Georg's POV

Well so far, it's been a week since the house had music again since I sang again since Agathe. I haven't learned much about the kids since coming back because Elsa has had me touring around Saltzburg. While I was walking downstairs, I heard chattering from the dining area. I stood in the door way and watched the kids talk.

Frederich looked up and said "Good morning father" which were followed by echos of "Good morning father". I said "Good morning children" and sat down. I asked "What's on the agenda today?" Gretl asked "Father what's an agenda?" I said "A plan darling. So, what's the plan for today?" Kurt said "We don't know fraulien Maria always surprised us".

Liesl asked "Father?" I said "Yes Liesl?" Liesl asked "Shall I go check on fraulien Maria?" I should've known that's all she ever says or ask me since I got back from Vienna. I said "No need. I'm sure she'll be down shortly". Brigitta asked "Fahter?" I said "Yes?" Brigitta asked "How come you get mad at everyone except fraulien Maria when they're late?" All the children looked at me just as puzzled as I was about the question. She really does notice everything.

I said "It's not that I'm not mad. I'm just used to it". Louisa mumbled "But not used to us" and said "Father can I be excused". Max said "Are you sure that's the only reason?" And looked behind me and saw Max standing in the doorway. I said "I'm sure Max, I'm sure". Max asked "Are you sure it's not something else?" Not sounding like a question and with that grin he has when he finds something amusing that I find quite annoying and sat down.

Elsa walked in as gracefully as always and said "Good morning". The children said "Good morning, Baroness Schraeder". Max said "Good morning, Elsa you are looking splendid as always". Elsa said "Thank you Max". Louisa said "Can we please be excused to check on fraulien Maria?" Elsa said "Maria's late again". I said "She's always late". Elsa said "Then you should fire her immediately!"

The children said "No!" Louisa said "No fraulien Maria gets to stay with us". Gretl said "Father please don't fire fraulien Maria". I said "Everybody relax". Kurt said "You can't fire fraulien Maria for being late". Frederich said "Technically he can and considering he fired her once". I said "Okay calm down". Louisa stood up and said "Father how dare, you bring her here!" And pointed to Elsa.

I said "Louisa sit down!" Louisa said "No! You brought her here and now she wants to get rid of fraulien Maria". Marta said "Please let fraulien Maria stay". I said "Louisa apologize, to the Baroness right now!" Louisa said "No! She hates fraulien Maria!" Everyone gasped. Elsa said "I have nothing against Maria. I just think it'd be best for everyone if you got someone who was on time".

Louisa said "You were late. Breakfast starts at 9 it's 9:30 and you just showed up! And now you want to fire fraulien Maria because she's late. Maybe father should send you back to Vienna cause your late!" And stood up and left the table. I said "Louisa! Come back here this minute!" And Louisa walked upstairs.

Author's note. This is the sequel to The Girl Who Changed the Beast. The real reason Elsa wants Maria fired you will see in between 3 weeks ago when the captain returned and now. As for Max's comments he can see a change in Georg. Enjoy.