Hey guys thanks for giving this fic a chance it's my first one and I'm hoping it goes ok. Sorry about any grammar errors you see in this I'm writing on and off whenever I get the time.

For a quick summary of what this story's like. It's a gamer story similar to working from TheDarkWolfShiro and those he inspired just with 2 gamers instead of one. I don't know how people will respond to this, but I already have a decent idea of how I want this to flow.

My updating will be random, and I'll try to keep the chapter length to around 7k words. I hope you stay with me while I write this, see you later.


I'd have to say that getting stabbed in the chest and shot honestly kinda sucks.

Yup you guessed it I'm dead. Now believe it or not that's when things started to get weird. You see when I died I was prepared for a lot of things to happen, whether I'd be seeing the Gates of Hell or just the vast space of nothingness slowly waiting for the cold, endless void to take away what's left of my sanity while I slowly experienced what can only be classified as purgatory.

If you noticed that I didn't mention anything about the Pearly gates of heaven then I applaud your attention skills. I'm not perfect I've sinned, I'm not some crazy psycho murderer or something and I don't have some weird deep seeded issues to cause chaos and torment to everyone I meet, only people who really piss me off. So I'm not exactly expecting Heaven to welcome me with open arms. But really if you think about it how many people does Heaven let in any way I mean 95% of the world is filled with sinners right, but then again I never understood the practices of different religions I just liked studying the Mythos behind them.

Damn it I'm getting off topic, a problem I really should've tried to fix when I still had time. Anyway on to the reason why I'm still able to even form coherent thoughts. That pleasure would be thanks to the floating ball of light right in front of me that was kind enough to allow me to have this inner monologue for the past couple minutes or is it hours, honestly the concept of time here is kinda BS.

"Are you done yet or do you need a bit longer to come to terms" the light questioned with an even tone. From the tone of voice coming from it I could at least tell that the light was male and that he wasn't annoyed at me for taking so long, so that's nice.

With my nod as his confirmation to his question the light started to get brighter, blindingly so that I had to squint so I didn't lose the ability to use my eyes. Would that even matter if I'm dead, huh thoughts for later. When I opened my eyes again I was greeted to something I knew would be both the greatest source of entertainment to me and also the biggest headache I've ever had to deal with. In-front of me was a man who I couldn't see the features of because his face was shadowed from the light behind him. Though there was something familiar about him I couldn't quite put my finger on it. But I didn't really care about his looks or that familiar feeling in the back of my mind, no my attention was on the floating screen in front of him.

Hello gamer!

Oh if there is a God please tell me this is real, please tell me I'm about to get reincarnated into an anime world with reality warping gamer powers.

My dear new player what you are experiencing is all true.

As you have already guessed it you have been given what those in your world call a 'gamer system' and a second chance at life in a new world congrats.


Oh my god I am abusing the fuck out of this thing when I'm alive again, I pity the world that now has to deal with me now. This is going to be so much fun.

Can I continue please?

Smiling sheepishly I nod and give him my undivided attention. Hey when an entity is giving you near limitless power, it does well to pay attention to what they're saying.

Thank you. Now before I was so rudely interrupted I was going to explain to you that along with your new system I've decided to give you one more gift to help you along.

Ok badass videogame powers to make me overpowered is one thing but adding the thought of getting another helpful gift, I'm surprised I wasn't drooling.

I am granting you 5 free wishes of almost anything.

Aaaand I'm officially broken, cracked, cheesed call it what you want this game is so mine. Though it does make me wonder what he means when he says 'almost'.

As if reading my mind, which I'm pretty sure he is, he gives me the answer almost as soon as I voice it in my head.

When I say almost I mean I'm not going to just give you unlimited power or make you God or some BS like that, you can have something that gives you the possibility of gaining that level of power but if it is I will nerf it to make it a little more believable. So with that being said make your wishes and after that we can get to the character creation.

Alright, I can get behind that and honestly I would prefer the nerf while I will admit there are some games out there that I like to use cheats in that's mostly just to get to the ending faster and not to actually enjoy the game. This however is a game I want to savor and if I'm getting cheats then having them nerfed gives me that struggle I'm looking to enjoy.

Before I start wishing though there is something that's been bugging me since he started all of this.

"Why are you doing all of this, what do you want from me?", I'm not an idiot, I know not to take candy from a stranger on the street and nothing in life is for free, I've been learning that the hard way since I've been born, so I know when there's a catch.

So you finally decide to ask guess there is a brain in there somewhere. Ok I'm going to make this perfectly clear so try to understand, there is genuinely no dark, secret ulterior motive to my doing this.

The only reason I am doing all of this is because I'm bored, simple as that.




I shoot him a deadpan stare and he decides to elaborate

Look when you're an omnipotent being with literally all the time in the universe on your hands you get bored after a few hundred millennia and frankly resetting the universe again didn't seem like fun.

So I simply thought that 'hey I'll just grab some soul with a decently creative mind and see what would happen if I gave him some powers and dropped him somewhere new to fuck with the time stream to give me a bit of a laugh'. To put it simply I needed some entertainment and you'll be the one to give it to me.

"Huh, alright then". Frankly I'm more surprised this guy even bothered to tell me anything, it's not like I could force the answers out of him or anything he is a literal fucking deity that could be rid of me with barely a thought and I'm just some freshly dead soul with nothing better to do, so being some celestial entertainment in exchange for a new awesome life didn't sound too bad.

Anyway do you have your wishes, oh and before you wish I should tell you I already have the world you're going to picked out. Don't worry it's one where you should have a lot of fun and still be able to mess with reality a bit without anyone being much the wiser.

"Alright for my first wish I wish that my girlfriend Caitlin was able to share this experience with me and that she'd gain all of the benefits that you're giving me as well if she chooses to do so."

There was no way I was doing this without some backup, and if I had to choose anyone in my corner it would be Caitlin. We've been through everything together since we met each other in the orphanage when we were 3 and since then we've been inseparable, we were so close that we were lucky enough to be adopted together to the same family. But if I knew how our new family would be I would have done everything in my power to make sure she stayed in that orphanage.

We were adopted by a very rich and influential couple that couldn't have any kids of their own, our new father was the CEO to a very powerful company and our mother was a fashion designer.

As nice as their lives sounded for some reason their egos felt that they needed to be even more inflated by people praising them for how great and generous they were, so we weren't adopted to be a family, no we were meant to be good publicity for them but to look good for the public to play to the feeling of the masses about how two of the most rich powerful people would offer a helping hand to two random orphans from some no name orphanage. Makes for a great headline wouldn't you say.

Growing up there we were force fed their lifestyle and were forced to excel at everything. Mistakes were never allowed, they made sure that we remembered that. We were forced to sharpen our musical talents until our fingers felt broken and our voices were dead, knowledge was crammed into our heads until we were introduced to the closest feeling to an aneurism a person can have without getting one and etiquette was taught to us until we could perform our tasks as if they were second nature.

Since there was two of us they always tried to turn our lessons into a competition in order to motivate us to do better, but it didn't work like they wanted, we knew what they were trying to do to us and wouldn't let them do it. We were stronger together, as sappy/power of love BS as it sounded, when we worked together we felt at our best, we felt that nothing could stop us no matter who we took on.

We took our situation and made it ours, we would use what they taught us to one day be free from them, to no longer be their puppets.

Till then we had promised each other that nothing would separate us not even death. It was originally just silly joke between us but now I really hope she lives up to that promise because if I'm being honest as happy as I am getting all of this I'm still freaking out and having her with me would really help with that problem.

It can be done but know that while I will give her a system I will not allow her to have her own five wishes, but I will grant her the exact same wish I grant you. If you need an example then imagine if you were to wish for an apple then she would have an apple too, understand?

I nod accepting the condition I figured that if she can still use a system then her just having a copy of my next 4 wishes is still a lot better than nothing.

While I was thinking a bright light was behind me and I was greeted to the sight of the only person who bothered to even give a damn about me in my entire life. Standing at an easy 5'4 with long reddish-orange hair, dark blue eyes that could easily be mistaken for sapphires I was greeted to my friend's smiling face with tears poking out of her eyes.

…And roughly 2 seconds later I was greeted to a fist to my face knocking me to the floor.

Before I could even get my bearings from the fist that greeted my face knocking me to the ground, or even wonder how the hell I was punched since I'm 77% sure I'm a spirit right now, I feel the wind knocked out of me from a weight on my stomach and another fist colliding to my chest over and over again with each word punctuating the action.

"You are an idiotic, moronic, stupid jackass, who the fuck told you to DIE!"

I simply sweat drop at this. My girlfriend everyone Caitlin, the one who is currently beating me with her words and fist while looking like the embodiment of hell's righteous fury itself because I got myself killed, aren't I so lucky to have her?

"Are you done, or should I keep bracing myself because this is starting to get annoying?"

"No stop bracing you need to feel this pain so you can learn better maybe then I could get through that thick skull of yours."

Thankfully my savior butts in before I have to go through that again.

Can you please save this for later, I have granted your first wish you have four more remaining.

Caitlin sees this and thankfully gets distracted from her verbal abuse of me.

"Ah right that voice in my head told be about this, so we are actually getting isekai'd with gamer systems?"

I nod.

"Fucking yes we are abusing the fuck out of this when we are alive again." Yeah that's pretty much how I saw her response going.

"The fuck are you waiting for you heard the omnipotent being, use your new wishes, I also hear that I share the results of those wishes with you so make them good."

Honestly if I didn't know how much she loved me, I would be worried she's only using me to get cool stuff.

"Alright, alright just tell me if you have any ideas ok I could use a few. Anyway for my next wish I want the ability to copy any nonliving thing with no limit."

I think this is a good idea for a wish, frankly I hate it when there's only one all-powerful item in a game just for it to get destroyed or sealed up before I can get a chance to really use it. This is just me making sure I don't get cheated out of something cool that I rightfully deserve to abuse.

I can do that wish but I will reduce the power to that each of you can only make 1 copy of an item only. If you need an example then imagine there's and apple here you would each only be able to copy it once before it becomes immune to the effect of copying, and you also can't copy each other's copied items. No way I'm letting that loop make it in.

Damn that fair I guess, and this power is still pretty broken if I can still copy something stupid powerful like Gáe Bolg. There's a sudden light that envelops the both of us and immediately I get the knowledge of how to copy items and seeing the look of confusion on Caitlin's face I can tell the same thing happened to her.

While contemplating this I feel Caitlin tugging at my side.

"Hey, I got an idea for a wish why don't you wish that we can learn any skill we want that way we don't have to worry about stupid things like racial locks or needing a special bloodline".

I nod immediately getting what she means. There are so many cool abilities out there that can only be used by certain people so having access to those abilities would be awesome. Plus I can see it in her eyes she wants to learn some sharingan techniques.

"I wish we can l any skills with no need of racial or bloodline requirements".

I can do that but know that it will not be easy to get these skills I hope you're prepared to deal with that. But I will throw in ways to get certain skills but don't expect that to be any easier. But also know that you can make similar versions of popular techniques if you want but know that it won't be exactly the same as the original so the effect and strength of the attack may be different.

Once again that sounds fair to me and honestly I feel like I would get very bored if it was too easy to get these. I have my next wish already thought up and I believe this will help with getting items from anywhere I need.

"For my 4th wish I wish for a store that would allow us to buy nearly anything from all of the universes we don't have access to.

That can be done easily, in fact I think I might enjoy that wish you made since it'll help with the skill acquisition, but I will make items from outside your universe require a different currency. It'll be funnier for me watching you try to obtain it and you might enjoy earning the payment too. You two will get more information about this later during your journey.

Now speak your final wish so you two may be on your ways and I can start what I hope is my new favorite show.

Once again my wish has been nerfed but not in a way I can really complain. Now that all of that is out of the way I can't really think of a last wish. Thankfully though I'm not here alone.

"Don't worry bro, your girl's got this, I have the perfect wish for us" she tells me with one very confident look on her face.

Shrugging because I couldn't think of anything myself I give her the wish.. I trust this girl to at the very least have a wish that we could have fun with, and I am not disappointed at the least with her wish.

With a smile on her face Caitlin stares straight at the deity with no hesitation.

"I wish we had a nice house that came with a maid/bodyguard of our choosing that couldn't be detected by anyone we don't allow to detect us".

It's times like this I'm reminded why even with her brash and confrontational nature she was currently in the top of our school in academics. This was genius, we now had proper housing and potentially very powerful allies that could protect us from whatever bullshit that tries to kill us before we're ready. Now let's hope this wish doesn't get too nerfed.

You know that's technically 2 wishes, but I'll allow it, don't let anyone tell you that a God can't be nice. Once again I'm going to mess with that wish a little but I'm not going to tell you how, I'll leave that to you two little detectives to find out.

It couldn't have been that easy right? I look over to Caitlin to see if I'm dreaming but after seeing that satisfied look on her face way all the confirmation I need to know that actually happened.

Ok it's done you'll be able to pick those who you wish to follow you once your adventure begins. Now with all of that done. I will be leaving you two with a guide of sorts of my choosing, she will help you in your quest going forward, ask her any and all questions that you may have.

He then spread his arms wide in a grandiose way and we heard him speak in the most energetic voice he's had this whole discussion. I expect him to give us some rousing words of encouragement or some advice for our journey ahead.


You know, that small speech might have been more motivating if it wasn't for that last part but before I could voice my complaints I looked around to see the white void that was surrounding us immediately turn black and when I looked back in front of me to question the deity that's been conversing with us this whole time only to be greeted with new screen in front of us and a new voice greeting us only this time though the voice was female reminding me of Lavenza from Persona 5 though there was no one attached to said voice.

[Don't overthink the situation too much. As you are probably wondering who I am that is suddenly talking to you telepathically you can call me Eve. My master has informed me to act as a guide for the two of you while you journey to your new world]

[To start please tell me, what do I call you?]

Caitlin then moved in front of the screen.

Enter Your Name 1:

Enter Your Name 2:

I watched her think to herself for a minute before she turns to me, "Hey you wanna start over?"

She must have seen the confusion on my face so she decided to elaborate, "This screen here is giving us the chance to write any name here, meaning that we don't have to be the people we were before, no more people who wouldn't leave us alone when they saw us because of who parents were, no more having to keeping our heads down to avoid the judging stares of everyone and no more having to be the PERFECT LITTLE PRINCE AND PRINCESS FOR EVERYONE WHO TRIED TO CONTROL US", she yelled out in pure rage and I fully agree and understand with what she said.

There's something I should make something clear; we hate our old lives but not for the reason people would expect. We were fine with the endless work and studying, we knew that it would make us better prepared for the future and we could use the skills in the future. We have always lived through enduring through any challenge we get, always looking for what we could get out of any situation we were in good or bad. No what had angered us was the fact that we had something very important stolen from us by the two who adopted us.

We lost our freedom.

It was slow at first, it started with us having less time with each other than what we were use to when we were in the orphanage. After that we started to notice that our personalities were changing when we were in public, Caitlin became quiet and repressed, a full 180 from who she actually was, forced to always keep a smile on her faces because anything else would mean that there was something wrong with her.

As for me our parents, and I use that word extremely loosely and with as much venom as I could muster, had deemed that everything about me was wrong, the way I acted, the way I dressed, even the way I fucking walked, they wanted to scrap me and rebuild me from the ground up. So while we were getting our lessons I was getting more special attention, was forced to fix my mannerisms until I could barely remember what I use to be like.

I couldn't go against them, I remember what happened the first time I tried, I remember the feeling of triumph I had when I thought I had gotten that small victory, I remember not seeing Caitlin for 2 days, I remember seeing her come back the third day with puffy red eyes and red marks on her skin and I remember the words that were told to me while I stood there in stunned horror.

This is what happens when mistakes are made

After that I knew I couldn't fight back anymore, I never wanted to see her like that again so I swallowed every ounce of pride I had and I did as I was told and became who they wanted. I became a puppet for them control.

Even with all of this we still held out hope, we knew that we could endure through anything they did to us since we were together.

Then it happened.

A year prior to my death when were 16.

What had finally broken us.

They had set up Caitlin to be married to someone who was more than 3 times her age secure a business deal, a FUCKING BUSINESS DEAL! I knew those monsters were low, but we at least thought they at least saw us for us, but we were wrong we were nothing more than tools that they were either waiting to break or stay working long enough for us to be used.

After we heard this I spent that night watching the girl I love cry in my arms for the second time in 10 years while I felt powerless to do anything for her.

It was then and there that we realized that we would never be free from them, that no matter what we did or how far we reached these people would always control us. That's when we ran, we gathered everything we could all the money we could take, and we got as far away as we could from them. We never once looked back, since then we had promised each other that we would protect each other we all that we could.

So using the money we had and getting some jobs at the local restaurant in the city we fled to, we were able to live together in a small but nice apartment with little worries and we're able to live like actual teenagers.

It took us a while to get use to our new lives and actually figure out who we use to be before we were adjusted. Turns out that just meant living like couch potatoes and experiencing the joy that is anime and manga while going out and making a few friends.

We had the same daily cycle for the entire year of waking up, eat breakfast, go to work for about 6 hours, come home, hang out with friends, or just watch anime together for some us time, and fall asleep together rinse repeat. And as monotonous as it sounded it was easily the best year of our lives we've ever had up until I, you know, died.

I must have been thinking for longer than I expected because Caitlin decides to ask her question again.

"So do you want to start over, with lives of our choosing?".

With a smile I answer, "Of course, Drake and Caitlin are dead, now is the time for our lives, how we decide it. Now I gotta ask, what name you gonna to use?".

With a grin to match mine she answers my question after thinking about it for a few seconds.

"Mira Yung".

My eyebrow raises in confusion at her choice of name, "So we're going Japanese names for this huh? Good lord anime has so corrupted us."

"So what, it's a corruption I can get behind. Also isn't that's what most people do when they get isekai'd?" I nod in acceptance with that BS logic.

[That's a beautiful name Mira and fitting too]

"Thank you Eve."

[Of course now how about your name?]

Enter Your Name 1:

Enter Your Name 2: Mira Yung

Ah I guess it's my turn, good thing I already had one picked out when I saw her name.

"Jin Yung".

Enter Your Name 1: Jin Yung

Enter Your Name 2: Mira Yung

"Sounds good, short and sweet I like it".

[I can see you both went with names that fill your personality well] (1)

[Now I should tell you both that from here on out you will each have to spend a certain number of credits to get certain features or options and whatever you have left will be your starting currency for the store that my creator granted the two of you when you go into this new world]

[You will both be given a starting amount of 3000 PP each, I trust you will use them well]

"Thanks for the info, now let's get new bodies shall we". She nods to me, and Eve switches the screen in front of us and we see new words. Seeing that's there's only one screen I guess that means we're going to have to take turns, so I guess I'll go first this time.

Character Creation Jin Yung [3000 PP Remaining]





Hair color:

Eye color:


Size (L x G):

Everything seemed pretty normal and standard until I got to the last one. I didn't know what Size (L x G) so I just showed it to Mira.

Huh weird, it seemed way to easy to call her Mira, forget it I'm just say I was bullshit gamer logic and save myself the headache.

Showing her my board she just shares my look of confusion for a moment until her eyes lit up in what seemed like recognition. She pushed me out of the way and before I knew it she had already put in an option for me by the time I got up. Man I let her push me around way too much.

"The hell was that for, why did you enter something in for me, and should I be worried that you can somehow interact with my screen?".

She barely registers the annoyance in my voice, "Eh it's probably because we're sharing this board or maybe cause we're both gamers, who cares really."

'Me' I think with a deadpan tone but I know I'll just be ignored if I bring it up again so I choose to ignore it for now and ask my original question hoping for a clear answer.

"So why was I pushed away then".

Without missing a beat she replies, "Because trust me when I say that this option affects me a lot more than you, and Eve do not tell him what that last option is ok I want him to be surprised", she tells us.

[Yes Mira that will be quite funny won't it]

I give them both an incredulous look "Can you even feel amusement Eve," and without missing a beat I get my answer.


Great now I have two women finding humor in my frustration, just perfect.

"Yup, now enough of this stupid back and forth, build the rest of your character so I can go already!".

"Alright, alright just give me a minute to choose". Starting off with the first option I click the on it to see the option for the races.


Human [Free]

Angel [500 PP]

Fallen Angel [500 PP]

Devil [Varies]

Yōkai [Varies]

Dragon [1200]

Reaper [600 PP]

Demigod [Varies]

Vampire [400 PP]

Hybrid [?]

Well at least now I know I'm going to the DxD universe, now before I utterly geek out I should finish this first. Seeing the last option I decide to ask, "Hey Eve, what's the hybrid option?"

[The hybrid option allows you to choose multiple races for you to be the only exchange is that you pay the price for all of the races that you pick]

I nod at her explanation and start looking through the list she gave me and start crossing out some options.

I instantly cross out Angel, Demigod and Vampire. If this is DxD races like I think it is then these three have the biggest letdowns, Angels have way too many rules that it would be easier to pick Fallen Angel cause that's what'll happen to me within 10 minutes of being one, Demigods are way too controlled by their pantheons for my liking as well, and I didn't see much of the demigods when reading the light novel but if they do it like the Percy Jackson universe then I'll never get anything done with all of the rules that they have to follow, and vampires just have way too many weaknesses for me, true I could probably find a way to deal with that like becoming a day walking dhampir or something but I'm also not into the whole blood drinking and I'd rather not have to deal with that stupid civil war that they have.

Next I'm taking out Reaper and Fallen Angel, this is because the Reapers don't really have any special abilities that make them stand out, they're just really good at death magic and I'm pretty sure I can figure that out myself if I want it, and Fallen Angels really only give me access to light magic and I sure I can pick up a skill book or two about the subject or learn it some other way.

That leaves me with Human, Devil, Yōkai, and Dragon and they are all good even the Human option because I'm sure picking it gives me access to Sacred Gears and those are just literal game changers, Devils have their imagination magic with is almost too useful to pass up, with Yōkai I get access to their techniques which I'm guessing are race locked but with my third wish I can bypass that problem with enough hard work and a few skill books and finally Dragon, I mean come on who doesn't want to be a God damn dragon, they are just badassery personified.

After thinking it through for a while I decided to go with a Hybrid of Human and Yōkai, I did this because I wanted to save my money for some later upcoming perks down the road and going devil seems so cliché that it's not even funny and honestly I feel like going something as unique as a Yōkai. With that said I select Hybrid and the Human and Yōkai options I get a new drop-down menu under Yōkai.

Select Type of Yōkai:

Kitsune [600 PP]

Nekomata [400 PP]

Yuki-onna [300 PP]

Kappa [200 PP]

Karasu-Tengu [200 PP]

Nurarihyon [200 PP]

I don't even bother looking at the other options cause once my eyes land on kitsune I press it with no regrets or hesitation making myself a Human-Kitsune hybrid.

[3000 PP – (600 PP + 0 PP) = 2400 PP Remaining]

Moving on to the other basic appearances I set my height to 5'10", I give myself a lean built with a cut physique, I'm not trying to look like Superman over here, but I don't want to be seen as weak.

For my hair I decided to do a hairstyle similar to Kirito from SAO, but I make the color of it pure white, while making my eyes a mix of silver and light purple for some uniqueness.

For my face I was given a model of a face and a slider from male to female starting from the middle, with that I make my face about mostly male and about a sixth female.

Why? Because Mira said she wanted me to have, and I quote, "a little cuteness with all that hotness" and I just didn't feel like arguing anymore.

The last option I couldn't even touch, not with the glare that Mira gave me that promised literal hell on earth if I even tried so I'll be smart and just leave that alone. Now let's see what I made.

Character Creation Jin Yung [2400 PP Remaining]

Race: Human-Yōkai Hybrid

Height: 5'10"

Build: Lean

Hairstyle: Copy Kirito [Sword Art Online]

Hair color: White

Eye color: Silvery-Purple

Face: 5/6th male, 1/6th female

Size (L x G): 10 x 4

Alright that's good enough for now, I pass the screen over to Mira to create her character. While I'm waiting for her to choose her design I'll use this time to try to make a game plan for us when we get into the DxD universe.

The biggest problem we have is that we don't know when we'll be sending us whether it's some time before cannon, at the start of it or right in the middle of the whole series. The biggest thing I know we need to do once we get there, we need to immediately get stronger. At the very least we should be able to beat both Rias and Sona's peerages by the first time we interact with them. I refuse to be seen as weaker than those two, especially knowing how just how little they train and the quality of their peerages.

I would also like us to have a normal source of income, but I've already got a plan for that. I can simply introduce DxD to way better anime, I mean seriously the fuck is Drag So-Ball. So that's covered.

The hardest thing would be finding a reason for the main factions to need us so much that they can't kill us when we get too powerful. Yeah that's the only thing I can't think of a solution to right now but I'm sure it'll come to me.

Turning back over to Mira it seems that she had finished with her character creation, so I turn to see what she decided to go with.

Character Creation Mira Yung [2400 PP Remaining]

Race: Human-Yōkai Hybrid

Height: 5'9"

Build: Lean

Hairstyle: Copy Satellizer L. Bridget [Freezing]

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Onyx-Purple

Face: 1/3rd Cute, 2/3rd Sexy

Size (B-W-H): 95-63-90 cm

While looking at her build I note that she decided to go the same race as me. "You sure you want to be the same race as me you could have been a devil or dragon?" I won't lie I chose this race purely for the access to chakra and because of how much I love Kurama from Naruto, other than that there was no real incentive to pick it. I figured she'd do something like Dragon or Devil to have all of that extra power in the beginning.

She then smiles at me, "I really don't get the benefits that all of these races give because even if I did watch DxD I mostly only watch it for the fights", she pauses then a faint, but noticeable blush appears on her face before she continues, "and for the hot girls," she adds quickly, "so I'll trust your judgement when it comes to this." I sigh, of course that's why she would pick a race she knows nothing about, I know I'm gonna have to be the one to teach her about this. Damnit. Also I'm just going to ignore her perverted bisexual tendencies, too much of a headache to try to understand them.

Going back to her screen I also notice the different options she had were different compared to what I had. "Hey Eve how come she has different options than me?"

[It is because she is female so of course her body creation would be slightly different from yours]

Alright then I just going to accept that as an answer because I feel that if I go deeper into this I'll regret it. And also I don't feel like questioning the cute-sexy scale she seems to have, for some reason, that conversation just sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen.

"Alright Eve we now have bodies what else you got." I'm not surprised Mira's getting impatient she normally hates waiting for too long and when it's for something this big I can relate a bit.

[Next for you guys would be to allocate your stat points, gain your perks, get your sacred gears, and choose your servants from your wish. Now starting with your stats…]

With the end of her small speech the character creation board in front of us changed once to show something new.

Jin Yung [2400 PP Remaining]

Level: 1

Title: None

HP: 250 (2.5 hp/min)

MP: 250 (2.5 mp/min)

CP: 250 (250 cp/min)

SP: 500 (5 sp/min)

STR: 5

VIT: 5

DEX: 5

INT: 5

WIS: 5

CHA: 5

LUK: 5

Available points: 7

Alright then thinking about how I want to go about this before I start adding points willy nilly let's get some information first. "Hey Eve, can you give us a tutorial maybe on what some of this stuff means?"

[Of course now listen closely children I really don't want to repeat myself]

[HP: Health Points or Hit Points, this determines how much damage you can take before you die. This is determined by STR×VIT×10]

[HP Regeneration: This determines how much health you get back over time. Recover 1% health every minute. This can only be changed by special items, skills, and/or titles]

[MP: Mana Points or Magic Points, this determines how much mana or magic is stored within your body for you to use. This is determined by INT×WIS×10]

[MP Regeneration: This determines how much magic you get back over time. Recover 1% magic every minute. This can only be changed by special items, skills, and/or titles]

[CP: Chakra Points, due to your yōkai blood you have gained access to the use of chakra. This determines how much chakra is stored within your body. This is determined by STR×VIT×WIS×10]

[CP Regeneration: This determines how much chakra you get back over time. Recover 1% chakra every minute. This can only be changed by special items, skills, and/or titles]

[SP: Stamina points, this determines how much energy your body has to use. This is determined by VIT×DEX×20]

[SP Regeneration: This determines how much stamina you get back over time. Recover 1% stamina every minute. This can only be changed by special items, skills, and/or titles]

[STR: Determines the amount of physical damage able to be dealt by the users and how much can be lifted.]

[VIT: Determines the durability and stamina of the users.]

[DEX: Determines the flexibility, agility, coordination, and reflexes of the users]

[INT: Determines the deductive reasoning, cognition, knowledge, memory, logic, and rationality]

[WIS: Determines the self-awareness, common sense, restraint, perception, and insight]

[CHA: Determines the force of personality, persuasiveness, leadership, and successful planning]

[LUK: Determines a character's luck. Luck might influence anything, but mostly random items, encounters, critical hits, and outstanding successes/failures]

[Each of these stats can be raised in three ways, with using the five stat points you are given each level, titles you may acquire and/or doing basic actions that would normally increase those stats, for example you could lift weights to increase STR or run to increase DEX]

[If you have any questions please ask now if not you can always ask them later]

With that info dump from Eve I find myself without any immediate questions, but it seems as if Mira didn't share my lack of questions, "Eve are we able to save these stat points for a later time or do we have to use them immediately?"

[You are allowed to use the points whenever you wish you are not forced to use them immediately]

"That's good" Caitlin sighed out, I guess she doesn't want to regret using her points in the wrong place. Looking over and seeing that she had no more questions I start deciding what kind of build I want to go for. After thinking about it for a while I realized that no matter what I do I would always want to go a mage build, inventing random spells sounds way too fun.

Jin Yung [2400 PP Remaining]

Level: 1

Title: None

HP: 250 (2.5 hp/min)

MP: 560 (5.6 mp/ min)

CP: 1750 (17.5 cp/ min)

SP: 500 (5 sp/ min)

STR: 5

VIT: 5

DEX: 5

INT: 8

WIS: 7

CHA: 5

LUK: 7

Available points: 0

I decided to put some of my points into luck since I have idea how to naturally raise it. "Hey so how are you going to do it?" I question my partner. "I think I'm going to go for a fighter with some magic." I look over at her stats board to see how she had allocated them, and I wasn't disappointed.

Mira Yung [2400 PP Remaining]

Level: 1

Title: None

HP: 490 (4.9 hp/min)

MP: 250 (2.5 mp/min)

CP: 2450 (24.5 cp/min)

SP: 980 (9.8 sp/min)

STR: 7

VIT: 7

DEX: 7

INT: 5

WIS: 5

CHA: 6

LUK: 5

Available points: 0

Deciding to mostly focus on the physical stats now before going on one set path is good since it means that she could fight enemies more head on allowing for faster experience gain.

When she finishes the female world hopper turns to our resident guide, "Alright Eve next one please."

[Yes next you both need to gain your perks. To do this you need to spend 500 PP for the chance to get a random perk but know that once you do this you will be given a penalty that you can remove once you reach a certain condition. You will be able to buy more perks in the future but know that the price will be increased the more you buy and so shall the penalty given but as long as you are here there will be no price increase]



So a good with the bad situation but the bad can be fixed, looking at the board I press YES, and a new screen pops up in front of me.

[1900 PP Remaining]


PRODIGY: Learning new things comes easy to you as if you were simply drinking water. Doubles all experience gained. +2 to all stats every levels.

Oh hell yeah this is amazing, now let's see what my penalty is.


LAZY: You find getting the motivation to do move around tough and would rather spend the day doing nothing than working. Reduces DEX by 50%. To remove raise DEX to 50.

Ok not the worst thing in the world, all I need to do is use some stat points in DEX and I'm good, with the boost that the PRODIGY perk is giving me I should be able to get there around level 25 at the latest and worst-case scenario, if I need to fix it faster, I can ask Mira to force me to train. I shiver at the thought because while she can be effective when it comes to training or tutoring she is a slave driver through and through.

Looking in front of me I see that the screen hadn't changed yet meaning I could still but another perk I decide to hit YES again to see if I could gain anything else good cause the GENIUS perk was pretty good already.

[1400 PP Remaining]


LOVED BY LADY LUCK: I pity anyone crazy to gamble against you, your luck is unrivalled and good situations are to come if you bet on yourself. Increases LUK by 50%. +5 LUK every 5 levels.

I know I just got the perk but man I am lucky but before I can say anything that would get dear old Murphy on my case let's see what penalty I get. At least I can passively increase my luck now.


GLASS CANNON: While you can throw a punch you definitely can't take one. Reduces VIT by 50%. To remove raise VIT to 50.

And just like that lady luck is already kicking in, since I already chose to go for the mage build it means I'm mostly starting out with range attacks, so I have less of a chance at being hit. While I do plan on doing some close quarters combat in the future I'll stick with range until I can handle it.

With that I choose to cut my losses and decide to save some money. Seeing that I'm done Mira takes the board to buy her perks and I watch to see what she gets after seeing her press YES.

[1900 PP Remaining]


ADAPTIVE PHYSIQUE: Your body was made to survive and grow. Double Resistance skill experience gain. Increases VIT by 25%. Increase VIT, STR and DEX by +3 every level.

"Damn now that's an awesome perk", and I have to agree with her because not only does she get a +3 increase in VIT getting a passive increase in her health and defense, but she can now max out all of her resistance skills easy.


BATTLE MANIAC: You crave battle like a fish craves water, always looking to come out on top, but it sometimes leads to you losing sight of your main goal. 50% chance of gaining confusion and enraged status when in battle. To remove raise WIS stat to 50.

"Nice to know the penalty won't change you from how you usually are." My joke gets me a punch to the arm, but my grin never leaves my face. "Point proven."

[With that done let's get your sacred gears]

Honestly the sooner we do this the better because while I am the more patient one between the two of us I would still like to get this over with. Once again the screen moves in front of me but instead of giving me any options like before the screen just goes blank before words reappearing which I'm guessing is telling me what my sacred gear is and when I saw what I got I had a grin that that the Cheshire Cat would envy.


"Hehehehehehe" you know I am so happy that I put my points into luck because this alone just proves that it was well spent. The Boosted Gear, I actually got a Longinus tier sacred gear. Wait though there's something I'm confused about. "Hey Eve, not that I'm not very happy about this but what happens to the main character now that I have the only thing that made him relevant?"

[Simple the main character is no longer relevant. If you are curious as to why you got that particular sacred gear it's because my master thought you would be more entertaining as the main character and figured this was the best way to do it]

So basically the story might end up revolving around me, "Alright then, it's annoying but I can definitely work with this. Alright Mira your turn."

As if responding to my words the screen moves in front of her and repeats the process over again and when we see what she got we start to detect a pattern. We both deadpan at the result.

"Hey Eve"

[Yes Mira?]

"Can I guess that your master gave me this sacred gear because he thought it would be entertaining as well?" She deadpans.

[Yes that would be correct]

She sighs and looks at the board that tells her the sacred gear she'll be using. "Well at least it's a good one, not Longinus but still good."


Ok possible problems this may cause we can deal with that later. "Next please."

[The final part is you must each choose your servants/bodyguards that you were granted as due to your 5th wish with my Master]

With that being said we each get boards put in front of us that only had a search bar and a keyboard.

I look over to Mira and she does the same to me and we both nod at the same time knowing exactly what the other will pick. With that knowledge we entered the names into the search bar that's on the screen and select them.

[Alright! Finally we can get these new lives started]

""Finally"" we say simultaneously.


With those words we're both enveloped in a bright light and soon the void was rid of all traces they were there.


Opening my eyes with a yawn I immediately notice that my bed feels different from what I'm use too. The bed feels far more comfortable, and I'm not being woken up by the annoying beeping of the alarm clock that normally "graces" me with its presence every morning. How Caitlin can sleep through that mechanical banshee I will never understand.

That's when I felt it, there were a pair of hands wrapped around me that I wasn't familiar with. Slowly turning around to see the face attached to the arms I'm surprised to see an incredibly beautiful woman with long ebony black hair, her face was what I believed to be the definition of every man's dream and if I'm not mistaken with the lack of fabric I'm feeling from her body she was naked under these covers and noticing the slight chill on my body I realized that I was as well. Yeah that was the last straw.

"What the fuck! Who the fuck are you, why are you in my bed, what did you do with Caitlin, wake the fuck up already!" Ok perhaps I could have had a little more tact with handling this situation, but it seemed to work because the girl started to stir and she slowly got up with eyes that looked like she was still half asleep and before I knew what was happening she leaned in to give me a soft kiss on my lips and as an automatic response I close my eyes and returned it. 'Damn you Pavlov' I mentally curse. My body has gotten so use to doing this whenever I wake up with Caitlin that it instantly responded to some random girl I've never met before.

When I see the girl slowly open her eyes I see a look of happiness on her face, until its immediately switch to one of pure horror and anger. And before I knew it I was punched in the face. I'll ignore the sense of déjà vu that plagued the back of my mind for now. Getting up I get ready to subdue the intruder in my house but the next words out of her mouth stop me.

"Drake where the fuck are you we've got a code 13: Perverted intruder, call the cops or come help ME DAMN IT! And bring the knives."

Staring at her wide eyed with a gob smacked look on my face while I take note of what she just said and the voice she said it in.

"C-C-Caitlin?!" It seems like she recognizes my voice because the second my name left my lips she froze. "D-Drake?!" With that revelation we did the only thing that seemed logical in this situation.


After doing that for about 5 minutes we asked the question that we seemed to both have.

""Why do you look like that?!""

""Look like what?!""

We immediately look for a mirror in the room we're in and that's when we noticed that the room looked different from what we were normally use to. Taking a deep breath I turn to Caitlin(?). "Ok let's calm down, tell me the last thing you remember?"

"Right, last thing I remember was getting home last night, by the way this I not home", she said while gesturing to the room around her before continuing. "After I got back to my place I spent the rest of the night just watching some anime waiting for my you to come back home before passing out, then I had the weirdest dream ever where I met this light ball that told me that you died and that you were being transported to a new world as a gamer and that I could join you. We got a lot of things like powers, new bodies, even new names, I went with-"

"Mira Yung and I chose Jin Yung" She nods to that "How did you know that?"

"Holy shit I can't believe that actually happened, so you're telling me that this isn't just a dream we're actually in a new world?" she asks.

"Yea I think so, oh wait I know how to prove it, Hey Eve you there," as soon as I call out to her Eve seems to materialize right in front of us with a smile.

[I'm happy that the two of you haven't forgotten about me yet]

It seems she finally got a face to go with that voice, she had appeared in front of us as a screen showing only Lavenza's face from Persona 5 to match the face to voice but with pure white hair, exactly like my own, instead of the usual platinum blonde of her Persona 5 counterpart and her eyes were a piercing sky blue instead of the usual yellow.

Before I could continue my analyzation of our floating guide I feel my lips get captured for a second time today only with far more passion than before. Once again I close my eyes and return it but this time my response was far more genuine. When I open my eyes I see her with one of the brightest smiles I've ever seen.

"We're really free huh Jin" and I return her smile in full force, "Yeah, finally free."