Summary: Luffy finally debuts in the modern world by posting his first picture in Facebook (he always went incognito in social media platforms). The news goes apeshit. The Straw hats gatekeep.

A/N: This IS a SanLu fic as well y'know. Their relationship gets mentioned once in a while.

"Good morning, young master." Rafael didn't try to suppress the bubbling laughter from his chest, the butler opened the curtains to the young master's bedroom and that was when he finally had a god glimpse on who had bunked with the Pirate King.

Luffy was basically being squashed by his crew, Sanji and Zoro were both leaning on the curve of his shoulder, the little girls were on his torso; sleeping without a care in the world, Nami and Usopp had a steel grip around his waist; the sunlight had not bothered them. Chopper was using the white-haired teen's lap as a pillow; Sunny moved her foot a bit and accidently kicked him lightly. That also hadn't woken him up. The older ones in the crew decided they had not needed to bunk since there was no more room for them (lies, there was room, just not near Luffy).

However, due to consuming the Human-Human no mi: Model Sun God Nika. Luffy immediately wakes up when sunlight hits his face or any part of his body at all. "Morning, Raf... Uhmm..." Glancing down at his slumbering nakama and realizing the literal trap he was in, the young captain turned back to his butler who was politely stifling his guffaws by coughing.

"Raf! I'm stuccckkkkkk~!" Luffy whined as he tried to get off, only to be pushed back down. The maids were taking a peek when they had creaked the door open; they were also laughing. These kids were chest-squeezing adorable. The white-haired teen puffed his cheeks at his other nakama.

"Forgive me, young master. But I do not think your friends would appreciate being woke from their peaceful slumber." Luffy's cheeks (if it was possible) puffed even more, these guys were such teasers! With his surprisingly free arms (why Zoro and Sanji hadn't hugged him by his arms was a bit shocking) he hugged the two little girls that were on his torso.

Merry and Sunny were humans in this new life, not ships, that was so cool! They both look so pretty and nice. Usopp told him that Merry was his little sister now, they had the same eye and hair color, but Merry had their mother's pale but healthy complexion.

Sunny was Chopper's younger sister and she had wild blonde locks that had no intention into being tamed. She had inherited Robin's intellect and was becoming another cryptid deity of knowledge, from what he heard, it was scaring Franky and Chopper.

"Guys...!" Luffy whined again, trying to get them all off. Another futile attempt, making Rafael cough suspiciously again.

Every night the same dream, every day the same nightmare.

The death of his captain and supposed-to-be lover utterly destroyed him. Dreams of having new adventures with him only to rise up from slumber and face the unrelenting reality that his captain was gone.

Sanji had planned on recognizing All Blue as the territory of the Emperor of The Sea. Planned on confessing and sliding a (promise) ring on his ring finger, but...

All of it changed when he had suddenly become gravely ill. Coughing up blood, barely being able to stand on his two feet. Before anyone knew it, the Pirate King was bedridden.

Countless state of the art machines keeping him steady and alive, every single person who knew the selfless yet selfish man reluctantly and with a heavy heart; said their inevitable goodbyes.

Sanji went last.

Because he didn't want to accept it.

"I love you, captain."

"Love you...'oo..."

"Come on, Sanji... You're the last one. Wakey wakey!" Blue eyes blinked open to meet a smiling young teen who was dressed ad ready for today. Oh, this time, it was nightmare... Then the dream.

Luffy moved aside to give the blond some space to sit up from the comfortable bed. "Well, you sleep schedules better now at least. Come on, everyone's waiting!" Sanji was still afloat when he said that, he was suddenly (and quite literally) yanked from his drowsiness when the white-haired teen pulled him by his wrist.

"Wha- where?"

"To the mall, silly! We're gonna have some together again!" A warm feeling encasing his heart, the blond stretched away any sleepiness he felt. Together again. Together forever.

Just the way they all liked it.

"Wait, we're going somewhere public?" Sanji repeated, eyes wide as he turned back from his bag that had his extra clothes in it. Luffy hummed as he nodded his head. Oblivious to the rising panic within the blond.

"We're gonna meet Sabo and Ace there too! Nami said she'll call the others as well!"

"NOT WHAT I MEANT!" Sanji yelled at him comically, Luffy's hair comically blowing back as the smile stayed on his face.

"The media, you idiot! You're going to be hounded! Are you sure you're going to be alright with that?!"

"Don't worry, it'll be fine!"


(Sanji only wants Luffy to pay attention to them)

Meanwhile... A few rooms away from the master bedroom (which was Luffy's) and in the lounging area beside the stairs...

"A lovers quarrel already?" Nami helped Robin with fixing both Sunny's and Merry's hair, tying them into simple braids as the one-sided screaming continued. It suddenly stopped when Luffy came out, a smile on his face, yes, but everything else about his body language screamed hostile.

"So... He's coming with?" Luffy nodded, a vein was now visible.

"Guys... Do you think...?" Nami thinks Sanji was chewed out by Luffy's 'captain glare of submission or perish' stare.

"I think so." All them answered, agreeing with the navigator's thoughts.

The dark-colored van was already full when they all got in, surprisingly, Nami could drive.

"Why is Luffy on the front row seat?" Usopp asked, childishly jealous that the captain got their first. The long-nose sharpshooter was at the back with his laptop open, fixing up some of his paperwork. (Usopp's a working student along with Nami, Sanji, and Zoro.)

"Because he wanted too." Silence, everyone had answered, minus Luffy, even Sunny and Merry answered. Even Usopp, the one who asked the question in the first place answered with that.

"We're spoiling him again, aren't we?" Merry laughed with this, the older ones were fussing up again. She never would've thought that after serving as their ship that her spirit would reincarnate with a human body this time. She's a bright young girl that had tolerated Sunny's cryptidness, speaking of Sunny; the girl had wild blond hair while the rest of her family had black and cyan. Olivia, Sunny's grandmother, does have white hair.

Her ship form still rested at the bottom of the sea while she lived a new life as Usopp's little sister and part of his family.

But there was something still missing at that time; her captain.

Where had Luffy been? Is what she's wondering about, where did he live in this life? Who raised him this time? Who was with him? Who made him feel less lonely? Was there someone there for him, even?

She was now just a little girl, not a klaubertmann. Although, Usopp hasn't realized she was not oblivious to her previous life, and she appreciates being loved.

Yeah, she'll tell him soon. However, for now.

"I rented the mall by the way! So, we gotta go all out!"


"I invited your family too!"

"Oi, this was meant to be my 'get-away' from them!" Zoro grabbed the captain by his jacket's collar, the white-haired teen smiled through the words coming out of the first mate's mouth.

"Zoro, sit back down or you're walking to the damn mall!" Nami threatened as she aggressively avoided every person and lamp post on the side walk, why were they on the side walk? Because Zoro had pushed her a bit when he grabbed Luffy.

"Tsked... Fine." The first mate had sat behind the captain, he was a bit worried since...

"Luffy, you're paler."

"Yeah... I rarely went outside this time. Surprise, surprise! I had a proper home this time and not just a tree house!"

"You're a sheltered son?"

"I- I'm- I was a sheltered son!"

"You've got a nice ride, captain, mind if I tinker with it?" Franky tapped the top of the van's inside, Luffy only tilted his head.

"Do you wanna see the others?"

"THERE'S MORE!?" Chopper and Usopp exclaimed with stars in their eyes. Now that the van was back on the road and not running into things because Nami was determined to safely get them all to the mall and hopefully make Luffy buy her new expensive things.

"Uh huh!" Luffy hummed in affirmation, the three gushed with how much he has.

"Well... It's technically of no use to me when I can't spend it with my nakama..."

"NO USE?!" The younger ones, even Franky, were ready to scold their captain for thinking this crazy vast amount of money was of 'no use'. So simple-minded!

"W- well, you're going to let us buy stuff we want, right?!" Zoro was now eying the witch, in turn, Sanji pinned him a look as well.

"Yeah! Why do you keep asking, geez... Do you want to hang-out or no?"

"Of course!"

"I'm only here because you told me too."

"I wanted to have an experience like this again!"

"Then, there you go! We're going to the mall and have a blast!" Luffy was jumping in his seat and Nami nor Robin had the urge to stop him from shuffling around so much.


They were in the mall now, with Luffy leading the group ("SINCE WHEN DOES HE KNOW WHERE TO GO?!" A scared navigator yells out loud, is she not needed anymore...?), surprisingly. They were meant to meet up with a ton of people before enjoying themselves or in this case; Luffy needed to meet up with his commanders.

"I told you; We'll be fine as long as you listen to me!"

"As if, we have an actual child in this gro-"


They were yelling in front of a waffle house, the others were inside eating, well, waffles. That or drinking coffee. Despite the mall being rented, it's still bustling with people they barely know; probably family of their fleet members. The other Straw Hats haven't shown yet, the currently present members of the pirate crew were keeping an eye out for family members.

'He really did make sure to invite everyone.' The cowardly trio internally yelled while Luffy ran up to the three commanders, Bartolomeo and Cavendish were arguing like a Zoro and Sanji 2.0 again. Leo was there, as small as ever. "Oi! You three!"

The three commanders returned their captain's greeting, ("LLUUUFFFFFYYYYY-SEEEMMMPPPAAAAIIIII!" "Luffyland!" "Straw hat, you're finally here!") the former prince looking especially shocked at the white-haired captain. Leo hadn't minded the change but was in awe with how unfamiliar their captain looked.

"Shishishi, I know. I know, hey, I'm gonna get something to eat in there and probably talk to the others too! See ya!" Luffy practically skipped into the café, his eyes lighting up as the scent of waffles entered his nose.

The three commanders then glanced at the other Straw Hats with an expression of; 'HOW MUCH HAS HE CHANGED?!'

The main crew provided a very meek answer; 'A LOT AND WE DON'T KNOW HOW OR WHY!'

They'll clear things up later.

Zoro, with all his glorious brunette-ness, needed to dye his hair back to marimo-normal. So, that's what he was doing. In a barber shop and was getting his hair ready to be dyed back to its vibrant greenery.

Usopp was with Chopper in a plant-based store, they have ingredients for his ammo and herbs for Chopper's case. Sanji was with Robin and Nami, carrying their newly bought clothing and jewelry like the gentleman he was. Franky was in a junk shop, seeing if there was anything 'interesting' today; basically, he's a regular there and picks up 'trash' and turns them into or makes them part of a high-tech machine. The girls were being watched over by Luffy, bad idea? No.

Because his older brothers were also there. Sabo made sure they didn't cause too much trouble; Ace wasn't surprised since Moby had also reincarnated as a person. (He's an assistant teacher.)

Brook and Jinbei weren't able to tag along due to their jobs and all but they did call. ("YOHOHOHOHO! Well, if it isn't my captain! How are you today, Luffy-san?"

"Shishishi! Brook, you're the one who called!")

It had only been audio since Brook hadn't been allowed to facetime, rude jerks! Luffy wanted to see and hear his musician! (Brook didn't have the ability to facetime since his phone's front and back camera had been damaged in a concert... He made the mistake of taking a picture with his phone and it...fell off the stage...)

Luffy felt a bit better after he managed to facetime Jinbei, he was with Hachi and Camie; enjoying their Takoyaki. Man, now he wants to eat Hachi's takoyaki again! Sunny and Merry were the ones doing most of the talking now, excited to meet more new people despite their only connection to them was through Luffy.

Although, they had already hung up. (To the displeasure of both Camie and Luffy.)

"Hey, Sunny, Merry!" The two girls eating ice cream slightly jumped on the bench they were sitting on when their captain suddenly kneeled down to their eye-level, "How about taking a picture?" The blonde-haired little girl's eyes lit up, taking a picture? That's her specialty!

"Me! Me!" She completely burst out, making grabby hands for the phone; nearly dropping her precious ice cream if Luffy hadn't immediately reacted and caught the cup.

The white-haired teen chuckled as he grabbed the two girls, they stood at the front while he hugged them from the back; Sunny's ice cream cup still safely secured in his hand. "Alright, everyone say 'straw hat'!"

"Isn't it meant to be 'cheese'?" Merry interjected but Sunny had already taken the picture.

Luffy, as usual was smiling widely, similar to his old bounty poster pose. Sunny looked feral with her wild grin; she was a nice girl but she was the daughter of Nico Robin and 'Cyborg' Franky. Merry was a mess, her eyes still pinning her blonde friend a look when she had said 'say 'straw hat' instead of 'cheese'.

"Merry, you look weird in this." Sunny bluntly pointed out; the white-haired captain giggled when Merry blushed lightly.

"T- That's because I was asking why it was 'straw hat' instead of 'cheese'!"

"Because Luffy-nii is here."

"...Fair enough."

"I'm going to post this in your facebook account? Do you mind?" Sunny's fingers immediately clicked on the blue colored app, determined to show the world that she was a member of the straw hat crew.

"No, honestly I don't really care."

"Seriously? You're incognito!" They were now all in chibi form, Sunny's eyes comically wide, the other two were smaller in the back. The background was colorful and looked like a child's drawing. "Eh? Really? Dad was the one who set up my accounts so I didn't notice, shishishi!"

'This is bad... My captain's a bit of an airhead...' The two girls thought at the same time without knowing the other had said it in their head as well.

"Welp, put a bit of this. Hey, we look good I this filter! Okay, it's done!"

The world went ape-shit all because of a little girl posting a simple photo. How cute.

Sunny is a menace like her captain lmao