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several minutes passed as Guts slowly walked away from the battlefield, despite being covered in wounds from his clash with the Bowel Hunter, he appeared no worse for wear.

As the Black Swordsman was walking along the trail, he heard voices coming from all around the forest, voices that sounded like supernatural whispers, mocking Guts for his struggles. As Guts also noticed that the cursed brand on his neck began to bleed, immediately understanding what this meant Guts did not hesitate to draw his sword.


But before Guts could do anything he heard a familiar voice, that of the girl Subaru talked to, as he turned around the Black Swordsman saw a carriage drawn by a strange, beautiful yet surprisingly mean-looking Pink-haired girl. And as the carriage pulled further ahead he saw the silver-haired half-elf inside with Subaru on the opposite end seeming to be dead asleep due to the exhaustion from the battle.

The half-elf looked Guts directly in the eyes and said to him "I just wanted to thank you for saving us from that monster."

Guts spoke in a rather cynical way "I only helped you due to something personal, I have towards their kind..."

The half-elf continued "Still, I saw how ferociously you fought against that... thing, and I think it would only be fair for us to help you in return. The least I could do is at least offer you a ride to the Margrave's Mansion and let you have some rest, we also have someone who could help heal you!"

The Black Swordsman thought to himself for a solid minute before finally sighing and replying... "Fine, but the second I'm fully healed I'm out of here..."

The half-elf seemed pleased with this response to the dismay of the Pink-haired driver as she let the Black Swordsman into the carriage. Once inside Subaru woke up instantly, noticing Guts' presence next to him,

"Heyyy Guts how's it going!"

In response Guts let out a huge sigh of annoyance, meanwhile, the half-elf simply smiled.

"Guts... that's a nice name."

Then Subaru gave a look of surprise as though he had forgotten something of life-changing importance

"OH YEAH, I totally forgot! Guts this is Emilia! Emilia Guts, though I'm pretty sure you two are at least somewhat acquainted while I was knocked out from exhaustion and... well... pain from this flesh wound in my leg."

This last part made Subaru seem like an idiot, prompting Emilia to give a little chuckle.

The Pink haired coach driver briefly stared at Subaru before speaking to Emilia "Lady Emilia, please excuse my rudeness. But why do we have to bring that Barasu idiot, Guts I can understand, but why him?"

"Well, Ram... while Guts did do more work against fighting that monster if it wasn't for Subaru... I don't think any of us would have survived."

The Pink haired girl known as Ram kept her seemingly permanent annoyed expression up as she simply nodded and looked forward as she continued driving... while throughout the first few minutes the drive seemed rather uneventful, a mysterious mist came in and slowly began obscuring the road. If that wasn't strange enough, the horses pulling the coach suddenly stopped listening to Ram's orders, forcing them to come to a halt.

Finally, as soon as these strange things began happening Guts once again felt the brand on his neck bleed, making him wince. This did not go unnoticed as Subaru noticed the strange bleeding brand

"Guts, that mark thing on your neck is bleeding,"

Suddenly Emilia had a look of immense fear on her face... "The spirits, these ones aren't normal, so much malice and hunger!"

As soon as she said this Guts hopped out of the Carriage and grabbed his massive sword, brandishing it in front of him. In response to this, skeletons began to rise from the fog, skeletons possessed by the demonic spirits Emilia sensed surrounding them.

"What the hell is going on? Why are there skeletons?!"

Subaru shouted out in panic as he saw countless skeletal monsters rising from the ground before charging at the Black Swordsman who let out a mighty battle cry as he met them head-on.


The Black Swordsman went on a rampage as he faced this skeleton hoard, slashing and hacking away at the undead. It didn't take long for him to cut down several dozen of the walking corpses, leaving behind piles of bones and scattered skulls.

"He JUST came out of a boss battle! Emilia we have to help him!"

But as he looked at the young Half-Elf he noticed that she had a face of frozen fear, as in her mind she could hear the horrible voices of the restless spirits... their wales of anger and hunger, and on the occasion, she could hear them say "saacrificeeeee" in an eery tone.

Meanwhile, Ram seemed to sniff the air before locking her eyes on Guts' brand,

"Barusu, the undead are obviously attracted to only him."

"Thanks for the obvious and stop calling me Barusu!"

Then Ram paused before looking back at Subaru.

"My point is... Barusu, that if they are preoccupied with him it could be possible for us to escape..."

Subaru glared at Ram "We can't just leave him!"

After finally snapping out of it Emilia looked at Subaru and nodded in agreement...

"Your right Subaru... Ram, we're going to help him!"

In response, Ram sighed and said "Fine" before jumping into the battlefield alongside Emilia, and Subaru...

Lots of chaos was going down on the battlefield as Emilia created ice cycles and fired them at the undead while Ram created slashes of pure air that cut them apart... yet despite this Guts stood out above all as he fought with a speed, power, and endurance that seemed to be far beyond human limits; he was more like a raging beast then a man as he swung his gigantic blade destroying several skeletons with a single strike. Even with Emilia and Ram's magic power Guts seemed to be the one to deliver the most damage.

Meanwhile, Subaru grabbed one of the fallen skeletons' swords and was struggling against one by himself and finally defeated him after a while, seeming rather proud of himself.

But then something strange happened, what appeared to be a little girl walked into the battlefield, and joined the ranks of the undead. Subaru was the first to notice the strange child

"A kid?! What the hell is she doing here?"

Then Ram sniffed the air and said

"She's like them, the child must have been possessed like the corpses around her."

Just as Ram finished her words, the little girl was right in front of the Black Swordsman... and upon seeing her, he stopped fighting and hesitated


Yet Guts still hesitated... and it wasn't until she placed a blade into his torso that he snapped out of it, and quickly cleaved her in half... while the wound she gave the black swordsman physically was not much of an issue, as soon as the Black Swordsman saw the girls blood on him, he felt sick almost wanting to throw up. But the skeleton hoard around him was restless, so instead the Black Swordsman focused his feelings into an unending fury, fuelling his battle against the horde of undead, cutting down as many as he can. After an hour or so of fighting Emilia, Ram and Suburu quickly got exhausted... while Guts continued fighting, lasting until sunrise when the restless spirits finally got purged from the skeletal bodies they possessed.

As soon as it all ended, Subaru left the carriage and approached Guts "Guts... it wasn't your fault."

In response, Guts started laughing, before saying in a cold tone

"Anyone who gets killed 'cause they got caught up in someone else's fight is a small fry... if they can't live their lives freely. That brat didn't have the strength to protect herself from those spirits nor a 'walking disaster like me."

Then Guts looked down staring off into space"If your always worried about crushing the ants beneath you... you won't be able to walk"

At first, Subaru thought that what Guts was saying was unnecessarily cruel, however... he could easily tell from the tone and from what he learned about the man... is that he doesn't truly believe this... he's just telling himself this to justify himself and to keep him from attachment.

But before anything else would happen... another strange supernatural thing occurred voices started to echo around the Black Swordsman, mocking and laughing at him, it was obvious that the voices were speaking to him despite everyone around him being able to hear it.

"It's useless! You cannot run from us."

"We are always watching you."

"You belong to me. You are ours."

"Wherever you go. We will find you."

"Your blood. Your flesh. Your bones... your ears... your eyes... and your heart. We want your heart.."

"So long as you have that brand."

Guts' demeanor darkened as the voices continued.

"Shut up..."

"Yes as long as you have that brand..."

"Wherever you are you belong to us."

"You cannot run from us."

"Your anger. Your sadness your pain..."

"Shut up..."

"Even your fear... all of them, belong to us"

In an absolute rage, Guts raises his mechanical fist in the sky.


Then Guts fires his cannon arm up in the air.

The only response he received, was the sickening laughter of the spirits.