chapter 2

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first I'm sorry, but i think 5k to 8k per chapter is still a long way to go, because I'm an amateur writer and still learning to write, this fic is a practice on my english, heck, this chapter is supposed to be 3k, but after reading it again it just resembles a word vomit, so I just cut most of it

second, yeah i know about how op MC is going to make it boring, that's why im focused on the developing my char, and fiddling with the charges rule so its not immediately become opmc surrounded by cardboard character

i didn't own dxd

[6 months after being adopted]

In the Hyoudou household, it is supposed to be just another calm ordinary Sunday.

at least until..


"Ssh! Gorou listen!…is that?"


"i think it is"


"Eeeee!" and mom proceeded to glomp me

Of course, there was a minor scuffle that followed. I had no idea what was going on because I'm in the middle of hurricane Miki, but it seemed like my mom was proudly displaying me to everyone in the apartment complex, while Dad just followed her and occasionally says sorry at the neighbor.

"Aaaaah! gorou! Do you hear that? He called me first! he's a mommy's boy!" Mom squealed as she tried to squeeze the life out of me.

"Of course of course.." While Dad kept smiling. Nodding along to mom's ridiculous claim "It makes sense for Seiji to call you first. After all, you're always with him, telling him kaa-san when you think I didn't notice. "

"Of course!" Mom gently put me aside, then huffed her chest proudly, then stopped when she realize the full sentence and narrowed her eyes "What's that abou-."

"I love you" Dad immediately said, his best defense is to distract her, It must have had an impact on Mom because she stumbled, her cheeks turning a shade of red.

"where did that come from?! wait, you're trying to distract me-!" she tried to argue, but seeing that he still has the upper hand, he pushes harder "But it's true, I really love you" then he embraced her, and gently rocked her side to side.

"y-you're just saying tha-" Mom still tried to be angry, albeit weakly, her head unconsciously tucked into his shoulder

"Do you love me?" he whispers into her ear while stroking her hair

"y-you can't just say that anytime -"

"Is that a no?" he then kisses her


Dad then looked at me. He must have noticed my gobsmacked expression because he then winked at me.

And that's how he became my role model.

[ 1 year after being adopted]

Dad was finally promoted, and Mom was extremely happy because she jumped at my Dad as soon as we moved out of that stinky, stuffy apartment, and into a two-story house in Kuoh. The house didn't seem like much at first, but I believe it will be called home in no time.

I can't believe it's been a year since I've been I adopted, I thought being kidnapped from my birth mother would make me more...I don't know, angry? Upset? Maybe even some internally yelling at the injustice.. But all I feel is… calm is the best word I can describe.

Don't get me wrong. I will track down the people who kidnapped me, get some answers, and find out about my birth parents, but for now, I'm content being a baby.

When it comes to where I am, the answers come from watching TV. I am currently in Japan, but I couldn't stop thinking about my kidnapping, why me, and how I ended up there. Is this just a magical accident? And many more unanswered questions to which I have no answers.

I guess I just want to know what I'm supposed to do in this world. just to be clear I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be reborn, But I can't shake the feeling that there must be some sort of catch. All of this seems suspiciously similar to something I remember from my memory, and if any of it is true I'm either going to get screwed in the future or I'm already screwed.

'Hello? Annoying ethereal voices in my head?'

'Mocking note telling me "haha foolish mortals" or anything?'


do I accidentally skip some steps?

Ugh, everything about reincarnation is already weird

So here I am, way past my bedtime trying to make sense of something, starting from that floating text telling me that I had two new powers one year ago, thankfully i can call the text by just thinking about it.

[power :

Intuitive Aptitude 1/5

Soul Manipulation 1/5]

Like that!

I understand the gist of intuitive aptitude because I can feel it working for me while learning those Japanese characters from TV commercials, and those words in the newspaper and magazines? Sure, 100% easy-peasy, writing? Eh, I'm still a baby, so I have to wait, but, soul manipulation makes me think.

Every living thing supposedly possesses a soul, and I just got the power to manipulate it, what does it mean? can I just, take some poor creature's soul and stuff it in another creature? can I resurrect the dead? can I permanently destroy people's souls? will someone realize that I've destroyed a soul? will that someone immediately know who destroyed the soul? what if I absorb the soul? will I still have my personality? or will it be affected? what if I have a cat, and grafted a rat soul to the cat, Will it still acts like my cat, or will it start to adopt some traits from the rat and I have to train it again? what If I create a chimeric soul abomination, a clear insult to the chief creator himself, will the other souls try to eat each other? Trapped in a never-ending cycle, or will it come together and create something new?

That took a weird turn, where was I?

Oh yeah, if I want to manipulate others, I have to manipulate my own soul first, let's see



Oh, this isn't right.

Instead of being one color, it appears to be fragmented, with another filling in the gaps where pieces of my soul are missing.

So, reincarnation repaired the severe damage done to my soul. That's interesting to know, but it basically means that my soul resembles whatever species my birth parents were rather than being fully human; I'm only about 20-25% human now, with the rest being unknown.

That shouldn't be much of a problem because I'm okay being any species, at least I can still be a decent person, so let's see if this patching up has any noticeable adverse effects on my life in the future.

..I now can live for ten thousand years at least.

Ten thousand years! at least! What am i even going to do with all that time!?

That's it, I'm going to work really hard on improving my soul manipulation skills until I can safely manipulate the souls of others. Then I'll ask my parents some obscure question about whether they want to live longer, and if they say yes, maybe... maybe i can rig up some lifespan transference, or something that can make them still young and healthy and not wrinkly old.

*sigh* back to practicing manipulating soul then, let's see what comes next, ten thousand years of natural life.

Moving on! So long life, and then…

Limited shapeshifting influenced by mindset? gonna test that later..

Weakness to light, is that why I am always sleepy during the day?

weakness to holy... what?

Heightened emotions that can feed into-WHAT?!


Sheesh, what even is this, this read more and more like some mad scientist checklist on how to create slave race that totally will not rise up against you promise wink wink, nudge nudge.

Now, let's see if there is more...

energy manipulation?

What? Like I can use my inner energy or something? Like something will come out of my finge-


A black-ish red ball emerges from one of my fingertips, startling me and causing the ball to lose control and fly away to the window, causing a large hole in it.

Ah..that energy

I must train that energy manipulation... because if that's the damage on a window theres no telling what will happened to people.

Phew, I think that's it, okay then, let's try tweaking some of that!

Aand I choose weakness to light, I hate sleeping at day and missed my favorite shows! and pressed it in my mind

when i clicked it immediately i feel a burden in my shoulders, my mind tells me its supposed to be my weakness to light, and i have to reduced it myself by lifting it up.

'Oh what the-oooof! what is this?! it's so heavy!'



In the end, I can only reduce my weakness to light only by slightly, with me exhausted before I can even tweak the others.

before the exhaustion takes me, I hear a mocking woof in my head.

'Oh, now you talk, I know I suck, it's called being a newbie so shut up'

Aaand it's silent again, maybe it will get better after some...sleep?


I wake up to Mom and dad freaking out at the hole in the window, and now I have to sleep with them again until the window is fixed.


"honey~, the baby is kicking" My mom says to Dad while we're eating, her midsection begins to develop baby bumps, mom is finally pregnant again, and I'd like to think I helped by not making it difficult for her and generally being a good boy.

There's even more good news! I've reduced my weakness to holy! sure manipulate other soul and transfer is still a long way to go and my self manipulation still suck, but hey that's two negative issues turn into an inconvenience!

"Yes Miki" My Dad nods, looked at me staring at space that incidentally where mom belly is and then say, "look, I think seiji is curious about it"

"Ara? then come here seiji, let's hear your little sibling" she pats her belly

i was brought out from my thinking mode, and let out a noise of affirmation, crawling up ears first to my mom's belly

'So, sibling eh? I can get on with that' then i hear it kicks, with my Dad cooing and taking a picture of the occasion.

Four months later, Natsuko Hyoudou is born, Dad was terrified throughout the delivery, but he pressed on to be with mom, and after 3 hours of intense waiting, it was finally over with few complications. And now I can finally see her. She's tiny, adorable, and wonderful all at once. Seeing it makes me vow to protect and love my family, and to see them happy in the future.

In the middle of finding my newfound goal, my mind lit up with two new charges, but because I didn't want to push my luck, I only upgraded one of my existing powers and save the extra for emergency.


Intuitive Aptitude 1/5

Soul Manipulation 2/5]

With soul manipulations upgraded, a new instinct on how to use it embedded deep within my mind, completing my frankly limited knowledge on self-soul manipulation, making my attempt at it look like a blind monkey doing it, but also making the problem of my parent's lifespan less of a problem.

all in all, it is a good day for the hyoudou household.

A/N :

No, Natsuko isn't issei...

lets go with second miscarriage butterflied away

fate demand someone has to become the strongest overworked salaryman

and it will never be seiji, because he's too gremory than Japanese

I have half a thought to find new powerlisting randomization, mine always goes to adaptive x or ascended super ultra mega demonic half hybrid

also, can you throw me some pairing idea, because i only have blonde and blue( its the other unga bunga lady)


Power got: Intuitive Aptitude 1/5

Faster learning speed, basic intuition

Soul Manipulation 2/5

no risk self manipulation, very rough soul manipulation on other, manipulate soul on some level, can see the "attribute" of the soul, will have some level of danger if used haphazardly on other people, will have to be delicate to take other's soul, can implement other's soul into self with risk

if want to produce holy, need to meet people with holy affinity, then use soul manipulation to copy the "blueprint" so to say, but need to touch so it can properly be copied, if meet an angel and touch instantly copied, because it didnt have to search through the soul to find holy light's affinity

so he have to meet other creature to unlock it, and no its not like sephiroth graal because he need an existing soul to be still near him and cant just yoink a person from afterlife


1 from a new chapter

maybe new charges at 3k words?

Reading ahead on the LN at first i thought issei gonna have some problem after he became never at home salaryman, and thought his harem will have some problem because neglect, but then i remember the drug that is dragon aura, responsible mommy Asia and scheduling genius that is ravel to keep it from immediately imploding