A New Gamer Life

Chapter 3

As they were looking around for a safe place to call their own Grayson was more or less focused on Lydia who seemed to be focused on keeping an eye out for any more hostile monsters.

" Damn!, what an ass on her. " he thought to himself as he realized he should be paying more attention this his surroundings but yet he found he could not focus on his surroundings as he found himself entranced once more by the sensual sway of his slave's snug, pert ass.

Lydia could feel her master's eyes on her which made her body flush a deep crimson of feminine desire to be had by her master.

" Master as much as I want you to have your way with me, I need to pee. " she said to her master as she was struggling hard not to piss herself in front of her new master.

" Come with me then. " she heard Grayson say to her and followed him as they made their way into one of the strange building of this new and terrifying world she now found herself in.

As they made their way around the dead bodies that little toe blood stained for of the unknown building they were in she wanted to ask her master as to where they were but yet held her peace as she was struggling to keep herself from wetting herself.

Grayson smiled to himself as he saw that they were in a Tim Horton's coffee shop as he found himself becoming less freaked out about the dead bodies that litter floor of the Timmy's like cheap confetti as he lead Lydia into the woman's washroom.

Once they were inside the washroom he pointed to the toilet in the stall in the bathroom, " This where you shit and piss, I take it you know what toilet paper is? " he said to his slave who was looking at the toilet with an unsure look.

" Yes Master. " he heard Lydia say to him as she saw the roll of toilet paper hanging on the wall of the stall, " When you are done and done cleaning up push this leaver down to get rid of the waste. " he said to Lydia as he walked out of the stall to give her, her privacy.

As she said on the cold toilet seat she felt a great sense of relief as she emptied her bladder and once she was done cleaning herself up she stood up and pushed down on the flush leaver.

" Heh, Heh!. " Grayson laughed to himself as he heard Lydia give out a fearful cry of surprise at the sound of the high pressure toilet that sounded like a 747 taking off and when she came out of the toilet stall she saw her master grinning at her reaction to the sound of the toilet flushing and gave him an annoyed look for not warning her about how loud the toilet would be when she flushed it.

Grayson found himself becoming aroused by the look of annoyance on his slave's lovely, youthful face and as much as he wanted to fuck her into a coma he knew that this was not the time or the place for some lusty fun.

" Come on Slave we need to find a secure location as our home

base. " he said to Lydia who just gave him a displeased scowl which just made smile to himself as he was thinking up a few

" interesting " ways to make up for being a rat bastard to his slave when they heard a loud crash from the back of the Timmy's and got ready for an attack by some kind of nightmare monster then laugh at themselves as a stray cat came out from the back room of the Timmy's and as much as he want to go an pet the mangy looking cat he noticed the blood on the mouth of the cat which told him that this beast was not some harmless pet cat.

" Slave!, back away slowly. " Lydia heard her master say to her with a strong, no nonsense tone of voice which told her that the strange animal before her was not as harmless as it look.

But before she could move back of the unknown beast it let out a demented yowl as the skin of it's face peeled back to reveal a deformed mouth full of razor sharp looking fangs as it jumped at her with a blinding speed and she half moved, half fell on her naked ass which caused the monster to leap past her when she heard a loud booming sound and watch as a cone shaped stream of hot ash and evil looking acidic vapor spray from her master's right hand that stuck the nightmare creature in it's mouth.

" COME ON SLAVE, WE ARE OUT OF HERE! " he heard Grayson say to her as he reached down and helped to her feet as the monster began to trash around on the bloody and body strewn floor of the coffee shop as it let out a pain and rage filled roar as the blast from her master's right hand scorched and dissolved it's malformed head.

As they were walking around in the dead city Grayson heard Amy calling to him, " Master can you hear me? " he heard her say to him with a troubled tone of voice that did not do any good for his troubled mind.

" I hear you, what's wrong? " he said to himself as Lydia was watching him with a questioning look on her face, " Master when you killed your first creature and then this second creature did any popup screens appear before you? " he heard Amy say to him.

" No not really why?, I mean when I killed the first creature that was about to rape Lydia all I got was a popup notice say I had done double damage to the creature from my surprise attack as well as doing double damage from a critical strike to it." he said to Amy who was silent for a few seconds that made him all the more concerned then he had been before Amy had contacted him.

" Master, pull up your status screen and tell me if anything is amiss with it. " he heard Amy say to him with a deeply troubled tone of voice that set off alarm bells in his now troubled mind.

" Status. " he said and watched as the glowing dark forest green popup screen appear before him which slightly freaked out Lyida.

" Master what in the Black Hells is that? " Lydia asked her master as she saw a glowing green light appear in front of him which made her troubled state of mind after having nearly been killed by the unknown creature in the strange building she had take a piss in all the more so.

" You can see my status screen? " Grayson asked Lydia was giving him a deeply troubled look and when his slave told him that she could indeed see his status screen started to speak to Amy as Lydia was wondering to who or what her master was now openly talking to.

" Amy how can my Slave see my status screen? " he asked Amy as he started to look over his status screen for anything that seemed out of place.

" I don't know Master but it seems there is something very wrong with the game system, I don't know what it is but if I were you I'd find a safe place to hold up in. " he heard Amy say to him which freak him out as all sorts of very bad things that were going to happen to him because the game system was borked began to play out in his now completely troubled mind.

" I have to go now Master, I'll get a hold of you once I figure out what the fuck is going on, until then stay safe Master I don't want to lose you. " he heard Amy say to him with a clearly worried tone of voice before he felt his connection to her disappear completely.

" Master what is going on?! " Lydia asked Grayson she could clearly see the look of near panic on his now troubled face that did look good for her own troubled state of mind.

Grayson took a deep breath, held for a few seconds as he dismissed his status screen and slowly let it out.

" Slave we have to get somewhere safe, once we are safe I will explain everything to you! " he heard her master say with a grim tone of voice that matched the equally grim look on his face which told her that they were in eave greater danger then she had believed them to be in before this frighting turn of events and with that in mind the two of them began to look for a safe place to hold up in as they felt a fearful chill race up their spines.

" Right we'll hold here for the time being. " Grayson said to Lydia as they found themselves in front of a large stone building that had no sign on it or in front of it and carefully made their way into the unknown building, once they were inside Grayson saw that they were inside a security apartment complex which while was not his first choice for a secure place to hold up in it would have to do for the time being as he felt the need for Lydia and himself get some where fairly safe as quickly as possible after what Amy had told him about the game system being on the fritz.

Once they were past the security door of the apartment complex that was propped open by the dead body of a women that looked like she had been slowly feed through a tree chipper he began to think of what would be the most secure apartment to take shelter in.

" Come this way Slave. " Lydia hear her master say to her with a no nonsense tone of voice and as much as she wanted to ask where they were going she decided to hold her peace and let her master lead her to some where that was safe from all the unknown horrors of this terrifying world they now found themselves in.

After making their way to the fourth floor Grayson stood in front of a door that had the number 409 in it and with a heart felt prayer he tried to open the door, " The Random Dice Gods favor us! " he said to Lydia with a tense tone of voice that told her that her master was getting close to his mental braking point which did little for her over all mental well being.

After they walked into the apartment building Grayson told Lydia to stay put while he checked out the seemingly empty apartment.

As much as she wanted to be right beside her master Lydia got the feeling from the way her master had told her to wait where she was and from the tone of his voice that it would be a good idea to listen to him as he seemed to have a strange familiarity with the strange building they were in.

As she waited for her master to return she looked around what appeared to be the main room of the apartment they were in, " What a strange place, I wonder what kind of world I am in and what kind of man my Master is? " she thought to herself as she saw a table made of mental and dark glass as well as what appeared to be a long, thin one person bed in front of the metal and glass table and slowly made her way of the the strange looking bed and when she sat down on it she was pleasantly surprised by how soft the strange bed was as she felt herself starting to relax after the long and stressful day she had been having up until this point in time.

" So far, so good. " Grayson thought to himself as he checked out the first bedroom in the apartment and saw to his relief that there was no dead body or mutant horror in the bedroom and made his way over to the second bedroom and when he opened the door to the bedroom he said a heartfelt prayer of thanks that it was like the first bedroom in that while it was messy as hell that there was no bodies or monsters in it.

After checking out the last bedroom and seeing that it held no bodies or monsters he did a quick check of the bathroom at the end of the hallway and saw that it was surprisingly clean and free of bodies or monsters.

As he walked into the living room he saw Lydia laying on the comfortable looking couch but before he could say or do anything reality became unhinged as he started to fall to the floor of the apartment as his mind shattered into nothingness.

" MASTER! " Lydia shouted as she quickly scrambled off the couch as she felt her blood run cold in fear as she saw Grayson crash into a heap on the floor of the living room and she came to a stop as she saw an unknown and naked human female appear next to her master and quickly drew her sword in case this unknown female was a threat to her and her master.

" Lydia calm down I am Amy our master's game system. " she heard the unknown women saw she saw that the unknown women stood at a height of around five feet, eight inches tall with long, dark blood red hair and deep, dark green eyes as she also took notice of the fact that Amy was more well endowed in the upper female charms section which made her feel an intense bout of feminine insecurity.

" I am not your enemy, help me get our master on the couch. " Amy said to Lydia who was giving her an unsure look and for a moment she was unsure if her master's slave would attack her if she laid hands on their master or not, then after a few second of deep thought she watched as Lydia grabbed Grayson by his feet as she took a step forwards and took a hold of his arms and together they got Grayson the couch as they both noticed with deep concern a bout how pale Grayson's skin was.

" Um, Amy what do you mean you are our master's game system? " Lydia asked Amy as she aw Amy place a pale hand on Grayson's sweat covered forehead.

" Lydia our master explained to you how you got to this world as well telling you that this was his after life as a Gamer right? " she heard Amy say to her with a some what calming tone of voice as she mentally replayed her master's explanation on how she ended up in this strange and disturbing world and of himself as well.

" He told me the basics as to why I'm here and of himself, but he did not go into all that much detail about such things. " she said to Amy who was biting her lower left lip as she removed her hand from her master's forehead.

" Just give me a second to tend to our master and I'll give you a more detailed explanation as to what is going on, because thing are not well for our master or us. " Amy said to Lydia who gave her a fearful look as she left the living room and made way to the bathroom, when she was in the bathroom she grabbed a facecloth from the op of the sink and turned the cold water tap of the sink out and let the water run until it was nice and cold.

Once the water was cold enough she soaked the facecloth into the stream of ice cold water until it was completely soaked in the ice cold water, after she turned the cold water tap off she made her way back to the living room and placed the cold, wet facecloth on Grayson's hot, sweat covered forehead in order to try and bring down his fever.

" The world our Master was born to was an evil world, some what like this world we are in save for the mutants running rampant

here. " Lydia heard Amy say to her as she went about wiping down their master's forehead and face with the wet, cold facecloth which brought a lot of questions to her contuse mind, but she held her peace and let Amy continue on with what she was saying her as she looked at their master and saw that he looked like he was at death's door who did little for her over all mental well being.

" As I said the world our master was born to was an evil one in which he suffered greatly at the hands of his fellow humans but yet despite the hardships he had endured Grayson was not an evil man despite having every reason to take vengeance on those who had tormented him. " Amy said to her sister slave as she finished wiping down not only Grayson's forehead but his face and neck as well.

She could see the questioning look on Lydia's pale face and continued her explanation as to their current situation.

" So when our master died the beings know as Gamers decided to make him on of them as not only a reward for his good hearted nature but also because they were curious as to what he would do with the powers of a Gamer. " Lydia heard Amy say to her and try as she might to keep her thoughts to herself and listen to the explanation that was being given to her by her sister slave she found she could no longer keep quiet as she felt the need to start asking question about what the Gamers where.

" Amy what exactly are Gamers? " she asked Amy who had a thoughtful look on her face for a few minutes as she was thinking on how to best answer her question.

" Well Lydia Gamers where once mortal humans who have been given god like powers though a system that is simply known as a Game System. " Amy said to Lydia and watched as a shocked and fearful look appeared on Lydia's even more paler face as she was trying and failing to understand how their master had become a god and how Amy who was her master's Game System was made manifest as a young human female.

" What is a Game System? " she asked Amy as Grayson let out a pain filled moan that got their attention, as Amy was checking Grayson over for any kind of injuries or sickness that made him let out the painful moan that scared not only her but Lydia as well.

" As far as anyone knows a Game System allows it's users to doing things that normal humans are incapable of such as magic, regrowing lost limbs and other god like abilities, that the best way to explain what a Game System is. " Lydia heard Amy say to her as she watched as Amy was poking and prodding Grayson's some what comatose body.

" But if you are a Game System then how do you not know what you are?, and how did you become of human female? " Amy heard Lydia ask her as she finished inspecting her master's body for any sort of injury or sickness and coming up blank as to what had stuck down her master.

" Lydia I maybe a Game System but as strange as this sounds I have no idea of what I am other then that I'm a Game System,as for why I am here and in this from is unknown to me, but one thing I do know is that the Gamers are at war with one another. " she said to Lydia who had an understandable freaked out look on her face at the thought of godlike beings waging war on one another.

Amy could see that Lydia was at her mental limits and decided to take her mind off of her worries as best she could, " Lydia right now the war between the Gamers has only just started a few days ago and right now we need to focus on helping our Master secure this hub world of his, I understand that you are stressed out because I'm just as stressed out as you are, but for now put your worries behind you and help me take care of our Master. " Lydia heard Amy say to her and realized that she need to get her wits about herself and so she put her dark and dire thoughts to the back of her mind as she focused her attention on Grayson.

" Do you know what is wrong with our Master? " she asked Amy who bit her lower lip as a deep and thoughtful look appeared on her now troubled looking face.

" Don't know what is happening to our Master but I don't think he is dying, more like he's undergoing some changes in reponce to the war between the Gamers. " she said to Lydia who was looking at Grayson with a clearly worried look on her face.

" Do you know what kind of changes he is undergoing? " Lydia asked her sister slave as she noticed that Grayson's body was seemingly becoming more muscular as the clothing on his body seem to be strained to the bursting point.

" No I don't but from what I am able to make of our Master's state of being other that he is undergoing a kind of transformation as a survival response to the threat from the other Gamers, how that is happening or why is beyond me and all we can do is be here for our Master when he regains contentiousness. " Amy said to Lydia as she was doing her level best to remain calm.

So with that said the women sat in silence and prayed to what ever gods they believed in for their master's fast and safe recovery from the changes he was undergoing.

Notes from the Author:

Sorry for the delay in getting this chapter done but I have on going health issues that I am dealing with as well as dealing with the health issues my family are dealing with, because of said health issues I had made the text in the first two chapters of this story in bold so I could better see what I was typing but since others have complained that this was an issue for them I decided to increase the size of text of this story, hope that helps.

Also due to the mental disabilities I have spelling and gramer are an issue despite using a spell checker.

Anyways I hope you enjoy this chapter and I look forward to hear some feed back from you all.

Stay safe and sane out there folks.