Prepare for the journey...

When they entered the hole, Clea and Stephen a cosmos of sorts. Stephen was confused. This woman he just met didn't say anything about where they were heading. He just listened to his instinct on this one.

The place in which they were at the moment was similar to the place at which he faced Dormammu all those years ago. All the colors spinning around him, stars, galaxies and planets seen from afar.

"Where are we?" Stephen asked.

Clea didn't answer immediately. She looked around, as if someone was following them. Then she turned.

"He was looking for you."

"Who?" Stephen asked, but before he got an answer, he felt something else. A sudden surge of power rose behind him.

"Glad we finally meet, Stephen."

Stephen turned around and looked. He stood still in the place. in front of him was twice as tall as him. He had a big, bald head, darker skin and he was dressed in dark blue robes. His eyes were shinning with blue light. He had a glowing aura around him, not as much as visible, as much as felt.

He stepped back. "Who...who are you?"

"My name," the stranger started "is Uatu. Perhaps yu have heard of it before. I observe all that transpires in every universe and every reality. I observe it and record it and was supposed to do it without interfering. Sounds familiar to you?"

Stephen thought for a second. "The Watcher?!" Uatu smiled. "I thought you were a myth?"

"Many still do. A few versions of you in the Multiverse, though, have learned different. And you yourself, of course."

Stephen's jaw dropped. "What do you want from me?"

The Watcher's smile faded. "It will be better if I show you."

The Watcher raised his hand and suddenly, everything around Stephen spinned.

He was overlooking the entire Multiverse and saw all the possibilities, not believing his own eyes when he saw the horror of what was happening. The entire universes were breaking apart, dying and getting blotted out of existence. Trillions of innocent lives were passing before his eyes like a bunch of candles. He couldn't take it anymore.

"Stop!" he yelled and fell to the ground. The room he was in looked like space, surrounded by dark walls with stars and cosmic lights on them. And in front of Stephen was the Watcher. "Stop! I understand." he laughed at himself. "I...didn't believe it would be this bad." Peter, America and Wanda. No, it's not their fault. It is more complicated than that.

"I know. That's why I found you. I need your help."

The Watcher explained the situation to him. The Watcher was speaking for long. Very long. Meanwhile, Clea was just observing.

Stephen finally rose up, the Cloak of Levitation helping him by using it's own strength. "What must I do?"

"Do you remember how the people who knew Peter Parker is Spider-Man were brought to your universe and then you imprisoned them at Sanctum Sanctorum?"

"Yes." Stephen said. "The forgetting spell didn't work on me, if I am being honest."

"You will do that again." Watcher said. "But on a much larger scale." Watcher raised his hand and the blue misty clouds started forming, representing different universe. "This time you will travel to other universes. There you will find people from other universes who have been pushed across the Multiverse and trapped in another reality. You will secure them and bring them to Sanctum Sanctorum. If they are not willing, imprison them like you imprisoned those Five."

"I understand." Stephen said. "I will..."

"I am not finished, Strange." Watcher interrupted him. "You will need help on that journey. You cannot do this alone. And I know who can help you already."

Stephen glanced at Clea.

"You maybe?"

"No." Clea responded. "I have another mission. I cannot help you. It is just as important as yours, however."

Stephen looked at the Watcher. "Then who?"

The full moon was above the Big Apple city, enlighting it. The usual sounds could be heard. Some cars driving, some people shouting at each other, but mostly just dogs barking and cats hissing. Then...

"Booyakasha!" a voice cried in the night and four shadows appeared on the moonlight, jumping through the city and crying out of excitement.

"You know guys," Leo said "I was gonna say that we are ninjas and that we should move in shadows to hide, but you know what?" Leo jumped higher than all of them. "Tonight we are loud!"

"Yes, I've never felt this alive!" Raph said. "And I never agreed with Leo before!" he jumped from building to building shouting.

Donnie used his staff to force himself up and jump at his highest. "We got so good!" he jumped and shouted.

"Dude, we did!" Mikey shouted and jumped, catching the nearby antenna with his nunchakas. Then Mikey lost control and fell to the top of the building. The other three stopped jumping to look at him. Leo facepalmed.

"Well, most of us." Donnie said.

"I'm alright!" Mikey said. His three brothers then jumped to join him on the roofop.

"Mikey, when?" Leo said. "When will you start listening? Don't use your nunchakas when we are jumping through the city. You can get yourself hurt."

"Then why can Donnie use his staff?"

"Oh, because I love it so much." Donnie said. "I need it to jump, Mikey!"

"You need a weapon to jump? So lame."

Donnie gave Mikey a deadly glare, and Mikey smiled nervously in response.

"Shh." Raph said and pointed to the street bellow them. Seven street thugs with the tattos of Purple Dragons were about to break into a house.

"Ahh, good old days, what do you say guys?" Raph said.

"Yeah. I need a kick or two." Leo said as he and Donnie prepared their weapons.

"Yeah. Let's go tame some dragons." Mikey said and three of his brothers stared at him. "Come on, it is funny."

"No. No, Mikey." Raph said, patting him on the head. "It's not." and they all jumped to fight.

"Breaking into someone else's house is illegal, you know that guys?" Leo said and the thugs turned to look at them. "Looks like we will have to sue you guys. We are lawyers." Leo showed his katanas. "Lawyers trained in ninjutsu."

"Really?" Raph took Leo out of the moment. "Is this a night dedicated to bad jokes or something?"

"Just shut up, Raph." Leo said.

"Oh, it's you frogs again." one of the thugs said, provoking Raph.

"Oh, you are gonna pay so much." he wanted to strike them, but Leo held him.

"Easy Raph." Leo said. "We have to think before we attack."

"Oh, is the blue frog scared of us? What a coward." the thugs said and laughed. Leo gave them a deadly glare.

"What did you call me?"

"I said you are a coward!" the thug said and laughed again.

"I thought so." Leo smiled. "Let's kick their butts!" he commanded and all four turtles attacked.

The thugs were not weak, but turtles were still defeating them though they were having a good fight.

Then, a golden portal appeared, spreading like a vortex and through it walked a mysterious Stranger.

"Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo." he said their names pretty quickly. "Sons of Hamato Yoshi."

"I am gonna kick your butt!" Raph said to the thug he was beating.

"I am Doctor Stephen Strange, Master of the Mystic arts and I have come from another..."

"Yeah, yeah, nice to meet you!" Donnie said without even looking at Strange, fighting two thugs at the same time.

"Please." Strange continued to talk. "I need you to listen to me. The entire..."

"I told you not to yell Booyakasha anymore, Mikey!" Raph said angrily.

"If you want me not to say it, you'll have to shut me up forever."

"That I will!"

"I..." Strange continued trying to talk. "Listen, I really need your..."

"Hey Donnie, can you do this?" Raph said as he jumped and kicked three thugs in a row in one hit. "Bet you can't!"

"I'll prove it to you!"

Strange was starting to lose patience. "Alright, please. Just stop and..."

"Come here!" Strange looked and saw a thug charging at him. He rolled his eyes and tsked in frustration.

"Just go away!" he said and opened a portal bellow the thug, sending him to the nearest prison. Strange sighed and tried agan.

"Look, can you please just stop fighting and listen to me."

"Alright buddy, you seem like a nice guy." Leo said while fighting thugs. "But I think you can see we have a situation going on around here. Just wait for later, okay?"

"Okay." Strange raised his hands in defeat. "I will give you...five minutes to finish this."

"Oh, come on!" Mikey said. "That's too much. Offer some challenge, dude!"

"I don't like risks, thank you." Strange said to them. "I liked them before, but after casting a certain, I don't like risks."

"Eat my staff!" Donnie knocked out one thug. "Hold on...a spell? Like, magic spell?"

"I am really going to..." Raph was preparing to punch a thug in the face, but then he realized what Strange said. "...wait, magic?" He punched the thug and knocked him out, but didn't care about it.

Leo and Mikey knocked down the last thug. "Are you a wizard?" Mikey asked with a childish excitement.

"Don't call me that." Strange said, starting to smell something...awful. "And...please, stand a bit farther from me."

"Then what should I call you?" Mikey said.

Strange rolled his eyes. "I am Doctor Stephen Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts."

"You mean magic." Donnie said bluntly.

Strange was frustrated and wanted to explain very, very deeply the difference from fairy tales' magic, to prove that the Mystic Arts are a serious skill, not a magician's trick. But he had no time.

"Alright, basically yes, magic." he said. "I am...from another universe."

"Oh, not again!" Leo said, while the other turtles also groaned in frustration.

"Oh, deva ju!" Raph said.

"It's déjà vu, Raph." Donnie corrected him.

"Oh, dude." Mikey fell to the ground tired. "Man, do you know what we went through? We fought alien brains from another dimension who wanted to turn the planet into their egg-layer."

"We also fought crazy insectoid creatures from space who also wanted to turn our planet into their egg-layer." Raph added.

"We travelled back in time!" Donnie said, almost yelling. "We even saved our own existence there." Donnie counted. "Twice!"

"We fought crazy Frankenstein-ish monsters who wanted to kill us all and we fought them and one of us got bit!" Leo added.

"You don't want a vampire to bite you!" Raph shook Strange's arms, remembering. "Trust me, you don't!"

"We even fought an eyeless freak once." Mikey rubbed his neck. "And there was a guy with fires from his hands. That was really weird."

"That was the weirdest thing that happened to us, in my opinion." Raph said. "Not most horrible, but weirdest."

While they were talking, Strange was just staring with widened eyes, not believing what he was hearing.

" did all of that?"

"And that's not even the craziest part!" Mikey said. "We met ourselves. From another universe. And with their help defeated our enemies we defeated long ago. But. From. Another. Universe!" Mikey then also shook Strange. "Do you know how crazy it is to see yourself, dude?! Another you?!"

Strange scoffed and pushed Mikey. "Okay, that last part is no big deal, I also had that encounter. Twice. Sure, it almost broke reality, but...I got over it." No, I didn't.

The Turtles stared at him a bit, but then came back to their senses.

"Look man," Leo said. "we are tired of all that time, multiversal, interdimensional, whatever-you-call-it, travel."

"We need some rest." Raph said.

"It's not good for mental health, dude." Mikey added.

"All those things totally reshaped my scientific worldview and the view of the world as we know it." Donniewas frustrated. "Do you know how exhausting is sit down and read all you notes and theories, and then, knowing they are all actually wrong, erase them, rewrite them and rearrange them, coming up with theories everyday until late in the morning?!"

Other Turtles looked at Donnie a bit afraid. Leo laid a hand on his shoulder. " need some rest."

"I know." Donnie said sighing.

"Look." Strange said, sighing. "I...I knew you know something about the Multiverse, but I didn't know you had so much trouble in it and...I understand that you are tired and if what you told me is all true," If it is, I feel insignificant. "I am really impressed by what you did and you obviously did a very good job." Then Strange changed his tone. "But this is about entire existence. All of reality is in danger."

This got the attention of the Turtles. "I would not have come here to ask you for help if it wasn't a dire problem. Please, come with me and at least let me explain what is going on."

The Turtles looked at Strange and then at each other. They all nodded in agreement. "All of reality?" Donnie asked.

"Yes." Strange replied.

"Then okay." Leo said. "We are coming with you. Tell us everything you got."

Strange nodded and raised his hands, creating a portal and all turtles started to panic.

" there a way to go to your universe without portals?"

Strange glared at them confused. "" he answered. "That's the only way to travel between universes. Everything is basically a variant of portals."

"We have really bad experience with portals." Donnie said.

"Yeah, they make me feel like my bones have broken."

"This is the only way." Strange says. "I don't know what portals you used, but these are painless trust me, you won't feel anything."

"Well..." Leo said "if you say so."

Strange then continued creating the portal. Soon, the the golden circle of energy he created spread and reached them.

"No!" the Turtles all hugged each other.

"Stop!" Leo yelled.

"Not this again!" Mikey said.

"I didn't tell April I love her!" Donnie mourned.

"My brain will turn into a bunny, my brain will turn into a bunny!" Raph yelled.

Their cries were heard until the golden portal disappeared and they were no longer to be seen.