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Chronicles of Hope

Synopsis: This is a short, single chapter trailer of sorts that will define a future set of stories of mine in my Chronicles of Hope.


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Prologue Trailer

"Maa maa, Akihito-kun!" the blond shopkeeper admonished lightly with a leisurely grin and a wave of his striped fan, "you shouldn't be like that!" he cried dramatically. "You'll never know when we might lose this peace you've carefully constructed!"

"I've spent my life doing this, Kisuke," he replied. "That's all I do: keep the peace."

Urahara raised an eyebrow inquisitively.

"What else am I good for?" he bitterly added under his breath.

"I will never give you my Bankai!" his Zanapkutō cried out, dashing away from him. He gave chase, shattering illusions and ice sculptures in his path, anticipating her feints and moving to intercept her.

He raised his copy of her Shikai, and as she struck and he blocked, a look of disappointment deepened on her features, and he was suddenly shunted from their stage and deep into the forest. Along with the blow went his pride as he felt his spiritual pressure forcibly seal back into his blade.

He'd failed. Again.

Water burst around them as Kazuki slammed his opponent down. The pleasantly warm waters parted around them and then slammed back into their sides, enveloping them in a tidal wave of spiritual energy and suffusing the air around him.

He took a deep breath, the inner world providing him the necessary air to breathe. The water's turbulence began to recede as he penetrated the depths of her soul, her laughter glinting in his ears.

Just as the assassin cleared his strike, their legs wrapped around his head and tightened around his neck and locked his back. They struck his head with several spiritually enhanced blows, causing him to see stars.

He immediately raised his arms up while moving forward briefly into a low stance, grabbing his offender's hips and reeling them downwards towards the floor. His right hand remained in place while he grabbed the shoulder of his assailant with his left, pushing them deeper and they impacted the floor, shattering through into the second floor, and then again into the first.

The first floor caved downward into the dirt below. He immediately pulled himself up and drew his wakizashi from his arm-sheathe and pressed it against their neck, and he was suddenly taken aback at the visage of a beautiful woman before him. An angry look on the light skinned woman's face, as she scowled at him.

"Haven Police," he panted as she did through grit teeth, "You're under arrest for attempted assassination."

"I can't do this for much longer, Byakuya," he said with a sigh, placing his tea back down and sinking in his chair. "Eventually, the 13 Courts are going to learn of this and I'll have to finally piecemeal a fucking lawful reason for resurrecting this place."

"Yes, you will," the stoic man replied, and even with his unsympathetic gaze, Kazuki could feel the empathy roiling off of him through his spiritual energy.

He played with his fingers while leaning heavily on the table, fidgeting for a moment, before stopping and looking his old friend in the eye. "Hey, I need a favor," he said finally, and the man across from him raised a brow.

"KAZUKI!" she cried, dashing after him.

He landed harshly into the sand, and it plumed up around him, obscuring him. It suddenly parted as the female warrior burst into it, immediately digging her arms into the ground and lifting him up. A blade slammed down from where he once lay, carving into the dune as she made her escape.

"Don't speak," she quieted him with a sob, "just stay here in my arms, and don't move! I'll get you to Nelliel and she'll undo this!"

"Thank you, Kazu-chan," the bespectacled man said with a deceptively calm façade, and a burst of white fluid was expelled from Kazuki's mouth when anger welled up within him for it. "You have the privilege-" and Aizen's word was carefully veiled but it was clear with his spiritual energy that he was livid with Kazuki "-of being my first Hollowfication experiment."

Kazuki's eyes widened, in surprise and fear. With that, he lost vision in an eye as the fluid began to exude from there also, flowing out with his now turbulent spiritual energy. His spiritual signature began to change, to manipulate. His blade screamed in his mind as she was twisted and gnarled into a false representation of herself.

"Kibo...!" he cried out, teeth grit.

"Already nicknaming your Bankai spirit, Kazu-chan?" Aizen continued to taunt him, but Kazuki could see the twitch and the set jaw of the normally calm man. Perhaps Kazuki had pried too deep, reading into Aizen's Zanapkutō like he had done.

"Help me," the noble gritted his teeth, temples pulsing with his blood, as he burst into the room with an unconscious woman in his arms. His clipped tone and set jaw left no room for argument, and the doctors immediately pulled up a mobile bed to place her upon.

"Why did my sister leave?" she wondered.

"Where did you go?!" she sobbed out.

"Even you're not perfect, huh?" the man across from him speculated. The approval of his humanity almost disgusted him.

"Shut up," Kazuki spat, clearly not enjoying the criticism. The room laughed at him light heartedly, and even he eventually brightened. They weren't after his throat, just fucking with him.

"-do you take this man to be your husband, to live together in holy matrimony, love him, to honor him, to comfort him, and to keep him in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

"Akihito Kazuki," the man's voice bellowed, "your attempt at creating an insurrection-"

"I was not rebel-"

"Silence! Your attempt at creating an insurrection and building a military force is in direct violation of the Central 46's mandate to protect the 80 Rukon Districts. How do you plead?"

"This was no insurrection," Kazuki claimed. "I was merely creating a safe homestead and building a protective guard against hollows," he emphasized, "so that the 13 Courts could regulate its Soul Reapers to protect other inhabitants and spread themselves thin less often."

"You presume the 13 Courts are incapable of protecting you," another voice accused.

"You had no such rights," one said.

"To defend ourselves?" Kazuki replied. "My purpose was simple: to help. My desire was to create a safe haven for those less fortunate and to reduce strain on our protectors." He paused. "I have no misconceptions against the capabilities of the 13 Court Guardian Squadrons, but I do have an issue with how some of them express their power."


The command was followed. "The first Soul Reaper assigned to our districts in decades was an unseated member of the eighth squad," he began. "The first thing he demanded of a citizen was all his coin, to be given quarter in his home, and give him his wife in exchange for protection. The second thing he did was demand to see me so that he may cut my throat, to have full control of the village."

The room was silent.

"The second Soul Reaper was sent immediately after the first had returned differently than he had left, and his first demand was to have our fields salted or burned, to prevent our economic domination over the East 30 Districts, effectively crippling us and starving us out.

"The third Soul Reaper was sent to assassinate me under false pretenses of rebellion where there were none. I keep a strict mandate on respecting the 13 Courts, aside from their bad examples, as they are the master government of the region. You'll find in my legislature in the village matches the Central 46's charter, except when they infringe on individual rights."

"What individual rights?" one of the members interrupted.

"I have an entire charter written," he replied. "But in the interests of your time, may I summarize?"


"To lawfully protect the individual, their privacy, and their possessions from the government and other individuals."

After a moment of murmuring, number 1 struck his gavel. "This court is in recess for 30 minutes. Take the prisoner outside."

The smell of ash and fire overwhelmed his senses as he fell to his knees, tears evaporating before they left his eyes. His entire form shook, realizing how small he was in this world with two unbeatable forces enclosing upon his will.

Between the unending tide of flame and the illusions of lost sanctity biting his temples, he well and truly lost himself.

"...Aizen," he growled, his teeth grit. He jumped up from his position and dashed towards the man, his blade poised to strike at his throat.

"Shoot to kill, Shinsō."

A blade burst from his chest, covered in his own blood.

End of Trailer

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