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Ever since Krypton, Kara had always struggled with her cycle. It was a dreaded week, filled with pain and anxiety. Growing up, she knew that starting her cycle meant she was becoming an adult, a woman, but she was never told just how bad it could be sometimes.

Kara turned thirteen before Krypton's demise. That was the year that every young girl starts their cycle, and Kara had been looking forward to it. She knew, when she started, it meant she was becoming an adult, and within the next few years, would be joining the Science Guild as the youngest member.

Those hopes and dreams were crushed as Kara watched her world be destroyed. She heard her people cries as they burned and crumbled with the planet. She saw her planet crumble and cave in on itself, before exploding into millions of pieces. The shockwave knocking her pod off course, into the Phantom Zone, rather than trailing behind baby Kal-El. She stayed there for twenty-four year, only slightly aware of the changing time.

When she crashed on Earth, years after she should've, her mission was over, Kal-El didn't need her anymore. She felt like her world was exploding a second time as she watched him fly away.

The Danvers were good people. Eliza was kind, and reminded Kara of her own mother. Jeremiah was strong and steady, he gave her a pair of glasses to help manage her powers. Alex, was, Alex. She wasn't a fan of Kara, she didn't want a sister. Alex didn't go out of her way to be mean, she just ignored Kara, refusing to acknowledge her.

Kara's cycle hit her after being on Earth for six weeks. She had forgotten all about it in the stress of her life.

Kara woke up one Tuesday morning, but she knew it wasn't going to be a normal day. She felt achy, fevered, sick and generally gross. Laying in bed, she tried to focus on anything else. The birds outside, the kitchen appliances, heartbeats of the house's other occupants , but nothing could distract her. Nothing could deater her focus from the pain she was feeling. She hated it. On Krypton, nothing seemed to help her, no food, no medicine, no herbal treatment, nothing. Kara seriously doubted anything on Earth would help, especially now, with her powers.

Curling in on herself, and covering herself with her comforter, she tried to find a comfortable position. As Kara was drifting back to sleep, she heard footsteps heading up the stairs, down the hall, and then stopping outside her door. Whoever it was, Kara didn't have the effort or energy to figure it out, knocked on her door. And again when they didn't get an answer. The person, Eliza, opened her door after not getting an answer, only to find Kara curled up in her bed, tears in her eyes, threatening to fall. Eliza was instantly worried.

"Kara, sweetheart, what's wrong?" She asked. Kara just groaned in response. "Kara?" Eliza asked again, her worry increasing.

"Hurts," was all Kara was able to get out before curling in on herself more.

"What does?" Eliza was maintaining a calm facade on the outside, but on the inside, she was freaking out. Kara mumbled something else before clutching her stomach and seeming to pale even more.

It dawned on Eliza what was going on. "Kara, did you get your period?" She asked kindly.

Kara gave her a confused look, "I'm on my cycle. What's a period?" Eliza realized Krypton had a different expression for what she was guessing, and hoping, was the same thing.

After Eliza's explanation, she realized that yes, she was on her "period" as the people of Earth called it. But, just because she now knew what it was called did not mean she felt any better. If anything, it seemed to be getting worse. Chills started taking over her body, making Kara pull her blanket up further.

Eliza lifted her hand to feel Kara's forehead, checking her temperature, only to feel as though she had been burned. Yep, she thought, Kara definitely has a temp. Eliza wasn't sure what to do, any medicine that she gave, Kara's metabolism would just burn right through it.

Eliza stayed with Kara until she fell back into an uneasy slumber before going down to talk to her husband and daughter.

Hearing footsteps coming down, Jeremiah and Alex looked up from the table where they were eating breakfast. "Alex," Eliza started, "Kara won't be going to school today, would you be able to pick up some of her work?" They both gave her a look of surprise.

"I guess so. Why isn't she going to school?"

"She's, ah, not feeling well…" She trailed off. They all turned towards the stairs when they heard the sound of something crashing, someone running, and a door slamming. Eliza quickly excused herself to go check on Kara. She rushed up stairs and poked her head into Kara's room, only to find her not there, and her desk chair knocked over.

Rushing towards the bathroom, she heard retching, groaning and the occasional sniffle. Knocking on the door, she didn't wait to be invited in. She found Kara hunched over the toilet, dry heaving. "Oh Kara," she trailed off. Grabbing a washcloth, she ran the tap, wetting it with cold water before joining Kara on the floor. She stuck the cloth on the back of her neck, hoping it'll help, even if just a bit. She sat there with Kara on the bathroom floor for close to an hour, rubbing Kara's back as she heaved. She just wished she could help Kara more, help give her relief.

After a while, Eliza helped Kara up, helping her to brush her teeth and then helping her back into bed. Once Kara was settled, or as settled as she could be, Eliza went down to the kitchen to heat up a hot pack, get a ginger ale, and call out of work. Right now, Eliza didn't care if she got fired, all that matters was helping Kara. The girl that lost so much, it's the least she could do for the girl she thought of as a second daughter.

She grabbed the hot pack, ginger ale and saltines and headed back up the stairs. She stayed with Kara for the rest of the day, doing whatever she could to help.

When Alex got home later that day, she dropped Kara's school work off on the table before going to find her mom, and maybe Kara. She knew for sure her mother was home, based on her car in the driveway, it was just a matter of figuring out where.

She poked her head into the study first, but didn't see her. Next up was her parents bedroom, but she didn't get that far. As she was walking down the hallway, the bathroom door opened up, and there she was. And Kara was with her. Her mom was practically carrying Kara out, supporting her weight as she leaned against her. Alex knew it was bad. Kara was supposed to be invincible, impervious, hell, she was Superman's cousin. Whatever this is, she thought, must be bad. I mean it's practically knocked Kara out. Kara looked pale, and pastey. She had a sheen of sweat covering what seemed to be her entire body. Overall, she looked like death warmed over.


Eliza looked up. "Alex, why don't you go get a snack or something. I'll be down soon." Alex nodded, and went along with her suggestion.

In the kitchen, waiting for her mom, Alex decided she was going to have a banana. Sitting down at the counter, she pulled out some of her homework, deciding to start with history. She was still working when her mom came down, the banana long gone. Eliza looked tired and weary, like she aged five years in the span of seven hours.

"Mom? What's wrong with Kara?" She asked as Eliza took a seat next to her.

Sighing, Eliza started, "Kara is on her period, or as they call it on Krypton, her cycle."

"That's all this is? Her period is able to take her out for the count?" Alex question. She was surprised that something that's only a slight inconvenience for her was able to take Kara out like this. Sure, she gets cramps, and they can get bad, but never like that, to that extent.

"I know, it surprised me too. I just wish there was something I could do for her. She's burning with a fever, sick to her stomach and is just in so much pain. I've tried everything, but nothing seems to help."

"What about like pamprin or midol or something like that? Motrin?" Alex suggested.

"No, nothing works. Her metabolism burns through it too quickly." Eliza responded. It hurt her to see Kara suffer like this.

For the next four days, Eliza stayed with Kara, with Alex helping out here and there. She did everything she could to try to ease Kara's pain, wishing there was more for her to do. For every cycle that Kara faced during her years living in Midvale, Eliza was there, by her side. Doing everything she could to help. Even if that just meant helping her to and from the bathroom, getting her water or tea, or just being a comforting hand. Eliza just wished there was more she could do to help ease Kara's cycle. That first day of Kara's cycle was one of the first times Alex accepted Kara as her sister. She vowed to try to help and protect Kara to the extent of her abilities. For the girl who lost so much, Alex just wanted to protect her.

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