January 7th: the swindlers swamp


Gene has several thoughts on this day, the first was the ever eloquent "fuck this test and this entire exam" while the second was.

'Idiots the lot of them' for the first time since his nen ritual as a child, Gene is scared. 'Attempting to kill off Hisoka? If I didn't know how the lot of my friends would do and that Hisoka may be a liar but he will keep his word if it helps him I would go kick their asses them for the sheer idiocy of trying to walk into that tiger's den and think they have a chance.'

One thing Gene knows about himself is that he isn't the best person. He doesn't want to become a doctor for people he doesn't care about, even if he will help them anyway, he wants to become a doctor to help his loved ones. He doesn't want strength for some big grand plan, he wants it because his little brother is a dumbass who most likely would try and fight someone like Hisoka by insulting them to their face before ever thinking about running away. He isn't the worst person, but all the altruism he has doesn't balance his selfishness in his own eyes. Case in point, his current situation.

Gene knows he is no match for either of the top two members of this exam, their PROCTOR doesn't hold a candle to either of them. The difference in power between either the assassin related to his cousin's new friend and the lusty (most likely bisexual based on the wandering eyes) battle clown with himself is like a normal person trying to jump over a gulf towards Gon or himself. And the sad thing? The gulf between himself and 4th place loquacious ninja boy who would not shut up to him for the past 20 MINUTES about how he 'let the little kid pass him to not stomp his ego' and how he already 'figured out' his tricks… sidetracked. The difference between him and the loudmouthed supposed stealth expert is about as large as the difference between him and either of the two true front runners. The fact so many are dying to such petty tricks, the fact that so many are signing their death warrants against the top two is not his problem. The only ones he cares about are supposed to be safe thanks to his freaking cryptic little shitty notes that he made with his lost hatsu.

Gene can't help but sigh at another group falling to their idiotic deaths because of birds. The pitch is wrong, the cadence is wrong, you can hear the bird warble while the idiots are talking. Swindler swamp is too kind, con man cape would be a good second place for the naming. Maybe he should give it multiple names and see if it sticks? Other than keeping an ear out for his idiots it's not like anything else interesting is happening.

He lost his temper, the element of surprise and himself in his rage. What else was new? He was wild and saw someone touch his pack.

"It's sad isn't it?" The distorted voice to his right has him looking over towards his future employer. The purple Mohawk, green jacket and pants, yellow shirt and unhealthy skin all lead to Gene following to not be killed by one of the dozens of needles in the man's body. The plastic smile and synthetic looking skin doesn't help the uneasy feelings he has towards the other nen users in this exam. The obvious teasing to gage his reactions is not appreciated but expected. This man has killed more than Gene has seen days alive. Biting his tongue and the remarks he wants to make, he answers in the best way he knows how, tearing apart everything but his and those he cares about's survival.

"Do you know what I see here Gitarakur Sama?" He has my balls in a vice, I'm not taking a chance here. As he stares back curiously I just continue. "I see arrogance and incompetence. A recipe of death and self mutilation." Looking to some dumbass in armor who somehow lasted this long stepping on a mushroom that made him go crazy Gene just killed the idiot who would have gone on a rampage "and I would rather not mutilate myself taking care of everyone here. I have enough keeping the few I saw potential in alive. The amount of annoyance I feel towards these idiots and their ineffective gear-" the men and women who wore heavy armor, overly large packs and more being dragged to their deaths because they didn't know how to let go "- weapons they don't know how to use-" idiots trying to fight beasts outside of their level because 'I'm the protag with the sword' mentality, before realizing their status as irrelevant "and people whose arrogance made them think they can attack the larger predators in the area."

The last point was made while ice knocked out 10 people by them slipping while trying to attack, to their skulls or whatever else he felt like at the time. Every word tasted weird in his mouth. Everything about this one person feels like a form of acid going through his veins. It wasn't the impassive stare, it was the fact that this man blatantly wanted to try molding him. Most likely this is how he wanted to tutor his family members. The warnings on how dangerous some rituals he found in his early days of training that made the Freecs boy sick, made this man more excited to foist it onto his family. What kind of insanity leads to this kind of person?

Gitaracker just nodded and hummed in an affirmative answer. While he hated leaving these people to die, even if he theoretically could save them, he would just die while being played with by two bigger monsters. Gene Freacs is a future hunter, not a pet dog, but even he feels leashed here. The sooner this test is over the sooner he can fucking leave them. Most likely he saw how much of a show Gene was playing. After all, everyone Gene has killed in this swamp was killed out of mercy. They were already dead or in a fate worse than death.

Those mushrooms? Neuro toxins. The animals? Enjoying an early lunch. The idiots who tried to attack Hisoka? Dead in a possibly flashy way, but nowhere near as bad as it would be if they tried to attack the needle filled man next to him.

The only person he tried to harm was Tonpa, and that shit tried to poison his family. And he didn't die, the ice was heard but he saw the bean man in the corner of his eye nod at him that the crushed will live. Instead of killing in a blind rage it is clinical. What would make his patients suffer less.

The sad part is Gene was heard by everyone as in his distracted state his voice carried in the wind do to his emotions. Every single person in the pack heard him. They all heard the emotion he failed to hide. Some threw their packs and weapons afield, some kept them. To the strewn about weapons immediately people tried to grab them all and died from the flora and fauna surrounding them. The other test takers saw this and realized how right Gene was, they were forced too after all. Ever the grass itself is poisonous apparently as the grass they threw their weapons on was enough to kill over a dozen men and woman.

They all formed ranks behind him, quieted down, and marched on. The young pup noticed this, and sent thoughts of thanks behind him. At least he can stop a few deaths this day. And at least his first human kills were his mercy. He let out enough rage with the "rookie crusher" earlier. Now he hopes he won't be to wary at the end of the first of many tests in this exam. 'Why did I want to come here again?'

No one, not even Gitarakur, noticed his eyes shifting while he spoke.


'Should have listened to Gen-' "CRUNCH" the sound of Leorio's attempt to break Hisoka's fist on his own face failing spectacularly broke that train of thought. 'Why the hell am I still here?' He thought before slowly falling to the floor. 'Dammit'

1 hour earlier

Running through the forest covered in fog and monsters was not something Leorio thought would ever happen. Then again 90% of the last week were things he never thought would happen. His stomach begged and rebelled, his legs throbbed and ached, at some point he twisted his ankle on a root here which saved him from the Maw of a giant frog?

He's had a rough day.

Blood pounded in Leorios ears, the exam started at 9am and its already around 1. 5 hours of running, observing dangers in the area, and praising Gene like a saint for telling them too keep water bottles, scentles snack bars and sports drinks in their pockets. Of course Gene probably finished already, little overachieving middle brother. Is Kurapika his angsty brother? Gon is the sweet lil bean who he will have to beat away suitors with sticks, or maybe hold him back considering how much Killua just follows what he says. Maybe? Killua already seems like Gons cat but Gene told me Gons things with older woman in the port town but I just can't see- MUNCH

The sound of another new monster eating some poor schmuck to my right refocuses Kurapika and I once again to the surroundings.

Unfortunately the fog rolls in, Kurapika and I get separated from the pack. And this is juuust great. Hearing some movement to the side the hopeful med student and the Kurta survivor turn to so a horrific sight. A man calling out to the monster who scared Gene into freezing someone being called out by a group of spearmen. He couldn't turn away… this is the gulf between Gene and I.

Shaking my head I realize no, Gene was afraid of this man, but logically how will he deal with the spearmen? Seeing his smile at the situation, full of blood and malice makes me recoil in disgust. Is this why Gene is so scared? Did these guys show Gene how strong they are and ask him to play their game? Is that why Gene has been grimacing?

Suddenly the mad clown pulls out a playing card from his deck and turns in a circle. All the men stop, then they all fall. Kurapika shouts something, probably to run. I get a few feet before cursing myself and turning back.

I am probably going to die, I realize that. But that doesn't mean I won't try my hardest to save my scared and stupid little brothers damn it… at least after all this running I get to sleep?


Oh the joys of my new role as examiner~

Watching them realize their mistake as they stammer~

How they fall for me~

And how they try to flee~

Oh this troup of weapon enthusiast idiots aren't even worth my usage of nen besides making a card sharper. It's the reactions of the three watching. Much like my little pup his litter mate is watching in fear. So… different than the masses. It makes me excited~

A pup with more potential than his litter mate but no where near the brains. Why if that smart pup had his power or this little one had his litter mates brains why~ they would be delicious

A shame for the blonde one for running off like that, but for their other little friend to stand his ground, to not have it in him to back down… oh my little pup is so cruel, forcing a promise down my throat for the soul purpose of these two eventually having the clout to put myself on the ship of my dreams.

But having two out of three pass my test, enough to let them live? Still a desirable outcome.

Wandering little pup~

Afraid of the world he saw~

Wondering why he gave his sanity up~

Trying to puppeteer the world with his paw~


Hints: Gene is not Loki but connected to his legend

Hints: Hisoka knows so much more than even pre ritual gene did it isn't even funny. He guessed at things with minimal information about Gene that he doesn't even know yet. Hisoka has already sent or is going to send out information to be confirmed by the caseload from the letter and everything else about Gene and will be right 90% of the time. This will have varying results for everyone

There is a giant hint in there, hats off if you can guess it. Pretty cliche though

Not hint but fact: Kurapika will go insane for the idea of a firework given to him by gene, this will influence him a bit more

Fact: Gon is different from a few ways, Gene existing is a large one because he isn't alone. Gon is a sweet kid and shonen protag in the beginning but he also is the most selfish person we see in the show that isn't an antag. Gon is someone who WILL do whatever he wants. But now he is tempered by someone similar to him how different will he be. (Learning nen early and being talk what amounts to shamanism and similar by Gene and Kite while young will influence him)

Leorio isn't changing besides doubling down harder. Gene will force him to study medicine and Nen at the same time. For all intents and purposes he sees how fucked up his three friends are and then decided, screw it I will help them anyway