Gandalf and the Balrog

Standing tall in the dark looking at his fiery foe in its eyes

Ready to defend the other members of the fellowship from him

Though he quaked with fear inside his heart it did not show on the outside

For he was determined to fight and vanquish his enemy

The Balrog looked down on Gandalf ready to wipe him out

How dare this puny wizard get in his way of engulfing

The fellowship with his blaze

So he tried to hit him with his fiery whip

But Gandalf held up Gladring: an elven sword that killed many goblins

And blocked his deadly whip

Then he raised the staff he held tightly in his left hand

And said some magic words warning the enemy to stay back

But Morgoth's greatest servant refused to back off

Determined was he to destroy Gandalf and his friends

So Gandalf hit the bridge with his staff and caused his foe to fall

Relief was on his face and on the faces of the others in the fellowship

But it only lasted a second for the balrog's fiery whip caught his ankle

And pulled him into the abyss with a look of horror from those

Whom he is protecting so they can continue with the quest

Down he fell with his enemy while continuously swinging Gladring

And firing his staff with his strong magical words at him

While the balrog continuously tried to burn him with his fiery sword

And whip

The wizard's blasts caused searing pain as well as the cuts from his sword

While the balrog caused him to suffer second and third degree burns

Down they fell while trying to destroy each other until they hit the water

And to Gandalf's relief the water cooled his burns while taking the fire away from his foe

But the enemy though partly defeated was more determined than ever to destroy him

For he would not let a proud Maia a servant of Eru to win

So with sword and whip he continued to fight Gandalf

Who proved to be a tougher foe than he thought

For Gandalf was wining though he was bleeding with fatal wounds in his chest and arms

And on top of the mountain they fought on though they were tiring out

And with a finally stroke of Gladring he made his foe fall down the mountain with rocks that fell with him

And Gandalf, the winner with a smile on his face

Freed the fellowship from this enemy

But he knew he could not continue

For his fatal wounds caused him to fade away