Chapter 19

(1:28pm, Feb. 13, 2006)

"What do you mean no, Possible?" Barkin asked, demanding to know.

"Mr. Barkin, I didn't sign up to be Juliet!" Kim exclaimed, flabbergasted over the announcement. "I have severe stage..."

"Have I not said on multiple occassions that once I read the list that it cannot be changed!" Barkin demanded.

Kim gasped. This was the worst-case nightmarish scenario unfolding for her.

"But...but, if I'm Juliet, who's going to be the...assistant ... director?"

"Simple! Smith will bet the one under the Glee Three!"

Kim felt like her jaw dropped to the floor as she stared Amanda. Amanda just smiled at Kim and said, "Deja vu, isn't it, Possible?"

"This so cannot be happening!" Kim exclaimed. As she said this, she was given a pink slip.

It was a detention slip.

"Huh? How did I get this?" Kim questioned, holding the slip.

"You said a loud 'NO' thus disrupting the class and slightly damaging MUSD property, Possible!" Barkin said. "I expect to see you at H-Hall at 4pm!"

Ron then raised his hand.

Barkin sighed, "What do you want this time, Stoppable?"

"When do we get our scripts?" he asked.

"At the end of class. The parts that you receive within each script will be highlighted in yellow!" Barkin said, "I expect everyone in this classroom to be at the first practice tomorrow afternoon at 4:30pm. And as for Possible, I expect to see you in a few hours! "

Kim sighed, "This is so the Drama..."

Ron looked at his best friend with worry.

(4:23pm, Possible house)

Kim walked through the front door, sighing heavily. She had her script in her backpack containing all the lines for Juliet.

James was in the den at the time as he looked at his daughter. He was in his usual work outfit.

"You got in a little later than usual, Kimmie-cub! What was the hold-up this time?" he asked sternly.

"Ugh...looks like Detention Girl strikes again dad." Kim muttered while taking out the detention slip from her overalls pocket and giving it to James.

"Detention? What did you do?" James question, his brow furrowed when he received the slip.

"You remember the play Romeo and Juliet that I told you about a few days earlier?" Kim asked.

James replied, his anger lessening, "I remember you did. Said something about being an assistant director."

"Well...I was the assistant director until Ashley A took it from me!" Kim muttered. "I ended up being the role of Juliet!"

"That's very good news to her, Kimberly!" James exclaimed for joy.

"So not, Dad!" Kim countered. "Dont you remember that I have severe stage fright and from the incident with the Scottish Play?"

"So...that is not very good news to hear!" James said, his smile fading.

"Precisely!" Kim said.

Ann then came into the room in her work outfit as well.

"Hey, Kimmy! What happened?" she asked.

"Got detention from Barkin today due to drama in Drama!" Kim muttered, plopping down on the sofa and tossing her backpack aside on there.

"I thought she was the assistant director?" Ann wondered.

"Not anymore." James replied, "She ended up taking the main role in the play!"

"Can't you tell Mr. Barkin to reverse it?" Ann asked.

"He is tough but fair!" James added.

"That is a no-go, Mom." Kim replied, "Once he said those roles on the list, we're stuck to them until the performance! I said a loud NO and, hence, the detention."

"Right, I was about to mention to you about that." Ann added. "Donna just called me up about Ron's big news that he wasn't going to perform a tree for the play. She told me that he was excited to play as Romeo!"

Kim gasped at this. She had almost forgotten that Barkin had indeed announced Ron as Romeo during her time at H-Hall.

"Kimmy? What is going on?" Ann asked, folding her arms.

Kim immediately unzipped her backpack for the script to Romeo and Juliet. She ran up the stairs to her bedroom loft. Putting the script on her bed, Kim flipped the pages of the 243-page script to page 59, which was Act One, Scene Five.

She then put two and two together. A musical horror sting from a shower scene of a black-and-white suspense film from the early 1960s played in her head over and over again over three simple words.

Romeo kissing Juliet.

At this, Kim, blushing extremely red at the cheeks, let out a loud scream.


The scream caused the rear window of James' car to shatter and the front passenger wheel lost its hubcap.


Kim flung the script in terror onto the pillows of her bed.

This was indeed one of the rare time she showed genuine horror on her face.

Ann and James rushed up the stairs to see what the commotion was all about.

"What is it, Kimmy?"

Kim's face was as white as a ghost. She was pointing and stammering to the script that she received earlier from Barkin.


James and Ann looked at the script and indeed they both saw the parts highlighted in yellow, including the parts where the characters of Romeo and Juliet have to kiss.

"So that means that..." Ann asked.

"Yes...Kim is going to have to kiss Ronald in the play!" James decreed.

Kim groaned, "What kind of sick, sadistic, heartless monster would do this to me?"