A/N: I need to practice writing Jack and Pete interactions, so might as well do it here! :D

"Alright, Mac, plane's all fueled and-" Jack ground to a halt. "Oh. Hey, Pete."

"Jack," Pete said with a level of suspicion that was completely uncalled for, "What are you doing here?"

"Relax, I'm just here to pick up Mac."

Pete narrowed his eyes. "I'm here to pick up MacGyver."

"No way!" Jack protested. "Mac and I made these plans three days ago. I need a co-pilot for the trip down to Panama."

"What are you talking about, MacGyver and I are going to…"

Realization hit them both at the same time. Jack was already shaking his head before Pete turned and called MacGyver's name.

"You're the passenger Mac convinced me to bring along?"

"Why are you so insulted?" Pete asked. "You're just the pilot!"

"And you're a backseat flier, Pete."

"I'll just find us another plane. Preferably one with both engines intact!"

"Hey, now. Mac and I stayed up all night getting the engine put back together." Jack paused and raised a hand. "Okay, Mac did. And you trust Mac."

"Yes," Pete said slowly. "But I still don't trust you as a pilot."

"Ouch," Jack said wryly, unoffended. "How about this: you can meet Mac in Panama."

"Before or after I have to rescue you both?"

"Okay, now, have a little confidence in us. All we're doing is delivery. Totally legal, just ask Mac."

"I would if I could find him," Pete said.

"He said he was going to stop by here to change and take a shower. Maybe he fell asleep." Jack leaned around Pete. "No, that's not it."

Pete turned. "What are you looking at?"

"His couch. When was the last time Mac ever slept in a bed?"

"You mean besides a hospital bed," Pete said, raising an eyebrow.

"We're in agreement for once." Jack grinned. "But seriously, where is he?"

Pete shrugged. "I just got here. Maybe he's upstairs."

"And didn't hear us talking?"

"I mean he might be asleep somewhere upstairs, like on the floor."

"Oh, probably. Wouldn't be the first time." Jack headed up the stairs, calling, "Hey, Mac, we're coming up! Holler if you aren't decent!"

Jack and Pete reached the top without any response. Jack gave the bedroom a cursory glance, seeing MacGyver's suitcase on his bed but no MacGyver. He crossed to the bathroom while Pete checked the bedroom for himself.

"He's not here," Jack said.

"I wouldn't be so quick to judge," Pete said.

Jack turned. Pete was still in MacGyver's bedroom, standing on the opposite side of the bedroom with a grin. Jack walked around the bed, wondering if MacGyver had somehow fallen asleep in bed, then rolled onto the floor.

Instead, he saw a pair of legs poking out from under the bed. Jack stared down at them for a moment.

"Is it just me, or are those legs familiar?" Jack asked.

Jack dropped onto his stomach before Pete could answer. He snorted.

"Mac, you were so close."

MacGyver, flat on his stomach with his arms loosely coiled around his head, didn't respond besides a soft, sleepy grunt. He shifted a bit, then settled back down.

"He is just hopeless!" Pete exclaimed, half laughing.

"C'mon, Mac, our flight leaves in half an hour," Jack said, rising to his knees.

"Good luck waking him up," Pete said.

"Oh ye of little faith."

Jack grabbed MacGyver's ankles and pulled. Pete helped Jack pull MacGyver out from under the bed, then Jack took MacGyver's arms and hauled his limp buddy into a seated position. MacGyver slumped against his bed, stirring and twisting his face like he was waking up.

"That's it, Mac." Jack patted MacGyver's cheek. "Wakey-wakey, no eggs and bakey."

MacGyver's eyes clenched, then opened just enough to blink at Jack. His bleary eyes slid sideways when Pete crouched beside Pete.

"What?" MacGyver asked, still half asleep and his voice cranky.

Pete's hand went to his mouth, not quite fast enough to hide his laugh. Jack didn't bother to hide his laugh, especially when MacGyver sent the most pathetic glare in his direction.

"What were you doing under there?" Pete asked.

"Lookin' fer my shoe," MacGyver mumbled. His head lolled to the other side. "Di'n't find it."

Jack checked under the bed, retrieved the shoe, then held it out. "This shoe?"

MacGyver hummed agreement, his eyes sliding shut. Jack shrugged, then leaned over to maneuver MacGyver's missing shoe on.

"What are you doing?" Pete asked.

"I still need a co-pilot," Jack said.

"Your co-pilot can't even stay awake long enough to put his shoes on!"

"Mac doesn't have to fly, I just need his name for the manifest."

"Very convincing, when you have to carry him on board."

"There's nobody at the hanger to argue. Besides, he'll have his nap on the plane and be ready to go by the time we arrive."


"What? You act like MacGyver's never slept in a plane before."

Pete opened his mouth, then paused. Jack shrugged, then gestured to MacGyver slowly tilting sideways.

"What harm can it do?" Jack asked. "You know just as well as I do that Mac can sleep anywhere."

"It's not the sleeping that I'm worried about, it's the trouble you two always get into before you can even land!" Pete shook his head. "But, fine."

Jack perked up. "Really? I can have my co-pilot back?"

"As long as I come, too."

Jack weighed his options. Pete didn't like his flying, even if Jack had saved Pete a few times. And he was a backseat flier. But he still needed MacGyver, both for the manifest and because Jack knew as well as Pete that something was bound to go wrong before they landed.

Actually, if things went as bad as they typically did, maybe having Pete along for back-up would be a good idea.

"Alright, deal," Jack said. He bent down to collect MacGyver.

"Why do I feel like I'm going to regret this?" Pete sighed.

Jack just smiled at Pete. He threw MacGyver's arm over his shoulder, then Jack grabbed MacGyver around the waist and hauled him upright with Pete's help. He staggered at MacGyver's dead weight against him.

"C'mon, Mac, help me out, buddy," Jack said, strained.

MacGyver grunted incoherently, but shifted his legs under him to take some of his weight. Without opening his eyes and his feet dragging, MacGyver let himself be led out.