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Chapter 2: This is why I never skip tutorials


We were so absorbed in each other we didn't even hear the two pairs of footsteps that were quickly getting louder. Before we knew what was happening the door burst open and we were greeted with a surprising sight.

""Master, Mistress are you all right?"", now a normal person would be freaking out that 2 random people just burst into their room and called them master and/or mistress, hell they might even faint, whether from fear or shock I wouldn't know nor care, but all I could do was gape for the second time this morning while pointing at the two people currently in front of us since words seemed to fail me at this moment.

And why wouldn't they, currently in front of us we two women.

But not just any women. No these two were special, to say the least.

One was dressed in a white and dark blue French maid uniform with a green bow around her collar and a white headband to complete the look. She had a beautiful face that I couldn't find a single flaw in no matter how hard I looked, deep blue eyes that seem to draw you in at the moment they were looked upon, and beautiful long silver hair that reminded me of the moon when it shone at its brightest.

The beauty she had could only be matched by the woman standing next to me, the only difference was that the beauty Mira had was one of what could only be classified as the perfect woman, while this woman perfected what most would call regal beauty.

This was Sakuya Izayoi, the time-stopping maid of Touhou Project.

The other woman there dressed differently from Sakuya. She was dressed in a more Gothic-Style outfit that consisted of a short dress with a flared skirt that didn't go past her knees, puffy long sleeves, and white embroidery on the end of her skirt. It was obvious she favored consistency in what she wore because along her legs were a pair of transparent black stockings that barely stuck out past her long black high-heeled boots.

If one were to look at her at a passing glance it would be easy to mistake her for a doll with how fair her skin was, perfectly contrasting the outfit that she wore giving her an ethereal beauty that was hard to match.

The only thing about her that couldn't be described were her eyes since they were currently covered in a solid black blindfold that only served to enhance the aura of mysteriousness that she held.

Then again I wouldn't expect anything less from the YoRHa No.2 Type B model in front of us or 2B as she's more commonly known.

And here we were, mouths hung open trying to think of a good response to them calling us master.

"Uhh…what's up", ok maybe there were better responses than that, but I blanked ok how could I not I'm in front of two of the coolest women in video games.

Looking over to Mira I see her currently giving my arm a death grip while she's shaking with her head down. If I didn't know who she was I would think that she was scared because we were in front of two of the strongest women you could ever find but since I do know her I can tell she's currently holding back what can only be classified as a fan-gasm. It also helps that I can see her tail wagging in pure happiness at the sight of them.

Wait…what. Feeling around behind me, my hand goes stiff when it feels something soft. Gaining feeling back in my hand I grab the source of the softness I was feeling and bring it to my face to confirm my curiosity, and I wasn't disappointed because in front of my face was a solid white fluffy tail.

Slightly freaking out I bring my hands to the top of my head to feel around for anything and I regret it almost as soon as I do.

Turns out kitsune ears are very sensitive to touch, even my own, that's annoying. Ok, this is something we'll have to look into later, especially since we still have two big elephants in the room staring at us.

Looking over at my partner and seeing how she's still in the process of… whatever you want to call this, I guess I'm going to be the one talking to the two women who could easily kill us in a heartbeat.


Turning back to them I realize that we'll probably be stuck here all day if someone didn't start talking soon, so I decided to break the ice, "Um… hello… is it ok if I ask you guys some questions?", I ask hesitantly and immediately Sakuya responds.

"Of course Master, ask us anything we will try to answer to the best of our abilities." Nodding to that and ignoring how she keeps calling me 'master' I ask the first one that's been at front of my mind since we saw them. "Do you guys know about our situation; I need to know how much I need to explain?" Once again without missing a beat Sakuya answers me.

"We know that the two of you are from another reality after Master had died, met the God, and wished for the mistress to be with him. We also know that you have both been given an ability by a higher power that makes your reality that you see similar to what you would call a video game. Finally, we know about the wishes that were given to you by said higher power and that the acquisition of the two of us were part of those wishes," She explains smoothly.

That's when Mira decides to speak up, "And are you ok with that, we basically ripped you from your lives just for our selfish whims?" unexpectedly 2B laughs softly at Mira's question, "I'm sorry mistress I don't mean to laugh at you, it's just that while we were waiting for you two to wake up I predicted this question to be asked almost verbatim so I couldn't help but laugh. But to answer your question, and I'm sure Sakuya feels the same as me, we aren't angry, if anything I am grateful for your wish because if it wasn't for it I would be dead by the very people I call my allies."

I wanted to ask her what she meant but Sakuya immediately followed up after her causing me to hold back. "I agree with her, while I may not have been in a situation as extreme as hers, it's thanks to you two that I can fulfill the wish my previous mistress had for me."

"What wish would that be?" Mira asked.

"She wanted me to experience the world outside of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. When the option to go to a new world was given we were both given time to think about it and we agreed the experience would be good for me. We were also told that if I can help you get strong enough then you will be able to bring her over here."

That put me at a momentary pause, holding out my hands in a "slow down" motion and calling Eve to clear up my confusion "Wait, wait, wait Eve can we travel to other dimensions?"

[Yes along with the abilities given to you, with enough time you both will get the ability to travel to other worlds, but I will give more information on that once you both are strong enough to handle it]

Nodding at that I turn back to Sakuya and 2B with a grin, "Alright then I feel like we should give an introduction as your new master and mistress, don't you agree Mira?" Looking at me she matches my grin in full force, "I believe we do Jin."

In perfect sync we both turn to them and wrap them both in a hug before they could react, they are definitely not use to affection being shown like this because I immediately feel them tense up at the sudden contact. Normally I would be worried about that but since they don't back away from us and we don't lose any points with them I figured they didn't hate it and were just surprised that it happened.

"Thank you for doing this, we don't know how yet but we promise that no matter what it is we will try to the best of our ability to give you the best lives here so welcome to the family," I promise, and I mean every word of it too, the fact that they were both willing to leave their lives behind and come take care of 2 unknown teenagers says a lot, even if they had their reasons behind it.

+5 Affection with Sakuya Izayoi for Jin

+5 Affection with 2B for Jin

+5 Affection with Sakuya Izayoi for Mira

+5 Affection with 2B for Mira

Now before you say anything I know it's weird that we're becoming attached to them so quickly immediately after we met them, especially with how our lives turned out and you aren't wrong.

There are only 2 reasons why we're acting like this. First, everything we're doing is for a new start, so we'll be cautious of what happened in the past, but we won't let it stop us from moving forward and trusting new people.

Second, as pathetic as it seems, we're lonely, while we may have each other we're both outgoing people, but with the little human interaction we've had, it's hard to connect with people, especially with our trust issues but with this system's ability to actually gauge how much someone likes us we don't have to worry about that. Is that cheating, yes, do we care, not really no.

Mentally closing those notifications and deciding to ask 2B about what happened to her later since I have a theory of what happened we all separate from each other, though I did see Mira linger on 2B for a moment and her tail was wagging like crazy.

Not surprising though seeing how she picked her, and NieR Automata was her favorite game. I just found the idea of a chronokinesis user as a maid to be too perfect, so I'm a bit obsessed with her character.

Seriously I am getting way too off track here.

Now that my head is somewhat back on track, I can think somewhat straighter now. Remembering where we are I realize that we need to start training immediately. If we are in the DxD universe like I thought then we are in deep shit if we stay weak for too long. If you get past all the tits and comedy relief that Issei brings then it would be easy to see

Hopefully, Eve has something we can use for grinding because I do not want us to have to go stray devil hunting to get XP, way too slow and noticeable.

But before we start training let's see what the two of us are working with. "Eve, how do we see our stats?" Before I could get an answer to my question was immediately answered.

Jin Yung [1400 PP Remaining]

Level: 1 [0%]

Rank: 1-Tailed Kitsune

Title: None

HP: 187.5 (1.87 hp/min)

MP: 560 (5.6 mp/min)

CP: 1312.5 (13.1 cp/min)

SP: 187.5 (1.9 sp/min)

STR: 7.5

VIT: 2.5

DEX: 3.75

INT: 8

WIS: 7

CHA: 5

LUK: 10.5

Available points: 0


PRODIGY: Learning new things comes easy to you as if you were simply drinking water. Doubles experience gained. +2 to all stats at every level.

LOVED BY LADY LUCK: I pity anyone crazy to gamble against you, your luck is unrivaled and good situations are to come if you bet on yourself. Increases LUK by 50%. +5 LUK every 5 levels.

RED DRAGON EMPEROR: You hold the power of one of the two divine dragons literally at the palm of your hands, nothing shall stand in your way as you rise to the top be they human, supernatural, or even the Gods themselves. Increased STR and DEX by 50%. +5 STR every 5 levels.


LAZY: You find getting the motivation to do move around tough and would rather spend the day doing nothing than working. Reduces DEX by 50%. To remove raise DEX to 50.

GLASS CANNON: While you can throw a punch you definitely can't take one. Reduces VIT by 50%. To remove raise VIT to 50.


GAMER'S BODY (PASSIVE/LEGENDARY LV-MAX): Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. Sleeping in a bed restores HP, MP, and all negative effects.

GAMER'S MIND (PASSIVE/LEGENDARY LV-MAX): Allows the user to think things calmly and logically through. Allows a peaceful state of mind. Immunity to mental disorders.

SENJUTSU (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): Allows the usage of nature energy to enhance the body. Increases all stats by 1%. Uses 50 CP per sec.

CHAKRA MANIPULATION (ACTIVE/PASSIVE/COMMON LV-1): Allows the user to feel and manipulate the flow of the chakra within their body. Increases CP regeneration by 1%.

MAGIC MANIPULATION (ACTIVE/PASSIVE/COMMON LV-1): Allows the user to feel and manipulate the flow of magic within their body. Increases MP regeneration by 1%.

FOX FIRE (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): A special ability of the Kitsune, which allows them to create and control purifying blue fire. Damage determined by INT*STR. Uses 50 MP per min.

YOUJUTSU (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): Gives you access to one of the three main abilities of the Yokai race, Elemental Manipulation. Elemental manipulation allows the user to control and use the 5 main elements, Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Lightning. Damage determined by INT*WIS. Uses 10 MP per min.

FOX ILLUSION (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): The highest level of illusions that can only be learned by those of the kitsune race, going beyond normal illusions these are capable of causing sensations so powerful and real that they could cause real damage to weaker targets and even affecting Gods when strong enough. Can only have 1 target at a time. Uses 100 MP per sec.

FOX TRANSFORMATION (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): From your kitsune blood you have been given the ability to transform into kitsune beast form. Size is dependent on skill level. Transformation time dependent on VIT*Skill level.

Ok, what the actual fuck, why the hell do I have so many skills I literally just woke up here, turning to Mira to see if she had an idea for this and I'm just greeted with the same slack jaw expression on her face as mine while she looks through my skills.

"Stats." She says and just like that were greeted with the same surprising sight.

Mira Yung [1900 PP Remaining]

Level: 1 [0%]

Rank: 1-Tailed Kitsune

Title: None

HP: 490 (4.9 hp/min)

MP: 250 (2.5 mp/min)

CP: 2450 (24.5 cp/min)

SP: 980 (9.8 sp/min)

STR: 7

VIT: 7

DEX: 7

INT: 5

WIS: 5

CHA: 6

LUK: 5

Available points: 0


ADAPTIVE PHYSIQUE: Your body was made to survive and grow. Double Resistance skill experience gain. Increases VIT by 25%. Increase VIT by +3 at every level.

BLACK DRAGON QUEEN: The wielder of one of the most feared evil dragons to exist, none of your enemies are safe from your wrath. Increased STR by 25%. +4 STR every 5 levels.


BATTLE MANIAC: You crave battle like a fish craves water, always looking to come out on top, but it sometimes leads to you losing sight of your main goal. 50% chance of gaining confusion and enraged status when in battle. To remove raise WIS stat to 50.


GAMER'S BODY (PASSIVE/LEGENDARY LV-MAX): Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. Sleeping in a bed restores HP, MP, and all negative effects.

GAMER'S MIND (PASSIVE/LEGENDARY LV-MAX): Allows the user to think things calmly and logically through. Allows a peaceful state of mind. Immunity to mental disorders.

SENJUTSU (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): Allows the usage of nature energy to enhance the body. Increases all stats by 1%. Uses 50 CP per min.

CHAKRA MANIPULATION (ACTIVE/PASSIVE/COMMON LV-1): Allows the user to feel and manipulate the flow of the chakra within their body. Increases CP regeneration by 1%.

MAGIC MANIPULATION (ACTIVE/PASSIVE/COMMON LV-1): Allows the user to feel and manipulate the flow of magic within their body. Increases MP regeneration by 1%.

FOX FIRE (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): A special ability of the Kitsune, which allows them to create and control purifying blue fire. Damage determined by INT*STR. Uses 50 MP per min.

YOUJUTSU (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): Gives you access to one of the 3 main abilities of the Yokai race Elemental Manipulation. Elemental manipulation allows the user to control and use the 5 main elements, Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Lightning. Damage determined by INT*WIS. Uses 10 MP per min.

FOX ILLUSION (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): The highest level of illusions that can only be learned by those of the kitsune race, going beyond normal illusions. When strong enough these are capable of causing sensations so powerful and real that they could cause real damage to weaker targets and even affect Gods when strong enough. Uses 100 MP per sec.

FOX TRANSFORMATION (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): From your fox blood you have been given the ability to transform into the kitsune beast form. Size is dependent on skill level. Transformation time dependent on VIT*Skill level.

After a few more seconds of silence Mira finally snaps, "Jin, the fuck am I looking at."

"One moment please. Eve the fuck are we looking at"

[I believe those are your stats, perks, and skills. Is something wrong?]

"Is something wrong, is something wrong?! Eve, why do we have so many skills already, we just woke up?"

[Ah that is easy to answer Mira, it is because of the races you chose and your wish]

Looking at her in confusion she decides to elaborate for us.

[With most supernatural races even though they have an abundance of powers and skills that can be inherited or learned just by being a certain race there is always a chance of not receiving the racial ability. Take for example Sairaorg Bael, despite being both a pure devil born in the Bael clan and being what most would be the peak of physical health and power he is still unable to utilize his family's bloodline]

[How the two of you differ from everyone else is your wish, to be able to learn any skill as long as you understand how the skill works, no matter the requirements, and since you both chose to be kitsunes your bodies already know how to use both your racial abilities and the abilities available to all Yokai and kitsune, you just simply have to learn how to utilize them better or in this case level them up]

Her explanation does explain where all the extra skills came from and honestly why the hell are we complaining about more skills that could make us broken in the future?

Turning to Mira I decide that we need to take our next course of action "Alright Mira let's get stronger."

"Kickass, let's do it! ...How do we do that again?" she asks sheepishly after her burst of excitement. I swear if she didn't look adorable when she said that.

Putting that in the back of my mind I get to thinking. If I'm correct then we should have access to the best method of leveling up.

"Hey Eve, do we have access to dungeons?"

[Yes, you have access to a few different kinds of dungeons. Would you like to hear about them?]

"Yes please."

[There are 3 different kinds of Dungeons]

[1st you have an Empty Dungeon. This dungeon can be used to do whatever you wish, whether you need to build something, practice attacks, etc., and cannot be accessed by others you don't allow. Everything that occurs inside of the empty space stays the same, as you gain more power you will be capable of altering the space more from summoning creatures to even altering the temporal field]

[2nd you have what's known as Normal dungeons. These dungeons contain false worlds that are filled with an endless number of enemies that grant items and experience when killed. A long-term mission is made for the dungeon when either of you first steps in that grants new types of dungeons and other rewards]

[3rd you finally have Theme dungeons. These dungeons are special and can only be received from quest rewards. When given you may start the dungeon at any time but cannot leave until you have completed the dungeon quest given. These dungeons can only be accessed once but the rewards gained from them are near impossible to get from anywhere else]

After listening to her explain it's obvious the one we need is the 2nd option, I look over to the two, who were kind enough to stay silent throughout this whole endeavor, so I can get their opinion on this. "Do you guys want to come with us to train, we're going somewhere that'll allow us to get strong fast and we'd love to have you guys come with us?" They take a moment to think about their answers before Sakuya gives us a response. "I believe I speak for both of us when saying that would be for the best so we can help you when you need it."

Nodding to that I turn to speak with Eve "Alright send the 4 of us to a nor-."

Before I can continue Sakuya interrupts me, "Master, Mistress sorry for interrupting, but before we leave I believe you should first fix your state of dress, it could be quite… distracting," she finishes hesitantly as her eyes trail down, and I may be imagining it but I'm pretty sure there's some pink on her cheeks.

Wondering what she's talking about I look down to see what's wrong with our clothes. Then I see what the problem is.

We're naked. Well shit. How the fuck did neither of us notice this? I spent five minutes staring at my tail earlier you'd think I'd notice my lack of clothes then. I wonder why they didn't say anything earlier. Whatever at least it can't get worse than this. Right?

Nope wrong because a memory from literal minutes ago just buried its way into my head.

We were hugging them, very tightly and for quite a while. Yeah, I'm gonna shut down for a while.

While I'm busy in this stunning silence letting the full weight of my embarrassment hit me I don't notice Mira standing up and pulling the blanket from the bed we woke from and draping it over both of us to give us back some sense of modestly back. When I feel the soft fabric on me I'm brought out of my frozen state of mind and immediately snap my head up and hope there isn't any redness on my face. But seeing the near-invisible teasing smile on Sakuya's lips as she sees my face I knew I was caught.

This is not how I wanted us to start this adventure.

"Sakuya, 2B can you two please bring us some clothes" Mira ask.

Before I could even blink Sakuya appears in front of us with two sets of clothes for us that she didn't have before. Damn time manipulation is awesome. We immediately change into them once they're given to us and take a moment to admire each other.

We seemed to get the most basic outfits possible, a white shirt and black sweatpants. Looking down at her outfit Mira scowls a bit, "Ok the second we get the chance we need to go clothes shopping."

The second those words leave her lips I feel dread instantly overtake me.

There are a lot of things I would do for this girl from protecting her with my life to even killing for her (under the right circumstances of course with a very valid reason) but I do not, and will not go clothes shopping with this girl. I love her with all my heart and all, but she is a fucking sadistic, OCD, perfectionist psycho when it comes to anything fashion, and being her best friend/boyfriend means that I'm forced to be her guinea pig when she gets new outfit ideas.

…And she does not discriminate when it comes to gender. I still have PTSD whenever I think about the New Year's incident.

I shudder. Yeaaaahhh no, nope, every no out there to the power of infinity multiplied by never, I am nipping this in the bud now. And by that, I mean distracting her till I can come up with a better idea.

"Eve, transfer us to a normal dungeon please."

[Recognized: Transferring to Zombie Dungeon]

And with that, we were gone in a blink.

Blinking away the sudden teleportation we look around to see where we are now. But before we could Mira and I immediately fell to the ground covering our faces with our hands. Rushing to our sides when they see us start to fall 2B helps Mira back to her feet while Sakuya does the same for me.

"Master, Mistress please respond, are any of you hurt?" Sakuya asks while looking at us in concern. Before trying to respond to her I had to stop myself from puking up everything in my stomach even though there was nothing there. Controlling myself I look over at Sakuya and force my body to stand up straight so I can answer her.

"Don't worry it's just our senses or more specifically our sense of smell. Fox's noses are stronger than human noses and sadly the two of us just learned that the hard way". Taking a few minutes to calm down we slowly get back up albeit with a lot less energy than we had when we first came here.

Once we get our noses somewhat under control, we look at the scene set out in front of us.

"Damn World War Z anyone," Mira jokes, and even though 2B and Sakuya didn't understand her reference I had to agree with her.

What we were looking at was a barren city after a possible nuclear decimation with zombies everywhere in sight, like cockroaches in a cheap motel. Most of them were what you would call common zombies but there were a few that were odd, to say the least. I'm guessing they were some sort of variant or something. Before we could even get a better understanding of the place we were greeted with our first-ever quest since coming here.


Defeat 1000 Minor Zombies (0/1000)

Defeat 500 Corrupted Zombies (0/500)

Defeat 250 Legion Zombies (0/250)

Defeat 50 Zombie Brutes (0/50)

Defeat 5 Zombie Titans (0/5)


Level Gem (+10)

50000 Yen

? PP

Crafting Book

Skill Book

New Dungeon Unlock

Huh, I wonder what those extra variants are. Looking around I don't see any that match the names given besides the minor and corrupt ones, maybe we need to kill a certain amount to summon them, or is it a time thing where you need to wait a certain amount of time till they show up?

Eh who cares at least we finally got our first quest; I was wondering how long it would take to get it then again we did just get here so I guess this is a bit quick. Lucky us.

I turned to the rest of the group to get a plan going, but before I could I felt something weird run through me. It's very relaxing, like slowly getting into a nice jacuzzi at the right temperature, kinda makes me miss that bed that we woke up in, so soft and warm.

Huh now that I think about it we really don't need to level up now, I'm fairly certain that we aren't in canon yet so we have some time, and I did just come back from the dead, so why the hell are we immediately jumping into fighting zombies I should be resting to get my head back and taking it easy. Yeah, we can do this la-


Rubbing the bruise on the back of my head I level a glare at who just hit me, "The hell was that for."

Mira just shrugs "You had this weird contemplative look on your face when you turned to talk to us and completely zoned out, seemed like you needed something to wake you up. So talk, what's up?"

"Well if you must know I feel like we shouldn't be overworking ourselves too much, I mean I know it was my idea to come here but you wanna just come back later, you've gotta admit we could use a break. I mean with all the dimension-hopping, the info dumps and whatever the hell we're going to have to deal with that in the future I think we should relax for a bit before we jump into this."

Mira nods at my rant, "Yeah, I get what you mean, and you make some very good points but quick counter thought.."


Rubbing my stinging cheek from the second slap I received in the past minute I feel a hard tug on the collar of my shirt bringing me face to face with a very angry Mira.

"Alright listen closely dumbass, we are literally in a world filled with angels, devils, gods, and everything in between that have no qualms about putting collars on us if we're too weak to resist them and I REFUSE to be anyone's slave no matter what and that's only if they don't kill us once they get bored of kicking our asses," she spat, "so we need to get stronger as soon as possible so that doesn't happen, understand."

Muttering a quick "yes" I ponder over everything she said.

Damn it she's right, but I don't get it, why the hell do I not want to listen to her. I know our lives are in danger as long as were weak, but I still can't think of anything but going back to that bed and falling back to sleep.

What the hell is wrong with me, I feel like I don't have any energy to do anything, like I just want to sit around, do nothing and… be… lazy. Oh my God I am a fucking dumbass, how the hell could I forget about my PENALTIES, so this is how LAZY affects me, shit this is going to be a very big problem. If I didn't have Mira here I probably would have skipped out on leveling up for lord knows how long till it was too late. I need to get rid of this, immediately.

Even with this revelation, shaking away my thoughts of laziness was easier said than done. Even though I know the reason for my lack of work is because of this perk I still can't bring myself to go against the penalty, I'm basically being forced to be lazy. Though I can resist it a little if I hyperfocus myself on something, I think. Right now that theory is only being supported by my focus on Mira's words about us getting stronger.

No, you know what, fuck the penalty I need to get stronger but if it wants me to be lazy then fine I'll get around this. If this stupid penalty wants me to be lazy then fine I'll be lazy, but I'll be doing it my way. Now let's just hope I can force my body to work long enough for this to work.

Looking around the zombies haven't noticed us yet, so I'll use that to my advantage. "Hey Eve, how do I use my spells?"

[To use your spells and abilities there are two ways, one is easier than the other, but the other way makes the spell far more potent. The first way is to simply just say the name of the spell you want to use out loud or in your head, and it will activate, the second way is to learn how to channel the mana and chakra in your body and truly understand how to use the spell]

Nodding at that I ask the second question on my mind, "Ok I get that now can you tell us how to create new spells and abilities?"

[To create new abilities you must experiment with the mana and chakra in your bodies and manipulate it in the form you want when you successfully create a spell or a close variation of a spell the system will help cement the process of how to use the ability in the form of your skills]

Alright, I can work with this, now on to my last question "OK the last question. Does this system have a party function?"

[Yes the system grants you the option of forming a party of up to six people in total for each of you for a total of twelve people. It should also be known that when both of you are in the same dungeon you will both be automatically put in a party unless you manually dissolve it]

"So the two of us are currently in a party, and we share experience points we gain?"


Then let's get this started.

"Invite player Sakuya Izayoi/2B," we both say simultaneously. Judging from the surprised looks on both of their faces I would say we somehow got the words right, lucky us. When they hit accept I see, in the top left of my vision, three names under my own and what I believe are their levels next to them. There's something that's confusing me though, but I'll ask about it later for now let's grind some levels, lazy style.

Sitting down to relax I start enacting my plan, "Mira, use YOUJUTSU and help me raise the ground we're all standing on we should have earth manipulation mixed into it," as I say this my hand starts to glow and instantly I can understand how to work this skill, waving my hand I watch as the earth moves as I want, albeit very slowly. Must get faster as I level it up.

The process goes faster when Mira and I join our power together and after about a couple minutes of doing this we were able to create a tower about 10 meters high and level up our skills a little.

Youjutsu (Common) gained 6 levels (Jin)

Youjutsu (Common) gained 4 levels (Mira)

After waiting for our mana to recharge I close my eyes and try to focus on the mana recharging in my body and thanks to the MANA MANIPULATION skill I can easily manipulate the mana to test out the skill creation function for the next part of my plan. Focusing on the mana I direct it to my throat and do the only thing that seems logical in this situation, I scream.

Due to a unique action by Jin, a new skill has been created: ENHANCED CRY (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1)

ENHANCED CRY (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): Infusing mana into your voice allows you to fire a vicious sound wave at your target. Uses 15 mp per min.

Satisfied with my choice I ignore the looks of disbelief on all of the girls' faces from my action. At least until Mira finally finds her voice and voices her disbelief.

"THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM, YOU IDIOT!? Why did you decide to attract the hoard over to us" ignoring her I watch my mp regenerate as hordes of zombies slowly walk toward us. Seems like they're walkers and not runners, neat. Do not need this actually turning into World War Z. Too many headaches.

Now that I can get a better look at them I can finally make out their features. They seemed like your generic run-of-the-mill zombie that you would find in any video game. Having pale skin that bordered on white, there were chunks of skin missing in random places on their bodies with some even showing bone underneath, and they all wore tattered clothes that were so destroyed that they could barely even count as rags. Honestly looking at them in person instead of through a screen had a different feeling to it, I probably would have puked if it wasn't for GAMER'S MIND.

Due to a unique action by Jin a new skill has been created: OBSERVE (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1)

OBSERVE (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): A skill allowing the user to quickly gather information on objects, and people. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained.

Putting thoughts of puking out of my mind I take a look at the skill I just received already wanting to test it out. Looking over to some of the zombies I use OBSERVE to see what we're up against.

Corrupted Zombie

Level: 12

Race: Undead

Minor Zombie

Level: 4

Race: Undead

Minor Zombie

Level: 3

Race: Undead

Minor Zombie

Level: 6

Race: Undead

Minor Zombie

Level: 3

Race: Undead

Cool their levels are about where I expected anyway time to complete this plan, "Yell at me later and help me set these idiots on fire when they get close."

Seeing her face morph from anger to confusion and finally to a chilling grin aimed at the zombies, I can tell she figured out what I was planning. When the first zombie gets close to our pillar trying to attack the source of the noise I raise my hand and use my FOX FIRE skill to start burning it. Mira quickly follows suit when a few more start moving closer.

After another minute or so of doing we have a crowd of burning zombies surrounding us with the fire only growing bigger and bigger, and with that my auto-grind plan is complete.

"Master if you don't mind me asking what the point of all of this was, I don't understand why you did it."

I'm not surprised by 2B's question, this does seem kind of weird from an outside perspective. "Well to answer your question first you must know that currently I'm inflicted with a curse that inflicts me with an insane amount of laziness that is near impossible to resist, so to deal with this I decided I would create a situation where we can continuously kill these monsters while we pretty much do nothing that way we can get stronger while doing nothing and that way the curse can't hurt me since in a sense I'm being lazy, if you wanna believe that BS logic. I used the logic of not having to do anything to spur me on past laziness, which was by far the hardest part of this whole plan. For this plan to work, I figured that it would be easiest to simply group up these idiots and just set them on fire and just let the fire spread from their very flammable clothes as they group up. Since they won't react to pain or have any intelligence they will just keep walking towards a target that they can't reach since we're up here allowing us to gain farm experience points while we don't have to do anything."

As I finish up my explanation I take a seat while I listen to the notifications coming through the system.

Defeated x4 Minor Zombies


x4 Tattered Cloth

x3 Brittle Bones

x4 Zombie Tooth

400 Yen

800 exp (Jin)

400 exp (Mira)

Ah, I love it when everything goes according to plan, "And now we wait."


I look over at this idiot with a deadpan stare on my face, he doesn't think I'm going to just let him do nothing in this situation, does he? Yeeeeaaaaa… no I'm going to work him to the ground, fuck his little "problem".

We made a pretty decent size area here with the earth manipulation its perfect for training while those burning corpses give us XP. Gotta remember to thank him for that.

"Hey Sakuya, 2B do either of you have a weapon that we can use I want us to start on our weapon proficiencies," I explain. I also conveniently ignore Jin's confused and slightly betrayed look that was aimed at me. I know he's forced to be lazy and it's technically not his fault, but he should know me well enough that I won't just let him fall behind even if I have to do it against his will, curse, or no curse.

Sakuya was the first to answer my question. "Yes mistress I always have my knives equipped on me wherever I go, how many would you like?"

2B immediately followed up after her "Madam I keep my weapons in my pocket space, I have a total of 40 weapons stored separated into 4 categories: Short Swords, Great Swords, Spears, and Combat Bracers. Which would you like to use?"

Perfect, it's a good thing we have some variety, looking over to Jin who's been quiet throughout this whole process, probably hoping I've forgotten about making him train, I decide to get this training session underway. "Hey, lazybones which weapon do you want?"

"Oh come on, I just got us an auto-grind system can't we just relax now?" he complains.

I just chuckle and give a smile deathly sweet smile that I know sent a shiver through his body, "Aw that's cute you think I'm going to let you off easy, now pick before I pick for you."

Sighing, he finally realizes that arguing against me would be futile in this situation and mumbles the word "Sadist" as he goes and decides on a weapon, "Alright fine, hey 2B can please borrow one of your great swords?" Nodding, she immediately reaches into her pocket space to get what he asked for and when I see what she pulled out I immediately recognize the weapon.

In front of us was a sliver great sword that was curved on both sides on the middle of the blade, it looked between 1-2 meters long, and had a bird's wing as the hilt, but the sword is better known as The Phoenix Sword.

Now I am going to be clear about this, I did not squeal. I don't care what any of those three said or what Eve might say she saw or heard even though we couldn't see her, I did NOT squeal. And I definitely did not drool over the weapon while jumping around like a little girl on Christmas receiving a pony. Understood? Good.

I watch as the YoRHa No.2 Type B hands over the sword to Jin but the second he grabs the sword from her the sword immediately falls to the ground taking Jin with it and causing a slight crater to form.

"Damn this sucker's heavy, my arms feel like pure lead " Jin exclaims as he releases the blade.

"I don't think I can use this" he deadpans while trying to catch his breath while rubbing his arms.

"No really you don't say, so what's wrong with the sword?" I ask.

"Pick it up and find out" Shrugging I go over to the sword and pick it up but the second I try to pick it up I get a message from the system that tells me why he couldn't pick it up.



Well, fuck that's gonna be a problem isn't it?

Damnit I didn't think we'd have to deal with stat requirements here. What to do? What to do?

Shrugging this problem off it probably be best to leave this problem for future Mira and Jin.

After that Jin speaks up, "Thanks 2B but I think we're going to be using Sakuya's knives, for now, we aren't strong enough to lift your swords yet," she nods at him with a stoic face, but he must have seen something I didn't because Jin quickly adds to his statement when she nods, "But I hope you'll teach me when I'm capable of lifting one of your swords." That seems to do the trick because the nod she gives to him seems a lot more enthusiastic than before even though she maintains her stoic face while doing it.

+5 Affection with 2B for Jin

And that just confirms my thoughts.

Studying the knife for a bit longer I was about to turn around when I was greeted with an alert from the system.

Due to a unique action by Mira a new skill has been created: OBSERVE (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1)

OBSERVE (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): A skill allowing the user to quickly gather information on objects, and people. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained.

Finally, I was wondering where this was. Seeing a new skill I decided to test it out on 2B.


Level: 201 [Seal: 1/5]

Race: YoRHa Android

Title: YoRHa No.2 Type B model

Affection: [5/100]

Obedience: [100/100]

Huh shorter than I expected must be because of the skill level, more on that later, for now, I turn to Jin, "Hey did you already get the observe skill," he nods, "Ok then have you used it on one of these two because something is weird about 2B's level."

"Yeah I know what you're talking about, I caught a glimpse of their levels a while ago, they don't seem to be worrying about it so let's just save it for later when we're out of here and don't have to deal with a horde of undead, okay?"

Nodding at that it's time to get to business, "Alright, we've wasted enough time anyway let's start training." I hear the sole male of our small party groan, but he doesn't say anything. Good, we seriously need to train, and his bitching won't help in that.

We spent the next couple of hours training with the daggers Sakuya gave us with both her and 2B showing us the proper form and technique for us to use. Well I train, Jin mostly just does the bare minimum to barely count as training but it still bears some fruit so I guess it wasn't a total waste.

Around 30 minutes in I finally received the message I was waiting for and seeing how Jin had paused for a moment I could only guess that he had received the same thing. Guess it took so long because of how we tried to get it.

Due to a unique action by Mira a new skill has been created: KNIFE MASTERY (PASSIVE/COMMON LV 1)

KNIFE MASTERY (PASSIVE/COMMON LV 1): Allows the user to handle any type of knife. 1% increase in attacks using knives. 1% in attack speed with knives.

We had both decided that we would level up this skill before we tried fighting the zombies ourselves or creating any new skills since we don't want to get burned out from trying out too many skills before knowing how to properly fight.

Once we had reached 2 hours of doing this and seeing that zombies weren't coming since we burned most of the horde in this general area we decided to call it quits and check how effective Jin's auto grind plan worked and let me just say it's times like this that make me love that man more.

Defeated x96 Minor Zombies

Defeated x23 Corrupted Zombies


X110 Tattered Cloth

X90 Brittle Bones

X38 Strong Bones

X101 Zombie Tooth

X10 Poison Vial

X56 Petty Soul Gem

X5 Lesser Soul Gem

X44 Bone Meal

15,350 Yen

42,200 exp (Jin)

21,100 exp (Mira)

+7 levels (Jin)

+6 levels (Mira)

Youjutsu (Common) gained 3 levels (Jin)

Youjutsu (Common) gained 3 levels (Mira)

Knife Mastery (Common) gained 6 levels (Jin)

Knife Mastery (Common) gained 11 levels (Mira)

Observe (Common) gained 11 levels (Jin)

Observe (Common) gained 14 levels (Mira)

Man, we are broken.

I pull out my status page to see how my stats were with all of the boosts.

Mira Yung [1900 PP Remaining]

Level: 7 [94%]

Rank: 1-Tailed Kitsune

Title: None

HP: 11160 (112 hp/min)

MP: 550 (5 mp/min)

CP: 1559 (16 cp/min)

SP: 3100 (31 sp/min)

STR: 36

VIT: 31

DEX: 25

INT: 11

WIS: 5

CHA: 6

LUK: 5

Available points: 28

Looking at Jin I can see that he's satisfied with the results as well and looking at his stats only makes me think that I seriously need better perks soon. Cause mixing his Prodigy and Red Dragon Emperor perk just makes me realize how stupid broken he'll be in the future and I am not getting left behind.

Jin Yung [1400 PP Remaining]

Level: 8 [39%]

Rank: 1-Tailed Kitsune

Title: None

HP: 3240 (32 hp/min)

MP: 4620 (46 mp/min)

CP: 1890 (90 cp/min)

SP: 450 (5 sp/min)

STR: 36

VIT: 9

DEX: 9

INT: 22

WIS: 21

CHA: 19

LUK: 39

Available points: 35

"Man we are going to be so broken," my thoughts exactly. And this was just about 2 hours and only practicing 2 of our skills without actually fighting anything. What would happen if we kept going for a few more hours with some real enemies? We only came here out of curiosity and impulse, but we should be able to clear this place seeing how easy it's going already.

Now the tough part convincing Jin to stay, his PENALTY will not be easy to avoid. I'd rather not try to manipulate him because that won't end well but I can't think of a different way to get him to stay.

"Let's keep going."

…Say Wha?

I couldn't stop my wide-eyed look at what just came out of his mouth, "W-what?"

He just rolled his eyes at the look I was giving him and repeats himself, "I said 'Let's keep going.'"

You know what, no, I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, if he wants to keep going even with this curse then who am I to stop him?

"Alright then let's go kill these undead fuckers." But before I could jump off the platform I felt someone grabbing my hand, turning to see that it was Jin who was doing so I raise an eyebrow, "Before you go I need to ask you something selfish," I nod slowly because I know I'm going to hate this, "can you farm XP for us please?"

I fucking knew it. While it annoys me I do know why he's asking this and he is right. We need that stupid penalty off him so I can have some reliable backup when we're fighting, with mine I can at least still fight, I think since we haven't really seen it activate yet, but I'm going to need backup when we're in these dungeons and we can't just rely on Mira and 2B to fight our battles for us.

At least he only needs one level anyway before he can dump all of his stat points and get this stupid penaltyoff him so this shouldn't be too hard. Still annoying though.

"Fine but I want five no question asked favors, deal?" Hey if I have to do this I'm at least going to get something good out of this.

He looked at me with an expression that made me giggle a little because of how gobsmacked it was. "You didn't think I'd do this for free did you?" I ask with a teasing smile on my lips.

"Are you serious, it's only one level, I'll do one?"


"Three, final offer."


Now before anyone says anything that was not me manipulating him, that was just simply a game we play for laughs whenever one of us asks the other for an annoying favor. We throw random numbers around and see who would cave first to see how much they would "owe" the other person. In the end, it doesn't matter because we both know that we'd do anything for each other.

Walking over to the edge of our decently constructed tower I take a look at the newly arriving horde of zombies. Now let's analyze the situation a bit

Current targets are zombies, there are multiple variants of them and so far only two kinds have been encountered but more may show with time. While I can easily overpower them and outmaneuver them they easily counter that fact with their superior numbers and lack of fear when they attack. The best course of action is to attack from range before they get a chance to attack. The problem with this is that I have no skills to detect a surprise attack making sneak attacks both very possible and very dangerous and the only source of ranged attacks is powered by a very finite mana pool. In conclusion, this is really gonna suck.

Taking one final look over the edge and sighing, I simply muttered "Fuck it" and jump in.


Landing in a crouch in an area without any zombies Mira prepared herself for the horde that was slowly converging on her thanks to the sound of her impacting the ground. Before they had a chance to get closer Mira instantly shot the closest one with Fox Fire incinerating it before it could even take another step toward her. It was a very good thing that there was realism in this game because if not it would have taken a lot more than a Fox Fire to the head to stop these things.

Focusing back on the battle Mira continued to burn all the zombies coming close to her, constantly turning around to check for any possible enemies coming at her.

With each walking corpse incinerated her face twisted more and more into a mad grin that was accessorized with a crazed look in her eye as she let out a barrage of fox fire at the enemies coming at her wiping them out in one clean sweep. "Hahaha come on burn motherfuckers, BURN!"

As she went on nothing was left of the zombies except ash and cooked body parts, the air was filled with the scent of roasted flesh and smoke rising from the undead corpses that forced Jin to cover his nose and try to keep himself from throwing up once again.

But Mira was different, she was relishing in the death of these monsters. Each new body she dropped felt like a wave of euphoria washing over her that she never wanted to end. As that feeling grew so did the grin on her face that would have given the Joker nightmares.

While this was happening everyone on the platform was watching in shock, confusion, or, in Jin's case, understanding. Breaking out of her stupor Sakuya turned to her new master wanting to know if her new mistress was alright. Seeing that he was still watching Mira go on a rampage she decided to tap his shoulder to get his attention.

"Oh Sakuya did you need something," asked the white-haired gamer, while still holding his nose, wondering if she had a question for him. "Yes master, I was just wondering why Lady Mira was acting like that, it's as if she's been possessed by a rampaging demon," she asked in concern.

The way she saw Mira shooting fireballs at everything in sight was concerning and with how quickly her magic was draining she wouldn't be able to keep this up for much longer. "Oh that, don't worry about it, she's just blowing off some steam," Jin said lazily as he watched his girlfriend clean house.

"Alright, but master don't you think we should help her before she gets too hurt," she asked again with a little more urgency. While Jin understood her fears she didn't need to worry so much, Mira was able to handle herself in a fight with no problem and then some, a couple of slow-moving corpses wouldn't be able to actually do anything to her. "Trust me Sakuya she's fine she just needs to get this out of her system, and she'll be fine, we have a lot of pent-up anger," he repeated while sporting a half-lidded stare at his ebony-haired partner.

Seeing the way he was acting Sakuya decided against arguing with her new master since he seemed to trust in Mira's abilities. She did, however, promise herself that she would jump in to help her the moment things looked to be getting difficult, orders be damned. Turning her head back to the battle it seemed like she would need to keep that promise sooner rather than later.

Back down on the ground things were going a lot different than when the fight started. Mira had long since run out of magic and it was taking too long for her to regenerate her mana meaning she had to switch to close combat with the knives given to her by Sakuya.

At first, it was ok, while she lost her range advantage she still had more than enough strength one shot them if she hit them in the head with one of Sakuya's high-grade knives, but even then the numbers were only getting bigger, and she was getting much slower. She was too used to them attacking small numbers at a distance. Things only got more difficult when she finally took damage for the first time. That's when things became hazy for the amethyst-eyed gamer.

After she took that hit, instead of feeling pain she felt nothing but rage, she wanted to do nothing but rip apart the rotting pile of flesh that had hurt her. She made good on that promise by immediately turning around when the damage registered and rammed her fist into its skull killing it instantly. She would immediately come to regret this when the undead that she chose to ignore started getting dangerously closer to her exposed back and that's when all hell broke loose.

When Mira saw the enemies in her peripheral she instantly let loose as much Fox Fire as her mana would allow her to and started to carve through enemies with the knives Sakuya gave her.

Her movements became wild and erratic as if she were a rabid animal looking for its next kill. She completely gave up on defending or dodging and focused solely on eviscerating anything moving.

While this did help deal with the zombies coming at her in larger numbers, the problem with this tactic was that she had gained complete tunnel vision and didn't see the new problem that appeared behind her.

It was standing a full meter taller than the other two variants of zombies but perhaps taller since it was hunched over, it share the same pale green, near-white, skin with chunks of rotting flesh missing like the other zombies, and its body was slim and the long fingers it had possessed razor sharp claws that looked like they could cut through steel like a hot knife through butter, and in its mouth was a never-ending row of razor-sharp teeth that looked unnatural on its (kinda) human face. But that wasn't what made this creature scary.

What truly drove terror into whoever saw this "thing" were its eyes, or lack of them if you will. The fact that it had nothing but empty sockets instead of eyeballs that seem to stare right into your soul as they reflect an infinite abyss at you. This was the creature that was about to strike the young female kitsune.

It was slowly getting closer to her moving slowly but with a purpose while she was distracted by her fighting. When it got close enough that's when it raised its claws to stab her and let out a deafening screech.

Hearing this drew Mira's attention while still in her murder frenzy state. Dropping her knives in favor of covering her ears as hard as she could she turned to see what made the noise, but it was too late for her. As she was bracing herself for the pain to come she heard something in the background despite having this monster screeching in her ears and her trying her best to stop all noise from reaching her.

"Dynamic Entry!"


*10 min before the variant appears*

Goddammit, this is boring. I don't know who made the leveling system for this thing, but they are fucking trolls. I mean seriously a Fibonacci sequence leveling system, that's just wrong.

I'd talk to one of the girls but there're both hard focused on Mira to make sure she doesn't get hurt, I'd do the same, but I know Mira and I know she can handle this.

I need something to keep me busy, anything, and that's when I remember someone.

"Hey Eve is there anything I can do while I'm waiting, I'm bored"

[Well you could always look through the game shop]

"The what?" as I ask that a new screen appears in front of me. "Well I'll be damned," I mutter.

Getting curious I start scrolling through it and end up on a page that said 'Featured Items' and I couldn't believe what I found. The first thing to appear were techniques from different anime and games like Goku's Kamehameha Wave and the Getsuga Tenshō from Bleach, weapons, clothes, items you name it was there, it even had the FUCKING DEATH NOTE at the top of the Featured Items list.

I… I… I just need a minute, this is too much, I have unlimited power in the palm of my hands. Now the only question is what to take first.

At least that's what I wanted to say until I saw the price of everything. They were insane, the simple stuff like weapons with only one enchantment easily went into thousands that I didn't have. Damn and I really wanted cryokinesis. "Hey Eve, how do we get more of this 'PP' stuff I wanna start buying stuff."

[PP, Parody Points, or Performance Points are currency given to the two of you when you do something to entertain the God who brought you here or when you complete some missions. The amount you receive is completely random depending on how much entertainment you bring or how much the mission gives you]

So basically we need to get creative in how we do things so we can get cool stuff. The dude really knows how to carrot and stick people and damn it if I respect that. Well at least there's a discount page for us cheap spenders, let's see what they have.

There wasn't much but still some cool stuff I could afford so that was lucky. While searching I heard a gasp and surprisingly it was from 2B. Realizing that our most calm and silent member made a sound of worry I was drawn from my browsing to see how the battle was going and in doing so my blood ran cold.

Mira was going nuts and fighting like a maniac, from using observe I can see that her mana had run out a while ago and her stamina would soon follow since she was fighting with her knives and even worse, some weird freakish zombie was sneaking up on her in her blind spot ready to kill her.

I look through my notifications to find the message I thank every deity out there because there it was.

+5 levels (Jin)

Ignoring everything else I purchased a skill I was looking at that would be useful in this situation, dump all of my stat points into DEX and feel the penalty leave my body, and jump into action.

"Dynamic Entry!"


Feeling the sickening yet somewhat satisfying crunch of a skull caving in I immediately turn to Mira to see how her condition was but all I was greeted to was a fist barely missing my face. "Hey, the hell was… oh shit," you'd think with all of the talks about penalties and how annoying they could be I would have remembered hers. So when she's slowly stalking towards me, kitsune features out, eyes crimson red, and the primal growl emanating from her throat I only have one thought.

'Yeah, I may be fucked here'.

The second she launches herself at me I immediately make use of my higher DEX, use the Senjutsu skill, which I probably could have leveled up this whole time, empower my body with chakra and start dodging her attacks, quite easily in fact. My base DEX stat was already higher than hers even in this feral and with everything else added in, she couldn't keep up.

As I keep weaving around her, a red-eyed, growling Mira's attacks I once again thank every deity of luck out there that my dexterity stat was currently higher than hers because if any of those attacks hit I'm dead or at the very least death's door.

Right now she's in full rage mode and I can't stop her without hurting her, which I don't want to do, and she didn't exactly finish clearing out the zombies she was fighting before I showed up so we have a couple of problems slowly stalking their way towards us.

In simple terms, I'm stuck, I can't even think of a way to get out of this without either of us getting harmed and my stamina is draining a lot faster than hers right now, so a battle of attrition is not in my favor.

Then just as soon as that thought hit my head the answer came to me, it was so obvious that I would have facepalmed if I wasn't currently dodging attacks from my raging girlfriend. Turning my head towards the tower I call out, "Sakuya I need you to restrain Mira safely, she's not in her right state of mind, 2B I need you to clear out the enemies around us."

As soon as I finished my order they had already executed them to perfection. In less than a second Sakuya had Mira wrapped up in some chains she pulled from somewhere I won't question and 2B had littered the battleground with undead corpses. Damn time manipulation and superhuman speed are awesome. I'd be more impressed if it weren't for the fact that my lack of stamina was finally catching up with me and everything was fading to black.


Waking up I immediately bring my hand to my head in hopes of making the headache I'm feeling reduce. Turning my head I take a look at my surroundings, and I see that thankfully we were all together and it looks like they were waiting for me to wake up.

We seemed to be in an abandoned building that looked like it used to be a hotel lobby with a few partially broken windows, some scorched furniture, and some fairly strong walls with only a couple of cracks in them.

Looking around I saw Sakuya and was with Mira standing by her with a poise that could only stem from years decades of practice waiting for her next order while Mira was sitting in a meditative pose with her eyes closed and a light blue aura surrounding her.

Realizing that I couldn't see 2B I try to raise my head to see if I could find her, but as soon as I started to raise my head I felt a soft pair of hands softly push my head back down, "Please rest master you need to regain your strength after pushing yourself that much."

Finally looking up I finally see the face of the not-really-blind Type B android looking down at me in worry over my current condition. Taking her advice I relax my head back onto her leg and can I just say that damn these thighs are soft, I'd fall asleep on them if it wasn't for the danger we were in and the fact I just woke up.

"Sakuya what's Mira doing?"

"Milady said that she wanted to try something then she instantly went into this position and has been like this for the past 10 minutes and 14 seconds," she answered. Huh, accurate must be time magic BS.

Thinking it over for a minute I realize she must have gotten the Meditation skill. I'll ask her about it when she's done for now I might as well use this time to check all the messages I've missed. Not like I'm going anywhere for a while.

Defeated x243 Minor Zombies

Defeated x110 Corrupted Zombies


79,300 Yen

158,600 exp (Jin)

79,300 exp (Mira)

+5 levels (Jin)

+3 levels (Mira)

Skills Evolved:






Skills Gained:

Because INT has reached 50 Skill: MANA BATTERY has been gained

MANA BATTERY (PASSIVE LV-MAX): Increases mana regeneration to 5%. (Mira)

Because DEX has reached 50 Skill: DODGE! has been gained

DODGE! (PASSIVE LV-MAX): No matter where you are you have a 10% chance to automatically dodge any attack coming at you whether you know it's there or not. A certain green slug man would be so proud. (Jin)

PHYSICAL DAMAGE RESISTANCE (PASSIVE/UNCOMMON LV-30): Reduces all physical damage taken by 15%. (Mira)

CHAKRA ENHANCEMENT (ACTIVE/UNCOMMON LV-4): Channel the flow of chakra through your body to enhance it. Give a 2% increase to whatever is enhanced.

POISON RESISTANCE (PASSIVE/UNCOMMON LV-8): Reduce damage and status duration of all poisons by 4% (Mira)

Damn, I may be leading in levels, but I am definitely behind her in skills. Gonna have to fix that soon but until then I need to do something while waiting for Mira to finish her meditation. Luckily I know the best thing to do right now.

"Hey, Sakuya, 2B I've got a question for you two, actually this involves you as well Eve," hearing this Sakuya moves closer to 2B and me while Eve appears from wherever the hell it is she goes when she disappears. "Now can you tell me why the two of you have seals on your power?"

Blinking at me the two give me a confused look at my question the 2B responds "Actually Master we were hoping you could answer that, when we were being teleported into this world we were told that our abilities would be restricted and the only way to release that restriction was the two of you."

Rubbing my head to reduce the headache I feel coming I don't even bother trying to make sense of this I just look at Eve because I'm guessing she might have an idea.

[I can already guess you question Jin, and the answer is yes I do know what the problem is, let me explain. When summoning someone from another world my creator felt that having them assist you while they're at their full power, especially these two would have made the game he created very boring quickly so he made it so that whenever either of you summons someone they would be scaled down for the game to be a bit more balanced]

Nodding my head at what she said I understood where the God was coming from, I don't have to like it but I can try to accept it. "Wait so does that mean that these two are only at a fifth of their full power because observe only showed them at one out of five?"

[No, what that '1' means is that they only have one seal broken, their weakest seal, which is automatic for everyone who goes through the scaling unless something unexpected happens. If I had to guess I would say that they are at around 5 or maybe 10% of what they are capable of]

My eyes widen at that 10% which would mean at their full power they would easily be in the thousands. We need to break those seals quickly. "So how do we break the seals?"

[Simple, just complete these quests]


Quest 1:

Raise Sakuya Izayoi Affection to 100: [5/100]

Quest 2 (Complete):

Raise Sakuya Izayoi Obedience to 100: [100/100]

Quest 3:

Fulfill Her Dream

Quest 4:

Reunite Her with Remilia Scarlet

Quest 5:



Quest 1:

Raise 2B Affection to 100: [10/100]

Quest 2 (Complete):

Raise 2B Obedience to 100: [100/100]

Quest 3:

Help Her Gain Humanity

Quest 4:

Give Her What She Most Desires

Quest 5:


[For each quest you complete more seals on their power will be broken and you may receive an extra reward depending on their quest]

I'm just going to ignore the fact that half of those missions were vague as fuck and the others just sounded impossible for us currently. I mean two of them are just question marks. Sighing to myself I file this away for later, we can unlock some of the seals sooner rather than later. "Alright thank you is there anything else I need to know?" They all shake their heads at my question, and I sigh in relief, now that the tutorial is hopefully over we can start playing this game like it was meant to be.

First things first I close my eyes and search for the chakra inside me, remembering what that God said about how we could create similar moves to stuff we've seen in anime. Let's hope this works.

Regrettably, getting up from 2B's lap I cross my fingers into the iconic plus hand sign and call out, "Shadow Clone Jutsu".

Almost immediately I feel half of my chakra leave me as a perfect copy of myself appears in front of the three of us and I see a new notification.

Due to a unique action by Jin a new skill has been created: IMPERFECT SHADOW CLONE JUTSU (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1)

IMPERFECT SHADOW CLONE JUTSU (ACTIVE/COMMON LV-1): An imperfect copy of the #1 most unpredictable shinobi's signature Jutsu. This allows you to create physical copies of yourself capable of acting on their own. Shadow Clones duration is equal to skill level x 1 min. Shadow Clone's number is equal to the number of times chakra can be cut in half until it hits 500 cp.

Ok, I can live with that but before I get too excited I need to check something before I run out of time. "Sakuya I need you to do something," pointing to my clone I continue "I need you to take him somewhere I can't see, tell him something then hit him to dispel him then come back immediately," I explain. Without a shred of hesitation, she takes the clone somewhere and about 10 seconds later I feel new information enter my head. Looking up I see Sakuya standing in front of me after completing her task.

"I like your eyes too," I reply to her.

+5 Affection with Sakuya Izayoi for Jin

Looking away from me with a slight blush on her cheeks I hear her whisper a small thank you while I just smile at her. She's so cute when flustered.

Getting back to the matter at hand I realize that my experiment was a success even in an imperfect state the shadow clones still retain any information they learn, even if they do have an annoying time limit. But that can be fixed so not a huge worry.

"Nice you got shadow clones working," looking up I see that Mira had finished her meditation and was walking towards us with a soft smile on her face.

"Yeah I can already see a few ways we can use this, I'll show you how to make them later, so tell me what does meditation do?" I ask.

"It increases the amount of health, mana or chakra regenerated but only one of them and it only increases it by 10%," she explained. Thinking about it that move seemed more like something you need to invest in to get the most out of it and won't show its usefulness till it ranks up a couple of times and if you have to physically meditate to get the buff it's kinda useless unless out of battle.

I still want it though. Why the fuck did she ge-.

Ok back up there Jin, no need to get jealous, if you want something then go earn it that's how it works. Calming myself down I turned to the girls. "Alright I've been sitting on my ass for long enough I'm going to do a little hunting myself, 2B you mind coming with me I need someone to cover me just in case," nodding at me she starts to follow me as we head outside.

When we were about to reach the door I saw Mira and Sakuya following us, seeing my raised eyebrow directed at her she rolls her eyes. "If you think I'm going to just let you walk off by yourself out there after what happened to me, you're more mental than I am and that's saying a lot," whatever protest I had died in my throat when I saw the look on her face.

It wasn't anger or disbelief it was fear. She was scared that something could happen to me and I couldn't blame her. After what we've been through today with her almost dying because we got too cocky and I couldn't be there for her, she has a right to be paranoid.

I bring my hands up in surrender at her comment, "You're right, sorry, let's all go ok." Nodding at her we set off for the horde.

Immediately as we step outside everyone covers their ears as I let out an ENHANCED CRY at the random stragglers in front of the building damaging them and attracting a lot more to us, but we never give them the chance to approach. The second we see even a hint of them appearing we immediately annihilate them whether it's by magic or with weapons.

This is how it went for the next couple hours we were here of us just attracting them to us, wiping them out, instantly to level up then using the short break to replenish our energy with meditation.

By the time we finished, we had already finished the first and second parts of the dungeon quest and brought both mine and Mira's levels up to 17 and 16 respectively, and increased the ranks of a couple of our skills. So all in all, this was a pretty decent hunt. And after losing that stupid limiter my stats are actually starting to look good.

…I think.

Jin Yung [200 PP Remaining]

Level: 17 [44%]

Rank: 1-Tailed Kitsune

Title: None

HP: 14040 (140 hp/min)

MP: 23600 (236 mp/min)

CP: 10620 (106 cp/min)

SP: 1800 (18 sp/min)

STR: 78

VIT: 18

DEX: 64

INT: 40

WIS: 59

CHA: 37

LUK: 81

Available points: 0

Ok yeah I'm going to be honest here I want to say that we're broken right now but I have no idea how to prove that. I don't know if the numbers I have are normal or not, the only person I can compare my stats to is Mira since 2B and Sakuya are too high level for us to analyze and the zombies all had the same stats and were one-shotted by us, but I think that was mostly due to their racial weakness to fire more than anything else. The best I can guess is that everyone's stats are set up like this and people some people have perks and bonuses like us meaning we should expect to see some really high numbers in the future.

Anyway, I think we've done enough here. I don't feel like testing whether or not these bodies need sleep or not because mental exhaustion is starting to pile up and I need a nap. And I can tell Mira feels the same from the blank look in her eyes. As if sensing my thoughts Eve then decides to make herself known.

[Are you done with your journey?]

"Yeah Eve we're done here, let us out". I reply.

[Alright but before I do here are your rewards for providing entertainment]

+2500 PP (Jin)

+2000 PP (Mira)

… Fuck this I'm too exhausted to ask, "Thanks Eve take us back now."

And once again we were greeted with the familiar sensation of leaving the dimension.


Coming back in a blink the four of us take a second to recognize that we've moved dimensions. Now that I'm actually forced to look at my surroundings to get my bearings back I can now take notice of what our new room looks like.

If I had to guess I would say the house we live in is one that would belong to the upper middle class just from how the room looks. The floor is layered with a soft light gray carpet and the 4 walls are painted in an alternating pattern of solid navy blue and white. At the center of the wall across from the bed stood a huge window that was currently covered with black curtains with gold trims. There was only one king-sized bed that was up against a wall, honestly, we're going to have to find a bigger one in the future, but we can save that for later.

Looking around some more I can see that there are a few doors littered around the room, they probably lead to more parts of the house, but I am way too exhausted to play explorer right now, I need to fucking sleep.

Turning I find that our two maids(?) were still standing in the room just staring at us. Realizing that they must have been waiting for us to dismiss them I mentally slap myself on the forehead for making them wait like this.

"Thanks for the help today you two, we really appreciate it, we're done for today, but we hope you can help us out tomorrow" I finish with my most heartwarming smile.

Smiling back at us and nodding the two of them exited the room leaving only Jin and I as the only two occupants left in the room.

Before I knew what was happening I feel a pair of arms wrapping around me from behind me and pulling me back. While they felt different from what I was used to I instantly recognized the familiar warmth that it gives and I sink into the embrace. Without saying a word we both walk back towards the bed and collapse into it once we hit the edge.

While we both just laid there I started to hear him chuckling, turning to face him while having a confused look on my face he decides to explain his random chuckling.

"Sorry about that it's just… I still can't believe that this is all real, I mean come on we are actually in an anime right now where God is real and the most powerful being here is a dragon loli with a sweet tooth. I'm just expecting it to all disappear once we go to sleep and honestly that scares me, I like this life even if it's just been a day and even if we've both nearly died in probably the lamest way possible and we're in a world where almost anything can kill us in a snap, I'm still so happy that we're here and I don't want to lose this."

After hearing that I couldn't help but laugh myself, "Yeah I'm with you on that and honestly I'm scared of the same thing but as long as I have you here holding me I will gladly face whatever we wake up to tomorrow whether it's a new adventure in a new universe or just us waking up in our simple apartment getting ready to go to work, as long as I have you I refuse to back down."

"You're right, so let's not wait anymore and see what tomorrow brings, Goodnight Mira, I love you," he says with a smile as his eyes slowly close as we get under the covers.

"Goodnight Jin, I love you too," and with that, the day's exhaustion finally takes over, and before I know it I'm asleep.

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