Summary: The Straw hats were tricked! It was Monday night, not Tuesday Night!

The King returns!

The garden was empty, no tables, no people, no nothing... "Sanji-kun, check the date!" Nami hurriedly grabbed her clima-tact that was strapped to her thigh, assembling the staff with ease as the others were now more alarmed. Even Robin hadn't known the truth. Carrot, Vivi, and Yamato had apparently been too busy to come along.

"Guys? Sabo, look it's them!" A familiar voice had been heard, they relaxed when they saw a friendly freckled face.

"Ace! Sabo. It's been a while, how are you?" The navigator greeted them politely as she awkwardly rubbed her wrist, weirded out that the Portgas brothers seemed to have mistaken the date too.

"Yohohoho! So, we all got it as Monday Night?" Brook laughed at the coincidence. A bit unexpected, even for a skeleton such as himself.

Usopp held the little girls close, they were obviously uncomfortable and scared at the sudden change of atmosphere, kids these days are so perceptive. Merry was behind him, hiding for dear life while Sunny peeked over his shoulder since he was carrying the little tyke.

"If it's another attempt for ambush then I'll just burn them!" Ace's glove had gone up in flames after he clenched his hand into a fist, he was technically being their only source of light. The tip of Sabo's index finger erupted in a small fire, it was dark, it was night after all but too dark for their liking.

"SSSUUUPPPERRR! Now, we can take a look at this place properly. Thanks, you two." Franky placed his sunglasses on his forehead, his eyes now visible. He actually wore a tuxedo, which was surprising.

Nami was wearing simple western blue frock dress. Robin wore a matching black fading to blue elegant long dress with a singular shoulder strap. Sunny and Merry had the exact same dress (casual with different colors (Sunny had red while Merry had Blue), the men had a variety of different suits. It took a lot of wrestling to make Zoro wear one though.

Ace and Sabo had good taste; they usually wear dark academia styled clothing now. "Whoever gave us that false date, we know you're here. Stop toying with us and come out!" Sanji yelled out to the darkness; the tension high between all of them.

"Stalling will not do you any good. Please, let us solve this misunderstanding through talking while we still have the patience." Jinbei spoke up with his maturity, then the lights they didn't even notice the place had lit up and they were greeted with a beautiful garden.

"These flowers..." Ace knelt down, plucking one of the hibiscus flowers, it seemed to be healthy and well-cared for. Romantic love and passion, friendship, hospitality, and joy.

"Every single flower here has a positive meaning, meanings that link back to our captain's ideology." Robin had affirmed, caressing the petals of a general Carnation. Fascination, love, distinction.

Nami blinked away the stinging of her eyes as her line of sight had fallen on pink azalea flowers. Meaning 'take care of yourself.'

Zoro motioned Sanji to glance at the Gladiolus batch that were on a white structure and were in a vase, remembrance and sincerity.

"Yohohoho! Such beautiful flora! Jinbei-san, these flowers suit you!" Brook pointed with his skeletal finger to a bunch of Irises, Wisdom and Valor, Faith and Hope. For the fishman had been their captain's salvation after the treacherous Paramount war.

Chopper had excitedly skidded over to the Delphinium batch (Which we encased safely in a glass dome). Luffy said its definition suited him most, ardent attachment and an open heart. Since he would heal anyone in a heartbeat. "These are so pretty!" Sunny exclaimed as she took a flower off from the tall stalk but Chopper stopped her.

"No, get your hands off of them!" "What?! Why can't I?" "Remember what these are?" "They're Delphiniums... Oh." "Yes, 'oh'."

"Who owns this place? I don't think the annual party was supposed to be held here either." Sabo mentioned, he couldn't help but pluck his own flower, one white Hyacinth. That's all.

"I do." Their feet were rooted in place, each straw hat and Portgas brother facing their own respective flowers. Touching them without the owner's permission was absurd, did they just trespass on private property? They were so mesmerized by the garden's beauty that they had completely forgotten about the reason they were here.

"We're really sorry, we tho-" Ace lost his ability to speak after meeting the 'stranger' eye to eye.

A white-haired (his hair was glowing and the golden tips were making the hair float upward) teen with wide ebony brown eyes and a crescent scar-like birth mark under his left eye. He wore a beautiful white and golden laced kimono that seemed to have been made for royalty, his footwear was vastly different as the teen wore masa geta. A Japanese footwear.

"Do you like it?" He outstretched his arms, more lights lit up and showed more of the garden. His kimono sleeves shuffling as it took on more length.

"I was in a hurry preparing all this, since Sanji saw me. Sorry for running away. I didn't think you'd catch up so quickly!" He scratched the back of his head, when his eyes opened. His crew and his brothers weren't talking or moving.

"I... I'm sorry- Ohhmp!" He was engulfed into a hug by multiple people at once. Luffy was here, he was alive, he actually exists, he reincarnated with them!

"Holy shit, you're actually here!"



"Never again please!"



"I'm sorry..." Ace breathed out, finally, tears slipped pass his control. The last time he heard of or saw his little brother was when he had died in his arms. He heard him mourn for him right after he fell to the ground.

"That's in the past... I'm here now." Everyone felt comforted by those words.

"All this? For us?" Nami tried to wipe the endless tears, looking back at the beautiful garden and the pebble-filled pathways, the structures, and a few feet behind Luffy was an opened patio. A long table in the middle, with numerous Japanese delights and meals on it. Of course, there was seats.

"Did... You grow up in Japan? Of all places?" Sanji failed to restrict his laughter, Usopp soon followed. Sabo was poking at his glowing white hair and was now braiding it into a messy bun when the simple ponytail didn't suffice him.

"Luffy!" Sunny jumped into his arms, the young teen catching her with ease. "Woah! Okay, hello to you as well!"

"Do we need a musician for this banquet? Soul King Brook is free tonight!" The skeleton musician had placed down his violin case and placed the instrument on his shoulder.

"Oh, Bink's sake! Bink's sake!" Merry shuffled in Usopp's grasp. "Oi, be careful now!"

"Hey, how does- Woah, okay. Not letting me go? Noted." Luffy sweat dropped at the death grip his brothers and navigator have on him, Sunny was still in his arms, the girl giggling uncontrollably at the adults.

"My, you have gotten energetic." Robin took her daughter back from her captain, a hint of moisture in her blue eyes and Luffy nodded. She had missed him and had felt the same loneliness again after so many years of being with these vastly different people.

"So, it's true? It's true? He's our captain?"

Our Captain. It feels good to say that title again.

"There, finished." Sabo let go of the glowing strands but not the actual person, the simple bun looked great on him. "Pretty..." Merry mumbled, making grabby hands for the bright hair.

"I'm glad..." Luffy mumbled softly. This time, he was the on to initiate the cuddle pile.

Finally, after so many years without them. So many years of waiting and training his body back to its original state. He was no longer alone in this modern world.