Chapter 22

(4 hours later)

Two GJ hovercraft were flying over the Atlantic, en route to the Senors' island lair. There were about 60 GJ agents, 30 per craft, in addition to Kim and Ron.

Kim and Ron were now in their mission outfits.

"We should be near the Senors' island in a few minutes!" the pilot of the lead craft said over the intercom.

"Good! This should be enough GJ agents to arrest Senior and Junior for the thefts!" Kim insisted. "As well as the henchmen!"

Ron also chimed in, "I'm gonna show them my karate moves! Got them from seeing Bricks of Fury II !"

"Very funny, Ron!" Kim sighed, "We need to keep the Senors occupied long enough so that we can take the artworks back to the Louvre where they belong!"

"Got that, KP!" Ron obliged before Team Possible heard the Kimmunicator beep.

"Hey Wade, what's the sitch?" Kim asked.

"Global Justice is approaching the Senor's island, but Senior has set up a heavily-guarded security system around the island." Wade replied, "I can shut down the entire system for you in a flash!"

"Please and thank you, Wade!" Kim replied, "We don't wanna have to bail out of a burning aircraft...again!"

Wade, from his computer system, typed in a code that overidded the Senors' security system.

"One security system down!" Wade exclaimed.

"You totally lock and load-rock, Wade!" Kim said with a smile.

On the Senors' island, Junior was rubbing another can of Le Goop in his hair when Senior came in.

"Father, do I have cowlick issues?" he askled, looking at himself in the mirror.

"My son, I do not have time to talk to you about your hair problems." Senior hissed, "We have to get these works of art to the black market by tomorrow!"

"But, can we keep at least one of them?" Junior asked, "I do want the Venus De Milo !"

"Fine, Junior." Senior relented before giving a smile "But we are still going to make millions off these arts once we sell them!"

And then a loud explosion rocked both of them.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Senior exclaimed.

"I do not recall this island being on a fault line!" Junior added.

A voice then came from the GJ hovercraft. It was Kim on a jetpack.

"The only thing you're going to sell is license prison, Senior!" she exclaimed as she landed on the ground.

"Ah, Kim Possible! We meet again!" Senior evily chuckled.

"But where is your sidekick friend? The one who always loses his pants?" Junior asked.

"I'm coming, KP!" Ron insisted as his jetpack was flying around like crazy. It was going up and down and sideways!

But Ron finally managed to land the craft.

"Look at me! I landed feet first!" he exclaimed.

"Wonderful! Too bad that you will not win the day, Miss Possible!" Senior mocked.

"Give those artworks back to the Louvre where they belong, Senior!" Kim exclaimed as GJ agents came in to reinforce Team Possible.

"I hate to break it to you, but the evil villain tradition states that I have to say 'No' to your demands!" Senior taunted.

"In that case, we'll take back those works of art by force!" Kim snarled, getting in a karate pose. "You're hopelessly outnumbered!"

The GJ agents rappeled down from the two hovercraft.

"Well..." Senior snicked as he pulled out a remote, "...two can play at that game, Miss Possible!" He pressed the button and out from two whooshing doors came 40 Henchco henchmen, twenty from each door.

"Sixty-two against forty-two!" Kim snickered while doing the math.

Rufus then muttered from Ron's pants pocket.

"Fine...sixty-three against forty-two!" Kim corrected herself. "You're still outnumbered, Senior!"

"Not quite!" Senior grinned and from the south end of the pool area, a large metal door made a whoosh sound. And out of it came a small evil robot army of 120 robots armed with lasers.

"That would do the trick!" Ron remarked with fear at the robots.

"Now I have the upper hand, Miss Possible!" Senior snickered. "You will surrender to me either the easy way...or the hard way! That was for knocking out my security system earlier."

"Not on your life, Senior!" Kim growled as she got in a karate pose. The evil army was closing in around Team Possible and Global Justice.

Kim got with Wade on the Kimmunicator.

"Wade, we need to stop an evil robot army now!" she insisted.

"Got it, Kim!" Wade replied while typing up specifics on the robots the Senors recently bought. "According to the specs, they used to be break-dancing disco robots. So if I can rewire their hard-drives, it should revert them back to their original state."

"Just do it!" Kim insisted.

The robot army was 15 feet away from them when the bots were stopped in their tracks.

Senior grinned, "Now...capture them!"

The evil robot army, however, did not even move a milimeter.

"Huh?" Senior asked, confused, "Why aren't they moving?"

"I am just as confused as you are, Father!" Junior replied.

And then, the robots started to party around, dancing along to disco tunes from the late-70s.

Senior, at first, was shocked and then turned an angry glare to his son.

"Junior, you did not disclose to me that the evil robot army that you picked out...were formerly disco-dancing robots!"

"But Father, I chose them because once we got rid of Kim Possible, we were going to dance all night long!" Junior complained, before he too started to dance to the beat.

"You are an embarrassment to everything that is villainous!" Senior exclaimed before he also noticed that the robots were starting to short-circuit from the dancing. The robots started to smoke and then all collapserd in a heap of metal.

Team Possible and Global Justice got a sense of relief that all they had to handle were the HenchCo henchmen.

"You disco-rock, Wade!" Kim complimented the tech genius. "Now to take care of business!"

(15 minutes later)

Team Possible and Global Justice routed the HenchCo henchmen, thanks to Kim's fighting skills and Ron's distraction talents as well as GJ's intensive training regimen. The Senors and five of the HenchCo henchmen retreated to an open space in the middle of the living room. Kim, Ron, and the GJ agents have surrounded the Senors and the remaining henchmen in the middle.

"You may have won this battle, Miss Possible..." Senior remarked. "But I can assure you that our war is far from over! Right after I have a very long conversation with my incompetent son!"

"But Father, I wanted to do a little..." Junior said before Senior cut him off.

"Not a word out of you, Junior, especially not the d-word! This is the last time I will allow you to buy an evil robot army!"

"Oh please!" Kim chuckled a little, "Face it, Senior. Your robot army is defeated and the works of art will go back where they belong! You're going to be in jail!"

"Not this time!" Senior replied as he pulled out a remote control and pressed a purple button. White smoke billowed from the walls as it covered the entire room.

Kim, Ron, Rufus, and the GJ agents began to cough. Once the smoke cleared up, the Senors and the remaining henchmen were gone. What happened was that Senior, Junior, and the henchmen escaped in a submarine that could camouflage itself in water and make itself invisible to radar.

"Aww man!" Ron complained, "I hate it when the bad guys do that!"

"Same here, Ron. Well, at the very least, we can return the artworks to the Louvre where it belongs." Kim said. "And we foiled Senior's plan of selling them on the black market and captured almost all the henchmen!"

"And I think we should head back to Middleton! We got a play to rehearse!"