A/N: Quick little note, I might be wrong but as I remember it, Naruto is 12 in the OG series, returns in Ship at 15/16-ish years old and is confirmed to be 16 years old when he is fighting pain and the war ends on his 17th birthday. I could very much be wrong about that, but that is what I remember and that is what I am going with. Naruto is 16 at the start of this.

Also PS: I do not give a flying fuck what 'color' chakra is supposed to be, it will always be generic anime blue in my stories.

Naruto was on his last of his patience, he couldn't master Sage Mode for the life of it. It was so frustrating to not be able to follow in the footsteps of his sensei and mentor Jiraiya. The man had given his life to obtain information about an organization that wanted Naruto dead. He left a single final message as his lungs gave out as he couldn't breathe with his crushed windpipe. All he had left Naruto was a single secret seal in a scroll with the instructions "Use it when you hit a wall you can't get over" and a coded message about the Akatsuki leader was in his first novel "Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Ninja".

Naruto would never admit it to almost anyone, but this was probably for the first time in his life that he felt hopeless. He had never been one to give up or quit at anything, but he had hit a metaphorical wall. A wall that he couldn't break through, it was so unlike him and his usual progress. Normally, Naruto wouldn't be disheartened by a lack of progress, but the fate of his village rested on his ability to master this sacred technique.

Naruto looked at the scroll that contained the seal that his master had left behind for him and unraveled it for the first time, looking at the characters that seemed like a foreign language. He didn't really have any idea of what this seal would do, but he was getting desperate. So, Naruto did what he assumed was the right thing to do, he pours a massive amount of chakra into the seal, hoping for a favorable result. He saw no immediate changes and tried to throw the scroll away, only to find that he was unable to take his hands off of it. His chakra was being drained at a rapid rate and suddenly the Kyuubi chakra inside of him was being pulled into the seal as well

Naruto gasped as the seal began to glow a bright red and in a burst of light, he was pulled into an opening in the seal. When the light faded, Naruto was gone and the scroll laid on the ground by itself.

In the Young Justice Universe;

Naruto noticed some immediate changes to his surroundings. First was that the sun was so much weaker in terms of brightness than he was used to. The sun of his home was strong and seemingly ever present during the day. It shone bright and hard, all day long from sunrise to sunset. The sun that pressed its rays on his skin lacked the abundance of warmth that his home had.

Second was that he felt like he was so much lighter. Usually when he was racing around Konoha or on a mission jumping from tree to tree, he could always feel the subtle weight of his limbs as he moved. But as he swung his arms now, they were flowing freely, although that might be due to his fourth point but let's talk about the third thing he noticed.

His chakra was flowing through his body in a weird wild manner, it was like trying to stop a speeding, roaring river with nothing but your hands. He was able unable to gather of it, which made his fourth thing all the worse/

Ah yes, the fourth and potentially the most important thing that he noticed, he was falling from the sky. He had also noticed that he still couldn't fly either.

"Man, this is going to really hurt." Grumbled Naruto

At Cadmus

Lex Luther was standing in the Project Kr containment room on sub-level fifty-four. His head scientist here at Cadmus, Dr. Desmond was trying to curry up favor in the pathetic leech like the way that suited him. Lex looked at the clone of Superman and said to Desmond "You have been at work, I can see that based on the results of this cloning. It seems that with Human DNA filling in the holes in the Krypton DNA is working to our desired effect."

Desmond nodded and replied "Yes, I am terribly sorry Mr. Luther, it seems that the instability of DNA of the people of Krypton is more suited to be used once they are mixed with Humans. I believe this is due to the planet they come from lacks a lot of the bare basics of Earth."

Luther nodded and exited the room, ignoring the disgusting pink interior of the room and walked into the elevator. Desmond followed after him and he hit the correct buttons. Luther looked at Desmond and said, "Well, it is hard to argue with results, but I asked you to complete a clone of Superman in 4 months and, so far as we reach the 5-week mark, you've delivered you part of the bargain."

"Along with Project Match, I have managed to start the project your associates requested, Project Blockbuster. I need some more test subjects, a mixture of humans and metahumans. I hope that within the next couple of months, I'll have cracked the code on that complex project."

Luther nodded and responded with "Hmm, it seems that you've managed to get further along than anyone would have thought possible. I must say that I am deeply impressed with your ability to understand and complete such complex and rare problems. If this keeps up, there will be a spot on the Light with your name on it." DING!

Luther and Desmond walked out of the elevator and lobby onto the steps of Cadmus. Luther watched as his car pulled up and said, "Until next time-" He was interrupted by a large crash right next to his car. Luther nearly ran down the steps and approached the crater with caution. Desmond peered over the edge and said "Sir, it seems to be a mid-teenage boy. He has spiky blond hair and is wearing a black and orange jumpsuit. How should we proceed?"

Luther looked at his watched and then at his car and said "Take him into the building and store him next to our cloning chamber, as I want you to study his body and DNA to see what type of person can survive making a crater that big and still be breathing. Heal and experiment on him, that is all."

With That Luther shook Desmond's hand, who said: "Let's see what makes you tick."

18 months later

The three young heroes were deep into Cadmus and were already regretting it. They had come to investigate but had somehow got caught up in a full battle. There were countless creatures down here that were constantly attacking them. Ever since they had met the Guardian down here and realized that something had controlled his mind, making the decision to not call the League, but to instead attack them.

Robin looked at Kid Flash saying, "We need to find a computer, that will allow us to throw them off of our trail."

Kid Flash nodded and burst off into the unknown level. He returned in a couple of seconds and said: "There isn't one around here, but there is an elevator that we can use."

Robin looked at Kid Flash and Aqualad, who nodded and said: "Let's get to it." They rushed to the elevator and Robin quickly hacked it and Kid Flash looked as the numbers went down, not up.

"Dude out is up." Kid Flash screamed, but Robin replied: "Yeah, but Project Kr is down on Sub Level Fifty-Four."

Aqualad sighed and shook his head, but agreed that they needed to find something that would justify their being here. The elevator opened and they rushed through the hall and came to a split. A figure came out of the right side and the trio rush to the left side and came to a room.

They entered and the door locked behind them. Inside was a pod the held a blacked hair teen and said "Kr".

Robin walked to the console and began to filter through the data from it and said "This is a clone of Superman. He was cloned and grown in as little as 16 weeks. Not just that, but the Genomorphs are force feeding him information and the suit that he is wearing allows him to collect solar rays at all times."

Kid Flash looked at the pod and said: "Guys, we can't just let them keep Superman's son as a slave."

Aqualad agreed and said, "Yes, free him."

Robin nodded and began to type on his wrist keyboard. The pod hissed and opened up, and almost immediately, the person in the pod burst forward and decked Aqualad in the face. Aqua Lad jumped to his feet and caught a kick to the chest, and Robin attempted to hit him with a gas bomb but was batted backward.

Kid Flash rushed forward and launched a series of punches, that the teen from the pod had no chance of dodging and was stopped when his hands were grabbed and he was quickly and effortlessly knocked unconscious. The saved teen stomped on the downed Robin's head and got put in a master lock by Aqua Lad, who then electrocute him. The teen roared in pain, and did a reverse head butt and knocked Aqualad out.

The teen looks at the trio and the door opened and Desmond walked in and said "Good Job, Weapon Kr. I find your brutal ways to be the best way to get the results I desire. Now get back to your pod on sub level forty-two, don't make me say it twice."

Sub Level Forty-Two

Desmond watched as the trio of sidekicks awoke with a start as the cloning process began, and caused them immense pain. The trio looked at Desmond who smiled and said "I find that cloning humans to be much easier than anything else. So, I'll clone you, then dispose of you, and your roles that perform will your mentors can easily be replaced with my clones that are filled with my programming."

Robin groaned and said, "I am so whelmed right now plus the batcave is full enough as is."

Desmond snorted left and the trio watched as the tanks in front of them began to fill with their DNA.

"Hey, look at this, I've got some guests, I would offer you something, but I'm all tied up." Aqualad looked at Kid Flash and said: "Now is not the time for jokes, we need to find a way out of here."

Kid Flash frowned and said, "That wasn't me."

"You're right, that wasn't you. It was me, the guy who is in a pod about 13 feet to your right." said the same voice as before. The trio looked at the pod that the voice mentioned and saw a pod similar to the one, Project Kr, was in.

Inside was a blonde teen with bandages wrapped all around him, who like them was restrained. "This is extremely uncomfortable and I would love all of you, if you could perhaps, I don't know, free me."

Kid Flash scoffed and said, "Yeah, let me get on that, right I after I find a way to free myself."

"Well aren't you the greatest mind known to mankind."

Robin sighed and said, "How about both of you just shut up and let me concentrate on escaping these bonds." Suddenly the door to their chamber was ripped off the hinges and in jumped Superboy.

Aqualad looked at Superboy and asked "What are you here for? To fry us with Heat Vision or to free us?"

Superboy squinted his eyes and focused on Aqualad before saying "Well, I don't have Heat Vision, so it looks like freeing you guys is my only option, I guess."

Superboy jumped up to Aqualad's pod and ripped his steel cuffs that were bonding his arms and legs off. At the same time, Robin's cuffs released him on their own and he jumped down and muttered: "Batman would have my head for taking so long to escape such a basic entrapment."

As Superboy unleashed Kid Flash, who stretched before saying "The whole League will have our heads for what happened here tonight. We've discovered a grave dark secret of Cadmus, that they are cloning people and creating weapons. Then, not only did we discover the bare surface of this secret, we found the gem of all gems, Superboy the son/clone of Superman." As Kid Flash finished his rant, the one that nobody was listening to.

The blonde teen in bandages off to the side coughed and asked: "Where are we with the whole freeing everyone in the room not just the weird teens in the tights? Random blonde strangers need love too, you know"

Superboy moved before anyone could say anything else and punched through the glass of the blonde's pod. He pulled out the bandaged teen and set him on his feet. The teen groaned said, "Thanks, next time feel free to be as gentle with me as you were with the others."

Nobody could stop Kid Flash from saying "Phrasing!" before Robin smacked him in the back of the head.

Aqualad looked at the wrapped-up teen and said: "What is your name stranger?"

The blonde blinked and said "You mean that you guys aren't here to rescue me? I would have thought that after all these months, someone somewhere would be looking for me. I guess im not as important as I thought. Anyway, my name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki."

Robin looked at Naruto and said, "Well, sorry to say that we've never heard of you, but from the way that you were talking about us before being weird teens in tights, I would say that you don't know of us either."

Kid Flash sped between them and said: "You can compare notes together later, how about right now, we find a way to blow this shit hole and then grab some tacos."

Superboy looked at Aqualad and said "Why would I leave Cadmus, it is my home. They have taught me everything that I know from the Sun to animals."

Aqualad blinked at that statement and said "You know the names, but have never seen them yourself. We can show you the sun."

Kid Flash fazed in next to them and said: "Well, I'm like 99 percent sure that it's nighttime, but we can show you the moon and Superman."

Superboy looked at the young heroes and his fellow Cadmus prisoner, then said: "Alright, I'm in."

The group nodded and then a ground-shaking roar was heard as Professor Desmond commanded the Genomorph army into their complete battle mode to capture or kill the young heroes. Naruto pulled off his bandages to reveal that while he had black pants on that were made of some otherworldly material, he was not however wearing a shirt, thus revealing his muscly chest and arms, that were absolutely littered in cuts and scars.

Naruto turned to Superboy and asked "How durable are you? Does that strength extend to more than just your arms or is your entire body that strong?"

Superboy raised an eyebrow and said "My entire body is as strong. I don't know what you have planned, but if it can get us out of here, I'll allow it. Suppose it works, but I don't like it and it isn't too bad, I will not punch you."

Naruto chuckled and said, "That was oddly specific but doable."

Suddenly a burst of blue energy blazed into existence around Naruto who in one swift movement grabbed Superboy by the ankles and spun. As Naruto picked up speed, he began to aim and with one heave, threw Superboy right through the ceiling above him and into the floor right under the main lobby. "

You are so getting punched" was the only words from above. The trio of sidekicks looked at Naruto, who said "Well going up"before jumping up through the hole in the floor and landed next to Superboy who glared at him. The rest of the gang joined them in a couple of minutes and Robin looked at Naruto and said: "Man, you are pretty strong."

Naruto blushed and scratched the back of his head before someone said "Oh my goodness, how adorable are you little hatching. Never the matter that I cannot allow for any of you to reach the surface as you will undoubtedly report about all of this to the Justice League. I can't have any group of pint-size sidekicks ruining all of my plans, along with a kid that I grew in a test tube and a boy who fell from the sky. I honestly must say that I am so disappointed that you all escaped, you could have been the source of great work. Oh well,I guess that this leaves me with no choice, but to deal with the bunch of you upstarts, all by myself."

Desmond looked at the group of future leaders and saw that they were all surrounding Naruto who finished whatever he was saying with "And then I throw a bucket of paint of him before I sliced my pillow and slammed it over his body leaving him red and covered in feathers."

The group burst out laughing and Desmond growled and yelled angrily "YOU BRATS, I'LL TEACH YOU A LESSON FOR TURNING YOUR BACK ON ME."

Robin snickered and said "Bro, we hear speeches about how we're going to and I quote 'Meet Our End' like every four days. By the way, your fly is down."

Desmond looked down and groaned and Kid Flash snickered, then said "Yeah, you'd kill us alright. Death by disgust, what if we're beating the shit out of you and your thing came out and brushed up against us. We would probably just die of embarrassment."

Something inside of Desmond snapped and he yelled: "That's it everyone dies, Humans, Aquatic Humans, Super Clones and Inter-Dimensional Life Forms."

Kid Flash looked at Naruto and said "Bro, did I just hear that you're from a different dimension. That is so cool, I can't wait to see how you compare to the people of our world."

Naruto shrugged and replied, "This is news to me, but then again things like this tend to happen to me."

While Kid Flash was talking, Desmond pulled a vial full of blue liquid out of his lab coat and swallowed it. His body began to bulge in multiple areas and his skin ripped to reveal solid muscle.

Naruto looked at the transforming scientist and said: "So, we're just going to let this happen?"

The team had no response as the scientist finished his transformation into the yelling blue creature. The twisted doctor had gone from a modest 5'10 to just over seven feet, his skin, the few pieces he had left, had a blue hue to it and all of his body was covered in rippling muscles.

Aqualad looked at the monstrous figure in front of them and said to the group "I don't believe that he has tested this out on anyone before, maybe we can try to reason with him."

Then to the doctor "Doctor, try and gain control of yourself, this isn't what you want."

His response was a kick to the face that sent him into a pillar. Naruto looked at the downed hero and said: "I don't think that he is in control anymore, maybe it's time for me to take a shot at him."

All he got was a groan and Naruto sprinted at untraceable speeds and landed a crushing punch to Desmond's face. Naruto smiled and watched as the scientist turned experiment flew through a wall.

The smile turned into a tearful frown as Naruto grabbed his arm and yelled: "That hurt me more than it hurts him, I hurt my wrist. Not a lot like, it's not broken or anything. But, I think that I should start wearing a brace."

Kid Flash rolled his eyes and lowered his goggles before rushing forward with a barrage of punches that did nothing. For his troubles, he was promptly bitch smacked through another pillar. Robin looked at the broken pillars and formed a plan that was quickly scrambled by the elbow that knocked him across the temple. Superboy looked at his downed allies before launching a jump kick to Desmond's face.

Naruto made his signature hand sign in the shape of a cross and said, "Shadow Clone Justu." In a puff of smoke, an identical clone of Naruto, who frowned as he used enough chakra to summon at least five dozen clones yet only one appeared, was standing next to him. Naruto charged a Rasengan and his clone grabbed his arm and spun, before releasing him aimed at the foe of the moment.

Naruto yelled "TAKE THIS! RASENGAN!"

The attack hit and sent Desmond flying through the remaining 3 pillars on the left side. But Naruto winced as he felt his attack lacking some of the extra 'umph' that it carried back in his home world, whatever had brought him here had made him much weaker than before or maybe his chakra was just sluggish after however long it had been since he used it last.

Robin jumped into action and said "Get him to the middle of the room. I'll do the rest."

Naruto and Superboy nodded and together, they ran up to the downed form of Desmond and started to lay down a beat down of epic proportions. Punches and kicks rained down on the transformed scientist with nearly no end in sight. Naruto grabbed the beat up self-made experiment and throw him into the middle of the room.

Robin grabbed Aqua Lad's water pack and dumped the contents onto the floor covering the floor and Desmond in water. Robin with pinpoint accuracy hit the puddle of water with an electric-charge Batarang hit the small pool of water and sent a pulse of painful electricity through Desmond's body. Desmond spasmed before he awoke and once more began to roar in anger and pain. Robin clicked a button on his wrist-mounted computer and an explosion went off on the last standing pillar. This caused the ceiling to tremble and within a mere few seconds the entire roof came down on his head. The teenage heroes scrambled out of the way and when all was said and done, the five of them were battered and bruised, but alive.

They all looked to Superboy who was staring at the nighttime sky. His face was full of awe and Kid Flash chuckled and said: "I bet it looks a lot better in person, then some images that were forced into your head."

Superboy, who had no response as he was still staring at the perfect full moon, could only nod. Naruto sniffed the air and said, "Guys do you smell that?" The rest of the group checked for any smell that was out of place and came up with nothing. When they voiced this to Naruto, he grinned ear to ear and said: "I smell the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the five of us."

Superboy, who was standing next to Naruto said: "Yeah, I think that we could be friends."

Then without any warning, he lifted his arm and slugged Naruto in the face from the side and said "Yeah, this is going to be great. I will finally get to experience the world with my own eyes."

Naruto laid in a puddle of his own blood and asked "Nobody wants to take me to a hospital huh? You guys are the greatest asshole friends a teenage ninja could ask for."

Superboy was staring at the moon when he saw a figure come into view. This one figure came closer and turned out to be Superman. Then all of sudden, the air was filled with the entire Justice League. Batman jumped down from a green hand provided by the Green Lantern and said: "Explain."

The trio of sidekicks began to retell their story from the beginning, leaving out who Superboy really was out of fear. Superboy and Naruto added in when asked and finally, Superman noticed that Superboy looked really familiar. Like the type of familiar that you don't know where they're from but you have to stop them to ask if you know them, like that but stronger because it was like looking in a mirror. A mirror that reversed ages and height, but a mirror none the less.

Moving in a direct line toward Superboy, He grabbed the torn part of Superboy's shirt and lifted it to reveal a Superman-like shield. Superman gasped and Superboy frowned and his anger flared "YEAH THAT IS RIGHT, I AM SUPERMAN'S CLONE. DEAL WITH IT."

Superman groaned and Superboy looked at him with disgust. A blur was seen and when it stopped in between the Super duo, it was revealed to be Naruto who was facing Superboy. He winked at the angry clone and spun on his heel and socked Superman right in the kisser, sending the man of steel flying.

Naruto scoffed at the self-proclaimed pillar of justice and said "while those who break the rules of the ninja world are trash, those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash. But in this case, you choose to abandon a person who could be your son, that makes you no better than the worst scum on this planet. You best get your sorry ass up and apologize or you can just leave."

Superman rose from the staggering blow and glared that Naruto was surprised flames didn't spring forward from his eyes.

Superman dropped the glare chuckled and said "That was a hell of a piunch kid, but this is over. I don't have time to raise a clone of mine, not while I have to protect the entire world"

Naruto scoffed and said "Yeah, when I become a giant pussy who runs away from responsibly and need a tampon, I'll let you know"

Superman rolled his eyes and turned to his clone, "Listen, I'm sorry that I can't take a larger, more hands on approach to getting you used to the outside world and your powers, but if you want I can reach out every now and then to give you a hand"

Supeboy nodded and just like that, without another word spoken, Superman grabbed Project Blockbuster and flew off without another word. Naruto chuckled and said, "Someone has to pull that gigantic ass stick from this dude's ass."

Batman smirked under his mask and said: "Well, this situation still needs to be dealt with."

The Flash nodded and said, "Yeah, not only should you have called, but this will never happen again."

Kid Flash shook his head and Aqua Man said: "Stand down young heroes."

Aqua Lad, who was just hanging around in the back, moved forward and said, "Apologizes my Lord, but we will be doing this again. You wouldn't let us join you guys in the Justice League, then maybe we need to break free of the bonds that you have us on and set out on our own."

Batman fixed a glare at him and said: "What do you mean "break free of the bonds"?"

Superboy smirked and slung his arms over Robin and Kid Flash before saying "That means that the five of us, don't care what you think. Either get on board with us being a team or get out of the way."

Batman smirked and said, "I planned on you saying something like that and consider us on board."

The 5 teen heroes smiled widely, after all this was what they had been hoping for. Well, this minus the destruction of the building and possible deaths from said building collapsing, but mostly the hero thing.

1 Week Later: At Mount Justice

Naruto, finally wearing a shirt that orange with purple tiger stripes on the sides and the same ninja pants as before, watched as Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash came into the mountain through some type of teleporter. Over the last week, he had experienced some troubling things, mostly that his once upon a time endless pool of Chakra was slowly dwindling.

He wasn't quite sure what was going on, but he still had his enhanced speed and strength, it seemed that it didn't even require chakra anymore. But whatever was going on with him, it had everything to do with this the manner that he came into the world.

Naruto watched as Superboy came into the main hall to join the rest of them and the five of them all lined up in front of the 3 mentors, who were joined by Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, and Red Tornado.

Batman cleared his throat and said, "The reason we've gathered the group of you guys here is to inform you that the six of you will be forming a team that will work in covet."

The Flash nodded and said "The villains are getting smarter and thus we have to keep up with them. It's time for us to create a team that can slip behind the scenes and fights the good fight unseen."

Naruto nodded and Robin asked "Wait a minute, there is only five of us, but you said the six of us. So, what gives?"

Batman nodded to Martian Manhunter and he walked over to a console and hit a couple of buttons. The computer voice came to life and said "BO-7, Miss Martian" and there was the normal flash of white light and suddenly there was a girl.

She was a girl with green skin, orange hair, and freckles. She was wearing a white shirt that has a large red X going across the chest and red skirt and cape. Naruto looked at her hair and said, "I like your hair" then slapped his hand over his mouth and blushed. Miss Martian also blushed and said, "I like the colors of your shirt" before she looked at Superboy and blushed even harder.

Her shirt morphed from the white and red to the same black and red that Superboy's shirt had. Naruto sighed and grumbled something that sounded like "They always go for the shitty emo ones, don't they."

Aqualad looked at Robin and Kid Flash, smiled and then said: "Speedy was wrong, today is the day."

Naruto smiled at the trio of sidekicks before he felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder and he found the scowl of Batman staring at him. Naruto allowed himself to be pulled away by the caped hero who said nothing until they were in a private room, the door closing behind them.

"If this is the part where you tell me you want me to become a bird themed sidekick of yours like Robin, imma have to pass" joked Naruto

"No" said Batman dryly, "I am here because you've been slowly giving off a larger and larger magical reading over the past week. What is going on?"

"Magic?" asked Naruto as he flared his dwindling Chakra, "Like this?"

Batman barely glanced at his wrist before shaking his head, "No, that's a biological energy force. But it seems as that growers weaker, the strong your magical aura grows"

"I have no idea what that means" admitted Naruto

"You're not from this world, Robin's report said as much. If you are having issues with your abilities, it would not be wise for you to go out into the field until it is under control" said Batman sternly

"And how do I do that?" asked Naruto

"I'll arrange something for you, just stay in the base until someone comes to get you" instructed Batman before he whirled away, walking away with a flap of his cape.

A/N: This story is very similar to the other Naruto/YJ stories that I have attempted in the past but with some major differences. The pairing will not be Naruto/Wonder Woman like Path to Greatness nor is it going to be a Naruto/Batgirl fanfic like Path to the League was or maybe I got the names mixed up, I dunno even know anymore.

While this is the beginning that I generally like to start off with, this story will be going in a completely different direction than any of the previous stories, I already know the pairing, I already know where I plan on going with the story. Naruto will be in and out of the lineup and going on some solo missions as he's 17 at this point and will be prepping to join the League rather than being a full time team member although he will still be in a lot of the canon events.