Hey guys, been a while huh? Welcome to my brand new fanfic, A Storm sonata. I abandoned Crimson Eagle for a lot of reasons, primarily being lack of time and lack of planning for the fic. Moreover, many scenes written were generally unrealistic and badly written.

Storm Sonata is not a very complicated fic, although I plan on making it a decent length. It is about Gumball, Penny, Darwin and Carrie's life stranded and fending for themselves during a devastating storm.

IMPORTANT INFO: As all characters are humanised, Darwin needs to have a backstory. The one which I have made up for him takes influence from If TAWOG was anime (yt, not mine)'s model of an anime Darwin. He is still adopted, but his biological parents died in a car crash. Both were African-American strict Sunni Muslims, whose great-grandparents were scholars of the Maliki school of Sunni Islam. Sounds like it's oddly specific, but it influences Darwin's actions as a Muslim. Gumball is the only person in the family who converts to Islam, but is not necessarily religious and seldom prays, in contrast to Darwin. 'Gumball' isn't his actual name - it is Zulfiqar, and 'Darwin' isn't his adoptive brother's name either - it is Hasan. Regardless, these names are seldom used in the story; I just wanted to get the backstory out of the name.


ONE - SURVIVAL (completed)

TWO - THE OTHERS (In progress)

THREE - THE DARK (not started)


Isaac Frank (Mine) - A classmate of Gumball. Develops feelings for Lexy.

Blast Hellstorm (see lexboss profile description) - Lexy's long distance boyfriend who unexpectedly returns.

Lexy Watterson (lexboss) - Gumball's biological twin sister

Arjen Joshua (Mine) - part of Julius Oppenheimer's gang. Comes to prominence later in the story.

Hamid 'Pablo' ibn Hashim (mine) - Darwin's biological uncle who is in regular contact with the Wattersons. Quite a mysterious figure.

More OCs will be added to this list as I think of new ones as the story progresses.

Review pls I need feedback.

Chapters are coming...