Chapter 2: The SS Lazarus:

Morning dawned over The Crystal Lake Seaport. The docks were very busy in the early hours of the morning. Cars had been coming in and out of the docks endlessly and it didn't seem to slow down any time soon. These vehicles were full of parents dropping their children off for the graduation senior trip to New York City. Some parents came back and forth bringing their kids items they either forgot at home or would need for the long trip.

The wave of cars did not seem to slow down as time passed by. As did the waves of the excited graduates of Crystal Lake's own Lakeview High School. Some were rushing their parents to pick up the paste. Fathers were being bribed by their daughters to lug all of their luggage, sons and fathers were equally carrying everything. Everything seemed at peace. So far the brightest day was going according to plan. Good things were to come on this special and adventurous day.

A particular 1980s brown chevette soon arrived. It contained two females. Ms Colleen Van Deusen and the young 18-year old Rennie Wickham. In the backseat, contained Rennie's loyal canine companion, the bright and venturous Toby. Once parked, Ms Van Duesen spoke to Rennie in a upbeat and excited manner

"Toby sure seems ready to set sail, am i right Rennie?"

Rennie was lost in her thoughts. She hadn't even heard what Colleen had said to her. She was busy daydreaming and looking out the window of the car. Colleen noticed this and politely got her to snap out of it.

"Rennie my dear, did you hear anything i said, or are you busy thinking about Sean?" Colleen playfully teased her. Sean was a boy in Rennie's class that she had a serious crush on. This finally got Rennie's attention as she quickly responded to her teacher.

"No! i was thinking..." she quickly thought of something to say to shut down the assumptions. "Did i bring enough food for Toby?" she quickly said as she petted her canine companion, to which Colleen simply smiled, knowing the obvious nervous teenaged girl's tactics.

"I'll pretend you're not lying to me young lady."

Now that Rennie was no longer daydreaming, Colleen could finally talk to her about some serious matters at hand.

"Rennie, before we depart with everybody, i have to talk to you."


"Look, promise me you'll have some fun on this trip, Okay? and please socialize with some of your classmates, maybe even meet new people, i want you to expand your circle, understand?"

"Yes, i promise." Rennie sounded almost uncertain about this, but she promised Colleen that she would become more social during the trip. Colleen being the good and kind-hearted person she is, noticed this and asked the nervous young girl about it.

"Is there something you want to talk about? Rennie, you know you could ask me anything or tell me anything, I made you and your parents that promise a long time ago and will always keep it." Ms Van Deusen was always a very close friend of Rennie's parents throughout her life. One fateful day, Rennie's parents had sadly died in a car accident a few years prior. This changed her viewpoints on everything Colleen was a major factor in the young girl's life. Rennie even viewed her as a motherly figure.

Rennie let out a deep breath. "I don't know, it's just that i'm worried ya know...what if people think i'm too boring...or a freakish girl with issues...if i'm not a cheerleading dancing for the sports team or the prom queen or the popular girl Or the rebellious girl what's the point?"

"Rennie, let me tell you something about yourself young lady. You are just perfect the way you are. You have the personality that could make anyone like you for who you are. You're the perfect ingredient to any situation. You don't have to re-evaluate yourself for anybody. Do i make myself clear?" After a lecture from Colleen, Rennie was reassured somewhat.

"Yes ma'am."

"Good, now go have fun before i mark you late Miss Wickham." Colleen joked with the girl, as she was still her teacher as well.

"You're no fun Ms Van Deusen." she playfully pouted in response. "Come on Toby, out you go." Rennie got out of the car to open the door for the dog.

"We're already making progress Rennie, you're having fun already."

"I guess i am."

Once Rennie and Toby were out of the car, Colleen followed them shortly not long after. After getting her things out of the trunk, Rennie looked around and saw some of her fellow graduating students in the distance...the day would hopefully bring her some excitement.

As Rennie, Colleen and Toby made their way to the far end of the docks, after she finished taking her students attendance, Colleen took the time to take in Crystal Lake's fresh air. Rennie just stood around awkwardly while Toby was confidently awaiting his master's command.

"Could you just feel that fresh air darling?"

The young girl just laughed at her old person like antics. While Rennie did love Colleen almost like she was her own mother, even she wasn't immune to youthful criticism. "Stop being so old fashioned Colleen."

The kind woman just smiled at the young girl's comments before giving her a lesson. "It's not old fashioned my dear Rennie, anyone can enjoy this lovely air, even at your age. Rennie when you're older, you'll appreciate my old fashioned style."

"Maybe some day i will, who knows."

"It'll happen sooner than you think." Colleen laughs. "Now that my attendance duties are complete, let's get you aboard that cruise ship. Don't you have a fun day ahead of yourself young lady?" Colleen pointed towards a massive cruise ship that was docked near them. Rennie was amazed by the sheer size of the vessel.

The vessel was dubbed...The SS Lazarus

It was one of the mightiest luxury ships in the country. It contained everything needed to entertain the youth and the adults. She was a fine mighty beast that did indeed rule all the seven seas...Her appearance was enough to take the breath out of anyone. Even Toby was impressed by the size of the ship. The dog barked at it out of the animal's natural curiosity.

"Wow, it's massive." Rennie said to Colleen.

"It is indeed quite massive my dear, now come on, let us let ourselves on it." As Colleen, Rennie and Toby made their way towards the vessel, Colleen thought about how Rennie would act on the field trip after their discussion in her car. She loved and cherished Rennie like she was her own daughter and always looked out for her and her best interests at heart. All Colleen wanted her to do was socialize more and have fun so she would break from her shy and awkward nature, but at the same time she would not force the young Wickham into a situation that would make her uncomfortable or worse.

Rennie on the other hand felt excited, yet she was still nervous at the same time. The girl had hoped nothing would belittle her overall enjoyment and this seemingly bright and fun day. Rennie, You've totally got this, Nothing can stop you!" she thought to herself

"Ms Van Deusen!"

The sound of a shouting, angry male's voice could be heard. This familiar voice made Rennie's eyes widen. It was almost as if she had seen a ghost. Rennie was slightly frightened. Colleen on the other hand, had a more calm and casual look on her face. She showed no fear hearing the man yell.

"What is Rennie doing here?!"

Rennie was starting to show signs of worry based on her facial expressions. Colleen still showed the same calmness on her face.

"I demand an explanation Ms Van Deusen! What is My Niece doing here?! I barred her from attending this trip with the rest of the heathens!" The yelling man was Rennie's Uncle and principal of Lakeview high Charles McColloch.

"Well Charles, i figured Rennie here deserves to enjoy the end of her senior year like the rest of her grade." Colleen looked at Rennie, smiling hinting that she had this situation under control.

Charles was only more aggravated by his colleague's more brightened and upbeat manner. Added on by the fact that Rennie adored this woman, whom he only put up with due to her relationship with the young girl's deceased parents and Rennie herself. "Who are you to decide my niece's well-being?"

Colleen, although still calm, was also slowly getting frustrated with the rude behavior that Charles was showing. "Well Charles, I am quite as obligated to Rennie as you are, She doesn't deserve to be cast away because of your rude and strict over the top behavior."

Rennie couldn't stand to see her uncle and motherly like figure arguing with each other, so she had to put a stop to it. "UNCLE CHARLES STOP!" The girl shouted, which definitely caught her Uncle's attention. "Please don't yell at Ms Van Deusen."

The strict principle seeing how saddened his niece looked quickly changed his demeanor from strict and uptight to a more apologetic tone. "I'm sorry Rennie, it's jus.-"

"No, it's not her fault, i kinda went behind your back and planned on coming anyways."

"But why? I didn't want you around these heathens outside of a classroom." Charles, though much calmer than he was before, still was showing his doubts and was actually still very reluctant.

"I'll be fine, I promise." Rennie hugged her Uncle tightly hoping that this would sway him.

Colleen smiled before speaking up. "See Charles? She'll be fine."

"Nobody asked you Van Deusen!" Charles spat out, which slightly annoyed his female colleague.

"AHOY! Miss Van Deusen, Mr McColloch, how are we this fine sunny morning?" Before another argument could break out between the two older adults, an older adult approached them and shook their hands professionally.

"Admiral Robertson. We're marvelous this fine morning." Charles said in a professional manner, completely disregarding his interaction with Colleen moments prior. "That's quite the vessel you've got there admiral."

"Why thank you Charles, she's one mighty vessel indeed, and please, call my John." Admiral John Robertson was the captain of the S.S Lazarus. He was going to ensure that the graduating class of 1998 would have a safe and fun voyage. The elder captain of the ship then turned his attention to McColloch's niece Rennie and Colleen. "Miss Wickham & Miss Van Deusen, how are you two young ladies doing this morning?"

"I'm having a lovely morning captain." Colleen replied in a respectful manner.

"I'm splendid Admiral." Rennie replied also, in a respectful manner.

"You know, Sean's expecting to see you right this instance young lady."

"Sean's here?" Rennie was excited because Sean, the son of the captain, and her crush were aboard the ship. Charles was secretly annoyed because the last thing he wanted his young niece exposed to was a filthy minded boy. Colleen on the other hand was secretly happy for Rennie.

"That he is, now come with me young lady, let's not waste anymore time in making you my daughter in law." The admiral laughed as Rennie's eyes widened in embarrassment followed by her blushing.

Colleen let out a light chuckle while Charles was trying his best to hide his rapidly increasing irritation.

"Uh...yea." Rennie awkwardly replied.

"Let's not push ou.-" Charles was cut off as Colleen put her hand over his mouth, preventing him from saying something out of line.

"Let's not delay the children anymore." said the captain, as he helped McColloch's niece with her bags. "Come Rennie." The teenager followed the captain, who was carrying her bags towards the stairs of the gigantic ship. "I'll allow you two to make sure all of your students are present." Once Rennie and Captain John Robertson were gone, McColloch could finally drop the act.

"There won't be any marriages of the sort for Rennie, Not while i'm around!" Charles angrily said.

"Lighten up Charles, he was only joking, i could see it, Rennie could see and you could see it."

"She's in my bloodline Ms Van Deusen, I know what's best for her."

"The only person that knows what's best for Rennie is Rennie herself." Colleen could see right through the arrogance of the principle, she didn't hesitate on pointing it out either. "Please stop being so rude and arrogant, it's all i ask of you."

McColloch replied bitterly and rudely once more. "The only ego present here is yours, thinking your the better parental figure for my niece. Now we've got a big problem with the students Van Deusen."

Colleen was curious as to what the principle was going on about. "What are you talking about? Everyone on my half of the list is marked present, I've met and discussed with most of their parents."

"No! Listen!" McColloch angrily shushed her, much to the chagrin of Colleen. "It's about that joking buffoon James Miller and his odd significant other Suzannah Donaldson."

"What about them Charles?" The woman continues on. "I'm sure they're safe and sound on the ship with the rest of the kids."

"That's the problem! They're not!" Charles yelled but in a quieter tone so only Van Deusen could hear. "I've been trying to get ahold of both their parents for ages, I don't know if they're genuinely late or if this is another one of their treacherous pranks."

This led the two adults growing curious about where the two teenaged lovers could be. Charles just assumed that it was just one of James childish theatrics while Colleen thought more into the matter.

"If this is serious, we'll need wait a little longer before we officially set sail."

"Nonsense." Said Charles. "We're setting sa-"

"HE'S HERE!" A voice yelled out, surprising Colleen and McColloch. "Jason's coming!"

Colleen and Charles turn to their left and look and see the previously mentioned Suzi Donaldson who looked very distressed. Colleen looked concerned while Charles looked more so confused.

"Jason?" Colleen questioned. "Honey, Jason Voorhees has been dead since 1984."

"No!" Suzi yelled. "He's alive, he killed my boyfriend! I was with him last night, he was murdered trying to protect me from him! You've got to believe me, Ms Van Deusen,"

Colleen was now alarmed. While she did always make sure that her students were safe and their wellbeing was secured, she just didn't know what to make of the young student's warning. Jason's been dead since the summer of 1984, where he hacked up all of those children. She even recalled reading about the twelve year old boy who ended his reign of terror. How could a man who's been dead for nearly fifteen years kill one of her students? It just didn't make sense.

Colleen pulled Suzi to the side. "Miss Donaldson, are you being serious about this? This is a very serious matter if this is true? Tell me ev-"

"Enough!" Charles cut off Colleen completely and stomped towards the pair. "I've had enough of hearing your nonsense Miss Donaldson, you and that James with these tasteless jokes!"


Charles cut the student off. "Now, you're gonna get on that ship and have a good time with your peers doing whatever you youthful folks are into these days! AM I UNDERSTOOD?!"

Colleen looked at Suzi with full sympathy. She made it her personal mission to check on her once they set sail.

Suzi, with no other choice gave up trying and made her way to the SS Lazarus. She was trying to warn them, but they wouldn't listen. Once Suzi walked away, Colleen pulled Charles to the side. "You didn't have to be that stern with her." She sternly stated.

"Discipline is the only thing these kids understand. Now come on, we've got everyone on the ship, we're not going to wait around anymore." With all of the other kids aboard the cruise, Colleen and Charles finally headed towards the SS Lazarus and eventually boarded the vessel themselves. Colleen thought about how fun this adventure would be for Rennie. This trip was just what these kids needed after a hard year at school.

Meanwhile what no one noticed was a smaller boat, with bloody windows drifting into the Crystal Lake Docks. The boat somehow managed to quietly dock itself a good distance away from the SS Lazarus on another part of the dock.

A short time later, Jason Voorhees himself had emerged from the vessel. He took a brief moment to observe his surroundings. His eyes turned and focused onto something.

The SS Lazarus...




The monster heard the sounds of teenage laughter and happiness coming from aboard the ship. It enraged empowered him to end them...end them all. He would make them all suffer.

Voorhees eventually exited the vessel and entered the water. Not long afterwards, the murderous psychopath latched onto a cable on the cruise ship's side. Voorhees breathed heavily before eventually beginning his descent up the side of the vessel.

More bloodshed was coming and there was nothing that was going to stop it...

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