Some might think that after all these years it must get boring to sneak into the classroom on the first floor of the castle every year, but not Harry. He just loved watching Daphne during her first lesson with the new first-years.

Of course, Daphne caught sight of him immediately. An amused smile curled her lips as she continued to talk as if nothing had happened. None of the first-years had noticed anything.

"...and of course we will also be looking at modern British history, such as the adventures of the brave Harry Potter. I know him, by the way, you know."

A Hufflepuff student with long blonde pigtails jerked her hand up. "But of course you know him, Professor. You're married to him!"

Daphne giggled, and Harry had to grin broadly too. "Well observed, Miss Longbottom."

A boy with pointed ears and blue Ravenclaw decorations on his school uniform spoke up. "What's he like, Professor?"

Daphne glanced at Harry, raising her eyebrow. Harry put his finger to his lips. He didn't want to reveal himself yet. The two of them had to stifle their laughter.

"Hmmm, what's he like?" said Daphne in a thoughtful tone. "Good question. So he certainly seems, from what I hear, to be a better teacher than cook."

The children looked at her in disbelief.

"What, being a great fighter doesn't mean you're any good in the kitchen. That, by the way, will also be one of your first lessons in this class. Never glorify people from history. In the end, they were just normal people like you." Daphne's gaze slid over the ranks of her students. "Or goblins. Or elves. Or –"

"Reindeer!" a voice called from the window.

There, just at that moment, a few baby reindeer flew by, followed by their parents, who tried to catch them in a panic.

"Yes, Mr Andersen. Or reindeer," Daphne said with a smile. "But where was I? Ah yes, Harry Potter. You can look forward to your first class with him. He told me that he has prepared something very special for you. Despite his modest cooking skills, Hogwarts is lucky to have him as its Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. I had significantly worse professors in my school days, I can tell you that..."

Harry decided his moment had come.

"And had I had such a charming professor then as you have now, I might have paid more attention in History. In my day, it was still taught by a ghost."

At his words, the first-year students turned to him as if on a dime, looking at him with wide eyes. He had succeeded in the surprise. Daphne had to put her hand over her mouth to hide her laughter.

"Believe me, that sounds a lot more interesting than it was." He sat down at an empty desk in the back row. "Well, Professor Potter-Greengrass, will we also be learning about the adventures of the plucky Daphne in your class? The queen of the vanquished Realm of Everfrost?"

A boy with antlers on his head pointed at Daphne and exclaimed, "That's you, Professor!"

"That's right, Benjamin," Daphne said with a warm smile. "Some of you know me by that title too."

"Is Professor Potter a king then?" asked another student.

"Officially, no, but to me he is."

"So you love him?"

Daphne looked to Harry, and he could read her answer in her beautiful eyes even before she opened her mouth. He returned her gaze just as tenderly.

"Yes, with all my heart," Daphne said, not breaking eye contact for a moment.

Just then, Professor McGonagall entered. "Sorry to interrupt, Daphne. I just wanted to – oh for Morgana's sake! Will you stop with that bedroom eyes for just one moment!"

Harry and Daphne burst out laughing, and after a moment's hesitation, the others joined in.

It was just another first day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.