Brigitta's POV

While we were eating lunch on the terrace, we saw fraulien Maria & father walking and talking. Uncle Max said "Well fraulien Georg we were wondering where you 2 were". Kurt said "You missed most of lunch". Fraulien Maria said "Sorry". Kurt said "It's okay that just meant more for me". Gretl asked "Fraulien Maria where were you?" Fraulien said "Well I... was by the gazebo waiting for Liesl to show up for our talk". Liesl said "Oh well I, I just... forgot. You see Gretl asked me to play with her".

Gretl said "No I-" and Louisa covered her mouth. Uncle Max asked "And where were you Georg?" Father said "I was by the gazebo waiting for Kurt". Kurt said "Well I, I was on my way but then Frederich stopped me so we, we could finish our paper ship". Father said "Well there will be plenty of time for you to know that story" and sat down and ate what was left.

Uncle Max asked "Fraulien would you mind some singing lessons". Father said "Max we talked about this. She's a postulant". Uncle Max said "Relax Georg, I was just going to ask if she'd like me to improve her vocals. I mean I would love to know your vocal level". Father said "Don't listen to him if you do before you know it the entire Nonberg abbey will be signed up for the Saltzburg festival". Fraulien Maria giggled and said "Well he'll have to go through sister Berthe".

Gretl asked "Is sister Bertha the one who makes you kiss the floor?" Fraulien said "Yes indeed. That's the only thing I'm not looking forward to when I go back to the abbey". Marta asked "When will you go back?" Fraulien Maria said "When your father no longer needs me" when I looked over at father, he looked lost in his own world. Marta asked "Can we go to your mountain today?" Fraulien Maria said "Not today it's going to be chilly".

Kurt asked "Then what will we do today?" Father said "Well I won't be here today; I've got an errand to run". Gretl asked "Can I come father?" Father said "Not this time Gretl. This time Liesl will be coming with me". Liesl asked "I will". I said "Yes you will". Liesl asked "Where are we going?" Father said "You'll see". Liesl asked "Can fraulien come as well?" Father said "That's up to her" and looked over at fraulien and smiled.

Liesl said "So fraulien will you come with us?" Fraulien asked "Hmm come with you where?" Liesl said "I don't know but father said he's taking me somewhere". Fraulien said "Hmm I don't think so". I said "Oh please do go fraulien". Fraulien gave me a puzzling look and said "I thought you'd want me here to play with you today". Marta & Gretl said "We do". Louisa said "We thought you'd deserve a break you know since you're always around children and you're an adult, you should be around an adult every once in a while".

Liesl said "That's true". Frederich said "And father's the only adult". Uncle Max said "What about me?" Louisa said "You're a big kid". Liesl said "Please fraulien". Frederich said "Uncle Max will help us look after everyone else". Uncle Max said "I will?" I said "Yes you will". Uncle Max said "Yes, I guess I will. Since Georg here won't give you a day off and obviously these lovely children are worried about you".

Father said "Oh yes you have been here for a while. Why don't you take the day off tomorrow". Fraulien said "That's very kind captain but I really don't need a day off". Father said "Nonsense everyone needs a day off. Now we wouldn't want you using all your energy here". Fraulien said "Really captain I'm fine". Father said "This is not up for discussion Maria tomorrow you shall have a day off".

We all looked at each other with a knowing look that father just said "Maria" and not "Fraulien" or "Fraulien Maria" even fraulien Maria looked surprised. Uncle Max said "Fraulien maybe tomorrow you shall sing for me". Father said "Max a day off doesn't mean she spends the day singing for you". Fraulien said "It's fine captain I really don't mind". Father said "Absolutely not. A day off is for her to do what she wants to do relax or visit the abbey".

Uncle Max said "Calm down Georg". Father said "I'm calm". Gretl asked "What will you do for your day off fraulien?" Fraulien said "I don't know. I've gotten used to being around you guys". Uncle Max said "See Georg you don't have to kick her out". Father said "I wasn't going to kick her out, I was going to take the children out". Louisa said "I think I'd rather stay home as well". Father said "Out of the question. Tomorrow we will go out and it's official".

Fraulien asked "Could I at least keep 1 of the children here with me". Father said "I guess so" and it was official we were going out with father without fraulien.

Author's note. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of The Girl the Beast Dreams Of. This takes place the same day as the previous book so if you haven't read The Girl Who's Falling for the Beast, I suggest you read it before continuing. Enjoy.