None of you know

Georg's POV

I woke up this morning at the villa and got dressed. When I got to the dining room it was empty, no children and no governess. I said "Frau Schmidt". Frau Schmidt came out the kitchen and said "Yes sir?" I said "Do you know why Fraulien hasn't awaken the children so they'd be ready in time for breakfast?" Frau Schmidt said "No sir. Would you like me to check on her?" I said "Yes" and Frau Schmidt left.

When Frau Schmidt came back. I asked "Well where is she?" Frau Schmidt said "Well I don't know sir. But this was addressed to you sir" and gave me an envelope and said "I've awaken the children sir". I said "Okay you may go" and she left. I opened the letter and began reading

Dear Captain Von Trapp

I'm sorry to have to do this but your children are absolute demons. The 5 hours I've been there, I found bettles all over my room and when I opened the door your children were laughing, I went in the shower and when I came out my clothes were missing and Louisa & Kurt were laughing. On my way to my room I found a rat in my pocket. Good luck finding a governess to look after those demon like children. Tell the children I said Good Riddance

Fraulien Anja

It can't be that hard finding a governess to discipline children. I said "Franz". Franz said "Yes sir". I said "Send word to Nonberg Abbey for a governess". Franz said "Yes sir". I said "And make sure they can discipline my children". Franz said "Yes sir" and left.

I blew my whistle and all the kids ran downstairs. I said "Straight line!" And they all straightened up. I said "Do you know why your fraulien has left us?" They all shook their head. I said "Do you know how a rat got into her pocket?" They all said "No father". I said "How about beetles in her room". Frederich said "Perhaps someone left the window open father".

I said "And what about her clothes?" Louisa asked "What clothes father?" I said "Her clothes that disappeared" and they all shook their heads. I said "So, none of you would know anything or what possibly happened to her clothes" and they shook their heads again. I said "Okay sit down, eat your breakfast silently" and we sat down and began eating.