Gray eyes peered over a ledge. Men walked by, not even sparing them a glance, their bellies full of food and wine. The boy to whom these eyes belonged stood slightly. He swept his eyes throughout the entire room. There were a few men in close quarters. No one would dare trouble them, as they all had rippling muscles and weapons at their side.

No one but Perseus, that is. Perseus did things like this often. As long as he followed the voice's advice, he never got in trouble. Even if he did get in trouble, it was well worth the risk.

He usually checked off his mental checklist first, then analyzed his situation.

1: Find all the potential exits and memorize them.

2: Attempt to use your mind to outsmart the enemy before trying to outpower them.

3: Pray to all the Gods of Olympus before beginning. He did so now, sending in an extra prayer to the goddess of the hunt, as she was also the goddess of virginity. Little did he know, all of the gods were sitting in the council, watching him intently. Silver eyes widened slightly as they received his prayer.

"Ey, Otremachus, you hea of that boy?" One of the men slurred, drawing Perseus out of his thoughts. The man who seemed to be Otremachus shook his head. The man who had spoken to him laughed tantalizingly and put a hand on his shoulder. "E's a lad, 15 or 16. Cunnin as a snake and as powe-ful as a warrior! Poor lad got no parents- I would'n blame em if my 'un was like tha'!" The man snorted before groaning and falling forward.

Everyone around him laughed. Everyone but Otremachus, the man Perseus was after. Otremachus, also known as the butcher of the west, had a rap sheet a mile long. This was the kind of man who had orchestrtated the slaughter of dozens of families all for their young girls, who he turned around and sold for a profit.

Perseus had been dismantling his operations across Greece for a few months now; and this was the final one.

The gray eyes erupted in anger and he pulled out his bow and notched an arrow. His form and technique were flawless.

Not now, Perseus. You would not do well to fail the mission for such a trivial matter. This is your final mission, after this, I'll get to see you, but everyone else is watching as well, so you would do well to complete this mission perfectly.

Perseus immediately lowered his bow. He always followed the voice's advice. The voice was like a parent to him, as he had none of his own. It told him goodnight and good morning. It told him what he needed to do. Sometimes, the voice would sing to him at night, and he would wake up quickly, catching a glimpse of gray eyes like his own. He had not a clue who 'everyone' was, but they must be powerful to see him.

Perseus sized up the men. They would likely go easy on him as they thought he was a child, but that was not for sure. All of the men were drunk, so his mission was a little easier. While he was no pushover, Perseus doubted he had enough pure power to just overpower them. Looking around for anything he could potentially manipulate, he craned his neck up and saw the bags of grain laying on the terrace of a home nearby.

Slowly, his mind formulated a plan.

He looked around him until he found a decent sized rock. He notched the rock and fired towards the bags. The stone ripped the bag slightly, and grain began to fall and pool on the ground. Next, he notched 3 arrows at the same time and held his bow sideways. He exhaled slowly and fired his arrows. There was a whizzing noise and then 3 thumps as 3 unsuspecting men fell to the ground. Just as Perseus had suspected, no one noticed.

3 men were down, 3 left to go. He leapt down from the ledge and silently pulled out a threw it and the dagger impaled itself in someone's eyes, the poor man fell over on his sleeping comrade, who fell into the fire. That man roared in pain. His eyes rested on Perseus and he moved towards him with is sword drawn.

His sword cleaved through the air sideways. Perseus' eyes widened and he fell back and rolled, narrowly missing the blade. He grabbed for his sword, but realized it was behind the man.

"You don't want to do this. I'm sure we can work something out." Perseus said smoothly, not taking his eyes off his sword.

The man's sword lowered slightly. "Okay. Work something out, eh. I want all of the women in your family delivered to me," He licked his lips, and Perseus grimaced. He hated these kinds of people. The man hadn't noticed that Perseus had grabbed a handful of dirt. He threw it at the man's eyes, and he backed up, furiously rubbing his eyes.

Perseus grinned to himself and rushed over to pick up his sword. He picked it up and a few moments and a disgruntled scream later, there was a head rolling on the floor.

Perseus wiped his blade on the man's clothes. He had just deduced that Otremachus, his target, had woken up. He was proved right when there was a cry of 'What the Hades?!'. Perseus made eye contact with his target and Otremachus' eyes widened.

"Boo." Perseus said, and Otremachus took off like a horse being reared. He, unlike his guards, was extremely overweight and he was already huffing and puffing whereas Perseus wasn't even breathing hard as he ran after him. Thinking he had a chance to escape, Otremachus sprinted north. However, he ran blindly north, not taking a moment too survey his surroundings. Perseus smirked to himself. It was easy to trick men like Otremachus, because they thought of themselves as too powerful and clever to be bested by petty things. An example of why this ultimately brought death was given when Otremachus slipped on the grain that had pooled on the floor.

"P-please," Otremachus whimpered. He was on his knees, and his hands were clasped together tightly. His small, beady eyes looked frightfully at Perseus. "I'll give you anything."

Perseus bent down and gave Otremachus a look that would freeze over hell. "Your death seems like a fair price." He whispered, and Otremachus looked down to see a dagger sticking out of his chest. "May Hades have no mercy on your soul." He closed his eyes and kicked the body down.

Perseus walked over to Otremachus and checked his pockets for something. He found a gold dagger, exquisitely carved with designs of Lord Zeus throwing his bolt, and pictures of women. Perseus ran over to the building he was on, and then kicked the door down. Inside, there were 20 or so women.

"Fair maidens!" Perseus yelled to them, garnering the attention. "Those vile men have been taken care of. I suggest taking their weapons and going to your families. Have a blessed life, and please do not presume to find me. I am only here to help. Good day." Perseus bowed and began to take off. Before he left, he dropped the dagger in the fire. Thank you, my lords and ladies. With your help I was able to put down the hammer of justice.

You did well, Perseus. Perseus' eyes widened. The voice never complimented him. Thank you. The voice spoke once more. Close your eyes.

He did just that, and he heard a whooshing sound. When he opened his eyes, he was in front of a colossal palace. It seemed to reflect all light. Amazing smells of food and drinks assaulted Perseus' senses. From inside, sweet music played and there were sounds of conversation. He glanced for all entrances but found only one. He was immediately on guard. There were many things in Greece that had appearances like this, but they simply lured unwitting men to their dooms. This, however, radiated power. Something that put Perseus on edge. He felt compelled to go somehow.

"That is because you are on Olympus, Perseus." Perseus turned to see a woman in a white gown. She had black air that was braided, and gray eyes like his. On her shoulder was an owl, and in her hand an olive branch. Perseus almost fainted. He dropped to one knee.

"My lady Athena." He said, surprised. Athena was his most favorite goddess. She represented what he cherished most; Cleverness and Battle. She placed one hand on his shoulder.

"I am sorry. I could not tell you earlier, but you are my son." Athena wrapped Perseus in a hug. He stiffened, but gradually sunk into his mother's embrace. Perseus' eyes widened in shock as he realized the true nature of this situation. "Shhhh, my child." Athena caressed his hair. It made Perseus' body fill with warmth. "You did nothing wrong. You are here to speak with my father, Lord Zeus."

What did he want with him? It wouldn't do well to argue with the goddess of wisdom anyway. Shrugging to himself, Perseus followed his mother inside the room. There were huge pillars rising from the ground, framing a colossal chamber. Perseus looked on in awe. From the ground, there rose 12 thrones, each with a god or goddess on them.

"Perseus." The room grew quiet. Perseus' stomach dropped a little, but he gulped and walked forward. He knelt in front of Zeus, who sat in his throne while idly twirling his bolt. "Would you like some wine?" A goblet appeared in front of Perseus. He peered inside cautiously. The wine was a rich burgundy color and it gave off such a sweet aroma that Perseus wanted nothing more to do than drink it.

STOP! He yelled mentally. His hand had been drifting slowly towards it. He forced his eyes shut and opened them a few moments later. "No thank you, my lord." Perseus said, although it was slightly strained.

"Bahahaha!" Zeus laughed heartily. He clutched his stomach and the loud thundering noise gradually stopped. "You are wise, young Perseus. Now to the matter at hand. You have done countless favors for the gods, and in return, we would like to make you a god."

"Don't worry." Athena assured him. "This is the right choice. After this, you will be able to fight those people you so hate perish."

Perseus still stood still in thought. All though his brain was telling him to accept the offer, his instincts were yelling at him to decline and leave. While Perseus trsuted his instincts, he generally sided with his mind. After all, insticts only know so much. Closing his eyes for a moment, he sqared his shoulders. "I accept the offer, Lord Zeus."

"Good. Now simply close your eyes. You should feel a slight tingling and then a warm sensation will overtake your body. When you opne your eyes, you will see the world in a new light. Go on now, close them." Zeus urged. Perseus complied and he did feel a tingly sensation. It steadily grew. Now Perseus was wincing with pain.

"What is happening?" Perseus could dimly hear Athena yell frantically. Perseus' insides felt like they were on fire. He was sure that his skin must be melting off. The pain was so unbearable that his mouth opened to yell, but no sound came out.

The pain abruptly came to an end. Perseus cautiously opened his eyes. The throne room was a muddle. Debris was scattered everywhere, and there were holes in the walls and ceiling. Each god stood with their respective aura around them. It was flared and stood in front of them like a wall. Perseus' head hurt, and when he looked down, his arm had an insignia on it. It looked like a swirl, but in the middle, there was a sword.

Perseus swayed on his feet. Athena grabbed his arm tightly, trying to hold him up, but the last thing Perseus saw were her concerned gray eyes.

When Perseus, awoke, he saw two women sitting next to his bedside. He was confused, until the events of the previous night came rushing into his head and he groaned.

Athena smiled down at him. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine, milady." Perseus replied and sat up. His bright gray eyes swept all around the room, scanning for possible exits, possible entry points, what would work best in a fight…

"You do not trust Olympus?" The other woman said. She had a heart shaped face and full lips. She had a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her eyes were shining and resembled a full moon.

"I was once told that it is best to be attentive. Ignorance is the curse of God, and knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven." Perseus said as Athena looked on proudly. "It is not that I do not trust Olympus. It is that I do not trust anything."

"Good." Athena said. "Now, I do not want to startle you, but you missed some of your other domains. You are also the god of Hurricanes, Justice, and Valor."

Perseus looked down at his hands. He could feel power like he never before. It flowed from his core throughout his entire body. He could feel hurricanes all over the world. "Was this supposed to happen? Why did everyone put their shields up?"

Athena shifted uncomfortably. "You were supposed to be a god, but not this powerful. The power was too great to all go in at once, so it took time. During this time, the power was ripping apart the throne room. We had to protect ourselves. Also, two gods sharing a domain is almost unheard of. In fact, this is why I have brought Lady Artemis. Lord Zeus has told us that you and she are to form a group of hunters, all female, who have been wronged by men."

Artemis looked very uncomfortable. "I already have some. They do not take kindly to men."

"Then why am I going there?" Perseus asked.

Athena patted his arm. "You do not remember? You were also named the Patron of Women."

Perseus got up and stretched. He actually felt his back crack and muscles grow warm like he'd been asleep for years. Artemis and Athena also rose, and Athena patted his cheek. "Goodbye son, make me proud." She disappeared.

Artemis wrinkled her nose at Perseus like she'd smelled something horrible. "The last thing I want to do is work with a man, but you are different. Do not make me regret saying that."

Perseus bowed his head. "I won't. Now, where are we headed?"

"Ephesus. My temple there is a safe haven for women, but I fear that men are on the steps. They will tear it down if we do not hurry. Quick, grab my arm." Perseus grabbed Artemis' arm and they disappeared with a flash.

Perseus reappeared on the steps of a large temple, and sure enough, there were men lining the bottom. With a second look, he noticed that the entire male population of the town was there, holding pitchforks.

He looked at Artemis, who was steadily glaring at the men. A beefy man with a huge belly strode forward. "You!" he raised a shaking finger at Artemis. "Let us up there so we can kill those whores!"

Artemis threw a dagger so quickly that even Perseus had trouble seeing it. A moment later, that man was laying on the steps, gurgling blood. "Any of you pigs want to sample a taste as well?"

See, Perseus had seen two sides to Artemis so far. One was the cold and royal princess he'd met earlier, but now, he was seeing something scarier. It was the angry Artemis. Her eyes were literal balls of fire, and her veins were beginning to grow gold against her pale skin.

Perseus lightly touched her arm, and her head whipped around. "My lady, how about you check on the maidens? I will handle this." He said, trying to stop her before she reduced the city to a dirt mark.

Artemis actually calmed a bit. "That is acceptable." She ran up the steps, leaving Perseus alone with the men.

Another man stepped forward. "So how about you let us past, eh? We both know you only want to bed the goddess, so why not let us get our whores back?"

Perseus felt anger course through his veins. How dare someone suggest that he would try to bed a maiden goddess! "Turn back, fool, or I will make you regret it."

"Ha." The man spat on the ground in front of Perseus. "Worthless."

Well, I warned him, Perseus thought before he waved his hand in front of the steps. Every single man was forcefully pulled back to in front of the steps, and then they found themselves incapable of moving.

"Perseus!" Artemis called from the top of the temple, and Perseus looked back at the men one more time before running to the peak.

"Yes my…Zeus." There were literal hordes of young women, some crying and hugging, and others glaring malevolently at the ground. Perseus felt something tugging in his gut and he released it. Immediately, all of the women seemed to relax and stop crying. The ones glaring at the ground looked up.

Artemis looked at him with something akin to gratitude. "How shall we assemble them?"

His brain had already started working on this matter since they had arrived, thanks to his godly lineage. "How about…we have them swear off of loving men in a romantic way for all eternity. That way, they can still love their fathers and brothers if they so wish, and they are bound to you by their oath."

"Good." Artemis raised her voice. "Listen. All of you have been wronged by men. Be it rape, broken promises, abuse…you have been wronged. We, as in my friend"-she said friend as if it burned her mouth-"wish to save you. To protect you, and give you a family of kind, and understanding people. For this however, you must swear an oath of chastity, to I, your goddess Artemis, for all eternity."

Perseus would be lying if he said he wasn't shocked when not a single woman got up to leave. One by one, they made their oath, and Artemis grabbed Perseus and they all teleported to a large and grassy field.

"Now, my friend and I will give you our blessings. Mine will help you be faster and stronger, not to mention give you partial immortality. My friend's will likely just enhance the effect." Artemis said.

A little girl raised her hand. She had silky brown hair and soft green eyes, but her left eye was swollen shut and her cheek was bruised. "My lady, why is there a man here?"

Artemis pursed her lips, like she'd been hoping to dodge that question for as long as possible. "This is a new god, Perseus. He is the god of the Hunt, and patron to all women. It is only right that he watches over us." She sounded like disagreed, but managed to keep her tone from shaking.

The girl dropped to her knee, but Perseus touched her shoulder and pulled her up. He softly touched her cheek, and his fingers glowed. The bruise slowly faded. Next, he gently touched her eye, and the swelling reduced until it was nonexistent.

"Don't bow to me. Any of you." Perseus said kindly, but sternly. He smiled at the little girl. "What is your name, little one?"

"Chloe." The little girl replied while blushing. Perseus knew she wasn't blushing because she found him handsome; she was far too young for that.

"Well, Chloe, you're a bit too young for Lady Artemis' blessing. You don't want to be this young forever now, do you?" She shyly shook her head. "Well, until then, you can have mine. That way you can still stay with us and hunt, but you won't stop aging for a bit. How about that?"

Perseus touched her shoulder, and it glowed blue for a moment, before she stepped back. Artemis cleared her throat, "If you would start a line here."

AN: A super, super old story of mine that I wanted to revamp someday. Probably won't happen now, though, since TFOAC is my PJO fic.