Author's note. WARNING! Might have sexual contact. This is the final chapter in The Girl the Beast Dreams Of and this is a last-minute thing so, please don't judge and it shows just how the feelings Maria & The captain have towards each other is mutual, might be a little short. Enjoy. PS. Sequel coming up not sure when.

Maria's POV

I woke up in the middle of the night to the captain saying "Fraulien". I got out of bed and walked to the captain's room. When I knocked the captain said "Come in" and I walked in. The captain said "Have a seat" and patted his bed and I sat down and asked "Is there something you want?" The captain said "There's a lot I want" and covered my hand with his. I let out a breath, I didn't realize I was holding and asked "Like what?" The captain said "Everything I can never have". I said "I want that too". The captain asked "So what do you want?" I said "It would be a sin to even say so. Plus, sister Berthe would make me kiss the floor forever" and the captain laughed and asked "Would it be worth it?" I said "Yes". The captain said "Than go for it". I said "How? I don't know how?"

The captain said "It starts like this" and kissed me on the lips. I asked "What next?" The captain slipped his hand around my waist and said "We get closer" and pulled me closer. The captain said "That's a very nice dress". I said "Thanks". The captain said "I bet it'll look better off you and, on the ground". I said "But captain wouldn't that be wrong?" The captain said "Only if you didn't want to and I won't force you" and caressed my back and asked "Is this what you want?" I said "Yes. I mean no. The baroness". The captain asked "What about the baroness?" and started kissing my neck and I'm ashamed to say this but I enjoyed it.

I said "You're supposed to marry her" and lightly pushed him off immediately missing his touch. The captain asked "Why would I marry her when I have you?" I asked "Why would you want me when you can have her?" The captain said "You're so much better" and started kissing my neck and said "I just need this Maria". I asked "What Georg?" The captain said "You" and kept kissing. I asked "Me?" The captain said "Yes. All of you just once and just for me". I asked "But captain what if you- you know regret it and wished you've done it with the baroness?" The captain said "Impossible" and kissed me again. I lightly pushed him off and said "Captain you don't know how much I've dreamt of this". The captain smiled and laid me flat on my back and one of his hands started going up my thigh.

I said "Captain". The captain said "Shut up and let me kiss you" and kissed me again and my hand found his head and pulled him closer, now our chests were touching. The captain was rubbing my legs up and down while I kissed him. The captain asked "Why can't you be mine forever?" I said "I'm a postulant. How can something so wrong feel so right at the same time?" The captain said "I don't care, you're all I want right now" and kissed me again and moaned with pleasure. The captain took off his shirt and he seemed to have kept his military training muscles. The captain asked "What are you waiting for?"

When I took off the dress, I saw sister Berthe and she asked "Maria what are you doing?!" I pushed the captain off me and said "This isn't what it looks like?" Sister Berthe said "This is a sin!" I said "No! It isn't we haven't done anything yet!" Sister Berthe said "Which you are implying you were planning on it. The reverend mother shall hear about this!" I said "No! Sister Berthe!" I heard Gretl whisper "Wake up fraulien". I sat straight up and looked around and realized I was in my room not the captain's. Gretl said "I think you were having a nightmare fraulien". I should've known it was a dream, I've had so many of them, I just should've known it was a dream and not a nightmare up until Sister Berthe appeared but before that it was pleasant. What am I saying?! Gretl asked "Would you like me to sing about your favorite things fraulien?" I said "No, no that's all right, you go back to sleep". Gretl hugged me and went back to her room. I spent the night tossing and turning. That was the first dream I had about the captain so, intimidating yet so perfect.

The End

Author's note. I hope you enjoyed the last and final chapter of The Girl the Beast Dreams Of