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Chapter One

A mild wind swept through Pallet town as a young thirteen year old watched a pokemon battle on a somewhat beat up tv. The match was between a Gengar and a Rhydon with both fighting heartily. A Pidgeotto was settled behind him looking at the tv with a rapt look of fascination. They both looked towards the door as it opened revealing an amused Delia Ketchum. She offered the two a look, "So getting ready for bed, are we?"

"Well...We wanted to finish the match and maybe..." Ash trailed off with a sheepish look as Pidgeotto dug her head under the blankets with a coo of embarrassment.

Delia let out a low sigh and shook her head, "Vali won't be back until right before you two are scheduled to leave for your journey, Ash. I know that she's told both Gary and you that multiple times since she left for that Dignitary mission to Hoenn with Lance."

"I know," Ash whined at his mother, "But I miss her and it's not the same here without her..."

"And you wanted her to meet your starter," Delia said with a light laugh as Ash looked away with a flush while Pidgeotto seemed to snicker at her trainer, "Have you decided which one you want or will you let fate decide?"

"Fate," Ash replied as Pidgeotto cooed in agreement looking determined, "Our new partner will be chosen by fate and to be honest, I kinda like the idea of them being like Pidgeotto,"

Pidgeotto cooed at him and nibbled on his ear affectionately for a moment before settling down as Ash batted at her playfully. Delia smiled softly as a soft crying sound echoed through the air. Delia told them both, "Finish the match, you two will be asleep. Ash, I will be waking you up at dawn as per instructions from Vali."

Ash groaned while Delia and Pidgeotto laughed. Delia left while Ash and Pidgeotto got settled in for the rest of their recorded match. Ash spoke as Pidgeotto leaned against him, "I hope Vali get's back soon. She's gotten back early before, so I know she's able to do it," Pidgeotto nuzzled him softly with a coo, "Yeah, I'm just worried. I don't want her disappearing again like she did for that training even if it did make her stronger. I just..." Ash shook his head, "Just hope she's safe."

Pidgeotto let out of soft cry of agreement.

Yawning softly into the soft sleeve of her kimono, Vali looked over at where Lance was talking to Steven while the other Hoenn Elite were mingling with their politicians. She felt a wet nose press into hand and smiled down at the Absol pup that had practically bound itself to her hip during this trip to Hoenn. Sydney had sworn a bit at first before backing off when he realized that she was honestly just as surprised. She caught the pup after both parents allowed it and promised to allow Sydney to check up on the little one whenever he wished. Whether she'd regret that in the end, it was something to worry about it in the future.

Vali heard a soft yip from the pup and turned her head to see Sydney walking towards her. She offered him a slight smile, "Sydney, enjoying the party?"

"As much as you, Empress," Sydney snickered at her scowl at the nickname Lance had once jokingly given her only for it to stick, "I take it parties aren't your kind of thing?"

"These kinds," Vali had learned how to enjoy certain types of parties, "Lance has promised me certain things in exchange for staying,"

"So you wouldn't want to be saved from this boring party?" Sydney asked with a raised eyebrow earning a curious look.

Vali looked over at where Lance was talking with Steven who seemed to be absorbed in his talk and back at Sydney. She weighed her options especially that one politician that seemed to enjoy trying his luck with her boundaries seemed to be making his way over to her little corner of the room. She decided that Sydney's offer was far more appealing than attempting to weather another hour of a party that felt like it was dragging. Offering Sydney a smile, she picked up her Absol, "How shall you rescue me from this dreadful place, Sydney?"

Sydney grinned as he led the way out of the room where the party was being held.

Lance noticed some of the politician saying their goodbyes and asked Steven, "Is the party about over?"

"It's getting close to midnight," Steven let out a soft laugh, "Looks like we spent most of the night talking,"

"Yeah, it was pretty interesting though," Lance felt a bit surprised that he'd spent so long talking with Steven even if it'd been nice to catch up in person, "I best go grab Vali and head out as well, we're leaving in the morning for Kanto,"

"I bet she's happy," Steven grinned brightly, "It's about time for Ash and Gary's journeys, right?"

"Yea-" Lance cut himself off with a surprised gasp as he found Vali's presence gone from the room, "Vali?"

"What's wrong? Isn't she...Over...There...?" Steven looked towards a corner of the room only to pause with a surprised look, "Where in the world?"

"What's wrong?" Glacia looked at them in confusion as she walked up.

Lance looked at her with confusion and a little bit of fear, "Vali's gone and I can't find her anywhere."

"Gone?" Glacia gave him a look, "Champion Lance, your Elite Four doesn't need to tell you everywhere she goes, does she? Least of all when another Elite is with her,"

"Another...Elite?" Lance stumbled slightly in confusion, "Who?"

"Sydney," Steven frowned at Glacia at her, "Where did they go?"

"I have no idea, but I doubt Sydney would take her anywhere dangerous," Glacia gave him a look of disappointment causing Steven to reel back a bit, "I don't know what Vali's story is exactly, but I do know is that she was absolutely miserable at a party she didn't need to be at. While I was impressed by how well she held herself, I am glad Sydney was kind enough to escort her out to wherever he intended to go,"

Lance tried to gather his thoughts as Steven spoke, "Glacia, we just want to know where Vali disappeared to that's all. Now that we know, I'm sure Lance is fine."

"Y-yeah," Lance shook himself as Steven elbowed him.

Vali laughed and rolled down the hill grassy hill following her Absol pup causing Sydney to laugh. She slammed into him as her Absol hit it's parent. Sydney let out a grunt and wrapped an arm around her waist as they both began to calm down. She giggled softly prompting Sydney to ask, "What's with the laugh, Vali?"

"Just thinking about how we went from a posh party to running around like idiots in a wooded area just to have fun in the middle of the night," Vali grinned as she sat up a bit, "It makes me glad that Lance dragged me along to Hoenn for my last assignment before my little brothers go on their journey,"

"I'm glad too," Sydney grinned at her, "You're a cool chic to hang with and not like the other female elite running around,"

"Glacia and the others aren't too bad," Vali rolled her eyes, "They might be a bit uptight, bossy, or need to calm down a little...Otherwise, they're okay. I like being around them. They're fun to train with. I like training with you too," She grinned at him, "I especially liked learning those tricks I can use with Eowyn. She's loves being able to actually light herself on fire now,"

"Just remember to be careful while doing that, she's not the best at grasping her darkside to protect herself," Sydney reminded her.

"I will," Vali promised him as the two Absol began playing together, "Man, I am going to miss being able to play with your Absol and just being able to spend time in the training grounds you've got. I mean Agatha has some awesome training grounds set-up, but since they're talking about replacing her, it won't be long before everything changes,"

"Hey anytime you're in Hoenn, I don't mind spend time in my training grounds or play with my Absol," Sydney offered her a slight smile, "They like you a lot,"

"Thanks, Sydney," Vali hugged him.

"Don't mention it," Sydney murmured as she released him, "Let's get you back to your hotel, you're heading out in the morning, right?"

"Yeah, we're supposed to be heading out bright and early," Vali rolled her eyes, "Don't know why Lance set it up like that since we all know he likes to sleep in," Sydney snorted as they collected their pokemon, "Honestly, I swear the only reason he isn't late for his appearances is because of Diaval and me. Mew only knows how many times we've had to shove the bastard into the conference room before his morning shower with a glass of moo moo milk just to get him there in time,"

Sydney let out a laugh as they started to walk back, "You two are close, huh."

"Lance is my best friend just like Steven. It's honestly thanks to them that I managed to become an Elite," Vali rubbed her Absol's neck causing the pup to purr, "I wasn't really thinking about becoming an Elite until either of them mentioned it. Now though, I couldn't see myself as anything else save for maybe a Gym Leader," Vali grinned as she imagined Smaug languishing away until someone challenged her for an Eighth badge, "Then again, I think everyone would be pretty bored if we were Gym Leaders,"

"True," Sydney chuckled as he patted his Absol's side, "We would be bored too. Gym's can be fun, but way too boring unless it's the start of the year,"

Vali shuddered slightly, "Yeah, I think I'd pass."

Sydney eyed her before snickering, "Right, you helped out Blaine, right?"

"Apprentice, it was...something," Vali would rather not do it again.

Sydney snorted softly, "I'll bet," He paused as they reached her hotel, "Hey, Vali. Thanks for joining me tonight. It's nice to have someone to kick back with that doesn't worry about me having some ulterior motive."

Vali gave him a look, "Anyone that would is kind of stupid. You might put off an air of being up to something, but your fun to hang around. I've gotten some awesome pictures thanks to you and your pokemon," She grinned at the memories of them, "Which will be in your mail by tomorrow as agreed."

"I'll keep an eye out," Sydney grinned at her, "Anyway, I'm glad this little guy will be with someone that won't be worried about his typing even if it's a bullshit worry,"

Vali waved him off, "It's cool, Sydney. Pokemon types don't matter to me. It's the pokemon itself that does. You know my stance."

"Yeah," Sydney nodded with a laugh, "Right," He shook his head, "I'll let ya get some rest," He started to turn, "Oh before, I go," Vali paused as she had started to do the same, "Vali?" She turned towards him and found herself kissing the punk Elite, "You really are a special kind of girl. I might not really have a chance with you, but figured I'd at least kiss you,"

Vali opened her mouth feeling completely stunned. Sydney walked away with a cheerful whistle. She watched him go for a few moments feeling her heart pound as the Absol in her arms shifted in confusion.

Lance looked up from his pokedex as Vali entered the room. She set down her Absol and he watched it run towards her bedroom. She leaned back against the door for a moment and he spoke up feeling somewhat worried, "Vali, are you okay?"

"Huh?" Vali jumped slightly and looked at him somewhat surprised, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just tired, Lance," She offered him a Mareepish smile, "Long night, I'm sorry for not staying at the party as long as you wanted me too-"

"It's fine," Lance waved her off as he closed his pokedex, "I know those parties aren't your favorite," He eyed her, "Where did you go with Sydney?"

Vali's eyes shifted and her face twitched making his eyes narrow. He wondered what the punk had done to his Fire Empress. Vali offered him a slight smile, "We went to the outskirts of the city and basically played around. Basically doing something that's far more enjoyable than the party."

And something Vali would've been doing anyway if Lance had let her, he mentally chided himself. He let out a soft sigh, "I apologize for forcing you into going to the party. If you want, I will still allow you to take those photos when we get back."

Vali grinned at him, "Really?"

"Yes," Lance found himself being hugged by Vali and was surprised when she pressed a kiss to his cheek.

Vali pulled away, "Thank you! I've been wanting those photo's forever and now I'll have them for my private collection!"

"Private collection?" Lance asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah," Vali gave him a look of amusement, "I keep photos like those in my private collection. Steven's are already in there," Lance felt a heavy pang of jealousy rise up within him, "You didn't know?" He shook his head, "Honestly, you should've asked me and I would've told you,"

"And I probably would've let you take the photos," Lance muttered with a slight flush to his cheeks earning a laugh as Vali began heading to her room, "But who else is in your private collection?"

Vali paused and glanced back at him, "Let's see, Cynthia from when you sent me on that mission to Sinnoh."

"The mission that took you six months to complete?" Lance asked feeling a flash of jealousy both at Vali and at Cynthia rush through him.

"Mhmm, the history in that place is amazing," Vali hummed softly, "I also have Flannery's, Volkner's, and Flint's. Flint from Sinnoh not Kanto as that man is...Ew," She shook her head, "I have a couple others, but they've got the best photos not to mention enjoyed the sessions most,"

Lance swallowed heavily, "I see," He bit back a frown, "So when do you want to take the photos?"

"Probably when we can meet up after Ash's journey starts and I can find a good time to spend away from him without it being an issue," Vali shrugged slightly, "I'm glad you agreed to the photos, Lance,"

"I am too," Lance murmured.

"Night," Vali grinned at him and slipped into her room.

"Night," Lance replied as he began looking for Steven's number.

Lanced headed to his room as he found it. Steven answered after he tried it a second time. The other champion looked a little irritated, "Lance, we've been over this. You can call me just because you're worried about Vali being missing. She's fine with-"

"Vali's returned, so that's not why I'm calling. I know about the photos," Lance frowned at his Poketch, "Swimsuit, Steven. You did a swimsuit photoshoot for Vali without telling me?"

"It started out as an accident," Steven defended himself, "And the pictures are tasteful besides what's the problem?" The silvery blue haired man gave him a look, "Vali offered to the same to you, didn't she?"

"She has," Lance admitted, "But that's not the point, we both had an agreement, did we not?"

Steven rolled his eyes, "The agreement does not include photoshoots, Lance. Besides she's done them for other people, we have no claim on them."

Lance grumbled softly, "Fine, I guess you're right. But I'm still annoyed," He paused for a second, "She managed to get Cynthia to do a photoshoot for her...In a swimsuit."

"I know," Steven chuckled softly, "The pictures are rather wonderful."

"You've seen them?" Lance's went a bit wide eyed, "When? Wait...How? They're in her private collection,"

"Vali sending Cynthia her photos from the shoot and accidentally sent them to me," Steven grinned a bit, "One photo was a bit NSFW then perhaps either of them wanted, so I was quick to tell Vali what had happened. She was thankful and I've kept my mouth shut,"

"Lucky bastard," Lance muttered as the Sinnoh champion was quite eye-catching.

"Indeed though I quite cherish the picture that I did end up keeping," Steven's cheeks flushed a bit at that admittance.

"What picture?" Lance demanded with a slight glare.

"Let's just say, I'm fairly sure Elrond took the picture and Vali is on very good terms with Cynthia," Steven said as Lance worked those words through his mind.

Lance choked on his spit and he began to cough slightly.

Vali's Pokenav began to ring as she got out of the shower and she grinned at the familiar picture of a blonde eating ice cream. She answered the call, "Hey, Thia."

"Sparky," Cynthia replied earning an eyeroll, "How's my favorite Pyro doing?"

"I think Flint would be offended to hear you call me that," Vali replied as she dried her hair, "But I'm doing okay. Had something odd happen though,"

"Oh?" Cynthia gave her a curious look, "Did one of those Politicians not brown nose during the party?"

"No, it was full of it. Sydney, the Dark-type elite, bailed with me," Vali grinned as Cynthia rolled her eyes, "Yeah, I know it's not surprising, but we had some fun running around on the outskirts of town,"

"So he basically took you out to do your favorite thing in the world outside of the obvious?" Cynthia asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Pretty much," Vali nodded as she went to grab a shirt, "When we got back, we started saying our goodbyes and he kissed me," Cynthia let out a soft laugh earning a scowl from Vali, "It's not funny, Thia. It was weird!"

"I'm sorry, Vali. Only you would find kissing weird after a date," Cynthia snickered making Vali frown in confusion as she glanced over at the phone, "Wait, you do know that was a date, right?"

"Um...theoretically, let's say, I didn't..." Vali trailed off as Cynthia burst out laughing, "Thia!"

Cynthia calmed down as Vali whined at her until her laughter was little more than hiccups, "Alright, you didn't realize that you were pretty much on a date because you're a bit dense. I mean considering the fact you didn't realize that we liked each other until our make out session was pretty telling," Vali flushed and looked away from Cynthia with a slight huff, "Come on, Sparky. You're cute when you blush like that, but we can figure things out. I mean we like each other, but not as a couple right?"

"Right," Vali nodded cause Cynthia to smile softly at her.

"And Sydney?" Cynthia asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He's really fun to be around and I like training with him," Vali broached with a shrug as she looked back at the pokenav, "But not someone I can really imagine being with honestly," She shook her head, "The kiss just didn't feel right. It was...nice, but nothing that really spoke to me if that sounds right?"

"There is your answer on how to tell Sydney what you feel towards him," Cynthia gave her a smile, "Sparky, you're a treasure, but honestly, you can be a bit dense when it comes to people,"

Vali rolled her eyes, "I prefer pokemon. They're easy to understand especially with my connection to them."

"Volkner and you, I don't know who's worse," Cynthia shook her head, "Anyway, I was hoping that you might want to meet up at some point in the future. I might be coming to..."

Nervous energy was abound as the young ten year old's gathered at the lab for their pokemon, Ash and Gary stood together near the back of the room that they'd been settled into. Much like the other four children within the room, they had scored high enough on the exams to be granted a choice starter from Professor Oak. The Professor walked inside the room and gazed at them with a sternness that had been absent unless the two boys had done something to warrant it. This wasn't their beloved Grandfather, it was the Professor of their entire region and a man who deserved their respect. Straightening from their slight slouches, Ash and Gary steeled themselves as their attention rested on the man in front of them.

Professor Oak spoke in a tone that brokered no argument, "Welcome, newbie trainers of Pallet Town. My name as you all know is Professor Oak. As you know in the recent years, a lot of changes occurred to ensure the betterment of the trainer program and pokemon health in general. The main reasons is to ensure certain incidents do not occur like the Magmar forest fire of Route Six or Thorin's Case. Once more I will warn you against abusing the pokemon in your care or abandoning them, it will be found out and you will be in big trouble."

Someone raised their hands and Professor Oak nodded to them, "Professor, we read that in our contract we'd be punished, but there wasn't any specifics. I mean we obviously signed since we're all here, but still it was a bit odd."

Ash and Gary shared a look at that. Professor Oak shook his head, "No punishment was outlined because every crime is different. The punishment will depend on the crime and whoever the judge is. If you worry about the punishment being too harsh, the judge is bound by their own contract to be fair as is the jury."

The girl that had asked the question nodded though looked a bit uncomfortable. Ash spoke up, "Professor, I think everyone understands. Shall we get started?"

Professor Oak nodded and turned towards the machine behind him. He tapped a few buttons and a hissing sound echoed through the air. Pickleballs slowly began to rise up from a few slots within the machine, they number one through six with the monitor above them glowing slightly. A soft humming sound echoed slightly through the air. Professor Oak spoke warmly, "Alright everyone, we have six starters for you all to choose from. We have of course the classic three. Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur," The screen flashed each one across the screen with their evolutions, "We also have Nidoran," The female form of Nidoran formed on the screen with it's evolutions, "Eevee," Eevee and it's many evolution appeared on the screen causing the room to buzz, "And finally we have Pikachu," Pikachu with its Kanto form appeared though Ash knew it could evolve into an Alolan Raichu as well though he was unsure if this one was like Elrond, "Now the first one up will be-"

"Can I go first?" A boy from Ash's science class asked shifting his glasses into place, "I would like the Nidoran,"

Professor Oak looked a bit irritated at being interrupted though also surprised by the request, "I suppose however do not interrupt me. We are going in order from my list, Mister Henries."

"I'm sorry it's just my eagerness getting in the way," The boy settled back a bit.

"Miss Crowley," Professor Oak called earning a slight squeal, "You're up as you scored quite high,"

Ash recognized the blonde and pink haired girl from his gym class. She rushed towards the pokeballs with an excited look, "I'd love the Eevee please."

Ash winced alongside Gary and doubted the Eevee would like the girl. He'd been helping raise most of the baby pokemon Professor Oak tended to use as Starters during the two years as preparation for his journey. If the kit inside the pokeball was who he thought it was, Crowley was going to be getting a Shadow Ball to the face as that Eevee was very much against noise. Oh, he loved to fight with the best of them, but he hated noise so close to his ears unless it had to deal with battles. A glance at Gary showed his best friend/brother was clenching his fists making the boy wince. Right, Gary wanted said noise hating Eevee because he had pretty much been hand raising kit. Looking at Professor Oak, Ash hoped to every Legendary that the old man had not just given away his Grandson's Kit.

Professor Oak picked up the Eevee's pokeball and handed it over. Without a thought to what Eevee might've wanted, Crowley released it and Ash figured out which Kit it was immediately. The Eevee opened it's eyes and yawned before peering around the room with confused eyes before they settled on heavily breathing human that was staring at it with wide eyes. It backed up a step slowly with wide eyes and the girl followed slowly. The Eevee backed up another step with the girl following. Eventually, the Eevee took off running as Crowley made to pick the kit up.

Professor Oak snap his fingers and Crowley found herself frozen while the kit was picked up by a rather irritated Alakazam. The Pokemon Professor took the kit into his arm with a frown, "Miss Crowley, I believe that you would find another pokemon better suited to you or perhaps none at all."

Crowley looked like she wanted to burst into tears and Ash barely kept his face straight as Gary muttered, "And she scored like us on the tests? Yeah..."

"Mister Brooks, you can take a turn while Miss Crowley calms herself," Professor Oak said as he stroked the Eevee's back to calm it.

Brooks turned out to be one of the smaller kids from their group and Ash remembered that he had a passion for grass-types. Brooks walked a bit closer, "I'd like Bulbasaur, Professor."

Professor Oak took the pokeball and hand it to Brooks. Brooks moved away from the group and released his potential starter. He bent down as it appeared causing earning confused murmurs from everyone save for Professor Oak, Ash, and Gary. Bulbasaur looked at him curiously with a soft yawn as Brooks said, "Bulbasaur, I've got a passion for grass-type pokemon and really want to learn more about them especially when it comes to the amazing things they can do. If you're willing, I think we'll be able to discover things that no one else has ever seen before or at least help those discoveries along. So...Mind joining me on this journey?"

Bulbasaur eyed him for a moment before extending a vine with a nod. Brooks grinned before returning his new starter. He was led from the room by one of the lab assistants. Professor Oak smiled slightly, "Now that we've seen a proper introduction versus an improper introduction we can proceed further, I want Miss Burr to come forward."

"I would like to try with Eevee, Professor," The tallest girl in their class said with a small frown, "If Eevee will allow it,"

Professor Oak nodded and slowly set the small fox down. Eevee immediately hid behind the Professor's legs. Burr moved a bit closer before settling down on her knees and speaking in a soft voice, "Hey, Eevee. My name is Emily Burr and to be quite honest, I really like pokemon. I'm pretty scared of them too, but I love them with all my heart as well. I'm going on this journey to overcome my fear and gain some trusted friends..." Eevee slowly peeked its head out to look at Emily, "I'd love to have you with me because I know that despite your fear you'd be able to help keep us both safe and we'd find some good friends. And well...I don't really care what evolution you choose because they're all pretty awesome to me and I think that each would be wonderful to have."

Eevee slowly inched towards Emily and stared into the girl's eyes before letting out a bark. It lept towards Emily and nuzzled into her neck earning a squeal of surprise that turned into laughter. Professor Oak laughed and gave Emily Eevee's pokeball before sending them from the room. Crowley pouted as she was finally released from Alakazam's grasp, "Can I try choosing again now?"

"Soon," Professor Oak turned to the boy that had asked about the Nidoran, "You may choose now, Mister Crane,"

"Nidoran, please," Mister Crane adjusted his glasses with a slight smirk.

Professor Oak took Nidoran's pokeball and handed it to the boy. Crane released it and the little blue Nidoran looked around with her ears twitching heavily. Crane crouched down though not too close and spoke calmly, "Miss Nidoran, my name is Nathan Crane. I am studying poison-type pokemon as they are truly fascinating. Nidoran especially are amazing creatures and you are quite the little beauty," Nidoran seemed to flush, "I'd love to have you as my partner not only due to the uniqueness of your species, but you yourself. Would you please do me the honor of accompanying me?"

Nidoran nodded and Nathan returned her before they were escorted from the room. Gary whispered softly, "It sounded like a proposal not asking a pokemon to accompany you on your journey."

Ash snorted softly as Professor Oak gave them both a look. Professor Oak spoke, "Miss Crowley, you may choose your pokemon."

"I'd like to choose," Crowley looked between the pokeballs left, "Charmander,"

Rather than protest despite feeling a little disappointed at someone picking Charmander, Ash decided to wait and see. Professor Oak handed Crowley the pokeball with a stern look and the girl released the pokemon inside. Charmander looked at Crowley with wide eyes and a happy grin. Crowley grinned back, "Hi, Charmander. I'm Jennifer Crowley and I plan to travel through Kanto fighting the various gym leaders. I want to battle and enjoy life to it's fullest. Want to help me with that?"

Charmander nodded with an excited grin and Ash felt his disappointment grow a bit. He had wanted a Charmander just like Vali, but supposed that fate had other ideas in store for him. Professor Oak looked at Gary and Ash once Crowley had been escorted out. He spoke in a calm tone, "Alright boys, you know the drill. You pick out a starter."

"Alright though Grandpa what about our Eevee? I don't know about Ash, but we kinda want the Kit's we raised to travel with us," Gary said as they made their way to the machine.

"You need to make it through two gym battles at the very least before you're allowed to have them," Professor Oak replied earning a groan, "If you weren't taking Pidgeotto and Bell, you could take them, bu-"

"Not on your life," Ash growled as his hand went to Pidgeotto's pokeball, "I'm not leaving her behind unless I have to or she wants to,"

Professor Oak raised his hands, "I know, Ash. I'm just making you aware of the rules. Even with Vali and Lance working with me, I could only allow you one extra pokemon beside your starter."

"Damn," Gary muttered earning a sour look from Professor Oak, "But they'll be here, we can see them on video calls,"

"True," Ash sighed softly and turned to the machine, "So time to pick our starter," He felt a bit nervous, "Who to choose?"

Gary grabbed Squirtle's pokeball without hesitation, "I've been wanting a Squirtle since I was four, so it's mine."

Ash grabbed the Pikachu's pokeball as Gary let out the Squirtle. Gary won it over in second's and the two quickly left the room. Professor Oak patted his shoulder and left him be as he released the electric mouse. The Pikachu opened it's eyes and immediately glared at him with a slight hiss. Ash radiated out some of the energy Vali had been teaching him to use causing the mouse to freeze a bit before relaxing. Ash spoke calmly as he radiated his intentions like Vali had taught him, "My name is Ash Ketchum, Pikachu. I'm planning to head on my pokemon journey and hopefully become a pokemon Master. This'll take a long time, I don't mind since it'll mean meet a lot of people and pokemon along the way," He grinned a bit and lowered himself to the ground, "I've got a Pidgeotto and she's amazing. She's looking forward to having a new friend for us to begin our journey with. We'll be traveling alongside my big sister which'll be a lot of fun. I'm really hoping you'll join me, Pikachu," He offered the mouse a hopeful grin and held out a hand, "I won't keep you in a pokeball unless it's needed since I'm getting a feeling that's part of why you're so angry," Pikachu nodded and slowly moved forward to touch his hand, "So join me?"

Pikachu nodded again and slowly moved to stand beside him, "Alright bud, we should go find everyone. Don't shock anyone, I'll try to keep you from getting touched. If you need to keep them away, you're free to climb onto my shoulder."

Pikachu nodded to him and Professor Oak let out a small laugh startling Pikachu. Pikachu's cheeks started to sparking and Professor Oak raised his hands in defense, "Easy, Pikachu. I congratulate you on finding a trainer and hope everything goes well. Let's get your registration completed, shall we?"

Ash followed Professor Oak from the room with Pikachu at his side and found the next room empty. He was given a pokedex which was filled with his information save for any pokemon under his belt. He made a small face earning a few laughs. Professor Oak led the way to a computer and held out his hand. He handed over his new pokedex, "So we'll register my pokemon?"

"Yes though does Pidgeotto want a name or is she still waiting until her evolution?" Professor Oak asked.

"She wants to wait," Ash answered as Pikachu made a small sound of confusion, "Right," He got onto Pikachu's level, "Everyone get's offered a name that's different from their species names because in battles with the same pokemon it can get pretty confusing especially if the pokemon know the same moves and everything," Pikachu nodded slowly, "I'll pull up some examples of this happening later, but do you want a name? If you're unsure, we can pull up a list and go through it later. It doesn't have to be right now or ever really. I don't mind you not having one, but it's something I'll offer to any of my pokemon. It's something that's personal and theirs, ya know?" Pikachu nodded slowly, "So do you want one?" Pikachu looked conflicted, "We can wait until a later date if you want, alright?" Pikachu nodded, "Alright, buddy. We'll wait and if you never want one, it's completely fine with me,"

Professor Oak smiled as he continued to register Ash's pokemon. He finished it off, "Alright, Ash. Now I'm going to warn you just like Gary was warned, you're only allowed to capture one more pokemon before your next gym badge because of Pidgeotto. The only reason being you're even allowed to do that is due to Vali's presence. I trust you understand that?"

"Yes, Professor," Ash nodded as he took the pokedex that Professor Oak offered him, "So Gary's coming with us?"

"Until Cerulean at the very least," Professor Oak revealed causing Ash to grin a bit, "Vali got the idea of a car to fly right out of his mind,"

"Good, I still can't believe he thought that was a good idea," Ash shook his head softly, "I'm going to head home and get Pikachu set up. Has Vali called you?"

"No, I'm assuming they're in the middle of the no signal area of the ocean though," Professor Oak shrugged a little earning a groan from Ash, "She'll contact us soon, Ash. You'll be leaving soon enough,"

"I know," Ash pouted a bit, "I just want to go sooner than later,"

Professor Oak let out a laugh and sent Ash from the room as Pikachu stared at his new trainer with an unreadable look.

Vali grinned as she climbed onto the top of the mast feeling her hair whip around her face. It was about to storm which meant everyone that wasn't able to help out was meant to be running below deck, but she was going to be sticking to the mast because she'd be just fine. Elrond was floating right beside her with a Pichu settled in his lap dozing sleepily. She sat down as Elrond muttered, "We should head inside."

"We'll be fine and you know it," Vali replied as she looked at the clouds rolling in, "Besides Something is coming this way,"

"Must we meet it? I'd much rather be inside and away from the rain," Elrond grumbled as she adjusted her position, "You're not even able to sit correctly for Mew's sake!"

"I'll be just fine," Vali rolled her eyes lightly, "Besides, it's starting, so there's no point in heading inside," She grinned as he began to curse softly as lightning began to flash and rain started to pour down earning soft curses, "Now let's see what's coming this way,"

The grumbling softened as the Pichu began to whine prompting Elrond to strengthen the psychic shield around it. Vali felt a bit bad about dragging Elrond up to be with her during this storm, but it wasn't quite her fault he'd brought the Pichu. She felt more than saw the water began to part not far from the ship as a massive shape began to appear from the water. With the swift storm that had blast across them by surprise, it was no surprise that it had been called by a certain Legend for reasons currently unknown.

Vali felt a pulse of something burst outward from the swiftly rising being and watched the people on the ship fall down. A small amount of sympathy swept through her though only a little bit since most of them would've blabbed about seeing a Legendary. She spotted the being that rose up and almost squealed at the silvery white feathers that glistened even in the dull lighting of the storm and the deep blue feathers that she could see peaking on it's eye lids. An almost gentle croon echoed through the air as the winds died down and the air stilled. Vali felt something prod gently against her shields. Slowly she opened them, an ancient voice spoke in a whispery tone, "Flame Bourne bearer, a pleasure to speak to you."

"And you, Lord Lugia," Vali replied in a soft tone and bowed carefully, "How might I serve the wielder of the waves and Lord of the Trinity?"

"You are meeting the Chosen soon, yes?" Lord Lugia asked tilting that great head and narrowing those red eyes.

Vali frowned a little, "That is something I'm still unsure of, My Lord. While I do get the sense of a great destiny from my little brother, I cannot be certain it is him. After all, he does not have the Lightning Striker with him. He bears Aura and I've taught him the basics."

"I see," Lugia hummed softly making Vali's heart both ache and rejoice at such a sound, "While it's disappointing that you're unsure, it's fine and I am glad to know that you continue to train him as Aura is essential for the conflicts ahead. I ask that you continue your path and bring him to the islands at some point for the yearly festival. During this, the young ones will judge his worth. If the orbs glow and act as they did for the past chosen, we once more have our chosen. If they do not, the chosen has yet to become active,"

Vali nodded slowly, "Understood," She looked down at the crew, "They'll awaken soon, right?"

A soft chuckle left the legend, "Once we are finished and I am far enough away, they will only remember a brief storm hit. You will also be far closer to your destination, Young Vali."

"My thanks," Vali murmured softly.

"Have some heart, Flame Bourne Bearer," Lugia gave her a stern look, "The chosen is as such for a reason. Powers that be have chosen them for a reason, they're able to do things with their partners that we cannot. Do not lose hope,"

"I won't," Vali promised softly, "I can't,"

Lugia let out a low cry before sinking beneath the waves. Elrond spoke as the wind slowly picked up again, "L-Lugia. T-that was L-Lugia!"

"Yup," Vali rubbed her face as the clouds began to part slowly and she heard groans from down below, "Now hush, we can talk later once we're alone,"

"Fuck," Elrond muttered as he began to cuddle the Pichu closer with wide eyes.

As soon as they docked, Lance caught Vali before she could head off to a teleporter. He grinned at her, "Vali, I know you're planning to head off right away, but could you wait a second?"

"Sure, Lance. What's up?" Vali was a bit impatient since she knew Ash and Gary were probably eager to leave Pallet Town since they'd been waiting for the past two days.

"Vali, are you planning to travel to Johto any time soon?" Lance asked curiously.

Vali shrugged slightly as she leaned ran a hand down set a hand on Balto's side, "No idea. I'm waiting to plan any real trip until after they actually start getting their gym badges. They do need to get five gym badges to pass over regional lines though, so we'll have to wait until then before I can actually plan."

"Alright," Lance nodded to himself, "I'll keep that in mind. Tell Ash and Gary that I said good luck, I'm look forward to seeing how they progress,"

"I will," Vali hugged Lance earning a slight grunt as she tightened her grip, "I'll call in after a few days. If you really need me, I'll be just a call away,"

"I will," Lance hugged her back for a moment, "Just be careful, we still have a lot to do,"

Vali nodded before releasing him, "I know."

Grinning at him, Vali turned and started to leave. Balto nosed Lance before they began to leave the port. She took out her pokenav and dialed up Professor Oak's number. Professor Oak answered after a few moments, "Hel-Vali! Wonderful to finally hear from you! How are you doing today?"

"I'm doing well, Professor," Vali smiled lightly as she walked with Balto deeper into Vermillion city, "We made it to Vermillion city. Sorry for not contacting you after we left Hoenn, but we kinda hit some storms alongside the dead zones,"

"I figured as much, but you've made it back safely?" Professor Oak asked earning a nod, "Then all is well, Ash and Gary have both gotten their starters. Gary has gotten a Squirtle while Ash has a Pikachu,"

Vali felt her heart stop for a second at those words, "A Pikachu? Wonderful, I look forward to meeting them both. Would you mind sending Alakazam to pick us up?"

"No problem, Vali," Professor Oak chuckled as he turned his head, "Give me a moment and return any pokemon you've got out, you'll be teleported to the lab as I wanted to go over some modifications we need to make to your pokedex,"

"Sure thing," Vali nodded.

Vali ended the call and grabbed Balto's pokeball. Balto let out a small whine and looked her with a disappointed look. She hugged him softly, "I know, Bud. You've gotten used to being out all the time same with Eli and the others. But right now, you've got to go inside the ball. Just take a small rest, I'll release you at the lab and you can go see your dad. Maybe have a small match with him, I know you're both eager to play."

Balto nodded and Vali returned him as Alakazam appeared. Vali offered the psychic a warm grin. It took only a brief moment to disappear in a bust of psychic energy only to appear in the lab of Professor Oak. Vali shook of the slight spark of discomfort that ran over her. She offered Alakazam a small smile, "Thank you.

""It is no trouble," Alakazam offered her a small nod before disappearing.

Vali moved to the nearby door and quickly found her way to a door outside. She released her pokemon allowing Balto, Smaug, Thorin, Elrond, Celina, Aragorn, and Pippin free. Aragorn and Thorin stuck by her side with Elrond floating beside her and everyone else rushing off to do their usual thing, "So we're finally home again?"

"Just need to finish up with Professor Oak, we'll head home afterwards," Vali smiled as Aragorn nuzzled into her side.

Vali pet him and felt her fingers touch the silver chain that hung from his neck. At the end of their training with the Lord of Flames, Aragorn had been given the chance to evolve into a Ninetails having gained his Sixth tail, but had decided against it feeling that he hadn't reached his peek as a Vulpix despite no longer growing. The Lord of Flames had agreed to allow Vali to take one of the Emperor class fire-stones from within the volcano. When he finally decided to evolve, the boost from the stone would be immense.

Vali pulled her hand away as she glanced away from the glimmering blue stained red and orange stone. She led the way inside as Elrond sensed for Professor Oak. It took a few minutes before they found the man. When they did, Professor Oak seemed a bit busy, but was fairly happy to meet her, "Vali, everyone outside?"

"Save for my usual followers," Vali grinned lightly as Aragorn rushed over to greet the Professor, "As always,"

Professor Oak let out a laugh and pet Aragorn as the Ninetails sized Vulpix licked at him, "He's so big now. I always forget how big he's gotten until he's right here."

"I feel ya," Vali chuckled as she pulled out her pokedex and set down her bag, "Oh and I want you to meet Absol," Vali released her new Absol earning a surprised noise from Professor Oak, "I haven't decided a name for him mostly due to him being a bit too young,"

"He's so precious," Professor Oak cooed and got out of his chair to take a closer look at the pup, "Such a beautiful coat color and that scythe looks like the density is just right for his age considering he's not that old just yet,"

Vali nodded with a slight grin, "He is the pup of an Elite pair of Absol."

Professor Oak chuckled as he picked up Absol and looked him over softly, "If you both don't mind, I'd love to look over him since Absol are so rarely seen within Kanto."

Vali nodded earning as Absol let out a soft bark and wagged his tail. Professor Oak set Absol down and held out his hand. Vali handed over her pokedex, "Here you are, I assume one of the modifications is going to involve the new transfer situation Bill mentioned in our talks?"

"Yes, I'm glad he mentioned it to you," Professor Oak let out a small laugh, "I'm also adding a function to let you track Ash and Gary's pokedex's just in case something happens,"

Vali nodded with a slight frown as she picked up Absol, "I remember hearing that someone has tried to steal a couple of pokedexes lately. They've put a few of the Ranger's on the case."

Professor Oak nodded as he placed her pokedex into the slot set up for it and began typing on his computer. She watched him work for a few moments. He spoke as a few loading screens popped up, "I'm also adding one extra function which is a recall and pinging function. The recall function will work for your pokemon and any pokemon for the boy's. The pinging function will allow you to find out if any league registered pokedex is nearby. Granted this is only a general function, I can't do much more seeing as this is the first time I've designed such a function,"

Vali nodded as she rubbed behind one of Absol's ears, "That's fine, it'll still help. It'll be interesting to see what I can do with it."

Vali would need to tell Lance about it and see what he had to say. It would likely be a function that would not be available to the public if only to prevent certain events from happening. Professor Oak finished up and Vali took back her Pokedex. She returned Absol as Professor Oak spoke, "I'll see you later, Vali. Are you going to be setting off soon?"

"Probably within a couple days," Vali answered as she stood up and grabbed her pack, "I'll tell you before we head out,"

"Oh before I forget, Professor Sycamore was interested in your paper on bonds with pokemon and what they can do," Professor Oak said earning a surprised look, "I sent over what I had and offered up your number,"

"Thanks, but any idea why?" Vali asked as she headed for the door.

"No idea," Professor Oak shrugged his shoulder, "I'll investigate, but that's something you'll have to ask him,"

Vali nodded softly, "Sure, I'll be waiting for his call."

Despite being impatient, Ash was happy that Pidgeotto and Pikachu were getting along just fine despite some initial hesitation. He figured out that Pikachu liked Sitrus and Wacan berries very quickly which allowed him to start figuring out which foods would be best for his newest pokemon. He had Pidgeotto battle with Pikachu to figure out just where his Starter stood and what they had to work with since they'd be at a disadvantage for the first gym unless one of the Poliwag were willing to join them during the trip to Pewter. Of course, they might luck out and there could be a migration of Grass-types through Viridian forest, but he was somewhat doubtful.

Ash looked over both pokedex entries for his pokemon:

Pikachu, The Mouse Pokemon. When Several Pikachu gather together, they are often called a pack and lightning tends to follow as their very presence tends to draw in electrical storms. When a Pikachu comes across something new, it will produce an electrical shock to discover whether the object in question is dangerous. If you come across charred berries, it's likely due to a Pikachu mistaking the intensity of it's charge. Within the pouches of it's cheeks, the Pikachu stores it's electrical energy. While sleeping at night, a young Pikachu may accidentally release a bit of electricity if there is some excess. When wary or excited, a Pikachu's cheeks will crackle though it's ears will be the telling point. If a fellow Chu is in a weakened state, another can recharge it. Raising it's tail is a form of greeting, it's often struck by lighting as well. *-More about Pikachu in notes

This Pikachu is Male and has the ability Lightning Rod. This Pikachu knows Charm, Growl, Nasty Plot, Nuzzle, Quick Attack, Tackle, Thunder Shock with the Egg moves of Electric Terrain and Thunder Punch.

Pidgeotto, The Bird Pokemon. Pidgeotto tends to claim a very large territory as it's own and is highly protective. When it's territory is invaded, it will protect it's territory at any cost with sharp claws and beak. It tends to gather small flocks of weaker Pidgey to ensure the younger birds are protected though only around five or six to ensure it will not have any attempts to take over it's territory. It's vision is outstanding even at high heights this pokemon is able to distinguish the movements of prey. The sharp claws on it's feet are well developed and can carry prey such as Exeggcute. It will often immobilize prey and fly over sixty miles to it's nest to insure the location is protected. Many times a year, people have gathered and attempted to change Pidgeotto's status to the pokemon of Vitality as it is known for it's Vitality.

This Pidgeotto is Female and has the ability Keen Eye. This Pidgeotto knows Gust, Sand Attack, Tackle, Quick Attack, Whirlwind, Twister, Feather Dance, and Brave Bird.

Ash was a little bit surprised at the Pikachu since that was a lot for even one of Professor Oak's starter's to know. He'd need to ask Vali about it. Pidgeotto wasn't a surprise since they'd been training each attack until she master them and moving on carefully. Pidgeotto was getting ready to learn Steel Wing for their first gym after all. He frowned a little and put his pokedex away as Gary rushed out of the house, "Vali back yet?"

"Not that I know of," Ash said as he took his hat off and snorted at Gary's groan of disappointment, "You could head off on your own, ya know?"

"I could, but missing out on Vali teaching us the ways of being awesome survivalists is not something I want to miss," Gary grinned at him as he plopped down, "So what's with that weird look you gave your dex?"

"Pikachu knows more than most starters," Ash said earning a confused look, "Not a bad thing and his egg moves are unlocked, it's just...A lot,"

Gary held out his and Ash handed the dex over. Gary looked over the stats and let out a whistle, "Damn boy, you got an awesome Pikachu. It looks like he might be descended from an Alolan from the looks of that first egg move."

"That's my first thought," Ash nodded in agreement as he took the dex back, "But it still doesn't..."

"Doesn't make sense," Gary finished with a low sigh, "Yeah, I'd ask Gramps. He'd probably know,"

"Know what?" A familiar and much missed voice came from behind them earning yelps, "C'mon brats, you can't leave me hanging like that," Ash swung around with Gary to see Vali standing behind them with Elrond, Thorin, and Aragorn, "Missed me?"

"Mew, Yes!" Gary's scream mimicked a Loudred as they rushed to hug Vali.

Vali's white and gray splotched black hair had grown long enough that she'd begun to braid it and now carried several feathers in various areas of the braid with some red beads. She was currently out of her Elite Four outfit and in something far more relaxed. She wore a dark red T-shirt with a black fire design and a tribal Arcanine sitting on it. She had a pair of black cargo shorts with light red ribbons hanging from some of the pockets. A pair of well-loved boots sat on her feet and a fur-lined black jacket with a faded red bird design hung off her shoulders. She had a few studs in each ear and a few bracelets including a rather weird-looking pearl-like one. On her head, she wore a pair of bright green goggles that had obvious scratch marks. Across her right eye, she had a claw mark scar though it didn't seem like she'd lost the ability to see.

Ash hugged her tightly, "You made it back safe."

"Mhmm," Vali hugged him tightly, "I told you that I'd bee here, didn't I?"

Ash nodded as they released each other and Gary asked, "So when do we leave?"

"I want to check in with Delia and Harper," Vali told them earning pouts, "Did you two check over your packs with the list I gave you?"

"Well..." Ash and Gary both trailed off earning a snort from Vali.

"That's what I thought, you two go start checking over your packs with the list while I go check in with Delia," Vali shook her head at them, "Elrond, please ensure they're actually packing what they need,"

"As you wish, Vali," Elrond nodded as the two children groaned.

Vali shook her head as Elrond marched the two off to get their bags and go through them. She headed inside and found Delia making lunch in the kitchen with Harper sitting at the counter. She scooped up the toddler with a low hum, "Who's the cutest toddler in the world."

"Ash might argue, but Harper certainly is adorable," Delia giggled as Vali bounced Harper softly, "I see you got back safely. How was the journey?"

"Somewhat rough, we hit more storms than anyone wanted before leaving Hoenn's waters," Vali replied as she set Harper down after a moment, "Kyogre might rise within the next three years if that means much, but I can't really tell since I'm not the one in charge of Hoenn,"

"Oh dear," Delia frowned softly, "I hope it doesn't happen for awhile yet,"

"Agreed," Vali grabbed an apple, "We also encountered Lugia, but again, it wasn't anything I can really confirm yet,"

"So hope for the best," Delia sighed as she chopped up ingredients for a salad, "How was Hoenn?"

Vali hesitated a little, "Nice enough, I got a new pokemon. An Absol," Delia gave her an interested look, "I'll introduce you and let Professor Oak know that your allowed near him. He practically attached himself to my hip after we arrived."

"Oh my," Delia giggled into her hand, "I hope his parents weren't too mad,"

"More amused, it was his parent's trainer who was mad, but we settled the matter. Sydney and I became good friends," Vali smiled slightly, "I look forward to the next time I head back to Hoenn,"

"I'm glad," Delia smiled at her.

"Even though he kissed me out of the blue," Vali watched Delia freeze, "We agreed to stick to being friends since I don't have feelings for him though,"

"He kissed you..." Delia mumbled softly.

Vali eyed Delia carefully, "Delia?"

"You were kissed by someone?" Vali realized that she hadn't really talked about her love life to Delia before.

Vali nodded slowly, "I've kissed a couple people before..." She realized by the look on Delia's face this was a subject that probably shouldn't have been brought up, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Delia started to tear up, "You're growing up so fast. Soon you'll have moved out and we'll never see you again,"

Vali tried not to think about her apartment back at the League or the cottage she had in Johto by Blackthorn. She also didn't think about the months she's been away already. She cleared her suddenly tight throat, "Hey, I've already told Ash this. I'm never not going to visit even if I move out. This will always be home."

Delia sniffed at her, "I'm glad to hear that, Vali," She relaxed a bit before tensing as the next words were said, "So who have you been seeing if not Sydney?"

As soon as they were done, Elrond led them to where Delia had made them all lunch. Vali was twitching and wouldn't answer any questions about what was wrong. Delia merely smiled and said it was mother daughter things. Ash was very concerned about his sister and wanted to press, but couldn't. They ate their food and eventually left the house with Delia hugging them all tightly. Ash hugged his mom, "I'll be fine, Mom. I've got Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Vali, and the Pack. Not to mention, I've got Gary until the second Gym at least."

Gary nodded as he hugged Delia, "Same here, we'll protect each other and train hard. Everything will be okay."

"I know, but I just..." Delia teared up, "With everyone gone and only Harper, I'll miss you so much,"

"We'll be one call away unless the signal is too spotty," Vali reminded Delia in a gentle tone, "I've got them,"

Delia nodded firmly and gave them each one more hug, "Be safe, I expect calls at least weekly. Make sure to change your underwear."

Vali snickered at them as they groaned. They soon left the house and began heading to the lab. They parted there as they had seperate tasks: Vali her partners and the boys their goodbyes. Professor Oak offered both a tight hug. They both went to say their goodbyes to the pokemon they'd been tending to before leaving for however long it would take to get all the badges they needed. Vali met them at the entrance to the lab. She smiled at them, "Let's head to one ."

"Alright," Ash nodded with a grin.

They started their walk and Vali began to whistle softly. It took them a few moments before they reached the edge of the forest and Vali stopped. She looked at the two and they quickly released their pokemon. All pokemon looked at their trainers carefully before getting into position. To Ash's surprise, Pikachu jumped onto his shoulder and seemed to curl into him. Vali spoke in a soft tone, "As we step forward, you leave one life behind to begin anew. The memories before you are paths that unfold new and unwalked. Each step you take, each word you speak, every action taken, are new and so it is up to you decide how your future is shaped. Are you ready, my young trainers?"

Ash felt a shiver run through him. It felt like something that went down to his very soul. It was as if everything relied on the choices he made from now on starting for this choice and the question his sister had just asked him. Looking at Vali, he saw her eyes burning with emerald green fire. He swallowed and stilled himself deciding to take a leap of faith. He took the step forward, "I'm more than ready to face what's heading for us, Vali. I've got my pokemon partners with me."

There was a small flash of something in her eyes, Ash couldn't quite catch it, but the fire disappeared as Vali smiled at him and she stepped forward. Gary joined them with a grin, "What he said, Vali. Let's go!"

"Let's get through one and see what happens," Vali grinned at him.


1. Pidgeotto:

Sex: F

Ability: Keen Eye

Moves: Gust, Sand Attack, Tackle, Quick Attack, Whirlwind, Twister, Feather Dance, and Brave Bird.

2. Pikachu

Sex: Male

Ability: Lightning Rod

Moves: Charm, Growl, Nasty Plot, Nuzzle, Quick Attack, Tackle, Thunder Shock with the Egg moves of Electric Terrain and Thunder Punch.


1. Weepinbell

Sex: Male

Ability: Chlorophyll

Moves: Acid, Vinewhip, Wrap, Growth, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Poison Powder, Acid Spray.

2. Squirtle

Sex: Male

Ability: Torrent

Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble, Aura Sphere.