So I got confirmation from TheRominLegion to use his story, which was actually my favourite story on this site and what actually got me into writing.

I groaned as I felt a sense of consciousness return. I opened my eyes and found myself floating in a massive abyss.

"What happened, how did I get….Oh yeah" I questioned before remembering I had been hit by a car.

"I guess I died from the impact." I mutter with a blush because who gets hit by a car when they're sitting on the SECOND FLOOR OF A MALL IN A FOOD COURT!?

I looked around the area to see where I was, but all I saw was "Darkness, Darkness, Darkness." I muttered, tapping my foot down but only hitting air, meaning I wasn't standing on anything, most likely floating. "I hope something happens because floating here forever would be boring." I mutter to myself.

Suddenly a loud roar echoes through the void making me have to cover my ears as I wince in pain.

"What the Fudge Monkey Nuts was that?" I question myself as a form glows closer to me. I slowly put up a guard as it got closer. I realized it was actually a large creature flanked by 4 smaller but still bigger creatures than me. As they came into view I recognized them, making my eyes widen even if they were still shadowed by the darkness of the void.

"Odd-Eyed, Dark Rebellion, Clear Wing, Starve Venom." I mutter in shock seeing the Dimensional Dragons from one of my favorite children's card game anime. "If those are the Dimensional Dragons then is that…" I trail off looking at the massive dragon behind the others, I thought that it was Zarc since the four dimensional dragons were here but my gut told me it was something else.

I let out a small chuckle of amusement, "Well even if they are fictitious, it's nice to have some form of company." I mutter to myself as the four dragons roar to the heavens, "What's going on?" I question as the massive dragon in the shadows gives off a massive earth shattering roar before a small portal opens beneath me that looks like the Pendulum Summoning portal.

"Wait what's go.." Is all I got out before I hissed in pain. I felt my eyes burn before I felt gravity take hold of me and I fell through the portal, "Kyaa." I definitely did not shriek out as I fell into the portal blacking out.

I woke up feeling a slight headache as I looked around rubbing my forehead, "Is it just me or does everyone seem animated." I mutter before looking down, "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CLOTHES?!" I yelled out in shock to see my outfit had completely changed.

I now had on a dark gray button up shirt with its collar flipped up, a pair of white shorts with a pair of white loops hanging off the sides and a pair of white suspenders attached to them, a pair of brown boots and some red knee length socks. Upon my head was a black hat.

"Huh this new outfit seems to be like that of Noa Hoshizaki's from Vanguard Z." I think, grabbing a strand from the back of my hair to see it was now blonde looking over myself. "Or maybe I literally am him." I added, noticing the device on my left arm.

"A Duel Disk huh? Well I guess I somehow magically ended up in the Arc-V universe, although the Giant Dragon Thingy might have been a hint." I mutter to myself as I experimentally wave my arm holding the Original Dimension Duel Disk. It was black, similar to Strong Ishijia.

After inspecting the Duel Disk and noticing how light it was, I walked over to a nearby elderly man, "Excuse me can you help me?" I ask him.

"Certainly sir." He says in clear english causing me to pale in horror.

Oh G.O.D. please tell me I just hear English like some sort of Tardis translation thing and I'm not in the dub. I mentally shook my head, "Could you tell me where You Show Duel School is?" I asked, figuring that the best first course of action would be to get a foothold with Yuya as going right to Reiji would possibly cause more trouble than help.

"Are you interested in Pendulum Summoning as well?" He asked me.

"Pendulum?" I ask, figuring I was at an early point of the Timeline.

The old man nods slightly, "The method used by Yuya Sakaki to defeat the champion Strong Ishijima. Everyone has been talking about it." he explained to me.

I snap my fingers, "Oh That yeah I heard about it." I said, feigning innocence.

"It has become quite the talk of the town, if you go down this way and turn after a few blocks you'll see it." he says pointing in a direction with his cane.

I nodded. "Thank You." I say, walking off with a slight bow, heading towards what I hope is the right direction to the School.

"Wooow, this place looked packed." I comment with a whistle at the long line of people standing in front of the school building that looked like an architect's nightmare.

"Wow!" I hear a voice behind me, I turn to see Futoshi and Ayu from You Show's Chibi Trio behind me.

"All these people want to attend our school?" Ayu questions in shock.

"If you want to attend this school, please fill in your name on this document." I hear the voice of Yuzu Hiragi call out from the front.

"Okay", "I'll attend!", "Me too!" Several voices call in response to Yuzu as she turns to talk privately Ayu and Futoshi.

"You'll show us Pendulum Summon today, right?" A person from the line asks.

Way to be subtle, kid…

"Of course we will, but only applicants are allowed to see it." Yuzu responds.

"Sneaky…" I mutter with a smirk.

"I'll attend!" "Me too!", "Hurry up!" a chorus of voices call out and began to push. I have half a mind to knock everyone out, but that would not be a good first impression.

"Please get in line in number order!" Yuzu says trying to calm the eager crowd, "Sheesh, I'm going to be the opponent in the mock battle, but I don't have time to get ready." she complains under her breath.

"Then there is no choice." A deep male voice responds as I hear a door open, "The man Gongenzaka will replace you as the opponent." Gongenzaka tells Yuzu.

"What?" Futoshi groans out.

"This is the Principal's daughter's responsibility!" Ayu tells Gongenzaka.

"It'll be embarrassing to get help from a rival school, outsiders should go away!" Futoshi commented. You say that, but you are not gonna complain in a few episodes when he saves your asses from LDS.

"Outsider?!" Gongenzaka says in shock. Also, kind of being rude, Futoshi, not to mention you don't exactly have any room to talk. The guy is Yuya best friend and has always been there for her, so he has more reason to stay here.

"We'll handle things here so that you can prepare for your duel." Ayu tells Yuzu. I found it a bit odd how two kids managed applications in the first place in the anime, but here it makes a bit more sense.

"Thank you, I leave it to you!" Yuzu replies as she starts to run off before stopping spotting someone at the front of the crowd , "You were here before, you came again?" She says to the blue haired boy at the front… Oh right, Tatsuya was his name

I found myself standing against the wall with everyone else in the crowd as Shuzo Hiragi stood on a bench in front of us speaking into a Microphone.

"You Show School teaches entertainment dueling popularized worldwide by the legendary dueling star Yusho Sakaki, when I think back a decade ago when Leo Corporation developed.." Shuzo says giving a history lesson on the school before trailing off into a rant. Ugh i hate monologues. Damn it, and i don't have my Switch to keep me entertained. Really could use some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet right about now…

"How long is he gonna talk?" A guy in the crowd comments to the person beside him.

"I want to see Pendulum Summon now?" he responds.

"Ladies and gentleman!" The loud voice of Yuya Sakaki yells out as a spotlight shines down on him… or in this case, her.

Yep, you heard me right. Her.

Sakaki Yuya was a freaking girl. How am i sure? Well there are two giant items in her chest that will prove her gender.

Great, it seems the Yu-boys are now the Yu-girls. Wait is Zarc also a girl?

Either way, Yuya looks nice. If I had to guess a character design, she looks like Yoshino from Digimon, the only difference being an extra layer of green hair.

"Welcome to my one-man show today!" She tells the audience.

Wouldn't it be one-girl show, though?

There's a loud smack as Yuya hunches over in pain with Yuzu standing behind her holding her trademark paper fan. Dammit, with the revelation of Yuya being a girl, I missed the part where she took it out.

"What do you mean by one-man show, you can't duel alone!" Yuzu questions Yuya with a slight growl.

"Who's that chick?" The guy standing next to me comments.

"She hit Yuya-chan!" The guy standing next to him stated. Great, a simp…

"Nice! Girl on girl action!" A third guy comments… IS HE DROOLING!?

"Fight!" They all yell to Yuzu.

"I see, so that's my role?" Yuzu grumbles under her breath as her body shakes in annoyance, "Fine, I'll take on the role of the villain!" she yells out snapping slightly before pointing at Yuya, "Yuya, just because you've gained some fame doesn't mean you can laugh like an idiot, I'm going to pummel you into pieces!" she declares getting into her role.

"Huh." Yuya says dumbly blinking in shock. I facepalmed. For an entertainer, she sure is slow with improv.

"C'mon Yuya say something back!" Yuzu stage whispers to Yuya.

Yuya seems stuck before inspiration hits her, "Woah, You're Female Strong Ishijima!" She yells out in shock pointing at Yuzu.

"Female Strong?" Yuzu blurts out in shock I could almost see her picturing herself in Strong's clothes with his hair style. I had to cover my mouth to stop the giggles from coming out.

"You're trying to get revenge for your master?" Yuya asks Yuzu as I saw the scary aura pissed off female anime characters obtain.

"She is going Super Saiyan!" I yelled out, with people giving me a weird look. Oh please don't tell me Dragon Ball doesn't exist in this this universe…

"I'll strike back using Pendulum Summon!" says an oblivious Yuya as she smiles, playfully putting her hands on her hips.

Yuzu yells angrily at Yuya for a few moments before she thrusts her hand up into the air, "The Field Spell Plain Plain activates!" she declares as the Solid Vision System activates transforming the duel room into well… a grassy plain.

"How refreshing, the new Solid Vision model is so realistic, I feel a cool breeze blowing through my heart." Shuzo comments pressing forward to see the new field pusing a few people up against the glass.

Yuya and Yuzu activate their Duel Disks on the field, "The duelists meet at the battlefield!" Yuya says starting the Action Duel oath.

"Along with their monsters, they'll kick the ground and fly through the sky…" Yuzu continues on.

"To move around the field!"

"Witness duelings greatest evolution!"


"DUEL!" Yuya and Yuzu call out as the Action Cards disperse around the field.

Yuya: 4000 LP

Yuzu: 4000 LP

"I'll go first!" Yuya says holding up a card, "I summon Entermate Discover Hippo from my hand!" She says as a pink hippo in a tux with a top hat appears on her side of the field. (LV3 Beast/Effect/Earth ATK:800 DEF:800)

"The hippo appeared, Yuya's strategy is to ride it and search for Action Cards, Go!" Some people from the peanut gallery commented.

I couldn't help the small snort that escaped my mouth at the comment. I guess my mind was more lewd than I thought.

"Okay, you all know what's going on, I'll end my turn!" Yuya says hopping onto Hippo's back as they take off running.

"I won't allow that, My turn, I draw!" Yuzu replies by drawing her card, "I summon Aria the Melodious Diva!" She declares summoning her monster. (LV4 Fairy/Effect/Light ATK:1600 DEF:1200)

"Battle! Aria attacks Performapal Hip Hippo!" She orders her monster as it produces a loud singing voice sending a sharp spear of wind at Hip Hippo. "Sharpness Voice!"

"I use the Action Spell Evasion!" Yuya says grabbing the card from the nearby bush she ran past, "Rolling Hippo!" She calls out as Hip Hippo dodges using a barrel roll getting cheers from the crowd.

"We'll see about that. Aria the Melodious Diva's effect activates! Yuzu responds, "When it fails to deal battle damage, you take 800 points of damage!" she explains "Resonate Wave!"

Yuya yells out as the shock wave from the attack sends her and the hippo flying. (Yuya: 4000 - 800 = 3200 LP)

"Mwahahaha, you can't escape Strong Yuzu!" Yuzu says pointing at Yuya while laughing maniacally. "I end my turn!" she finishes.

"I guess she really gets into her roles." I say with an amused smirk on my face.

"Ouch!" Yuya groans, sitting slightly, rubbing her lower back side.

"Don't just sit there, I'm acting like a villain, so defeat me by doing something cool!" Yuzu tells Yuya, hinting at her to use Pendulum.

"Pendulum, Pendulum, Pendulum!" Everyone begins to chant out.

"See, everyone's looking forward to it!" Yuzu tells Yuya.

"All right, leave it to me!" Yuya says flipping up onto her feet, "The fun is only getting started!" she yelled out pointing up dramatically with Hippo mirroring her pose.

"When I said do something cool, I didn't mean striking a cool pose." Yuzu deadpans.

"My turn, I draw!" Yuya states drawing her card, I saw her eyes shine happily. Guess she drew her Pendulum card.

"I set the Pendulum Scale with the Scale 4 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and the Scale 8 Timegazer Magician!" Yuya declares holding up two cards and placing them on the edge of the blade as PENDULUM wrote out across it and behind her in two pillars of light, Odd-Eyes and Timegazer rose up.

"All right, Come Pendulum!" Shuzo yells out eagerly.

"Poor Yuya." I said, feeling sorry for the girl, knowing she messed up the scale and was going to fail big time, letting everyone down but revealing they didn't truly want to learn about Entertainment Dueling and only cared about the new cards showing their greedy side.

"Pendulum!" The crowd chanted over and over.

"Here comes Pendulum Summoning, Come out my monsters!" Yuya calls out, a *Bzzzt* is heard as nothing happens. Yuya stands there in shock as a gust of wind blows past her.

I play Wah Waaah on a Trombone I somehow now had in my hands getting some Wtf looks from the older crowd and giggles of amusement from the children, soon people begin muttering wondering what happened.

"Hey, what's going on Sword Fish, Whip Snake?" Yuya asks her Monsters confused and in panic as to why they aren't appearing. "Come out like last time!" She pleads, trying again and again to place the cards, getting a buzzing error in response, "I placed the Pendulum Cards, so why is there an error?" She questions.

"Pendulum Cards?" Someone questions.

"What are those?" another questioned.

I roll my eyes at the two, "Cards that are obviously connected to Pendulum Summoning if they're called Pendulum Cards Duhh." I say as if sarcastically explaining to a slow five year old.

I see Yuya frowning, trying to remember what to do before realization sparks in her eyes as she had an idea. Buuuuuut… if I remember this episode right it was the wrong one..

"I end my turn. Yuzu, attack me!" Yuya says confidently.

"Attack?" Yuzu stammers in shock.

"Yeah, don't hold back!" Yuya nodded.

"Since Yuya says so, do it, attack with flair!" Shuzo tells his daughter.

"Okay." Yuzu says confused but going with it, "My turn, I draw!" she says drawing her card, "I can Special Summon this card when a Melodious is on the field!" she says holding up a card in her hand, "I Special Summon Sonata the Melodious Diva!" she announces as her second monster appears on the field. (LV3 Fairy/Effect/Light ATK:1200 DEF:1000)

"I tribute Aria the Melodious Diva and Sonata the Melodious Diva!" Yuzu declares releasing her Monsters, "I Advance Summon Mozarta the Melodious Maestra!" she declares summoning her ace monster.(LV8 Fairy/Effect/Light ATK:2600 DEF:2000)

"Mozarta the Melodious Maestra's effect activates. Once per turn, I can Special Summon a Level 4 or below Melodious from my hand!" Yuzu declares as Mozarta shoots a beam of light from her hand, "I Special Summon another Aria the Melodious Diva!" she states as a second Aria appears on her field.

"First, I'll get rid of that hippo. Aria attacks Entermate Discover Hippo!" Yuzu orders her Monster, Hippo yells out as it's destroyed. Yuya: 3200 - 800 = 2400 LP

"Now come!" Yuya tells Yuzu.

"Now, Now come come Pendulum!" Shuzo chants out clapping.

"Pendulum!" The chant once again starts up.

"Don't hold back, Yuzu!" Yuya declares eagerly.

"Here I go, Take this, Mozarta attacks Yuya directly!" Yuzu declares as Mozarta materializes a conductor's baton in her hand, A small chord plays on the keys in her wings, "Graceful Wave!"

"Okay, I'm now in a pinch!" Yuya says happily, still thinking her theory was correct on why her Pendulum failed. "I Pendulum Summon!" She declares slapping the cards onto her Duel Disk, her old friend ERROR returns to greet her.

Yuya freezes in shock before Mozarta's attack hits, sending her flying, causing her to hit the roof and fall down crashing into a bush. Yuya: 2400 - 2600 = 0 LP


"Owch." I say with a wince and rubbing my chest, feeling slight phantom pains from the earlier car crash. You'd think being hit by something like that would make you unable to move for a while, but I guess traveling literal worlds heals you somehow.

Everyone is silent as the Solid Vision System turns off, turning the room Yuya and Yuzu were in to normal. Soon everyone begins to talk amongst themselves.

"Ouch.." Yuya hisses out rubbing the back of her head. I wonder how real those things are and if anyone died from them.

"What's the big idea?" Yuzu questions with a glare.

"Wait a second, umm…" Yuya stammers out, flailing her hands.

Soon Yuya and Yuzu walk out of the Duel Area, Yuya looking slightly downcast.

"Umm, I have a question." Someone says, holding up their hand.

"Yes, what is it?" Yuya asks.

"You said something about a Pendulum Card." He comments.

"Pendulum Card?" Yuzu questions looking at Zarc's Tomato.

"That's what I call it, I don't know the official name." Yuya explains.

"Show me." Yuzu orders her.

"Okay." Yuya says, taking out her Deck and handing it to Yuzu, who pulls out her own deck and looks at them side by side, "This is a Pendulum Card?" she questions looking at Timegazer Magician.

"You can't Pendulum Summon if you don't have this card?" A member of the crowd comments.

"That's not fair, or maybe there's no such thing as Pendulum Summoning!" another commented.

I could feel the anger and jealousy slowly seeping from the crowd.

"That's right, I bet you tricked the system during the Ishijima match, how else could you summon so many monsters at once!?" a third voice comments.

I gave a small inaudible snort and rolled my eyes. Did Yuya really seem smart enough to hack a Corporation like LDS and get away undetected? She wasn't Phantom… I paused slightly looking at Yuya. Or was she? It was possible that the Manga and Anime could possibly be merged as one.

"He wanted to beat the champion that badly?" A girl comments in disgust.

"That's why he's the son of a coward." another female responds.

I clenched my fist in anger.

"No, I didn't cheat!" Yuya protests as the crowd begins to walk out.

"Wait!" Shuzo yells out, desperately jumping out in front of the crowd only to get stampeded over by the mob of angry humans.

I watched them leave with a glare on my face, Typical human reaction.

If something unknown is revealed, they immediately want it, not caring who or what they might hurt in the process of getting it. I stewed in my own loathing for a bit before I let out a wide grin looking over at Yuya.

Yes I decided I would help (one of) my favorite Duelist in Arc-V while I was in this world even if they didn't know I would be, look out world the Supreme King Dragon has a new Vassal. I thought with an almost sinister grin.

Yuya pulls down her goggles to hide her eyes. I hear silent sniffs coming from her as she starts to walk off.

"Poor kid." I say feeling sympathetic

"Yuya…" Yuzu worries for her friend.

"Yuya isn't a coward, Yuya didn't cheat!" Tatsuya yelled.

"He's right, you just made a misplay. It can happen to any duelist." I say in input.

"Yuya fought Ishijima fair and square and won, she won using Pendulum Summon!" Tatsuya yells out.

Gongenzaka walks up behind Tatsuya and rests his hand on the boy's shoulders smiling at her, "Yuya, don't you feel bad that these two fans have to say this?" he questions her friend.

"Fans?" Yuya questions in shock.

I shrugged a bit, "I'm not sure I'd call myself your fan as I already have a duelist I admire but sure I'd be willing to say I like your dueling." I say with a shrug.

"Yes. That's Tatsuya he visited before." Yuzu says, pointing to Tatsuya, "and this is Umm…" she says pointing at me, trailing off and realizing she didn't know my name.

I frowned a bit internally. Do I use my old name or do I develop a new name for this new world? After several seconds of pondering I decided to fully send it since I kind of look like the character "Noa" I say with a smile, "Hoshizaki Noa."

"Tatsuya became your fan after he saw you battle Ishijima in person!" Ayu tells Yuya.

"That gives me shivers!" Futoshi says, shaking slightly. Ahh yes, that kid's weird catch phrase. Seriously, who thought of creating that character trait should have their brain checked out. Alongside the guy who made Futoshi German in the English Dub.

"I thought you were incredible, your dueling united thousands of spectators into one!" Tatsuya tells Yuya.

I nod in agreement, "You did great in that match, it was excellent." I say slightly lying through my teeth slightly as I saw the episode on tv back in my original world and not… would it be in person since I was in the Arc-Verse now?

Yuya gasps in shock upon hearing us two encourage her.

"I wanted to duel like that. Duel like Yuya!" Tatsuya tells Yuya.

"I also want to duel in front of a large crowd again!" Yuya says as her shoulders shake slightly.

I walked up to her and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, "And you will." I tell her confidently.

"How do you know?" Yuya asks me

I smiled at her, "Faith." I replied simply while my inner voice said 'Spoilers'

"You were reborn in that duel, you'll never run away again!" Gongenzaka tells her friend confidently.

"Gongenzaka, Hoshizaki…" Yuya says.

I let out a chuckle, "Just call me Noa." I tell Yuya with a smile.

Yuya nods, "Noa."

"So do your best for your fans!" Gongenzaka tells Yuya, giving her a smile.

"We're your fans too!" Futoshi says, running up beside Tatsuya.

"Now and forever right, Tatsuya?" Ayu says running up to Tatsuya's other side.

"Yeah!" Tatsuya nodded.

"That means You Show School has two new members!" Futoshi says cheering.

"What do you mean two?" I questioned.

"Ehh, I just thought since you were Yuya's fan that you would join." Futoshi comments in a slightly disappointed tone.

"I just said I liked her dueling. I don't really enjoy it enough to learn it." I say turning my back to him, I make eye contact with Yuzu and wink at her subtly saying it's an act.

"Please." Ayu says holding my sleeve, giving me a puppy dog look.

I looked down at her and holy crap that's a strong look! "I'll have to think about it." I tell her, taking a second long pause, "Okay I've thought about it, I'll join but I have some stipulations." I tell them finding myself unable to disappoint the Loli giving me the Puppy Dog Eyes.

Suddenly Shuzo appears in front of me holding a paper and a pen as if he teleported.

"Really you'll join!?" He says eagerly before getting smacked by Yuzu's paper fan.

"Jeez Dad, you should hear what his conditions are first." Yuzu scolds her father.

"Hooray we have two new people joining. I'm fired up, I'm burning up!" Shuzo cheers out.

"An entertainer can't let her fans down!" Yuya says smiling, removing her goggles. She and Yuzu look at each other for a bit, Yuzu smiles that her friend is now feeling better and hands her back her deck.

"I promise to master Pendulum Summoning!" Yuya declares, "Yuzu, Gongenzaka, Noa, Duel me!" She requests of us.

"Right." Yuzu and Gongenzaka say.

I smile, "You two go ahead, I'm gonna talk to Burning Guy here about my conditions." I say jerking my thumb at Shuzo.

"All right." Yuya says with a nod while I turn to Shuzo and lay out my conditions that would hopefully allow me to find a place of room and board while I was in Maiami, it seems like this adventure would be a fun one.

So, as you see, i decided to rewrite this (again). I was going through the original script and my ideas and saw that going with the Bracelet Girls was not a very good idea if I was going to be the antagonist. So I decided to change it to OCxYu-girls. The only Bracelet Girl I might consider would be Yuzu.

I also changed the OC name to Noa since anytime I wrote Kazuma, I thought of the one from Konosuba. And I didn't want to name him Ryoken, so I decided to go with name I originally intended.