. How and where the hell did Whitebeard get money to construct such a monster University is beyond all of them.

Each crew (that were also decided on their numbers, if they had more than a thousand men in their crew; they would have to need their own building. If they had less than a hundred then they'd share a building with another crew.) had their own apartment complexes on the campus. However, despite the main Straw hat crew having only atleast 12 members, they had their own building but had never used it...

Since they weren't complete. They swore to never live on the same roof again without their heart. As Chopper said, nothing can function properly without a heart. And they were dysfunctional, how they had managed to be together was due to their captain. They created bonds with others thanks to their captain's guidance. Nothing more, nothing less, but they still yearned for the others company. A bonus too since they wanted to see Chopper in human form.

They still hung out, like a friend group but nothing more. They all feel the empty space in their hearts and no amount of partying, laughing at each other's jokes, pranks, or wishes can fill that.

Then, in early morning...

"I'm Home."

Usopp shuffled in his seat awkwardly, wondering if they all heard and felt the exact same silence they did. He really hoped he did or they might just say it was one of his lies, he really hoped it wasn't some sort of hallucination or dream. He missed Luffy, they all missed him.

"GUUUUYS!" A familiar voice caught their attention, Chopper with his short stature running to their table full speed ahead. He looked absolutely worn-out, did he run from his home to the campus? WHAT?!

"Chopper?!" Zoro stood up immediately, he was now dubbed the 'gruff older brother' in their group chat in Messenger.

The black-haired boy panted as he grasped his knees, maybe he shouldn't have done that. The others had already evacuated from their seats around the table. However, they were glad the doctor stopped. "I- I met Luffy! Well-"

"Chopper, if this is-"

"NO! It isn't a prank or a joke! You all know I wouldn't use him as a prank! Even Sunny met him, but we realized at the wrong time!" Chopper smiles as he reminisces at the short interaction he had with the now white-haired captain, when he thought about it; he actually felt whole again. Luffy had been with him when he was getting ready.

"But still..." Nami trailed off, she had been a victim of false hope. Over and over, in the past life too. Luffy changed that, she had gripped onto that warm shining light but it wasn't enough, she wasn't enough.

"He looked different too!" Chopper said, Usopp patted the seat beside him so the doctor could finally sit down after his run. Sanji and Zoro were still standing, there was no way they could relax after all that.

"Really? How?" Nami inquired, maybe this time it wouldn't be a cruel joke. Maybe it really was Luffy.

Chopper talked about Luffy rarely wore red now (HOW? THAT WAS PROBABLY HIS FAVORITE COLOR!? "Maybe all his red clothing is dirty?"), His hair was a wonderful white color with golden streaks at the end (His Gear 5th!), and his skin was paler ("NO FUCKING WAY, NOPE.")

"You're one to talk, marimo. You don't have green hair anymore, what am I supposed to call you now?!" Sanji kicked him at the back, "I'm trying to save up for some hair dye, shitty-cook! My family runs a dojo and an orphanage, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!" Nami enjoys these fights now, unlike when she tries to stop them. She had missed it, so there's no way in hell she'd stop them now.

Usopp still can't believe that the Roronoas' have an orphanage, so some swordsmen apparently are good with kids. As it turns out, both Nami and Zoro have different families now. Bellemere was Nami's biological mother along with Nojiko as her twin in this lifetime ("A DREAM COME TRUE!") while Zoro's biological father was Dracule 'Hawkeye' Mihawk and his sister was that formerly-pink now-black-haired ghost girl Perona.

Nami had the same hair (fuchsia pink) color as Bellemere-san and Zoro had black hair like his father and mentor.

"Oh, and Usopp." The long-nosed teen perked up, finally, someone mentioned him. He was getting awkward here. "Sunny wants to have a playdate with Merry again!" The sniper grinned, and nodded, it's always been lively when the Nico family was around. Mostly due to Merry and Sunny getting themselves into shenanigans.

"So, there's an actual chance that Luffy is back and hasn't been contacting us...?"

"I hope he was trying to, at least."

"Maybe he grew up somewhere else?"

They had mountains of questions, but the fact that Luffy was with them... That he was actually here...

It made them happy.

The Straw Hats contacted the other members (although they didn't stay long and had a place to call home already) and Chopper informed them of his find.

However, all of their Observation hakis' were scattered thoroughly around their area. They met in front of the Baratie Restaurant and Café. Taking one of the empty tables outside, they discussed about scavenging every freshman classroom to find a white-haired teen that has a crescent scar for a birth mark.

Were they pathetically desperate? Yes. Do they care about your opinion on it? No.

The reason why their covering the entire area with their Observation haki was due to the fact they felt as if they were being spied on.

A white-haired teen inside the restaurant/cafe giggled to himself as he drank his chocolate smoothie through the straw. Ah, he was right inside the restaurant while they were outside but Luffy felt like they were in two different worlds. He watched over them like a mother bird seeing her hatchlings fly off to the distance, he longed to just march outside and jump on them.

'And if you don't know, now you know-' His eyes glanced at his phone, it was ringing. Oh yeah, his dad was going to call him at this time! 'I'm taking back the crown-' He answered quickly and pressed the phone against his ear.

"Young man. When were you going to tell me your little 'hush' caused another free day for your batch of students?" Luffy grew uncharacteristically nervous when Dragon used that tone on him. It wasn't all loud like gramps but it still made him nervous and scared that he might've done something to make him upset.

"Uhm well... Look, dad. In all honesty; I just forgot. And what I'm doing right now is watching my crew from a far." Luffy quickly admitted, adjusting a loose hair strand behind his ear. A new habit he picked up when he started to grow nervous. Which was barely the case since he does it when he's also angry and his hair somehow keeps getting in the way of his line of sight whenever he's mad.

Dragon sighed through the phone," I understand that you missed them, hatchling. But be patient, I'll allow you to watch them from afar and in a disguise." Dragon can't always keep him under his wing after all, it's time for Luffy to regain his independence.

"Really? REALLY?! Shishishi! Don't worry, dad! Thanks!" The white-haired teen was practically jumping in his seat, his hair that was pulled into a ponytail bounced with every movement. He could hear his father trying to stop himself from chuckling at his bounciness. The other customers only rolled their eyes in amusement or were a bit surprised.

"All right, hatchling. Now, that's out of the way. I've only called to tell you that we're going to start living in Lisbon from now on, turning our home in Japan to our vacation home." Luffy gasped dramatically at that, he was happy he was going to stay after seeing so many wonderful places in Portugal. Maybe he could ask his dad to prepare a vacation for his crew and brothers sometime in the future?

"Hatchling? You've been quiet for a while now."

Luffy turned his attention back to his crew but he was only met with a vacated table. He was stunned when he realized he had lost track of his crew.

"Hatchling? Hello, is the line breaking up?"

"Uh- uhm, yeah it is. Sorry Dad, love you; bye!" Shoving his laptop in his backpack after putting an end to that call, he grabbed the drink and placed the money on his table. Luffy motioned one of the waiters to his table and gave the money, keep the change as your tip.

He gets up after carefully shoving the amazed waiter from his path and he bolted for the exit.

Today wasn't his day at all!

"Are you sure it's him?" Ace was basically in interrogation mode on the short teen now, Chopper only met his gaze anxiously as he slowly nodded in confirmation. Sabo exhaled deeply; it really is the reality. Luffy was back...

The other straw hats volunteered to search the cities surrounding the campus, surely Luffy would want to explore a new place while looking for his nakama; right? So, it was just the Nico family greeting the Portgas brothers. "You young men appear to have run a marathon." Robin chuckled when she pointed to the sweat dripping on their faces and their quick breathing.

"Sorry for disturbing, professor. We just-"

"I understand." The history teacher stated, it was nothing new to say the least but the way Luffy had managed to gather numerous groups of people and had them around his finger baffled them.

"We all do." Their hearts yearned to see his smile again, to hear his laugh again, to receive his hugs again, to feast with him again. The thought of him back in their arms made their hearts flutter. They were all Luffy-deprived.

"So... Is Luffy-deprived a thing now and not just me and Ace?" The blond Portgas brother clasped his hands together and joked to lighten the mood.



"HAHAHA-, t- the heck?! HAHA!"

Luffy caught sight of his crew again, well maybe not his entire crew since they had apparently split up to determine his whereabouts. The crossing lane was so crowded!

They were in groups of three, four stayed behind to meet up with his brothers.

Ace... Sabo... Luffy felt his chest tighten, not a bad kind but a good one. He'll see them soon, too! Maybe they can let him reunite with gramps too. It was only Sanji, Nami, and Zoro. The three members of the East five! If he could just step out the crowd and... Wait...

That's it, he'll conceal his haki. And when the crowd moves... Which is right now...

The two crowds start to mix with one another and Luffy felt the powerful and wide range of Observation Haki from Sanji, he was almost...

His presence was so hidden that Sanji had thought he was just a random stranger in the crowd with a dark red hood on, their shoulders roughly brushed against each other and time seemed slowed when a sudden spike of familiar haki came from the person, and as if he noticed Sanji. He slowly, so slowly, turns his head to meet the cook's gaze.

When blue eyes met ebony brown eyes. "My bad, I didn't mean to bump into you. See you soon?" Then he disappears.

"Oi, chotto!" Sanji woke up from his dazed state and ran after him, his Observation haki picked up the haki signature again. He had lost it once, he'll never lose it again!

"Sanji-kun? What's the matter?!"

"Oi, shitty-cook! Slow the fuck down!" The blond man kept turing every block and corner. No way in goddamn hell is he letting this chaotic man out of his sight or his range ever again!

"Damn, shitty-captain!"

With Luffy, he didn't think that Sanji would catch up to him. Or maybe this new body was still a bit too new, his cook was on his trail and he would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the thrill.

This was only supposed to be a special spy mission for him to just watch his crew from afar, he got out of his comfort zone and was now being chased down by his cook, navigator and first mate. Although, Nami and Zoro are still oblivious to the reason why Sanji is leading a chase.

Shaking them off won't work at all.

And remember what I taught you.

Hold on a second, that was it! The thing where he 'disappears' out of sight and no one would be able to catch him thing Dragon taught him!

Luffy had managed to cross the street first before turning to the panting trio. Heh, guess his stamina hasn't left him. The breeze pushed his hood off and he could practically hear Nami's gasp when she had gone wide-eyed and covered her mouth with her hands, he could see Zoro had a mixed expression of amazement and disbelief.

In their point of view, when the person's only sort of disguise fell back. They had their own collective reactions.

Zoro was like a statue; he could barely move but his eyes were scanning every single inch of that young man's face and his brain was processing every familiar behavior and facial features he had. Nami was only staring at those kind ebony brown eyes and the crescent scar under his left eyes, Sanji smiled and his eyes had glistened with moisture.

"I said see you soon." Is what they were certain he had said, they couldn't hear him properly but they all learned how to read peoples lips at a young age since they are pirates.

Then a massive truck got in the way, Sanji became appalled when he lost the Haki signature, Nami had never felt the reckless urge to want to sprint across the road than now, Zoro composed himself. His captain would be reunited with them soon, just a bit more waiting, just a bit more and they'll have another lifetime with him again. When the truck was finally gone, Luffy had disappeared from their sight... Again.

Their orange-haired navigator was about to say something about it when her phone rung, the complaints she had vanished into thin air when she saw it was Robin's number. "Hi, Robin... Guess what? Chopper was speaking the truth." The fair-skinned woman put her phone on speaker.

"Really? I thought you already truly believed him."

"Hey, you calling me a liar?!"

"Not what I meant Chopper..." Nami gave a watery chuckle. Maybe they should call off the search team.

"We saw him." Sanji finished like the gentleman he was, the reactions from them were priceless.

"Really?! See, He has white hair!"

"We know."

"Did he become a sheltered son or what? He looked so pale, I thought he was sick."

"Zoro!" "Zoro." Everyone in the crew yelled/said his name in a tone. "What? He did look pale."

"It's a good thing you answered, we only have little time to prepare." Robin stated, getting to the matter at hand. Franky and Chopper had quiet down in the background.

"Huh? What do you mean?" The trio were all ears when Robin started to use her 'professor' tone.

"The weekend party is tonight, eight pm sharp." The background comically cracked like glass, Nami had a horrified face, Zoro's eyes bugged out, Sanji fell anime-style.

"Bu- but... Professor Robin..." Sanji started, checking his wrist watch. They met at Baratie at 2 PM, ended their meeting in 5 PM, started their search at 6 and stopped at 7...

"Yep, that's an hour away!" Robin had this eerily cheery voice when she had confirmed that.


Poor straw hats... Especially East Five.

Next, Party and Reunions!