I feel like I should clarify something that has people confused. Odd-Eyes Phantom Dragon will have a different effect from its TCG counterpart. It won't be too different, but enough so that it fits in Noa's deck.

Also, sorry about the delay, I tend to try and upload a chapter per month.

Kakimoto panted as he felt himself overwhelmed by his opponent. "With Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, I attack Power Darts Shooter! Ice Lance!" Sawatari ordered his monster to destroy Kakimoto's monster ending the Duel.

WINNER: Sawatari

"Amazing." Ootomo was amazed by the combo Sawatari pulled off.

"Sawatari, the cards you've got this time are ridiculously strong!" Kakimoto praised.

"Oh, Kakimoto, the cards are just one part of this victory." Sawatari said. "The most important aspect of winning this Duel was…" Sawatari snapped his fingers.

"Sawatari!" The trio posed towards Sawatari.

"Correct!" Sawatari declared. "With my skill, calculated tactics, precise decision making, tough spirited, good looks, there's only one person who has those qualities and that is…" He snapped his fingers again.

"Sawatari!" The trio gesture towards him.

"That's right, gentlemen! There's no one who can outdo me in Duels at all!" Sawatari boastfully declared.

"Well, except Hoshizaki Noa." Ootomo admitted.

"Yeah, he beat you down even after you took Yuya's Pendulum Cards." Yamabe added.

"Don't remind me!" Sawatari shouted. "I'll do whatever it takes to beat him! Hoshizaki Noa! Watch your back!"

"You know, you didn't have to offer to come with me." Yuzu stated.

"Nah, it felt right." I said, carrying a bag of ice cream with her.

I patiently waited until the gang asked for ice cream because that was the key we were in the episode Yuto finally shows up

I do wonder… Is Yuto also going to be a girl in this? Or will he still be a boy? I don't know which answer I want.

"But still… Jeez, if they wanted ice cream so much, they should have gotten it themselves." Yuzu complained.

"And yet, you still got them."

"It was either that or having to listen to Sora whine for an hour." I said with a sigh. Suddenly, Yuzu stopped.

Yuzu bent down and made a shush sound and pointed above them. On the road above them was Ootomo and Yamabe.

"Sawatari is going all out isn't he… 'I'll do whatever it takes to defeat Hoshizaki Noa' he says…" Ootomo said, shocking Yuzu and Ayu, especially me. "…sounds like he's going to do something awful!"

"Me!" I was in shock, almost tripping. But Sawatari was supposed to be wanting revenge on Yuya when again I was the one to defeat Sawatari this time so it wouldn't be far-fetched that Sawatari would go after me.

"He's definitely gonna go after his weak points." Yamabe agreed. This made Yuzu and I angry.

"Oh, we should hurry. You know how cranky he gets when he gets hungry." Ootomo and Yamabe started running.

"Sawatari!" Yuzu growled and started running after them.

"Yuzu-oneechan!" Ayu ran after them, before I stopped her gently. "Noa-oniichan?"

"Ayu, go back to You Show." I said.


"I will get Yuzu back, so don't worry." I said, giving her the bags

"Sawatari, sorry for making you wait!" Ootomo and Yamabe made it to the warehouse where Sawatari and Kakimoto were waiting.

"You're late!" Sawatari growled.

"Sorry! We got you your Sweet Milk Apple Berry Pie with Honey!" Yamabe held up the treat in his hand.

Outside the warehouse, Yuzu looked at the doors to the Number 52 warehouse.

"Mind telling me what are you doing?"

"Eeep!" Yuzu shouted before I put my hand over her mouth.

"Quiet. You want the whole town to hear you?" I said. "Now, again what are you doing here?"

"You have already done a lot for me and everyone at You Show. Now, it's my turn to protect You Show!" Yuzu said, before running towards the warehouse.

I sighed, before deciding to enter another way. Spotting a few crates that were stacked against one another, I managed to climb and enter through a broken window. Good thing I played all that Assassin's Creed.

Sawatari was about to take a bite of his pie when the door to the warehouse opened. "You've gone too far, Sawatari!" Yuzu shouted.

Sawatari started to choke on his pie and quickly drank some water. "You said that you would do whatever it takes to defeat Noa, right? Well, I'm not gonna let that happen!"

Sawatari coughed. "Yuzu Hiiragi?! Why are you here?"

"I don't have to answer you! Also, you have crumbs on your face." Yuzu pointed out, confusing Sawatari.

"Sawatari, here." A napkin was given to him and he wipe his mouth before dramatically throwing it in the air.

"Yuzu Hiiragi, it looks like you've fallen into our—" Sawatari spoke dramatically

"This time, I'll Duel you!" Yuzu interrupted Sawatari.

"And beca—"

"I'm gonna make sure you don't bother Yuya ever again!"

"The goddess of victory is—"

"Don't tell me your afraid of Dueling a girl?!"

"Will you just let me talk!" Sawatari got fed up with Yuzu interrupting him.

"You think I'm gonna listen to a second-rate Duelist who threatened my friend!" Yuzu insulted.

"Second rate?" Sawatari eye twitched.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I meant third-rate! No, scratch that, fourth-rate! My mistake, you're a hundredth-rate Duelist!" Yuzu pressed on the insults.

Sawatari glared at Yuzu with hatred. "Now you've done it." Sawatari snapped his fingers and Kakimoto closed the warehouse doors.

"If you want to take your words back, now is your last chance." Sawatari warned.

"Does this answer your question?" Yuzu put on her Duel Disk.

"Time to put you in your place!" Sawatari put on his Duel Disk.

Suddenly, the door is slammed open and someone throws aside the guy standing in front of it. I notice everyone stares at Yuto briefly before they walk inside. So far, nothing can tell me the gender of Yuto.

"Who are you?" Sawatari asks Yuto.

"Stay back." Yuto tells Yuzu ignoring Sawatari as they stop walking just in front of Yuzu. The voice was too muffled to once again discern her gender.

"Huh, Who are you?" Yuzu questions in disbelief.

I noticed Yuto seemed to be glaring at Sawatari's LDS pin.

"Are you a knight who suddenly arrived to rescue the princess?" Sawatari mockingly asks Yuto as the lucky person who Yuto knocked down earlier runs around to hide behind his master's leg.

Yuto just silently throws out their arm causing their jacket cloak to open and reveal their Duel Disk and activate it…

Yep, Yuto was definitely a girl. No way she wasn't with THAT physique. Honestly, the ponytail should have been a dead giveaway. Her hair was definitely wild and spiky, like her original design, but there were also a few long strands that went down, forming a ponytail.

She still wore her original clothes, only instead of pants, it's a skirt that showed off her legs which, unfortunately, were filled with scars, most likely from the war.

"That's a unique Duel Disk." Sawatari comments on Yuto's Resistance Disk, "You don't feel like answering my questions?" he inquires of Yuto.

"Hey, who are you? Don't interfere, this is my duel!" Yuzu tells Yuto as she goes to put on her Duel Disk.

Yuto gently places her hand on her arm, "I don't want you to be hurt anymore." she tells Ruri's standard counterpart with concern and sorrow in her tone.

"Eh." Yuzu stammers a bit.

"You're so cool, Miss Hoodlum but that's enough, you're going to embarrass yourself" Sawatari says, mocking Yuto. Huh, guess he isn't calling her knight.

I smirked knowing that Bakatari was going to eat those words shit it out in word diarrhea, add word vomit to that and then be forced to eat that compost pile.

"You're perfect for testing my new deck." Sawatari says activating his Duel Disk, "I'll crush you." he says.


Yuto: 4000

Sawatari: 4000

"I'll go first." Yuto says.

"Fine, Miss Hoodlum." Sawatari tells Yuto.

"I set all five cards in my hand." Yuto says as she places her entire hand on the field earning shocked gasps from everyone else watching, "I end my turn." she finishes.

I can feel everyone's shocked at Yuto's play before Sawatari bursts out laughing.

"You show up acting cool, but that's all you can do?" Sawatari asks in disbelief.

"Sawatari, use Heavy Storm!" one of the stooges suggests.

"You don't have a single monster, too bad but luck isn't on your side." Sawatari mocks Yuto.

"Didn't you hear me, I ended my turn." Yuto retorts coolly.

"Huh…" Sawatari hums out before smirking, "I'll show you my perfect dueling." he says , placing his hand on his Deck, "My turn, I draw!" he says drawing his card, "I'll take advantage of your set cards." he tells Yuto.

Yuto just remains silent.

"When you have at least two cards in your Spell & Trap Card Zone, I can Special Summon this card from my hand!" Sawatari says holding up his monster, "Come out, Escher the Frost Vassal!" he says, placing the card on the blade.

(LV: 4 Aqua/Effect/Water ATK: 800 DEF: 1000)

"Then I tribute Escher to Tribute Summon!" Sawatari continues picking up Escher and sliding it into his Graveyard as Escher disintegrates into green dust as a new monster rises from a rainbow portal on the ground, "Mobius the Frost Monarch!" he says announcing the new monster's name.

(LV: 6 Aqua/Effect/Water ATK: 2400 DEF: 1000)

"All right, he already summoned a monster with 2400 attack points!" One of the lackeys cheers at the simple play.

"Mobius's effect activates, when it's successfully Tribute Summoned, I can select up to two Spell and Trap Cards on the field and destroy them!" Sawatari announces as Mobius charges up an ice energy blast, "Freeze Burst!" he calls out as Mobius unleashes its effect destroying two of Yuto's set cards.

Yuzu gasps in shock as if that wasn't an obvious play. Seriously, everyone in this dimension is an idiot if they're surprised by dueling plays of this level.

"I'm only getting started!" Sawatari taunts holding up a spell card, " I activate the spell card, Tribute Carnival from my hand!" he says, placing the card in his disk, "When I successfully Tribute Summon, this card lets me Tribute Summon again!" he explains.

"He's going to tribute Mobius with 2400 attack points to Tribute Summon again?" Yuzu says in shock.

"Exactly, I tribute Mobius the Frost Monarch to Tribute Summon!" Sawatari says releasing Mobius, "Come out, Mobius the Mega Monarch!" he says calling out Mobius's Mega form.

(LV: 8 Aqua/Effect/Water ATK: 2800 DEF: 1000)

"I would usually need to tribute two monsters, but if my monster was already Tribute Summoned, then I can Tribute Summon using only one monster, that's Mobius the Mega Monarch!" Sawatari explains why he was able to call a Level 8 with only 1 release, which isn't even something rare in Tribute Decks like Monarchs.

"Cool!" The Stooges stupidly cheer out.

"Mobius the Mega Monarch's effect activates, when it's successfully Tribute Summoned, I can select up to three spell and trap cards on the field and destroy them!" Sawatari declares once more as Mega Mobius charges up its effect.

"Miss Hoodlum, maybe you should use those cards before they're destroyed." One of the Stooges taunts Yuto.

"That's pointless, Since I tributed a Water Attribute monster to summon Mobius the Mega Monarch, he can't activate cards that will destroy it." Sawatari explains, "Freeze and break into pieces, Blizzard Destruction!" he calls out as Mega Mobius unleashed its effect destroying Yuto's last 3 set cards.

"Why did I feel the wind when there's no Action Field?" Yuzu questions realizing she just felt Mega Mobius effect. I also shivered a bit from the sudden cold. However, Yuto looked unfazed

"All your set cards are destroyed, and you have no cards in your hand, and you have no monsters to defend with, you acted cool when you showed up, but you're pathetic." Sawatari rants on in his delusion.

"Pull yourself together, maybe you shouldn't have interfered and let me handle it"" Yuzu tells Yuto a bit unsure as well.

Yuto looks at Yuzu allowing her to see her eye under the goggles, shocking her a bit at how cold they looked.

"Miss Hoodlum dressed in black, you're an eyesore, so leave." Sawatari tells Yuto.

Yuto turns to face Sawatari again. Wow, I can feel the boredom seeping off Yuto from where I'm standing.

"Let's battle, Mobius the Mega Monarch attacks you directly!" Sawatari orders and the Points on Mobius grew longer as a blizzard rages inside the warehouse.

"Heh Heh, his Monster has a boner." My inner Bevis/Rex laughs.

"I activate the Trap Card The Phantom Knights of Shadow Veil from my graveyard." Yuto announces.

"Huuuuuh, From the Graveyard, A Trap Card?" The Stooges stammer in disbelief.

"You're activating a Trap Card from the graveyard?" Sawatari stutters.

Yuto grabs the three cards ejected from her disk, "When you attack me directly, I can treat this card as a monster and Special Summon as many copies as possible from the graveyard." he says placing the three cards on his Disk Blade in defense mode as three flaming horse riding knights appear on his field.

(LV: 4 Warrior/Effect/Dark ATK: 300 DEF: 300) X 3

I had to stop from squealing. Out of the entire Yu-boys, now Yu-girls apparently, Phantom Knights were probably my favorite, both in design form and effects. And clearly the TCG liked them as well.

"Since an effect Special Summoned these cards, they're banished if they're sent to the graveyard." Yuto explains.

"She instantly has three monsters on his field." The Peanut Gallery comments.

"You set those cards because you were already planning to Special Summon them as monsters?" Yuzu asks in disbelief at the strategy.

"Hmph, you just summoned those monsters because you had nothing to defend with. I'll get rid of them." Sawatari brashly declares not seeing the true threat before him, "Go, Mobius the Mega Monarch Attack Shadow Veil. Imperial Charge!" he orders his monster as it destroys one of the Shadow Veils.

"When Shadow Veil is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, it's banished." Yuto calmly states.

"You're barely surviving." Sawatari states despite Yuto having 2 Monsters and full life, "I set one card and end my turn, I'll let you live until my next turn." he says setting his reverse card.

"Neo Sawatari, you're the best!" The Peanut Stooges comment again.

I couldn't help it and burst out laughing.

"Who's there?!" I hear Yuto snap, feeling her gaze in my general direction, well guess the jig is up, I walked out in full view.

"Noa!?" Yuzu says in shock seeing me.

"You know him?" Yuto asks Yuzu, keeping a cold distrusting gaze on me. I won't lie, I'm a bit hurt that she treats me with such hostility.

"Yeah he's a part of the Duel School I go to." Yuzu tells Yuto. Yuzu, why are you sharing information with a supposed stranger!?

I calmly jump between the two duelists.

"Hoshizaki Noa, so you came to witness Neo Sawatari's strength before he crushes you with it." Sawatari brags.

I threw my head back and roared in laughter.

"N-Noa!" Yuzu says a little creeped out, which fair enough, I sounded like Light when he got found out as Kira.

"Oh that is just hilarious! You think you are a threat to me at all with your pathetic deck. You weren't even enough of a challange to me when you used that gay Dart Deck with the bonus of Pendulum in that Duel. Not to mention I was holding back so much." I tell him.

"Noa was holding back?!" Yuzu says in shock.

"No way he's bluffing." The peanut gallery comments.

"That's a nice bluff you have there but it won't work." Sawatari comments.

I smirked, "Oh like how the beauty over here only set 5 cards and you thought she was weak." I comment.

"Beauty?" Yuto repeated, and unbeknownst me, she blushed a bit.

I scoffed. "Please, your strategies are so simple and easy to read. Everyone in this place is a moron who can't see the simplest play in front of them it's too easy to manipulate them to your flow the only person I dueled who made me even try in the match I know came from out of town, then again it's pretty obvious why it's so easy when every duelist in this town is an idiot if someone like Bakatari over there can be a top duelist, I would call Beauty over there the strongest duelist here but I haven't fought her yet to tell." I comment.

"H-Hey you don't need to be so mean." Yuzu comments.

I spin around and point at her, "Don't even start Hiiragi when you are the biggest idiot in this room even more than Bakatari." I tell her.

"What did you say?" Yuzu growls out her eyebrow twitching.

"You...Are….A….Bigger…..Idiot….Than…..Baka….Tari!" I say slowly poking her in the sternum to enunciate each word.

Yuto grabs my wrist and gives me a warning look but I ignore it.

Yuzu is steaming mad with her fan in her hand. Okay, maybe I should explain myself before I end up with a permanent mark on my face.

"What was your plan if Beauty here hadn't jumped in and saved you?" I ask Yuzu.

"Huh, what do you mean?" Yuzu asks, confused as everyone else looks on.

"You let yourself willingly get locked into a warehouse with four men who are physically stronger than you - not saying you're weak, it's just a known fact- just to challenge one to a duel that you egg on like a wild animal for a pointless duel the only person who knows where you are me, who followed you, and a twelve year old girl who has low stamina, not to mention she doesn't know where you are. If they felt like it they could have, I don't know, RAPED YOU AS MUCH AS THEY WANTED AND NO ONE WOULD BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!" I say starting calmly before roaring in Yuzu's face in a cold harsh no nonsense tone to get the point across.

Yuzu takes a few steps back in shock her fan hits the ground and she trembles in fear and shock as she fully realizes what she almost got herself into

"Oi we would never do something like that." One of the stooges protests.

I raise an eyebrow, "It's easy for you to say, there are two witnesses here, one who kicked your boss ass and the other who is about to." I retort.

"B-But you saw me go in to confront Sawatari you would have saved me right?" Yuzu says desperately.

I place my fingers on my chin. "Perhaps." I state with an uncaring tone.

"What?" Yuzu gasps gripping Yuto's arm, I mentally smirk.

"I like to look at things from all scenarios. Which one would work best if Beauty here didn't show up. Scenario 1 is where I let them have their way with you, wait until Yuya finds out and go absolutely berserk on Sawatari." I said, pun entirely intended. "Scenario 2 is when you're just about to lose hope and sink into despair, i come swooping in and save you, making you fall for me and possibly becoming the Harley to my Joker. Of course scenario 3 is what happened where someone came in and helped you."

Yuzu just stands there unresponsive.

"Not that this isn't fun but now that you're here Hoshizaki Noa, I'll crush you with my new strength, get out your Duel Disk I will Crush you." Sawatari says pointing at me.

"Yeah, and I'm the second coming of Jesus. Tell you what, If you can beat Beauty here, I'll give you that rematch and even use my decks true power." I say jerking my thumb at Yuto.

"Too scared to face the great Neo Sawatari?" The stooges comments.

I raise my eyebrow, "Why would I be scared to face someone who can't see a bigger picture in the duel, that type of outlook will cost you dearly in the future!" I state gaining shocked looked from everyone.

"But if Sawatari loses he can just try again." Yuzu comments.

I shake my head, while making a Tsk sound and waving my finger. "I'm afraid life is not that simple, my dear. Sometimes, you can lose once and your entire life is over. True, a loss can teach someone a lesson, but looking at Sawatari here it's clear he wouldn't understand a lesson even if it was spelled in a way even a child could understand."

"What?" Sawatari growls out.

"My Turn, I draw!" I declare making the gesture with my hand, before blushing "Sorry about that I got a bit to into my speech there. Please go right ahead." I took a bow.

Yuto silently looks at me for a moment with a calculating gaze, "It's alright." She says after a bit before drawing his card.

"Beauty will prove that your dueling lacks any depth or uniqueness, not even a hint of it.." I tell Sawatari as I slightly paraphrase a line from a badass dragon user I liked.

"What?" Sawatari hisses out annoyed.

"What is he saying? My stomach hurts, even your friends clothes are a joke!" The Peanut Gallery comments about Yuto and I as I feel Yuto's studying gaze on me.

"Impressive" I say glancing at the Two Shadow Veils on the field.

"What's impressive?" Sawatari asks.

"While it it possible that the Shadow Veils could be used as Tribute Fodder Beauty here would have to be lucky to draw a monster that would need tribute, and even if she would use them as Fusion Material he would need to draw a Polymerization Card…" I see Yuto flinch but i ignore it, "And not one of them is a Tuner so it's obviously not a Synchro Summon, no it's obvious what his deck's main focus is by looking at their levels and the fact they are Trap Monsters and not tokens.." I calmly observe.

Yuzu looks at me confused as Yuto looks on in surprise.

Yuto looks at me, "You're pretty observant. You're not from here are you?" Yuto asks with a cold mistrusting gaze.

I snap my fingers. "I come from Spain, amigo." I joked.

"With these two Level 4 Shadow Veils, I build the Overlay Network!" Yuto declares as she Overlays her two Shadow Veils and they enter the Overlay Network.

"It can't be!" Sawatari says in disbelief.

"That's…" Yuzu says in shock snapping back to reality.

"From the black darkness, the fangs of rebellion that fight against the powers of stupidity descend, Xyz Summon, Rank 4 Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon!" Yuto and I chant out as one as The Dragon who stands on top of Xyz appears on the field.

(RNK:4 OV:2 Dragon/Xyz/Effect/Dark ATK: 2500 DEF: 2000)

"Xyz Summon?" Yuzu gasps in shock.

"Incredible, she summoned a monster from his Extra Deck. She's a Xyz User. Is this for real? Xyz Summoning is a curriculum that only LDS' elite top class can take!" The Peanut gallery comments in disbelief.

"You knew what I was planning and even the chant." Yuto comments looking me in the eyes.

I blush a bit and rub the back of my neck, "A tragic duelist I admire once used that Dragon and I saw them summon it and the chant stuck with me." I say

Sawatari's clapping interrupts our conversation, "I was slightly surprised when you suddenly Xyz Summoned, but are you planning to battle my Mobius with that monster?" he questions, "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon has 2500 attack points and Mobius has 2800 attack points." he points out.

Yuzu looks at Yuto in concern.

"Your Xyz Summon is nothing more than a bluff." Sawatari says flicking his bang.

"I've battled with a lot of Xyz Monsters in my travels and I know that their true power lies in the Monster's attached to the Summoned Xyz Monster known as Overlay Units almost a soul you could call it." I state.

"I don't need a lecture about Xyz, I'm not interested!" Sawatari boasts.

"This is why you are a weak Duelist you never try to evolve, I guess you need a hands on demonstration." I tell Sawatari, "For example Dark Rebellions effect lets it detach an Xyz Material to half the ATK of a Level 5 or higher Monster and gain that ATK." I state.

"Seriously?!" Sawatri says shocked

"I activate Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon's Effect!" Yuto declares taking initiative, "By using one Overlay Unit, your Level 5 or above monster's attack points are halved until the end of this turn." an Overlay Unit is absorbed into Dark Rebellion's Chest as the gem's on it's body begin to glow with energy and its wings open and purple electricity surrounds it body, "And Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon gains that amount of attack points!" I finish as Mega Mobius is constricted by the energy, "Treason Discharge!".

(Mobius the Mega Monarch: 2800 / 2 = 1400 ATK)

(Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon: 2500 + 1400 = 3900 ATK)

"Dark Rebellion's attack points…" One of the Stooges gasps.

"Are now greater than Mobius's" Yuzu points out the obvious.

"This must be a joke!" Sawatari says in disbelief

"It doesn't end there, I just love it when cards lack the Once Per Turn clause." I say with a smirk.

"You mean?!" Yuzu gasps.

"Once more I detach an Overlay Unit from Dark Rebellion to Half Mobius' Attack!" Yuto says as the last Xyz Material is detached.

"So the same thing is going to happen again, this is bad!" The Peanut Gallery Comments.

"Treason Discharge!"Yuto cooly state once again as Mobius is bound even more.

(Mobius the Mega Monarch: 1400 /2 = 700 ATK)

(Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon: 3900 + 700 = 4600 ATK)

"4600 attack points!" Yuzu says in shock at the value.

"No way!" Sawatari stammers repeatedly in disbelief.

"Battle!" Yuto call out "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon attacks Mobius the Mega Monarch!"

"Go, Destroy that glacier with your fangs!" Yuto and I order, with myself getting into the action again.

"Lightning Disobey of Rebellion!" Yuto and I say as one as Dark Rebellion Charges forward crashing into Mega Mobius the explosion destroying the warehouse and sending debris flying, I tilt my head to avoid a shard but it nicks my ear as Yuto runs in front of Yuzu to shield her a stray rock hitting his goggles.

Sawatari groans in pain as he sits up.

Sawatari: 4000 -3900 = 100 LP

"What's happening, it's not an Action Field, but I felt an impact! That monster's power blew us again?This is bad." The Stooges comment.

Yuto makes sure Yuzu is safe before turning to face Sawatari, her goggles now up on her forehead, "I'll only ask once, prepare to answer!" she tells Sawatari holding up an LSD badge, "This badge is from LDS, correct, What's your connection to Academia?" he asks.

"Academia, What do you mean?" Sawatari says confused.

"Stop playing dumb!" Yuto snaps.

"I'm serious, anyone who enrolls in LDS has that badge, I don't know about Academia, that's the truth!" Sawatari says trying to placate Yuto.

"Then I'm done with you." Yuto tells Sawatari, turning around and walking off.

"You fool, this duel isn't over yet!" Sawtari laughs hitting his Duel Disk, "I activate the trap Ice Rage!" he says as his face down card flips over, "When your monster destroys my Water Attribute monster in battle, this card destroys your monster, and you take damage equal to its attack points!" Sawatari explains.

The others gasp in shock at this so-called comeback.

"Your Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon is destroyed, and you take 4600 points of damage, I anticipated what you would do, so I set a trap card in advance, I win!" Sawatari declares laughing in self assured victory.

"Man what a lame strategy where's the depth." I pout digging into my ear boredly.

"It's completely child's play." Yuto states.

"What?" Sawatari says in disbelief.

"I activate the Continuous Spell Phantom Knight's Spear from my graveyard." Yuto counters as the card appears on his field, "When your trap card activates, I banish this card from the graveyard to negate your trap card's activation and destroy it." she explains as Sawatari's trap is disintegrated, "And you take 100 points of damage!" Yuto finishes.

"Ehh!" Sawatari's face is white as a ghost, "Wait, Wait, Wait!" he flails in protest as Spear hovers menacingly.

"Feel the battlefield's sadness and pain!" Yuto says pointing at Sawatari as the spear is thrown piercing Sawatari's body.

I winced in pain, just a millimeter higher and Sawatari's Nuts would have been pierced, then again knowing how huge his ego is, they are probably too small to be hit at all.

Sawatari stammers in fear pinned to the wall as his life falls.

Sawatari: 100 - 100 = 0 LP


With the Duel Over everything on the field vanishes, Yuto takes off her mask and tosses it aside revealing her face.

"Yuya?" Yuzu questions in shock looking at Yuto.

"It was you?" Sawatari says shaking before fainting.

"Sawatari, this girl is dangerous, let's get outta here!" The stooges say grabbing Sawatari and fleeing.

"Yuya, Why are you dressed like that?" Yuzu questions.

"That's not Yuya." I interrupt.

"Huh but if you look you can clearly….see?" Yuzu protests before trailing off, beginning to see past the Dimensional Perception.

"Ruri, stay back." Yuto says kindly to Yuzu before coldly looking at me, "Who are you?" She asks me.

"It's custom to introduce yourself before asking for someone's name, you know" I comment, "Also that girl isn't who you think she is." Seriously, is everyone blind when it comes to counterparts?!

"Don't play coy." Yuto snaps annoyed, "You knew my ace monster's effect even though I have never seen you before, you say that you knew a tragic duelist but I'm the only one who has owned Dark Rebellion and you obviously know what happened to my homeland if you say a tragic duelist owned Dark Rebellion. I have never seen you before in Heartland. Are you with Academia?" She growls out.

I sighed. "What a drag…" I said, before taking out my Deck. "A Duel reveals everything about a person. Someone precious to me once said that. I'll prove to you I'm not your enemy." I told Yuto.

"Very Well, If I win you will explain everything." Yuto says Activating his Duel Disk.

"Very well, but if i win…" I said, before thinking about it. "You'll become my girlfriend."

Both Yuto and Yuzu blinked at my ridiculous request. Honestly, at this point i was just buying time for Yuya to get here… And right on cue, a blinding light erupts from Yuzu's Bracelet forcing us to shield our eyes.

"What is this?" Yuzu says in shock as Yuto is now gone, "Yuya?" She calls out, still confused over who she just saw.

"Yuzu!" I put my Deck back in my pocket as I hear the voice of the Tomato call out.

I turn to see Yuya in the doorway.

"Yuya?" Yuzu questions confused as to how Yuya got there.

"Are you okay?" Yuya asks Yuzu in concern.

"Yuya. You're Yuya, right?" Yuzu asks, confused.

"What are you talking about, Yuzu?" Yuya asks.

"Tomato hair, cape-like jacket, Pendulum and a cute smile to top it off… Yup I'd say that's Yuya." I comment, getting Yuya's attention.

"Noa!" Yuya shouts, embarrassed.

"That wasn't Yuya, maybe Noa was right?" Yuzu mutters to herself.

"It smells like smoke in here. Did you build a bonfire? It stinks!" Yuya comments offhandedly

And with that, we have the introduction of "Yuto". As expected, she is also a girl in this story. Also, I apologize for any misgenders. As you know, I'm basically copying the text and changing it, so I might miss a few.

Next chapter will be the LDS vs You Show arc. Oh and if you think there are no more twists, you are wrong.~~~~

Anyways, Idea of the day. Here are a lot of them because I couldn't settle on one.

-Reincarnated SI Yu-boys. Essentially, Ray couldn't create new souls for the Yu-boys, so she dragged 4 souls who died at the same time and transferred them to the Yu-boys bodies. Each SI has a harem corresponding to their Dimension, so Yu-Boy x Bracelet Girl. Some characters might be aged up a bit or Genderbended.

-Similar to the previous one, but it's Reincarnated SI Previous Protagonists. Essentially four OC become the previous protagonists and go into each of their respective Dimensions

-Naruto and Yugioh Arc-V Crossover: I'll admit, this is mostly because i'm fascinated by evildragonlord101 stories and I also wanted to try a Yugioh Arc-V crossover at some point. Essentially, Naruto and Konoha exists in the Arc-V universe, his ADOPTED family loathes him, he meets Jiraiya, falls in love with Dueling and wants to protect the world. OC x Massive harem. M for adult situations.

- Dino Duelist OC: Basically someone who uses the Doodle Beasts Futoshi used in the anime. OC was abused as a child before Yusho rescued them. Yusho cashed in a favour from Pegasus, who adopted him and turned his doodles into monsters as a form of therapy. OC doesn't feel anything towards Dueling. He mostly duels to repay Yusho for saving him. Not sure about the pairings though.

- An OC using Sylvan Horned Beast Pendulum Deck from Vanguard Overdress. Essentially you could attack with the monsters in the Pendulum Scales.

- A Signer OC who either uses Red Dragon Archefiend (basically becoming Jack) or uses Power Tool Dragon in their Deck.