From the Desk of Sharper

This story tells the tale of Kim and Ron in quite an awkward sitch.

In the Middleton High version of Romeo and Juliet for Drama Class, Kim and Ron are caught up in playing the roles of Juliet and Romeo, respectively, courtesy of a prank by Bonnie. Can the two friends overcome their fear of stage fright or will they be the laughingstock of the entire school? Meanwhile, a new villain threatens an evil fashion-related plot (It is not Camille Leon or the Fashionistas, by the way.)

This story takes place during junior year (Season 3, before the events of So the Drama) after the events of "Rappin' Drakken"

Kim Possible, characters and settings, are created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney. Any OC I create is my own.

Also, special credit goes to Gothicthundra for helping me create the villain of the story.

The fanfic is rated K-plus for some crude humor and for some action violence.

So with the legal mumbo-jumbo out of the way, let the story commence!

Chapter 1

(February 8, 2006, 10:30am)

The bell had just rung through the halls of Middleton to begin the change from 2nd period to 3rd period.

Kim walked up to her locker. She was wearing dark denim baggy Club Banana overalls over her pink croptop with both straps hooked and paired it with silver dangling earrings and white sneakers.

She opened up the locker.

"Hey, Wade! What's the sitch?" Kim asked her famous phrase.

Wade came onscreen on the monitor in her locker.

"Hey, Kim. Everything seems to be quiet now that you foiled Drakken's mind-control shampoo scheme a few days ago on American Starmaker!" the tech genius grinned.

"And best thing about it, that smarmy judge isn't as skin-crawling as I thought he would be." Kim said with a smile. "Maybe he'll go easy on the contestants for next week's show."

"Yeah...I sure hope so..." Wade nervously replied, scratching his back.

Ron then came up to Kim. He was in his normal outfit/

"Heya, KP! How's it chillin' like a villain?" he asked, using teen lingo.

"Ron, can you make it quick? I gotta get to third period!" Kim asked her best friend.

", can we talk about it at lunch with Tara and the others in The Group? It's kinda importante!" Ron suggested.

Kim confidently replied, "Sure thing! Whatever sitch you have on your mind, I'm sure we can figure it out!"


It was lunchtime at Middleton High and unfortunately, the infamous smelly mystery meat was on the menu for today.

Lunchlady Carol was sloshing around the grayish substance onto the trays of the students. It smelled of dead skunk.

Ron was standing behind Kim.

"You know, it's kinda funny that we get served this 'snackage' on a daily basis..." Ron began, using air quotes for snackage.

But Kim interrupted him while holding her nose "Ron, I would not exactly call the Middleton High mystery meat 'snackage' if you know what I mean. "

"KP, the senior table..." Ron groaned as he pointed to that famed table. "Think about it! Just a few months from now, it would be our behinds on those seats."

"Couldn't agree with ya more, Ron." Kim replied before she spotted Monique getting her food. Like with Kim, Monique was in the Club Banana dark denim baggy overalls, both straps hooked, over her purple shirt. She topped the outfit with giant gold hoop earrings and cowboy boots that the overalls were partially tucked into.

"Heya, Moni!" Kim exclaimed, waving to her best (female) friend. Ron and Rufus also waved to Monique as well.

"Hey, Kim and Ron!" Monique replied, waving back before taking her seat. Her lunch consisted of the infamous Mystery Meat, chocolate milk, and a vegetable surprise...that she doesn't wanna know. Tara also came in as well. She was in a CB Denim Jumpsuit and black high heeled boots. The top three buttons of Tara's jumpsuit were unbuttoned, revealing an Oh Boyz croptop and two long gold necklaces.

"Hey, everyone!" Tara chimed in as she sat down.

"So what's the 411, girl?" the fashionista then added.

"Not much really since me and Ron foiled Drakken's delusions of getting 15 minutes of fame last week." Kim replied while uneasily eating the mystery meat.

"And I got a B-minus from Barkin due to my creative rapping of Rufus!" Ron beamed proudly.

"That was a fun song, Ron!" Tara agreed. "You must be very proud of it!"

"Indeed I am, Tara!" Ron beamed.

"Pretty much quiet on the bad-villain-taking-over-the-world front, huh?" Monique question.

"For now, yes." Kim said, "But evil plots can happen at any time."

"That is a true fact, KP." Ron said, agreeing with her. Rufus also nodded his head as well.

"We just gotta be on our toes, that's all. It's so not the drama!" Kim replied, taking another bite of the mystery meat.

"Speaking of which, Kim, isn't our next class Drama?" Ron asked.

"Duh, Ron! It was on our syllabus for this semester!" Kim reminded him.

Tara nodded her head, "Yeah, I heard from the grapevine that something big is coming up for that class. Something that is going to count for 25% of our grade!"

"It's no big, Tara!" Kim laughed, "We can take whatever Miss Tudor dishes out at us!" She was referring to the normal Drama teacher for their class.

Zita also came to the table as well with a piece of paper in her hand. She was wearing her Club Banana carpenter jeans with a purple belt and a purple top, plus blue hoop earrings to complete the outfit.

"Zita! What's happenin', girl?" Monqiue asked.

"Heya, Zita! Anything new going on?" Kim also asked as well.

"Hey, everyone!" Zita replied while lying the piece of paper on the table, "I'm trying to spread a petition to get to the school board to change the...'exquisite' menu the high school has been serving to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors."

"No joke, Zita. My mom's brain loaf that she served last week is far more edible than this garbage." Kim sighed, twirling her fork into the indescribable food.

"I would worry if the FDA can even define it as food!" Monique said with disgust, pushing away her tray.

"How many signatures have you gotten?" Ron wondered.

Zita sighed, showing the paper to them.

"Only 79 signatures from the students so far. In order to reach the Middleton Unified School System board, it has to reach 200."

Tara muttered, "Yeah, even if it gets to that mark, it's not going to make it past Veronica Rockwaller, the superintendent of the district."

Kim shuddered, "Oh...I always hate the fact that Bonnie wraps her mother around her finger."

"Frankly, I'm more worried for my poor rump..." Ron groaned, rubbing his buttocks, "...after a few dates with her Swatter ."

He was referring to the infamous wooden paddle that Veronica normally uses to punish almost all the students within the school district...that is, with the exception of her offspring.

"And speaking of that..." Monique said in interfering the conversation.

She pointed out Bonnie entering into the Senior Table. She was wearing a pink croptop and, like Zita, was wearing the Club Banana baggy jeans, but she was exposing the rim of her yellow CB boxers.

"Bonnie just loves to play around with the dress code, doesn't she..." Tara muttered. Even though Tara was one of Bonnie's friends, the former did not like the things of what the latter was doing, especially to the smart students of the school.

"What?! That so a foul play by a Rockwaller when I see it!" Kim snarled at her rival.

"I thought the Senior Table was only for seniors..." Ron wondered.

"Not exactly." Tara said, "There is a unwritten loophole in which an undergrad student at MHS can sit at the Senior Table if and only if that student's partent sits on the MUSS school board."

"Look at that sniveling brunette...thinking she's on top of the world with her invite to the Senior table, her drivers license, and her dating Brick..."

Monique tapped her on the shoulder, " of today, are those two off or on?"

"They're on...again!" Tara complained. "And Junior Prom is, like, the first Saturday of May!"

Kim exclaimed. "I tell you, Tara. One day, everything is going to come crashing down on her head!"

"Karma is one big ugly thing, KP. Once it starts, it's never going to stop." Ron said.

"Like the avalance you nearly caused two weeks earlier in the Alps against Dementor?" Kim snickered, lightening up the mood from her rivalry with Bonnie...if only for a moment.

"Caused by my mad yodeling skills." Ron admitted.

Monique laughed a little, "You have a talent at yodeling?"

"I actually did." Ron said, blushing at the cheeks.

"He tried it at the talent show during freshman vegetabled to the face!" Kim said.

"Still can't get those tomato stains off my shirt in the laundry!" Ron uttered, not wanting to recall the incident.

"Cheer practice is going to start next period before Drama class!" Kim said as the Group all stood up from the table, not wanting to eat any more of the mystery meat.

The peppy redhead also added in sarcastically. "I can't wait to see what Bonnie has in store in her complaints department."