Chapter 1 The Uzumaki Meister and 9 Weapons

Death's Office

Inside of a massive room with walls that looked like a sky with moving clouds and the dirt floor filled with black cross sticking out of the ground was someone standing in the center on a small podium with stairs. The person was a jagged black figure that had arms with a cartoonish white skull mask and large white hands. This figure is Lord Death, the Headmaster of DWMA(Death Weapon Meister Academy).

Suddenly Death heard cracking making him turn around to see a portal tear open and spit out a teen who was unconscious.

"This is rather peculiar." Death said looking at the teen and took in his appearance.

The teen was male and looked 17 with lightly tan skin having spiky blonde hair and whisker marks on his cheeks, having a lean and muscular build, wearing a tatters of what looked like a black and orange shirt with orange pants and blue sandals.

Before he could do anything a note appeared before him.

"From one god to another I feel like I should warn you this one is more than meets the eye." Death thought reading the note. "PS never underestimate him." It said and Death felt very inclined to believe that simple side note as he sensed the force of unwavering will and inner strength this teen had. He looked at the letter and saw that the boy's name was Naruto Uzumaki.

"Hmmmmm this young man has some other presence in him. Let's fix that." Death said as he tapped the boy's stomach that had a tattoo on it and 9 balls of light left the boy and soon took the form of 9 small animals.

"There that's better" Death said as that was much more balanced.

Suddenly Naruto started groaning as he woke up and looked at Death.

"Ghost!" He screamed as he jumped up from the floor.

"The fuck is this?! What happened to you Death you looked more respectable before, the fuck is this?!" Kurama said, a red orange nine tailed fox, as he looked at a man who he could only assume was Death.

"Who cares about that? I want to know why we are chibis!" Shukaku yelled, a sandy brown raccoon dog, as they were now adorable instead of terrifying.

"Is that really Death?" Isobu asked, a gray three tailed turtle, from his shell as he was scared.

"Yes~ Glad to meet you" Death said happily.

"You look like a bad cartoon character." Naruto said, receiving a hard chop to the head. "Why you!" He said chopping him on the head in return only to realize his head was as hard as steel "Fuck that hurts!" Naruto yelled holding his hand in pain.

"Well, I am Death." Death said happily that Naruto learned he's still Death no matter what he looks like.

"WAAAAAAAAA! I DIED?!" Naruto shouted "Fuck that rabbit bitch killed me!" He said feeling shame, the tailed beasts actually patted him comfortably.

"Well not exactly." Death said but Naruto and the tailed beasts were too busy screaming and running around crazy making a tick mark appear on his head.

Chops were heard multiple times in the office as Death got their attention with chops to the head. "Now listen up!" He yelled getting their attention at last.

"Hey why can't I use my Rasengan?" Naruto asked as he couldn't even muster up his justu.

"That's the thing the old man that brought you to me told me that the process to bring you here... essentially reset you skill wise, he said you'll have to relearn all these jutsu you learned to get back to where you were, but they won't be as powerful as they used to be." Death said to him simply.

"THIS IS A NIGHTMARE! I worked so hard to learn the Rasengan, the Shadow Clone jutsu EVERYTHING! Now I have to relearn it and it won't be as powerful as before?! I might as well be dead!" Naruto said as he slumped.

"Quite a drama queen aren't you?" Death said not amused by Naruto's antics.

"YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW!" Naruto yelled in anger and frustration as he felt he was robbed.

"Well considering how now I'm supposed to be your guardian and caretaker it's only fair that I teach you everything I know. I've always wanted an apprentice but my son never wanted to be it." Death said as his son had a rather odd personality quirk though if he had a rival like Naruto maybe his son could become the next Death after all.

"Well at least there's something." Naruto said.

"You see, to truly be strong here in this world you must fight with them, they now have the ability to become weapons for you to use." Death said.

"We can become weapons?" Kurama said before he concentrated and glowed red becoming a very well made orange katana. "Awesome!" He said thinking this was cool.

"Cool! What am I?" Shukaku said as he concentrated and in a flash of brown he became what looked like a sandy brown large jagged spear with red markings. "My spear huh, not bad." He said to himself as he always liked his spear.

"Isn't this that spear that Gaara made from sand?" Matatabi said, a blue fired two tailed cat, as she had seen Naruto's memories.

"What about you?" Shukaku asked as Matatabi glowed into a blue fire and became two blue armored gauntlets that were like tiger claws.

"I'm a shield, well that makes sense." Isobu said as he was a gray shield that looked like a turtle shell and Shukaku, who was back to normal, flipped him off as they had a rivalry who had the best defense.

"At least yours does, why am I staff when Shukaku is a spear?!" Son Goku, a red four tailed monkey, yelled in frustration as his weapon form was a red staff.

"Well in mythology the ape king always uses a bo staff." Death said to him as he read up on a lot of stuff.

"I thought I was gonna become fists or a hammer." Son Goku said as he deflated a bit.

"I'm shoes?!" Kokuo yelled, a white five tailed dolphin horse, pissed off feeling like she got ripped off.

"Actually they are more like combat boots." Death said trying to clarify as her form was white armored combat boots.

"I'm a sickle!" Saiken said, a light bluish six tailed slug, with a giggle as he was glad his form was a nice and deadly weapon of a black scythe with the blade being light blue.

"Actually you're a scythe there's a difference." Death said to him.

"At least you all are useful how does a fan help at all besides beating the heat?!" Chomei yelled, a blue seven tailed rhinoceros beetle with six tails being wings, in anger as his weapon form was a green war fan.

"Well maybe each weapon has different abilities so maybe your ability requires it." Naruto said hoping to make Chomei feel better.

"Smart." Death thought as most weapons like them do have special abilities.

"I'm a whip... figures. I wanted to be a helmet!" Gyuki said, a dark gray eight tailed bull octopus, as he understood the nature of why his weapon form was a dark gray whip with a black handle.

"Uh why?" Naruto asked.

"So I can ram stuff as I'm a bull as well, not just an octopus!" Gyuki said.

"Well you are what you are no sense in complaining." Death said.

"Okay skull gramps, when do we start this training." Naruto asked.

"REAPER CHOP!" Was heard in the whole room.

"Owwwww." Naruto said laying on the floor dizzy from the hit he just took on his head.

"I'm not old, I'm nowhere near the age to be considered old. Also since I am to be your caretaker don't let that think I'll go easy on you teaching you, I'm more powerful than every teacher in the academy combined." Death said to him very seriously.

"Academy? Fuck that!" Naruto said getting up as he went through enough of that.

"Yeah, school does suck but you gotta deal with it." Death said simply. "But you can relax as for the next year, you and your weapons are in my personal boot camp!" Death said in his scary voice hoping to scare Naruto.

"Teach me everything you know and I will learn." Naruto said with a grin.

If Death had a mouth it would be grinning happily. "Finally a worthy apprentice, I'm going to have fun teaching you. Maybe even get my son out of his weird streak." Death said as he loved his students but some were above others in certain areas.

"Death has a son?" Kurama asked finding that a little weird.

"How can you create life from death?" Naruto asked finding that extremely odd.

"Enough questions time to train!" Death said.

"Just so you know I have no intentions of becoming the next you." Naruto said.

"Oh?" Death said as he tilted his head.

"Somewhere out there is my place in this new world and I'm gonna find it, one step at a time." Naruto said with a grin.

"You won't be alone Naruto we got your back" Kurama said jumping on Naruto's shoulder.

The other tailed beasts nodded in agreement as they went through a lot fighting Kaguya with Naruto and they refused to abandon him now.

A year later

Naruto, wearing a black hoodie with a orange muscle shirt underneath, dark blue pants, and black boots, whistled as he sat on a rooftop and saw a peach skinned young woman having short violet hair with bright yellow eyes, having an curvy figure with low E-cup breasts dressed like a witch sitting on a pumpkin.

"Not a witch." Matatabi said from Naruto's hoodie.

"I can tell she more or less smells like a cat." Naruto said as he spent enough time with the flaming cat to know.

"Tell that to the two idiots trying to beat her." Kurama said laughing as the supposed witch was attacked by a girl and boy around Naruto's age.

"Let's go say hi." Saiken said excited as always.

"Wait let's watch the fight." Shukaku said wanting to see if the girl and boy could win

"That's a first coming from you." Kurama said.

"I want to see if they are stupid enough to eat the soul and ruin their chances of being a Death Scythe." Shukaku said laughing.

"50 bucks says they will." Naruto said as they all took part in the bet.

Few minutes later

"Fuck." Kokuo and Gyuki said as they were some of the few thinking the team was smart.

"Called it, you should know by now I win every bet I make." Naruto said with a grin.

"Especially after you got banned from Las Vegas." Son Goku said laughing at the memory of what happened after a mission they were on in Vegas.

"Not my fault I'm such an expert gambler." Naruto said grumbling that he got banned after getting a trillion bucks.

"Ah, there's a pumpkin looking at us!" Isobu said in fear.

Naruto glanced up to see the pumpkin looking at them. "What are you looking at?" He said glaring at it.

"You have an interesting aura." A voice said to him

"I have a lot of interesting things about me if what the women say is true." Naruto said with a chuckle.

"Women who hit on you because of your money don't count." Kurama said boredly.

"That's just Vegas chicks." Naruto said as Vegas women were crazy.

"You need a real girlfriend not some floozy." Kokuo said thinking Naruto could do better.

"This coming from animals that can't get anyone either, but you are not wrong, Kokuo." Naruto said as a regular girlfriend would be nice.

"Ooooooo are these animals your friends?" The voice said as a cat wearing a witch's hat appeared on the floating pumpkin.

"Hello, Blair is it?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Why yes it is handsome." Blair said as she purred seeing him as he had a cat-like feel to her and she liked his whiskers as it showed a primal side to him.

"Wait is that you Blair?!" Said a fair skinned 16 year old boy having white hair swept to the side with red eyes, and pointed teeth wearing a black and yellow jacket with buttons going down the front, maroon pants, black and yellow sneakers with the soles being designed to look like his teeth, and a prominent headband that has his name on it with a sticker of a red lipped mouth with pointed teeth surrounded by the letters E-A-T running over to Blair and Naruto.

"Go away, Soul. I'm busy talking to this handsome man here." Blair said as she let out a hiss and her eyes became slits.

"I like her." Matatabi said getting blank looks from her siblings.

"I just ate your soul, how are you still here?" Soul yelled in fury.

"Because she's not a witch." Naruto said matter of factly getting Soul and his female partner to freeze.

"Exactly." Blair said with a smile with a grin.

"So pretty kitty, how about we get a drink?" Naruto asked Blair.

"Sure handsome, let me change forms first." Blair said as she jumped off her pumpkin and turned into her human form.

"Nice." Naruto thought checking Blair out.

"Let's go cutie." Blair said grabbing Naruto's arm burying it in between her breasts.

"Hey wait!" Soul said a little jealous.

Naruto was gone in the blink of an eye and appeared in front of him. "Go away." He said as he flicked Soul on the head sending him flying.

"Hey!" His female partner yelled getting Naruto's attention seeing she was a fair skinned 16 year old girl having dirty-blonde hair kept in pigtails with green eyes, a slim frame with B-cup breasts, wearing a typical school girl outfit consisting of a white long sleeved blouse under a yellow sweater vest, a green striped tie, white gloves, a red and black plaid skirt, and black boots with white buckles having a black trench coat over her outfit.

"Hello, beautiful lady." Naruto said looking at the girl finding her cute.

"She seems flat to me." Shukaku said poking his head out of Naruto's hoodie before Naruto flicked his head.

"It's not so much that matters on the outside but the inside and on the inside and outside she is pretty." Naruto said.

"Oh please she looks like a boring egghead." Shukaku said to him not seeing much in the girl.

The girl growled in rage and then grabbed Shukaku and kicked him hard sending him flying towards the edge of the city.

"We can go on a date another time, adieu." Naruto said as he and Blair began walking away.

"Who was that asshole?" Soul asked getting back up before seeing his partner's blushing face. "Hey Maka, you ok?" He asked never seeing her like this.

"I'm fine!" Maka yelled finally snapping out of it. "Let's just report to Lord Death that we failed." She said sighing that all the souls they collected up to now were gonna be confiscated.

"Great." Soul said grumbling at the fact they were back to square one.

With Death

"I can't believe my little girl failed!" A fair skinned man having red hair that went to his shoulders with green eyes wearing a olive green button shirt that had a black suit blazer over with a black cross tie, black slacks, and silver buckle dress shoes yelled with tears in his eyes.

"Oh calm down, Spirit." Death said getting annoyed with his weapon's whining.

"But she was so close!" Spirit yelled before Death chopped him in the head. "Ouch! Why didn't that student of yours warn them?" He said rubbing his wound from Death's chop to his head.

"Naruto doesn't help unless their life is in danger and theirs weren't. Plus if they can't tell that she wasn't a witch then that's their own fault." Death said as being able to tell what their enemy actually is was important.

"I don't like that kid." Spirit said growling.

"Oh grow up, you just don't like him because he hit on your daughter." Death said condescendingly to Spirit.

"My little girl has no business dating!" Spirit said stubbornly.

"Little Girl? She's 16. Lots of girls start dating at that age." Death said

"She's a little girl to me!" Spirit wailed in defiance.

Death then smacked Spirit again silencing him.

"Fine, it's not like my Maka would fall for him if he can't even fight anyway." Spirit said before getting smacked even harder than before.

"Do not underestimate my student after all I taught him everything I know!" Death said as Naruto had more than his fair share of surprises to him.

"Who's his weapon?" Spirit asked as he got up from the crater he was in from Death's chop.

"Which one do you want to know about?" Death asked.

"Which one?" Spirit asked surprised.

"He has nine weapons, some that have given me a scar or two when I underestimated him." Death said "Though I didn't have a weapon at the time." He said as if he had a weapon Naruto wouldn't have a chance.

"He's your student and he has nine weapons?!" Spirit yelled before getting chopped again.

"Yes, and as his caretaker I can say that he has made me very proud. Do not underestimate him Spirit, it may be the very last thing you ever do." Death said seriously

"I'm a Death Scythe, what can he do?" Spirit asked curiously.

"He won't care, he likes a challenge." Death said laughing a little.

"He can't be much if he's not even going to the academy" Spirit said to him thinking he was below academy standards.

"Good point I'm gonna change that." Death said walking to his desk to get the paperwork ready.

"R-Really if he's made public that he's your student and that you're his caretaker that'd be like putting a target on his back." Spirit said

"Yes, but they can handle the challenge." Death said with confidence in Naruto and his weapons.

"It's not like he can win my Maka's heart" Spirit said confidently.

"He actually really knows how to talk to the ladies, he may get more than you do." Death said knowing Naruto would definitely get more than Spirit ever did or could.

"Ha! Then he has no chance! Maka hates perverts!" Spirit said proudly.

"Except he's not a pervert." Death said making Spirit go stiff. "He doesn't go to maid cafes where they are paid to like you either." He said as Spirit sulked in the corner.

With Naruto and Blair

"So you live on the street?" Naruto asked Blair curiously with a frown.

"Yep." Blair said not bothered by it.

"You could move in with me" Naruto said.

"Oooooo you want me to be your pet?" Blair asked flirting with him.

"Well not exactly, though you would look interesting in a maid outfit." Naruto said chuckling. "If you don't want to, my place is always open to you so you can get some fish." He said with a smile.

"Thank you, nyaa!" Blair said as she hugged him.

Suddenly a buzzing sound was heard from Naruto's pocket.

"Hold on I got a call." Naruto said pulling out his phone. "Sup Pops?" He said into the phone as he listened to Death on the other line.

Blair meowed as she tilted her head wondering who Naruto was talking to as she was a little curious.

"What do you mean I'm starting the academy in three days?!" Naruto yelled into the phone. "I don't wanna go!" He yelled into the phone. "Don't you hang up on me! Hello?! Damn it!" He yelled as he put his phone away.

"Who was it?" Blair asked.

"That was my guardian, Death. Apparently I'm gonna start the academy in three days." Naruto said.

"I don't want to lose my boy toy!" Blair said as she pushed his head between her breasts.

"Whoa let's go on a few dates before we start any action." Naruto said with a chuckle.

"Ha! Your going to school while we wait at home." Kurama said laughing with Shukaku.

"Wherever I go you go, remember?" Naruto said plainly making Shukaku's face go from smug to horrified.

"Aw man school sucks!" Shukaku whined as he hated learning.

"You could get even with that girl that kicked your ass." Matatabi said baiting Shukaku to agree to go.

"That bitch won't beat me twice!" Shukaku said as Naruto pushed him back into his hoodie.

"Watch your mouth." Naruto said not liking that word.

"I don't want you to go." Blair said pouting a little.

"You could always go with me." Naruto said as he rubbed her chin making her shiver and purr.

"Nah I'll just be your pet waiting at home." Blair said teasingly before she felt him rub her hips making her blush slightly.

"At least I can look forward to something when I get home, a nice beautiful pet to take care of." Naruto said with a smile at her blush.

Blair's face became red as did her body.

"After all a good pet owner must take good care of his pet." Naruto growled sexually as he rubbed her hips more.

Smoke left Blair's head as she passed out into his arms and let out loud excited purrs.

"Wow for a massive flirt she didn't last long when you flirted back." Gyuki said with a chuckle.

"I have that effect on women." Naruto said with a proud smile.

Few days later at DWMA

"Hey Soul!" Shouted a short tan skinned 13 year old boy having spiky light blue hair with green eyes wearing a black no sleeved shirt with a funnel collar having a star-shaped mark on his right shoulder which is just a shade lighter than his normal skin, white pants with the knee parts down black, black fingerless gloves with the middle gray and a star on top of them, and black shoes with steel toes having a star on them running over to Soul and Maka with his partner.

"Hey Black Star, what is it?" Soul asked as he fist bumped with him.

"Didn't you hear? Death's student is coming to the academy!" Black Star said excitement in his voice.

"His kid just joined, why his student now?" Maka asked curiously.

"Don't ask me, but I can't wait to fight him! Fighting him will really get my godhood started." Black Star yelled in excitement. "Aren't you excited Tsubaki?" He asked the woman with him as she was a pale skinned 17 year old girl having long black hair tied into a ponytail with indigo eyes, a slender frame with large D-cup breasts, wearing a pale yellow sleeveless outfit with a skirt end that has a slit up the side with the same symbol on Black Star's shoulder on the right side of her chest in yellow with a dark brown scarf around her neck, a silver studded belt that wraps around her waist twice and hangs down diagonally from right to left, gray and black bandages on her arms from the shoulder down and sweatbands with the same symbol on her chest on them on her wrists, a tight dark brown stocking on her right leg starting just above her knee and white boots.

"You lost to Kid already do you really think you stand a chance versus his personal student?" Tsubaki asked nervously.

"You won't know until you try, and I will show him my awesome presence, it'll make him speechless!" Black Star said laughing.

"The only thing that leaves people speechless is how big your ego is." Tsubaki thought as she sighed.

"Hey Kid! You hear about your dad's apprentice?" Soul said as a boy walked over with his two female partners.

The boy was 16 and light pale skinned having short black hair that had three white rectangle lines on his left side with gold layered eyes wearing a black suit with white rectangles and black shoes with a white dress shirt under it and a metallic skull rests under his collar and skull rings on his middle fingers.

One of the girls was 17 and tall with lightly tan skinned having dirty blonde hair that reached her back that had a cowboy hat on it with dark blue eyes, a slender figure with C-cup breasts, wearing a tight red sleeveless red turtleneck belly shirt with a white tie, two silver ring bracelets on her wrists, dark blue jeans and black high-heels boots.

The other girl was 16 and fair skinned having bright blonde hair that reached her chin with light blue eyes, a curvy figure with med D-cup breasts, wearing the same outfit as the other blonde, but she had jean shorts instead and didn't wear bracelets.

"Well my father did tell me he was taking care of someone else for a friend as he had nowhere else to go, but didn't tell me much about him." Kid said.

"Yea Kid hasn't met him yet despite him being curious." The tall dirty blonde girl said.

"I wonder if he's cool. What do you think, Liz?" The bright blonde girl asked her older sister.

"Your guess is as good as mine, Patty." Liz shrugged.

"That just makes me want to meet him even more!" Patty squealed.

A group of students were looking out the window.

"That must be him!" A girl yelled.

"He's so handsome!" Another girl yelled.

They all went to the window to see and saw Naruto making Soul and Maka shout.

"It's him!" They said in surprise.

"You met him before?" Kid asked surprised that they met Naruto before him.

"That asshole knew that Blair wasn't a witch and didn't tell us!" Soul yelled annoyed that he lost all the souls him and Maka collected.

"I'm gonna tear his ass up!" Black Star said in anger for his friend losing his chance to be a Death Scythe.

"That sounded so wrong coming from you." The women said backing away.

"Let's go challenge him!" Black Star yelled dragging Tsubaki away.

"Let's go watch!" Patty said excited to see the fight.

"Let's not and say we did." Liz said.

"Oh come on." Patty said as she pulled Liz behind her.

"Hey wait!" Kid said as he ran after them.

"There's no stopping you is there?" Maka said looking at Soul who looked battle ready.

"You know me so well." Soul said with a smile.

"Fine let me get Mr. Stein so we don't get in trouble." Maka said sighing as all battles between students had to be watched by a teacher.

With Naruto

"Gotta say this place is impressive." Naruto said as he looked around a little impressed.

"I find it creepy." Isobu said poking his head out of Naruto's hoodie thinking this place needed a total remodeling.

"It's Death Academy what did you expect?" Son Goku said thinking it could've been darker considering who it was named after.

"A school." Isobu said tiredly.

"Hey!" Black Star yelled as he came outside with Tsubaki.

"Hello beautiful lady." Naruto said walking over to Tsubaki kissing her hand making her blush.

"Don't ignore me!" Black Star yelled annoyed that the new student was ignoring him.

"You say something?" Naruto asked looking at Black Star boredly.

Black Star growled annoyed as students came out of the school.

"May I get your name my dear?" Naruto asked Tsubaki as he still held her hand.

"T-Tsubaki." She said blushing lightly.

"So this is Death's personal student." Said a lightly pale skinned man with silver-gray hair that had a gear in his head with dark gray eyes that had large round glasses over them wearing a dark gray turtleneck shirt with a lab coat over it, black pants, and gray shoes as he joined the students. Weird thing about him is that he had zig-zag stitches all over his body and clothes.

"Whoa, you must always have a headache from that thing." Naruto said looking at the man.

"That's Mr. Stein to you, Mr. Uzumaki" Stein said with a grin as he turned the gear on his head.

"Stein like Frankenstein?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Hey don't ignore my greatness!" Black Star yelled at him in anger.

"What greatness, shorty?" Naruto asked not seeing anything special from the young man.

"I am not short, I am the perfectly good height for someone my age!" Black Star said glaring at Naruto.

"Let me guess 13?" Naruto asked as this kid seemed younger than the other students.

"Right!" Black Star said with a grin.

"I was a few inches taller than you at that age, are you eating your greens?" Naruto asked making Black Star facefault into the ground.

The students watching started laughing at this.

"You're making them laugh at me!" Black Star yelled in anger.

"Look brat I got better things to do than listen to your ego trip so how's about you go away." Naruto said.

"Didn't you have an ego as a kid?" Kurama asked poking his head out of Naruto's hoodie.

"Yeah, but not this bad." Naruto said as there was a limit even for him back then.

"Whaa talking fox!" Black Star said surprised by what he was seeing.

"Meet the gang" Naruto said as he snapped his fingers and everyone jumped out of his hoodie, including a familiar cat with a witch's hat. "How'd you hide in there?" He asked.

The women were amazed by the cuteness of the creatures and began to pet them.

"What is this, a soccer ball?" Black Star said poking Isobu's shell before Isobu stuck his head out and bit his finger.

"Yeowch!" Black Star yelled as he tried to shake the turtle off his finger.

"Greatness I don't think so. Now Blair, how in the world did you manage to hide in my hoodie?" Naruto asked the cat curiously as she nuzzled against his neck.

"Death made your hoodie bigger on the inside for us." Matatabi said stretching her limbs.

"That was a very naughty thing to do my pet" Naruto said to Blair.

Blair suddenly turned human. "You gonna punish me?" She asked striking a sexy kitty pose.

"If I feel like it." Naruto said as the male students got bloody noses from seeing Blair.

"Don't ignore me ass-" Black Star was saying before Naruto raised his arm up smacking the back of his hand against his nose.

"You talk too damn much, you know that." Naruto said as Tsubaki giggled a little. "Is it ok if we fight, teach?" He asked looking at Stein.

"He's not gonna stop until he gets a fight out of you." Stein said sighing. "And I'm curious if the rumors about you having 9 weapons is true." He said.

"Of course you're looking at them." Naruto said gesturing to the tailed beasts.

"N-nine?!" Soul said.

"You truly must be Death's student if you can handle nine." Stein said very impressed.

"I handled more women than that in Vegas." Naruto said making many women blush at the thought.

"Not like that!" Stein yelled to him.

"Oh relax stitches he's a virgin anyway." Kurama said snickering.

Blair licked her lips hearing that and looked at Naruto with predatory eyes.

Naruto removed his hoodie showing his chest to all.

Some of the women watching had nosebleeds seeing his perfect chiseled body.

"I don't want to ruin my hoodie." Naruto said handing it to Blair. "I'm gonna beat your ego into the ground brat, and show you why you're not all that." He said as he cracked his neck. "Who wants to help me deflate this kid's ego?" He asked looking at the tailed beasts.

"I'll go." Kurama said walking to Naruto and jumping into the air turning into his katana form which Naruto caught.

"Let's do this, Tsubaki!" Black Star said as Tsubaki transformed into twin sickles with a chain attached to them at the bottom.

"It'll be a shame to strike a woman." Naruto said letting out a sad sigh.

"Who cares?!" Black Star yelled.

"I do. A gentleman should never raise a hand to a lady." Naruto said as he did have some chivalry in him.

"Hey wait… are you calling me a girl?!" Black Star yelled.

"Certainly acting like a little girl." Naruto said chuckling a little.

"I'm not a girl! Besides if the girl is a fighter then it shouldn't matter and Tsubaki deserves some respect as a warrior!" Black Star said.

"Kid has some good morals at least." Son Goku said sitting with the others.

"True but how does it feel for her to deal with your fatass head." Naruto asked him.

"My head is perfectly normal!" Black Star said.

"It's a metaphor you idiot!" Shukaku yelled laughing at Black stars stupidity.

"A what?" Black Star asked.

"Oh my god read a book you moron." Naruto said.

Black Star growled as he threw one of his two sickles which Naruto caught using Kurama before with a mighty yank pulled Black Star over him and slammed him into the ground making a small crater.

Naruto then looked at Stein. "Anyone else?" He asked looking around.

"Hey I'm not down!" Black Star said as he slugged Naruto in the gut causing a shock to go through him as Naruto was unaffected.

"Yeah you are." Naruto said nonchalantly. "Was that supposed to do something?" He asked him.

"How did you stop my attack?!" Black Star asked surprised as this attack was supposed to attack his soul with his own.

"I have trained to build up defense against that kind of attack so it may still sting a bit it's not gonna take me out like it would others." Naruto said.

"Tsubaki, smoke bomb!" Black Star said as Tsubaki became a smoke bomb and he threw it down.

"For an assassin, you're not a very good one." Naruto said as he shot into the smoke and jumped up surprising Black Star who was in the air before Naruto slammed him down to the ground with a slash from his katana.

"Black Star!" Soul yelled worried about his friend.

"Relax I used the flat end of the blade." Naruto said holding up Kurama to show there was no blood.

Black Star growled looking up at him from the ground before Naruto stepped on his head and forced his head back to the ground.

"You can't beat me kid, try again in about 90 thousand years." Naruto said as he cracked his neck.

"You have potential kid, but you need more hard work and less ego." Kurama's voice said from the katana.

"That's Black Star in a nutshell." Kid said nodding in agreement from the crowd.

Black Star tried getting back up before Naruto sighed and kicked him in the face making him bounce across the field before slamming into a wall knocking the blue haired kid out.

"Aw man I didn't get to show off my ability!" Kurama said turning back to his chibi fox form.

"That's probably a good thing, wouldn't want to get you dirty." Naruto said as he knew Kurama hated blood on his fur.

"Who cares, I want to show off!" Kurama said.

"Wouldn't you want to get blood on you from a more worthy opponent?" Naruto asked

"Yeah, that kid needs to get stronger first before he's worthy of that attack, Kurama." Matatabi said.

"Anyone else?" Naruto asked the crowd of students.

"I'll take you on." Kid said as him and Liz and Patty walked forward.

"...And you are?" Naruto asked making him facefault causing Soul and Maka laugh at that.

"You got trained by my dad, how could you not know me?!" Kid said in rage.

"He never really talked about you much." Naruto said as he and Death really just hanged out after training.

"Yes he did Naruto, remember? The kid he mentioned with the symmetry obsession." Gyuki said.

"Oh the weirdo, that was you?" Naruto asked getting a glare from him.

"I don't care how symmetrical your whiskers are you will pay." Kid said in anger.

"Left my wallet at home, do you take checks?" Naruto asked.

"Liz! Patty!" Kid said before he noticed they weren't beside him.

"Well, aren't you two cute?" Naruto said sending them a wink.

"Flattery gets you nowhere whiskers." Liz said trying to act tough.

"Well it gets a blush from you, and might I say your outfit looks perfect." Naruto said to her.

"Oi, get back here!" Kid said as the sisters ran back to his side and turns into pistols going in his hands.

"Gotta say Kid I'm impressed that you can actually use two weapons at the same time." Naruto said as he couldn't use two weapons at once. At least not yet.

"Says the one with nine weapons, why couldn't you try a perfect number like 8 or 10 to make it even." Kid said in frustration.

"What was that? All I heard was numbers." Naruto said as he rubbed his ears as he didn't pay attention at all.

Steam came from Kid's ears as he was beginning to get ticked off at being ignored. "Just pick your weapon!" He yelled as he wouldn't attack until Naruto was armed.

"Come on Gyuki." Naruto said as Gyuki walked over to Naruto.

"I wonder what an octopus bull will turn into?" Maka said curiously.

Gyuki became a whip which Naruto cracked on the ground making a crack in the ground where it struck.

"A whip versus 2 guns that does not seem fair." Kid said

The whip split into eight different whips that shared the handle and soon Naruto began to spin around.

"Ah eight whips!" Kidd yelled in excitement loving the symmetry.

"Oh great." Liz's voice said from his left pistol as she knew what was coming.

"That's Kid for ya!" Patty's voice said from Kid's right pistol as she laughed.

"Perfect symmetry, there's 8 perfect whips" Kid said before he got a whip crack to the butt. "Oww!" He said.

"Are you gonna fight or just act weird?" Naruto said with a flat look.

"Though it hurts my heart to fight such perfect symmetry I must do so!" Kid said as he began firing.

Naruto's whips were a blur of motion making dust get picked up and he walked out unharmed "Did you drop these?" he asked as he dropped orbs of energy to the ground which dissolved.

"He caught every shot?!" Kid said in shock.

"Got anything else Death Jr?" Naruto asked curiously as he was a bit bored.

"This guy is good." Stein said with a mad smile as he wanted to do some experiments on Naruto.

"Let's go, Soul Resonance!" Kid said seriously as he began to glow as did Liz and Patty before Liz and Patty's gun forms became what looked like cannons.

"Oh, now this is interesting" Naruto said with a grin.

"Death Cannon!" Kid fired a large blast but Naruto sent his whips at it and sliced them into pieces making explosions go all around him.

"Impossible!" Kid said in shock that Naruto was able to stop his attack.

"My turn!" Naruto said as his whips lit up with electricity before they began to spin.

"That's gonna hurt." Stein said as electricity plus speed was a devastating combo.

The electricity gathered in the center before Naruto fired a blast at Kidd who tried firing again but his attack was broken by Naruto's leaving him to the mercy of the blast.

When it was over some of Kid's shirt was destroyed and his body was smoking before he fell to his back.

Naruto brought his whips close and blew on them getting the smoke off of them.

"He defeated Kid and Black Star without even putting much effort into his fight" Soul said impressed as he and Maka were on equal ground with Tsubaki and Black Star but Kid along with Liz and Patty were like pros in his opinion.

"I didn't kill him, did I?" Naruto asked looking at Kid's smoking body.

"He's good." Stein said as he checked Kid over.

"Amazing..." Maka said as she was in awe.

"Not developing a crush on him are you?" Soul asked in surprise. "If he hurts her he's dead." He thought as he saw Maka as a sister and didn't want her to get hurt.

"Who's next?" Naruto asked barely cracking a sweat.

"We are!" Soul said wanting to see how he measured up.

"Ugh..." Maka said as Soul turned into a scythe and she grabbed him.

"I'm up!" Shukaku said running over.

Naruto smirked as Shukaku bounced off his knee like a ball before jumping into the air flipping around as Naruto held up his hand as Shukaku morphed into his spear form.

"A scythe versus a spear, that doesn't sound fair." Maka said thinking she had the advantage.

"Naruto kill this chick." Shukaku said to Naruto seriously.

"You know I can't do that." Naruto said to him as he didn't kill without reason.

"Then kick her ass!" Shukaku said wanting to see some ass kicking.

"I might do something to that part." Naruto said with a smirk.

"Oi..." Shukaku said rolling his eyes.

"P-Pervert!" Maka yelled seeing red as she charged at Naruto spinning her scythe like a pro.

Naruto took a back step dodging her. "I'm not a pervert, that title more goes for your so called father." He said.

"How do you know my dad?" Maka asked turning to see nothing before Naruto took the other end of his spear and whacked her on the butt with it making her jump back.

"Death talked about him a lot." Naruto said as Death told him about how much Spirit bitched and moaned all day.

"He's a Death Scythe though." Maka said wanting to see if he respects power.

"So what?" Naruto said not at all caring. "Any guy that cheats on his wife is scum Death Scythe or not!" He said with a scowl.

Maka was surprised to hear him say that before yelping as she got hit on the butt again. "W-Would you stop that!" She yelled with a dark blush on her face.

"You're the one making such a fuss about this." Naruto said with a chuckle.

"Can we fight please? Your flirting with flaty is gonna make me puke." Shukaku said as he the head of Naruto's spear made some heaving noises and vomiting movements.

"I'll kill you!" Maka yelled in rage at Shukaku calling her flat again.

Naruto sighed before he pointed Shukaku at her making some sand shoot at her knocking her onto her back.

"What the fuck!" Soul said in anger.

Naruto spun Shukaku around and around making a ring of sand appear.

Maka charged but Naruto easily deflected her attacks.

"Your attacks are too predictable and boring, try showing some effort and be surprising." Naruto said.

Maka jumped back. "You're right, let's see how you handle this!" She said as she took a battle stance and she and Soul began to glow with a blue aura as her scythe became white and double ended. "Soul Resonance: Witch Hunter!"

"Hmm, let's do that too." Naruto said before he and Shukaku began to glow in a brown aura before Shukaku began to extend and get covered in blue markings. "Soul Resonance: Tanuki Crusher!"

"Is that a giant tanuki?" Liz asked as Naruto and Shukaku's aura took the form of a giant tanuki.

"Hmmmm, fascinating..." Stein said looking at Naruto and Shukaku's aura which was in perfect sync.

"Let's do this baby!" Shukaku yelled laughing maniacally.

Maka jumped out of the way dodging Naruto's tail strike, but the tail of his aura quickly came back around and slammed into her sending her skidding across the ground.

"Ha! How do you like them apples!" Shukaku said ecstatic at the chance to get some payback.

"This guy has some serious shit." Soul said thinking Shukaku was out of his fucking mind.

"Give up yet?" Naruto asked Maka pointing his spear at her.

Maka was struggling to get up. "I'm not done yet..." She said stubbornly not willing to give up.

"There is no shame in losing to a better opponent it shows you have more to learn." Naruto said as he had much more experience in combat.

"This match is over." Stein said stepping in between them.

"No problem I was gonna forfeit if she didn't give up anyway." Naruto said as Shukaku turned back to his chibi form.

"What?! We were kicking ass!" Shukaku said looking at Naruto stubbornly.

"She can barely stand, you psycho." Naruto said as Shukaku had a major tendency to take things too far.

"So? In battle you don't get to stop when your opponent does, it leaves you open for a sneak attack." Shukaku said as he believed in constant attack.

"Well said Mr. Tanuki." Stein said to him.

"It's Shukaku you quack! Also I'm not psycho at least not according to the voices in my head!" Shukaku said as he laughed maniacally and crazily making everyone who didn't know the one tailed that well to back up.

"He doesn't have voices in his head he's just trying to creep you out." Naruto said rolling his eyes at Shukaku's antics "Chomei your turn." He said looking at the chibi beetle.

"No problem, Naruto." Chomei said knowing what Naruto wanted to do as he flew up to Naruto and turned into his war fan form which Naruto caught.

"Interesting weapon." Stein said observing Chomei's weapon form.

"He's not just a weapon." Naruto said as he swiped the fan releasing green dust that flew everywhere.

"What's this do?" Tsubaki asked watching the green dust fly around.

"Just watch." Naruto said with a smile.

Tsubaki looked as did Liz and Patty as Kid and Black Star's wounds began to heal just as Maka's did.

"He not only can attack, but also heal." Naruto said with a smile glad he had an option to heal people.

Naruto then walked over to Maka and offered his hand to help her up. "Need a hand?" He asked with a smile.

"Thanks." Maka said as he helped her up.

"Anything for a beautiful lady." Naruto said as he kissed her gloved hand.

Maka snatched her hand back from Naruto with a blush.

"Man you are cool with the lady's, aren't you?" Soul asked as he turned back to normal.

"Yep!" Naruto said with a smirk.

"I'm glad you have made a good first impression Naruto." Death said as he walked down the main steps towards them.

"Hey old man you got here late you missed my fights!" Naruto said with a smile.


"I'm not old! And I did see your fights." Death said as he was always aware of went on in his academy and city.

"Why?" Naruto said angrily before he chopped Death on the head again this time making Death's head hit the ground.

"Sometimes I regret making you strong." Death said as it didn't really bother him that Naruto hit him.

"Maka, are you ok?!" Spirt yelled running over to Maka.

"So this is so called famous Spirit, gotta say you don't look like much for a perverted scythe." Naruto said.

"Hey I'm a Death Scythe, so I'm more powerful than any of your weapons!" Spirit said to him confidently.

"Ok 2 things. 1; You're only a Death Scythe because of Maka's moms hard work." Naruto said getting a smile from Maka. "And 2; Give me enough time and all 9 of my weapons will be Death Scythes." Naruto said with confidence.

"You have no souls!" Spirit said before seeing Naruto's smirk. "How many did you get?" He asked him curiously.

"Well last we checked, all my weapons have 90 Kishin souls each. We just need a few more souls than we can start to go after the witches." Naruto said simply.

"You almost have 99 souls for all 9 of your weapons?!" Spirit yelled in fear.

"Yep, and with my ability to detect witches we won't mess up like a certain someone did." Naruto said giving the team a look.

"Hey!" Maka and Soul said angrily as they knew it was an embarrassment but hated to be reminded.

"Don't wine you only have yourself to blame." Kokuo said as it was there own fault.

"Don't get cocky Naruto witches can camouflage their souls to hide." Death said.

"Yeah I know. Sometimes it's like there's one here but I can't get a good reading." Naruto said.

"I want a rematch!" Black Star yelled getting up.

"Who are you again?" Naruto asked making Black Star seethe in anger.

"Relax kitten or next time Naruto might not heal ya after your beating." Matatabi said as she liked watching him kick ass and this little one was acting like he needed a severe ass kicking.

"And what's your form?! Of a scratching post?!" Black Star asked mockingly.

Matatabi jumped up and became her tiger clawed armored gauntlets.

"How can you be two claws?" Patty asked tilting her head curiously thinking that was kinda cool.

"Talent." Matatabi said turning back to normal sounding confident. "Besides, how can she become two sickles?" She said pointing at Tsubaki.

"They are connected by a chain." Son Goku said like it was obvious.

"Well this has been a big day with my personal student showing up, so to celebrate I declare it a half day!" Death said happily as his students cheered.

"Great... I'm hungry." Naruto said as his stomach growled loudly like a wild animal.

"Oi!" Black Star yelled

"Hey whoever you are, do you know where a good place is to get a snack?" Naruto asked Black Star as Blair wrapped her arms around his left arm.

"OH! Before I forget you need a tutor." Death said grabbing Naruto's ear.

"Can it be her?" Naruto asked pointing at Maka.

"You want flatty?" Shukaku said as Maka and Spirit growled at him in rage.

"She seems to know her stuff, more than Mr. Perfectionist and the walking talking ego." Naruto said.

"Maka is a perfect choice as she's one of the best students in the academy, but it's up to her." Death said as he didn't want to force Maka to tutor Naruto.

"So what do you say Maka? If you help me I could teach you and Soul a few things." Naruto said trying to be friendly.

"Don't ignore me!" Black Star yelled before Naruto growled and slugged Black Star in the face and knocked him out.

"Finally, some quiet." Naruto said enjoying the peace now that was Black Star knocked out.

"He's really not that bad, he just wants to be strong enough to be noticed." Tsubaki said bowing slightly at Naruto.

"Well if he wants to get stronger then he should train and work hard instead of running his mouth." Kurama said as Black Star was even worse than Naruto at that age.

"I have a idea." Isobu said walking over to Naruto.

"What?" Naruto asked curious to what his idea was.

"You could train Black Star and help him get a better attitude." Isobu said getting Naruto to freeze.

"There is no way in hell that I'm-" Naruto was saying until Death interrupted him.

"That's a fantastic idea! I will make sure he does that!" Death said as he walked away to his office.

"Really?!" The tailed beasts besides Isobu said.

"Seriously it'd be easier to get me to quit ramen than it is to get this idiot to listen." Naruto said as he chuckled at the thought of some idiot trying to make him not eat ramen.

"Well to bad you like a challenge so get to it." Death said as he left.

"I fucking hate you." Naruto said as this was gonna suck.

"Love you too, ramen boy!" Death said not having to look back to know Naruto was sending him a death glare.

"At least I have a mouth to eat, Mr. Soulless!" Naruto said. "You just had to open your mouth, you're supposed to be the quiet shy one!" He said glaring at Isobu.

Isobu didn't like the looks everyone was giving him so he went into his shell.

"Great, we're stuck with this moron." Naruto said glaring at the unconscious Black Star.

"I'm sorry we are burdening you." Tsubaki said with a frown.

"I'm okay with you, it's his ego that's the problem." Naruto said.

"Let's go on a date!" Blair said grabbing his arm and nuzzling his shoulder.

"Done." Naruto said looking for any excuse to get the hell out of there.

"You think you should invite your new friends to lunch?" Kokuo asked curiously.

"What new friends?" Naruto asked feigning negligence.

"Don't be a ass." Kokuo said in a condescending tone.

"Ok ok your right, you guys hungry? Pizza is on me at my place." Naruto said looking at Maka, Soul, Kid, Liz, Patty, Tsubaki, and the knocked out Black Star.

"I'll go for Pizza." Soul said as he was hungry.

"Nyaaa, our date..." Blair said as she pouted.

"Dinner will be just you and me pretty kitty." Naruto said petting her head making her purr. "Bring Blue Star with you." He said to the others.

"It's Black Star!" Black Star yelled out still knocked out.

Tsubaki groaned as she dragged Black Star behind her.

"Here let me help." Naruto said as he picked up Shukaku who transformed and made some floating sand to carry Black Star.

"Since when am I in charge of dragging this fool?" Shukaku said the tip of the spear shaking as he spoke.

"You get your own pizzas as a reward." Naruto said trying to appease them and shut them all up.

"I want extra anchovies!" Shukaku yelled.

"What he said!" Matatabi yelled even louder than her brother always craving anything fish related.

"Ewwwww!" Maka, Liz, and Tsubaki said finding anchovies disgusting.

"Don't worry ladies everyone gets their own pizza." Naruto said. "What does the would-be assassin like anyway?" He asked Tsubaki.

"He likes meat lovers pizza." Tsubaki said with a smile.

"Kid has good taste." Kurama said as he was a carnivore at heart and loved meat.

"Some of us rather enjoy a vegetarian pizza." Kokuo said as due to her horse like perspective she liked anything that came from nature.

"What about the turtle, the bug, and the octopus ram?" Soul asked.

"I'm a bull, you moron!" Gyuki shouted as he hated when people forgot about that.

"They like whatever, truth be told just because they have half of a animal that eats veggies doesn't mean they do, Kouko just likes veggie pizzas." Naruto said.

"I want plain cheese!" Patty yelled holding Isobu.

"You lovely ladies can have whatever you want." Naruto said.

"Is this a lunch thing or are you trying to get a date out of all of them and we're just getting dragged along." Kid asked.

"Maybe... maybe not." Naruto said not knowingly.

"He needs male friends, so don't worry." Kokuo said as Naruto attract female like moths to a flame.

"I much prefer female friends as so far they're more interesting to look at." Naruto said with a chuckle.

"Stop being a horndog or you may end up like Spirit." Kokuo said.

"Yeah right I have the devil's luck." Naruto said.

"All playboys your age think that they all end up alone." Maka said.

"Been alone my entire life so it wouldn't change much." Naruto said.

"You're an orphan?" Liz asked as her and her sister grew up on the streets too.

"Yep had my parents for about 2 hours maybe less before they got killed." Naruto said as if it was the most simple thing in the world.

This made everyone but the tailed beasts look at him.

"Anyways this is my house." Naruto said to them showing off a nice big house.

"I thought we were going for lunch." Soul said wondering if that was off.

"I'm having it delivered since we have a lot of people to feed." Naruto said looking at the tailed beasts.

"But how did you know what we wanted?" Maka asked as they went into his house.

"I haven't sent the order in." Naruto said.

"And how are you paying?" Soul asked wondering if they all had to chip in for their food.

"I'm not broke." Naruto said simply.

"Yeah, obviously." Liz said looking around Naruto's house.

"Besides I snagged Death's wallet." Kurama said laughing as he held up the wallet in question with one of his tails.

"So Naruto doesn't have to pay!" Shukaku said laughing maniacally gaining a smidge of respect for his brother.

"You two are so immature." Matatabi said but in all honesty didn't care as long as she got her fish.

"Oh you're one to talk, you snagged it twice!" Shukaku said with a chuckle.

"It's not like Naruto can't afford it since he got banned from Las Vegas." Gyuki said laughing about that.

"How's about we call it payback for sticking us with the idiot." Shukaku said looking at Black Star.

"Wait banned from Las Vegas?" Maka asked not thinking that was possible.

"I made all the casinos in Vegas broke in one night." Naruto said as he put away his phone after ordering the pizzas.

"Yeah he is set for life!" Son Goku said laughing as he sat on the couch and grabbed a game controller. "Game time!" He yelled in excitement.

"Ooooo, I wanna play!" Patty said in excitement.

"Yay!" Saiken said as he flopped right between them.

"I love Mario Kart!" Black Star said fully recovered and ready to play.

"Oh great he's up." Shukaku said wanting to put him back down himself.

"Oh relax, we are stuck with him so it's best to keep the peace." Matatabi said as she just decided to sleep like most cats.

"I demand a rematch!" Black Star yelled as he just got his ass kicked.

"After you complete my training until then, no." Naruto said simply.

"You're talking to the man who will become god, when I want a rematch I get a rematch!" Black Star yelled.

"You want to prove yourself?" Naruto asked him curiously.

"You bet!" Black Star said with a grin.

"Then complete my training and prove you deserve it otherwise you are all talk." Naruto said sounding serious.

Black Star was silent but then smiled. "Fine if that's what it takes then I will prove myself no matter what it takes!" He yelled determination in his eyes.

"Great now you got him hyped up." Kurama said.

"Well at least he's willing to prove himself." Tsubaki said with a smile.

"You have the patience of a saint." Naruto said handing Tsubaki a soda.

"Now let me show you how a real man plays!" Black Star yelled as he took a controller.

"Let us know when he shows up." Kurama said as he and Shukaku high fived.

"Careful Kurama, he's a pro at smash bros." Tsubaki said as Black Star was actually very good.

"Yeah and so is all of us." Kurama said.

"Let's see! Me and you, one on one!" Black Star said.

"You're on!" Kurama said.

10 Minutes Later

"This is bullshit!" Kurama yelled as Black Star beat him in a match of Smash Bros Ultimate.

"Ha!" Black Star said laughing before Kurama jumped to his face and began clawing him.

"Hero is bullshit!" Kurama yelled as Naruto dragged him off of Black Star.

"Like a little kit was a match for me." Black Star said. "Besides who fights with Marth these days?!" He said laughing.

"Better than a broken character!" Kurama yelled.

"You're just mad because you're a pathetic player." Black Star said.

"Naruto put this insignificant brat in his place!" Kurama said.

"Sure, I could use a workout." Naruto said picking up the controller.

"Who are you choosing?" Patty asked interested in who Naruto would play as.

"Whoever suits my fancy." Naruto said.

"Prepare to lose." Black Star said confidently.

3 Minutes Later

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Black Star yelled.

"That's game!" Naruto said with a smile.

"Bayonetta is bullshit!" Black Star yelled in anger and frustration as expert players with her were hard to beat.

"Hey Blackie, you want cheese to go with that whine?" Naruto said smirking.

"You just chose Bayonetta because she's hot." Soul said with a knowing smirk.

"Well duh." Naruto said having no shame at all

"Hmmmm, guns on feet and hands perfect symmetry." Kid said finding the fighting style perfection.

"Which you don't have with your hair." Saiken said teasingly wanting to send him over the edge.

"Your right! I'm trash and don't deserve to live!" Kid yelled in the fetal position.

"Pizza's here." Naruto said ignoring Kid's antics.

"Hey Naruto" the delivery guy said holding a dozen pizzas.

"Sup, Kyle." Naruto said handing him the money plus a tip.

"50 bucks as a tip? Wow. thanks." Kyle said as he pocketed the tip.

"Go buy something nice for that mother of yours." Naruto said with a chuckle.

"If I can stand her that long to get her something." Kyle said.

"Oh stop, you know you love her even if you do fight." Naruto said.

"Yea your right. Later Naruto, I'm on the clock." Kyle said as he handed Naruto the pizzas and left.

"Pizza!" Kurama and Black Star yelled in excitement as they ran over Kid going to Naruto.

30 Minutes Later

"This is nice." Naruto thought as him and the others ate and talked. "It's nice to have friends." He thought with a big smile.

"Brain burn!" Black Star yelled holding his head.

"What does that even mean?" Chomei asked wondering how Black Star's mind even worked.

"Well according to him it's kinda like a brain freeze but it's with hot stuff." Tsubaki said watching Black Star run around.

"This kid is just weird." Shukaku said as that was alot coming from him.

"Well he thinks great on his feet in battle." Tsubaki said.

"Didn't when we fought." Kurama said simply.

"Well he did beat a master swordsman earlier." Tsubaki said to them.

"You're kidding right?" Naruto said surprises as he knew Tsubaki spoke the truth at all times.

"I'm a true assassin!" Black Star said proudly.

"No you're, not I am." Naruto said. "But I can teach you how to be a true assassin" he said

"Like how?" Black Star said with a scoff.

"Like teaching you when to shut your fat mouth up." Naruto said.

"You could teach him to walk on walls or water." Isobu said as he ate his cheese pizza.

"Yeah cause for now anyway." Naruto said as they made excellent progress using his old techniques with soul power and not charka. But he's still trying to use his bigger arsenal.

"Walk on water?!" Black Star said stars in his eyes.

"I want to learn it too." Maka said as that sounded useful.

"Me too!" Patty said grabbing Naruto's arm. "If you teach me I'll go on a date with you" She said batting her eyes at him.

"I guess I have more students." Naruto said.

"Soon I'll be stronger than you!" Black Star said before Naruto punched him.

"That'll be the day, kid." Naruto said

"Yeah? Try never!" Kurama said as he finished his third meat lovers pizza and burped loudly.

"Where did you learn those kinds of techniques?" Maka asked.

"They're pretty common where I come from." Naruto said.

"And where's that?" Tsubaki asked.

"I can't tell you at least not yet." Naruto said.

"Understandable as we just met but rest assured you can confide in us anytime, Naruto." Kid said.

"Thanks, Kid." Naruto smiled nodding to him. "Now, let's eat!" He said.

A Few Hours Later

"Later Naruto." Soul said as he and Maka left for home.

"Later bro." Black Star said as he and Tsubaki took off for home.

"Bro?" Naruto thought as he never thought about having a sibling.

"Goodbye." Kid said as he, Liz, and Patty left.

"Later cutie!" Patty yelled at Naruto as Liz dragged her away.

"See ya." Naruto said waving them goodbye when suddenly he was tackled by Blair.

"I want my date, nyaaa!" Blair said at the end of her patience.

"Ok ok, where does my pretty kitty want to go? Naruto said patting her head with a smile.

"I want sushi!" Blair said excitement in her eyes.

"If sushi is what you want them that's what my pretty kitty gets." Naruto said as him and Blair left.

"Sushi!" Matatabi yelled wanting to go with and dine on her favorite type of creature.

Blair turned to Matatabi and hissed at her before Matatabi hissed back.

"Relax. I'll bring you a whole sushi platter back." Naruto said wanting to keep the peace between them.

"Ok, you better." Matatabi said as Naruto and Blair left.

Later That Night

"Man, I can't believe how much sushi you can eat." Naruto said laughing as they walked into his house.

"I'm a cat remember." Blair said as she was very happy as her stomach was satisfied getting it's favorite kind of food and being so full.

"Sushi!" Matatabi yelled as she jumped to Naruto's face.

"Relax, here." Naruto said handing Matatabi a big box of sushi which she tackled.

Matatabi giggled. "Later!" She said in excitement as she ran away holding her sushi box fully intending on devouring it.

"She's a cat, what are you gonna do?" Naruto said with a chuckle. "Life is good." He thought content with his life as he had a new life here and new friends.

As you can see, I re-created Kfbanime87's old story and plan to continue where he left off. Give the person credit for the story though, and I plan to re-create another old story of his but I won't say what it is. So you'll have to wait.

Harem and pairings:

Naruto x Blair x Maka x Tsubaki x Liz x Patty x Kim x Jacqueline x Eruka x Mizune x Arachne x Marie x Azusa.

Soul and Tsugumi

Black Star and Anastasia

Kid and Meme Tatane

Crona and Mai

Stein and Medusa

Sid and Mira

That's all I have for now. Later.