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I would love to say that I had thought this through, but I had not.

When Jasper had asked for my help, it seemed like a no-brainer, spending some days abroad in Europe would suit me well. It would get me back to great memories and perhaps seeing some friends, and away of confusing feelings and awkward encounters.

As I sat next to Bella in Aro's office, I was sensing I was trapped by the universe to face my own demons and wrong-doings. It seemed fair, accountability in the end, is what we're all striving for nowadays, is it not?

However, I had no idea to where to start with Miss Swan - or even how and where to end with her -.

Life, as all things in my present, was complicated. She brought back a side of me I am ashamed of, one with much lust - at least in thoughts - and of fascination.

She looked perplexed as the meeting started to wind out. It was safe to say she wasn't happy at all to go on this trip with me, specially with such short notice.

"I assume you have no issues traveling together, after all, you've known each other for a while" Aro said.

We both just nodded.

"I'll send you the itinerary by the end of today" he continued. "Some hotels are at maximum capacity so you may need to share a room at some point, since it was originally planned for two male professors - who're friends there was no issue there, but we're trying not to get to that though."

We're fucked, or at least I am deeply fucked, because this was not going to fly well with my wife.


As we were ushered out Dr Volturi's office, I couldn't help but wonder why was I being provoked by the stars and fate to be in this situation.

I wanted to cry so bad that I was on the verge of laughing, at the complete absurdity of it all, whoever was directing this season of my life, was fast-tracking me to my dementia. It was apparent, Rose would get such a kick out of this, so would Emmett.

"You're even more pale than normal" this man dare to say.

I laughed, because in the end, it seemed fitting that he would say something so darn stupid in such a complicated situation.

"Spending weeks with you on Europe has that effect on people" I attempted to make a joke.

You don't laugh.

"We should talk about this." you say suddenly solemnly.

"Talk about what exactly? I am going, this is a big opportunity for me, and perhaps I wasn't clear before but I have no intention of doing things that benefit you because I make your situation complicated."

"Besides Edward, you'd think you'd have the balls at this age to stand your own ground."

I was clearly, not being professional.

I took a deep breath and turned to look at him in the eyes, they were still disarming. "We're doing this, it is our choice to do it the easy way or the complicated way, please chose to be a grown up."

"You're right"

"I agree with you" and you smirk a little.

That gets me to slow down.

"I'll see you tomorrow in your office and we'll discuss the trip, 12:30 ?"

I nod.

Lord help us both.