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" lord commander" satin announced himself in jon personal chamber "there are few northern lords wanting your presence, my lord".

Jon Snow flexed his hand and sighed internally , the offer of Stannis Baratheon legitimising him as a Stark and as a lord of Winterfell still roaming in his head.

"See them to the lord commander solar, satin " Jon commanded in his voice " I will be arriving after that".

"As you command my lord" the former whore of oldtown bowed his head and went out to carry Jon's order leaving Jon alone in the chambers.

Kneel now and rise ,rise as Jon stark the lord of winterfell and warden of the north stannis words as hard as the winter came back suddenly… I am the man of the watch now, another voice that sounded like his father whispered in his head.

It would do no good to dwell on roads not taken jon thought so he wrapped his woolen cloak over his shoulders and steeped out to journey towards the lord commander solar,two black brothers followed behind him spears in hand , their faces covered with the black cloak of the night's watch.

He came close to the solar and was about to open it when he heard loud voices , northern and Gruff voices coming from inside , it looked like they were arguing over something, the door opened and the voices immediately quieted down.

"My lords" Jon said in greetings and went to sit across the assembled northern lords.

There was lord galbert Glover of deepwood motte , left to him was she bear of the north, the lady mormont , sister of the old bear and lastly was a short man with green eyes,he was eyeing Jon with great curiosity and sadness.

"Lord commander" they greeted him cordially .

"It gladdens me to see you become the lord commander ,my lord" the short height man said in a calm voice very different from the northern accent.

"Pardon me ,my lord but I do not recognise you" .

The short man waved his apology away "not your fault , the croggamen rarely leaves their place , i am howland reed lord of greywater watch and an old friend of your father lord eddard stark".

Now that he revealed himself, Jon chastised himself for not seeing the obvious features of croggamen still Jon was little thrilled ,his father had spoken nothing but good words about howland reed .

"I was deeply saddened to hear about his death ".

Jon nodded his head in gratitude, he did not trust himself to speak ,the wound was still too fresh.

Satin served them wine afterwards and the lords lapsed into a comfortable silence all while Jon wondered the motives of their visit. The lords present were the same that went south on the call of his brother Robb , but now they had sworn their allegiance to the boltons.

"You look like him," Galbart Glover whispered, " though he did not brood often".

Who is he? My father ? No it can't be my father also brooded like me ,

"If you would explain further, my lord" .

Galbart Glover burrow forrowed confused "did no one tell you that ever". Something must have been shown on Jon's face when galbart finally clarified.

"You look exactly like Brandon Stark , the wild wolf we called him , seeing you like this brought out memories" the head of Glover eyes were distant obviously in the past.

Jon eyebrows slightly rose at the comment, it was true no one had told him about his resemblance to his dead uncle though he had caught his father sometimes glancing in his way with a pained expression, he had of course thought that was probably the guilt his father must have felt after fathering a bastard.

"Now that you have said that , I think he does resemble Brandon, " Maege Mormant said from behind her cup. She was a gloomy woman who perfectly fit the description made by the old bear.

"I don't think three important lords and ladies of the north " Jon corrected himself after a glare from the she-bear " would come this far to the wall to talk about my resemblance to my dead nuncle".

"No, we did not come here for that" Howland Reed said and did a silent conversation with the other lords present there.

Whatever they did Jon could not seem to understand but after a short while Galbart Glover took out a letter from inside his inner pocket and with a deep breath handled it.

The letter had the unbroken seal of the direwolf , the seal of his lord father's house Jon thought, he unfastened a dagger and used it to remove the wax. He found a big scroll inside the letter which he opened immediately.

The will of Robb Stark ,the king in the north.

In the presence of my trusted counselors and my mother , catelyn Tully stark and with the agreement of all my bannermen who named me the king and in the light of my brothers being dead and my sister married to a Lannister .

I legitimize Jon Snow, my bastard brother as Jon Stark and release him from the night's watch vow, i offer hundred northern soldiers in place of him .

I name Jon Stark as my heir until my jeyne westerling wombs quicken and she gives birth to my child.

Signed and witnessed by.

Galbert Glover

Maege Mormant

Greatjon umber

Jason mallister

Edmure Tully

Catelyn Tully.

Robb stark the king in the north and Trident

He read it once, twice , thrice he could not tell , he just recently refused the offer of Stannis Baratheon making him a Stark and now Robb will come to him giving him the same offer... the gods must desperately want to leave the night's watch.

"The night's vows are for life" a voice whispered inside his head "but you almost took Stannis' offer , declining only when the red women demanded the Godswood to burn , and your vows did not stop you from giving Stannis consuel.

"My vows are for life" Jon repeated the words and said it loudly .

"So is the kingsguard vows but that did not stop Joffrey baratheon from removing ser barristan from the service , neither it stopped his uncle to kill the king aur fuck his sister." Galbart Glover said with a gruff.

Jon stark , the king in the north, the traitors part of his mind whispered to him and he immediately shut it up, the wine made the shock easier to bear and gave him some time to think about it.

It was something he always wanted , to be a Stark and sometimes in the darker parts of his mind he was the lord of winterfell but now when the opportunity was right in his hand he hesitated .our real war is against the others .

I could do more as a king than as a lord commander…...I am a member of the night's watch until my death.

"What do you want me to do , my lords?" Jon asked cooly and the lords exchanged looks.

"Isn't it obvious?" Maege Mormant was always blunt " we want you to lead the north as your brother" she took a sharp intake of breath and whispered " we want vengeance, vengeance for the fallen at the red wedding".

You have no family , no father , no mother , no sisters, only brothers of the night's watch .

"I am a man of the night's watch,my lady , if you want a king you may go to Stannis Baratheon" .

The she-bear only scoffed " the bear island knows no true king except the king with name Stark" she proudly declared the message Stannis had received from lyanna mormont.

Howland Reed however was watching him curiously "you do not want to save your sister?, My lord".

"My sister?" Last he heard Sansa was in the king's Landing married to the imp of shamed him that he once regarded the imp as a Friend.

"Your sister , arya stark is to be married to the bastard Ramsay snow and become the lord of winterfell" galbart Glover said mournfully and jon almost choked.

Arya? But she died in king's Landing with father….oh little arya married to a Monster jon wanted to weep , weep for his father for his brother ,for his unknown mother and for his sisters …. i will always protect you little sister the promise he had made to arya in childhood came back reeling to him.

He took a sharp intake of breath and released it slowly , love is the bane of duty maester Aemon's voice whispered to him…he had broken his oath though, he was an oathbreaker , bastard , and even a warg.

He was the lord commander of the wall, but the wall was starving, it would not survive coming winter especially with what was out there i could do much more as the lord of winterfell.

"So ,what have you decided, my lord?" Howland Reed spoke, breaking up the temporary silence.

That's it, that's the moment! "I accept" Jon Snow now stark whispered softly but the winds carried his words.

Immediately the three northern lords bowed, stood up and eased their swords and in maege Mormont case her mace.

"House Glover stands with house stark".

"The white wolf of the north".

"The Stark of Winterfell" maege Mormont hard voice echoed around the darkroom

"The king in the north".

Beside him Jon Saw satin kneel in front of Jon and join the chants and jon wondered about what lay ahead..

A/n: So I toyed with the idea of either Jon accepting the offer of Stannis as the lord of Winterfell or either make him the king in the north but finally the king part won .