Maria's POV

I was in my room getting ready for breakfast when I heard a knock. I said "I'll be down in a minute children". The door opened and the Baroness was standing there. I said "Good morning, Baroness. I thought you'd be the children". The Baroness said "I'm not noisy anyway, the captain insists you be moved to the servants' eating quarters in the kitchen this morning with no questions".

I asked "Why?" The Baroness said "Oh he said it's best for the children if they eat with their family" and left. When I got downstairs, I said "Good morning captain, Herr Detweiler, Baroness, children" and continued walking. Herr Detweiler asked "Where are you going fraulien?" I said "To eat with the servants". Marta said "No please stay here fraulien". Liesl said "Fraulien eat with us". Kurt said "I won't steal your eggs no more".

The captain asked "Why are you going to eat with the servants?" I said "It'll be good if the children ate with their family for a while". Gretl said "But you are family". Louisa said "I can't survive eating with the baroness without you" and quickly covered her mouth and looked at the captain. The Baroness said "I told you Georg this child is too rude". The captain said "I'm not sending any of my children to boarding school" and all the children looked confused.

I tried to sneak away but Herr Detweiler said "No fraulien you will sit right here with me". I said "Really I should, after all I'm only a governess". Louisa stood up and I shook my head and she only glared at the Baroness. Herr Detweiler said "Fraulien to this family you're more than just a governess. Look at the children the love and adore you". I said "I-". Herr Detweiler said "No is not an option".

Gretl said "If fraulien Maria doesn't eat with us then I'm going to eat with her" and the rest of the children said "Yeah me too". Baroness said "Children this is not appropriate for dining". Louisa said "Why? Because you'd rather us be seen then heard or is it because you don't like fraulien Maria". I said "Louisa". Louisa said "Fraulien she doesn't like you she's mad because we like you and not her and she's also mad that father likes you". The baroness said "Uh you spoiled brat! You are rude and disrespectful!". Liesl said "No if you disrespect fraulien Maria you disrespect all of us".

Gretl said "Father please tell the Baroness to stop being mean to fraulien Maria". Baroness said "Georg, I'm going back to Vienna call me when your children aren't such brats!" And stormed off. The captain said "Elsa". Baroness said "Yes Georg?" The captain said "I'll have Franz drive you" and she stormed upstairs.

Author's note. I've read a lot of TSOM fanfictions and they seem to make the Baroness stupid like she can't see Georg's attraction to Maria & Maria's attraction to Georg and it's obvious to everyone but them. Another deleted scene from the movie will be coming up soon. If you haven't read "The Girl Who Changed the Beast I strongly suggest you read that first