Maria's POV

I was in my room packing while I heard chitchat downstairs. While I was packing, I heard footsteps and chitchat coming down the hallway. My door barged open and I had 7 pairs of eyes looking at me and 7 voices each trying to say the same thing. I said "Silence and 1 at a time. Okay Liesl go on". Liesl said "The Baroness loved us and the song". I said "Didn't I tell you guys. Sing your best and she'll have no reason not to like you".

Marta said "She said we were talented". Louisa said "She's too prissy for me but she liked it". Gretl said "And guess what fraulien Maria". I asked "What? Your father didn't yell did he?" Gretl said "No he sang". I said "What?" Gretl said "He sang with us fraulien Maria". I said "Did he really? I was sure you guys told me he didn't like to sing".

Kurt said "We changed his mind just like you said we could do". I said "That's great everyone". Brigitta asked "Fraulien Maria why is your bag out?" I said "Well you see I-". Louisa asked "Are you going somewhere?" I said "Well yes". Liesl said "You can't leave fraulien". Kurt said "We want you to stay". I said "I have to go". Gretl asked "Do you hate us fraulien Maria?" I said "Absolutely not and don't any of you think that".

Marta asked "If you don't hate us why do you have to leave?" That was followed by echos of "Yeah". Brigitta asked "Why are you leaving?" I said "Well your father doesn't agree with me about how your days should be spent". Brigitta said "I knew father had something to do with it". Gretl asked "Fraulien Maria if you leave can I come too?" I said "Wouldn't you miss your brothers and sisters?"

Marta said "We'll all come with you". I said "But won't you miss your father?" Gretl said "Maybe we can convince him to come too". Louisa said "Why does father have to ruin everything". I said "Louisa don't blame your father; he's just doing what he thinks is right for you". Louisa said "I'm going to go talk to him!" I said "No Louisa!" But she already left along with the other children. I sat on the bed straining my ears to hear something or anything but just like that everything was quiet.

After a while I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I'm in trouble. I quickly got up and continued packing. I heard someone clear their throat. I said "Children I told you not to get angry with your father, he's doing what he thinks is best for you". I heard someone say "Fraulien". None of the children's voices. I looked to the side and saw the captain standing there.

I said "Captain I didn't send the children downstairs to-". The captain held his hand up and said "I apologize for my behavior it was unprofessional and uncalled for". I said "I should apologize too. I was always getting in trouble for speaking my mind". The captain said "You brought music back into my family... I've forgotten". I didn't know what to say so, I went to the wardrobe to get more of the dresses I made.

The captain said "Fraulien". I turned around and said "Yes?" The captain said "I need you to stay... I ask you to stay". I said "If I can help in anyway". The captain said "You've helped more than enough" and smiled at me. I said "Children you can come in now" and all 7 children walked in casually. The captain looked surprised then cleared his throat and said "Well I'll leave you to it" and left.

The End