Hey everyone! I'm so glad to be back, it feels like forever. Let's hope I haven't forgotten how to do this!

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Working with Carrie ZM and LayAtHomeMom is an absolute dream come true. They are the epitome of 'dream team' and as I've said before and I'll repeat for the rest of my life, I could not, would not do this without them.

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But anyway, much love and thanks to them for this and for being in my life in general. You have no idea how much I love and value you both. MG's forever.

Hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1

He was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

Rough around the edges, dirty. Always looking like he didn't have time to shower or shave. Or didn't care enough to bother.

The numerous tattoos - too many to count - crawled up and down each arm, across his torso, teasing what was around his back.

His hair. The hair that looked good peeking out from underneath a hat or wrapped up on his head in a messy knot. I especially liked it when it was out there for the world to see, chaotic, just fucked with.

I liked it when it was me, my fingers, that had just pulled it as he came in me. Or on me. I didn't care.

I wanted to know him. I wanted to talk to him and hear his thoughts. I wanted to grill him about all the things he'd done, the things he'd seen, the places he'd been. I wanted to lick him, suck him, fuck him, and curl up beside him. I wanted to wake up with him, bathe with him, be the last thing he thought about before he finally fell asleep.

Sitting on my twin bed, I felt years older than when I'd left. Time, distance and events made me a stranger in my own room. I stared at my yellow-flowered walls, at the posters that once held so much fantasy and adoration. They now just made me feel like a fool.

Like the one I was staring at now.

The Rock Star. The Rock God. The Rock Prick.

I wanted to be the most important thing in his world.

And for a minute, maybe I was.