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Kara met Lena through CatCo. Kara went as a tag-a-long to an interview with Ms. Luthor and had kept in touch with her and been friends ever since.

During an interview early on into their friendship, before trying out the Alien Detection Device that Lena had made, Kara had revealed to her that she is an alien. From there on out, their friendship grew.

Lunch dates became a bi-weekly thing, then weekly and then almost everyday.

Their friendship meant a lot to Kara, she valued all her friends, but Lena was special. Texting each other or talking on the phone everyday, Kara's feelings for Lena grew beyond just friendship.

After mutually agreeing that they both had feelings for each other, they started dating for real. Their dynamic didn't change much, just added in kissing and other romantic gestures.

Lena and Kara had planned to meet for lunch one Saturday after they started dating. When it was past their scheduled meet up time, and Lena was still waiting for Kara to show up, she got worried.

Lena was worried. Kara still hadn't shown up for their date, and it was 20 minutes past their scheduled time. Sure, sometimes Kara runs a few minutes late, but she's never this late, she thought. And, Kara would text me to tell me she's running late. Something's wrong.

Leaving the restaurant, she got into her car. "To Kara's address please, Frank." She told her driver.

Pulling out her phone, she still didn't have any texts from Kara, she pressed call. On the fifth ring, just when she thought she was going to be getting voicemail, someone picked up.

"Hello? Kara?" Lena started, Kara better have a good explanation for this, she thought.

"Lena? It's Alex." The other person identified herself.

"Alex? Where's Kara? We were supposed to be meeting up for lunch."

"Kara's a bit preoccupied at the moment," retching could be heard in the background.

"Was that Kara? Is she sick? What can I do? How can I help?"

"Um, yeah, she's sick. Come over and I'll explain. She's quite out of it, but she insisted I answer her phone to make sure you didn't think she stood you up for no reason."

"Well, I appreciate that. I'll be over soon, I was already on my way over."

"See you soon." Alex hung up.

Lena was glad to know why Kara was a no show, but her worry increased. I thought she couldn't get sick, she thought.

Her driver pulled her out of her thoughts, "We're here Ms. Luthor."

"Thank you, Frank. You can go home, I'm going to be staying here for the day." She climbed out of the car, and headed inside the apartment complex.

Waiting for the elevator to reach the right floor seemed to take an eternity. She was worried about her girlfriend, and until she saw Kara, nothing could quell her worry.

Stepping out of the elevator and speed walking down the hall, she didn't even bother knocking.

Letting herself into the apartment, she was expecting chaos. But what met her was quiet and calm. Until she heard the retching, clearing coming from the bathroom.

Walking towards the bathroom, there was Kara, shaking, hunched over the toilet, holding onto it like her life depended on it. Alex was sitting next to Kara on the floor, it looked like she was holding her up, supporting her weight and rubbing her back as Kara heaved.

Lena stepped into the bathroom and Alex looked up. "Hey," Alex said quietly. She looked tired and drawn.

"Hi," Lena responded in the same tone. Lena looked over at Kara, she looked ready to pass out. She was pale, sweaty and clearly was burning with fever. Grabbing a wash cloth from under the sink, Lena ran it under cold water, wrung it out, and used it to wipe Kara's forehead, face and neck. "Hi, Darling." She said with a soft smile, even sick, Kara was still beautiful.

They sat on the bathroom floor for another half an hour, with Kara occasionally dry heaving, but the time in between seemed to slow down as time passed. Eventually, Alex decided that Kara was done. "Kara, do you want to go lay down in your bed? I'm sure it's more comfortable than the floor."

Kara seemed confused, like she knew Alex was talking to her, but couldn't figure out what was being said or what the hell was going on. Alex started to take matters into her own hands, slowly getting her up and standing, with Alex supporting most, if not all, her weight. Lena came on the other side of Kara, wrapping her arm around her neck and taking some of the weight.

Together, they supported Kara out of the bathroom, back into her room and into her bed. As soon as Kara was laying down, she curled up into the fetal position and Alex covered her with the duvet. Kara wasn't asleep, but she didn't seem very aware.

Following Alex out of the room, Lena started "What the hell is going on Alex? I thought she couldn't get sick?"

Alex sighed, "She can't get sick in the traditional sense."

"Then what the hell is that?" Lena just wanted to figure out what was wrong with Kara, her girlfriend, her best friend, and the love of her life.

"That is what she calls her Cycle. It's basically the Kryptonian version of a period. She gets it like every other month or something like that. This one is bad."

"Oh wow, that's terrible. What can I do to help? What does her Cycle entail?"

"You being here with her is enough. Generally I get her water, tea, or ginger ale to drink, she doesn't eat much during her Cycle. We need to keep an eye on her fever. There's nothing we can give her that'll help lower it, but ice packs or wet washcloths seem to give her a bit of relief. Her Cycle basically means she gets high fevers, um, she tends to get sick to her stomach like you saw, and she experiences cramps, but for her it's like excruciating pain. There's been times where she's been in so much pain that it's knocked her out. She's begged to be knocked out before too. It's just a rough time."

"Oh my god. That's just-" Lena didn't know what exactly to say about that. She felt terrible that her girlfriend had to go through that. "I don't have the words to describe just how sorry I feel that Kara has to go through that."

"I get it, but what we can do for her is be there, support her and wait on her every need." Alex said with a small smile. "Why don't you go lay with her, it seems to help her when someone does."

Lena got up, and followed Alex's advice, heading into the bedroom, going to the opposite side of the bed and got under the blankets. She scooted towards Kara, and wrapped her arms around her, spooning her from behind. Settling down, she was happy to have her arms wrapped around the love of her life, holding her as she fell asleep.

After a few hours, and not hearing anything from the bedroom, Alex went in to check on Kara and Lena. Creeping into the doorway, being as quiet as she could, Alex found them in the bed, arms wrapped around each other. Looking at Kara's face, she found it void of pain, with a peaceful look on her face. Lena was in the same place, a peaceful look on her face. Alex was glad her little sister had someone like Lena. Someone who would be there for her no matter what, in sickness and in health.